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Old 02-09-2012, 12:52 AM
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Default Swim team short stories

I thought I'd share a few short episodes from my swim team days. These are/will be completely real, true stories from my days as a swimmer. Hope you like them.

Episode 1: What happens when the pool breaks down.....

I swam on an AAU swim team in the Summer while in High School, in addition to my school team and AAU off season team. It was hard work, but it made us better swimmers. We all wanted to be Olympic swimmers. None of us would make it, but not for lack of effort. We also were really close as a team. You get up at 5:00 am to spend three or four hours in a pool getting your butt kicked… you make fast friends. Our pool was a really nice facility, although we did not really appreciate it as kids like I do now. It was a 50 yard pool, with a nice locker room. However, at 6 am on summer break, as a high school kid, I hated that pool and loved it at the same time.

My routine was to wake up at 5, pee, throw on my suit, pull on some flannel pants and head out the door. I am not even sure i brushed my teeth. It was a 50 minute drive to get to the pool, which meant I went from bed to Speedo to car in like 5 minutes, and from car to pool just in time to make practice. In my pool bag was all my swim gear and one or two back up suits, which were really just old owrn out suits I never unpacked. One day I got to the pool and all my teammates were just hanging around. This was just weird. Why were they not in the pool? I was usually the guy who bolted in, threw off my pajama pants, and had one second to get in the water before coach took my balls in his vice and turned them. He hated late swimmers.

So, we find out the pump screwed up and the chlorine was all screwed up. Coach announced “no swimming today.” You’d think we’d be all excited, but it was 6 am and we all got up at the roosters first call. Coach thought about having us run a few miles instead, but most of us had no shorts or no shoes. Hell, I had two choices, flannel pajama pants or one of my suits. So we all decided to go to breakfast ( well all except coach). If you can’t swim, screw it, just eat. And so we devised a plan for the day. All was not lost.

We went to the beach!

Our beach trip started with quite a dilemma. A few guys had shorts, most of us did not. Most guys had some kind of sports pants or warm ups, I had these wicked plaid pajama pants, the kind with a string in the waist and a button fly so you can pee. And my red and blue Tyr suit under. We all lived all over God’s green earth, so going home to get stuff was not an option. Plus if we got home, chores and crap would screw up the plan. So, we all decided we would just wear whatever we had… eight guys in Speedos, two in shorts, and ten girls in whatever girls wear.

We piled in four cars and headed off to the beach. It was a long drive, but we were all up for it. It was the best day ever. An impromptu beach road trip. It started to get hot by about 8, so I shed the pajama pants and just had on my Tyr suit adn a t shirt. Zach had long striped off his warm ups. We were in a car with another guy who drove (he had shorts on) and a really nice girl that Zach was all google over.

We had the best day at the beach. By noon the two guys in shorts had shed those to wear their Speedos, cause they felt so out of place. Plus I think the str8 guys had this battle to see who could look hotter for the girls. Whatever they were having their male ego battle over was just fine for me. They looked hot as heck.

We played volleyball, walked up and down the beach, wrestled each other in the water, and even went to lunch at a beachside burger place. We bonded like no tomorrow. And I think back that we must have looked damn freaking cute.

Nothing sexual happened that day. But it was an absolute blast all hanging out in our team practice suits. I won’t tell you that I was not a few times aroused, but that was not the point. We had wicked fun, ten guys in Speedos, Tyrs or whatever, ten girls from the team, and we had lots of other guys and girls check us out.

We never did a beach trip like that again, but on one spontaneous day, going to the beach in Speedos was perfectly okay… even for 8 other guys who would normally never be seen in them outside of a swim team event. And one guy who hoped we could do it all again.
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Old 12-02-2015, 03:58 AM
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Default Story 2: The Big Meet

Our biggest meet of the year had arrived. Ten teams, three days of swimming, spread over three pools at the state university. It was a four hour trip from school and four nights at some fancy hotel downtown in the state capitol. We were all pumped up, our team was having a great year. Coach even bought us special team swimsuits for the meet. They were yellow with black swirls in front, our team name and emblem prominently displayed on the solid yellow backside. The briefs were narrow, tight, and hot looking. Zach smiled at me as coach handed them out. “Just what you need, another swimsuit,” I could read his thoughts. Zach was, still is, my best friend in the world. We had swam our whole lives together. He knew me better than anyone, and he was the only friend who knew I liked guys over girls. Zach was straight, but he totally accepted me. He also knew I had this thing for swimsuits, but I digress. Back to the story.

