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Old 09-21-2023, 01:42 PM
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Default What to Wear! Part 3 Strap and Cup Basics

What to Wear! Part 3 Strap and Cup Basics

Many decades ago, when I was a teen male, one of the rites of passage for males who planned on participating in athletic sports was getting your first athletic supporter aka “jock strap”. This often happened around the same time the guy had his first real orgasm, and since the strap came in close contact with sensitive male body parts, the guy was probably at least somewhat apprehensive about this as well. Were the other guys having the same concerns, or were they good with it all?

Back then