We arrived at the university around lunchtime the day before the meet. It was an amazing, warm day. The university had two outdoor and two indoor pools. The outdoor pools were 50 yards, while the indoor pools were 25 yards and older. Our team and the Northwest High team was assigned to one of the outdoor pools for three hours of practice time. Each team got a three hour window, but having the afternoon swimming outside was a nice treat. Four teams were in the locker room, the two for our pool and the two for the other pool. Zach and I took side by side lockers.

I was lacing up my practice suit, an really cool looking black background Arena swimsuit with red, blue and green accents that ran across the front in three brush strokes. I loved that suit. As I was lacing up my suit my eye captured a really cute swimmer across the aisle. He was tying up a dark blue Northwest High swimsuit. He was so amazing looking, and his bulge was so awesome. He turned and looked at me with his blue eyes and darker blonde hair crop cut. We smiled at each other for a minute and I felt a tingle run through me.

“Zach, check out the blonde guy,” I whispered. “Damn is he cute.”

“Dude, keep your mind on swimming,” Zach teased. Zach glanced over and then looked back at me. “Yeah, I guess so, but he was really checking you out.” Zach added.

The pool was eight lanes, we had the four farthest from the locker. All of our team gathered at the end of the pool. Coach was talking to the coach of the other school. I watched as the cute guy came out with some friends. Our eyes met again. I swear I almost got hard right there. He smiled at me again. I was sure he would come over, but coach called us into the water. Our glances broke. I was so glad to jump in the pool to calm the boner I was popping.

We swam an easy workout, not using the full hour. I could see my discovery a few lanes down. His coach dismissed them while we were still in the water. We had a 300 warm down to go and then a quick team meeting. I knew I would never see him again.


The first day of the meet was intense. I swam a couple really great events, especially the fly, and probably could have swam a bit better on the team medley, but my teammates pulled me through. Zach had one more event to go so I stayed to cheer him on. He came in second, enough to place him in the final round. Excited for our first day, our team was in great position, we headed off to the locker room.

“I am so ready for a warm shower,” Zach said as we walked to the locker.

“Yeah, me too,” I replied.

I came out of the showers first, the old gang type showers where you exposed all to anyone who wanted to look. Zach was enjoying the warm water, so I left him behind. I was twirling my suit on my index finger as I headed to our locker.

“Hi,” I heard a voice. It was a soft tenor voice. Startled, I looked around, Standing before me, towel wrapped around his waist, was the hot guy from yesterday.

“Oh, um, Hi,” I replied. I felt naked. Exposed.

“Your team has the coolest swimsuits,” he replied. He reached his hand for mine. “Randy,” he added as his arm extended toward me. I was not sure what might greet him first. I was really good at not showing my interest in guys at swim team, but for some reason my penis had its own idea right then.

“Oh, hey, thanks. Ryan.,” I replied. Then for some reason I can’t explain I added “you’re really a good looking swimmer.” I froze in horror at what I had just said. I just told a guy he was cute. “Holy crap” I thought to myself.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” Randy replied. “Um, thanks,” he added.

“Sorry, I guess that came out wrong.” I replied, sheepish.

“It’s fine, Ryan. Your nice looking, too,” Randy replied. “Any way, I was hoping maybe I’d see you tomorrow before the meet ends.”

“Um, yeah, for sure,” I replied.

“I want that swimsuit, too” Randy added. He waved as he ran off to join his team. He was almost as cute in his shorts as he was in his swimsuits. Okay, he was way cuter in his swimsuits.


“He’s really cute,” I told Zach as we laid in our beds in the hotel room.

“You really like this guy,” Zach replied.

“Yeah, and I think he likes me,” I replied.

“Just be careful,” Zach urged.


The meet was over. Our team came in second. Zach won his prime event, I came in a strong second in mine and we won the Medley. Our team came in second. Coach was happy. Northwest High, Randy’s team came in fifth. Swimming, though, is about camaraderie. Once the teams were in the locker room, no one really cared who won or lost. We all came, we swam hard, we did out best.

“Hi,” came the same voice,

“Hi Randy,” I replied. Randy was still in his suit, his strings hanging out.

“I just wanted to tell you,” Randy started. He paused for the longest time. “You are really cute, I mean as in I really like how you look.” I stood frozen, smiling at him. “I wish we could see each other.”

I did not know what gaydar was, but somehow I knew we had some magic happening. “I like you, too,” I replied. We exchanged phone numbers (well before the era of cell phones). And promised to call. We did a few times, but our romance faded as fast as it came. I have often wondered what happened to the cute guy from Northwest High. He was my first locker room romance, even if nothing happened.
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Old 12-03-2015, 03:29 PM
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Great stories. I'd love to hear more of them. Please continue
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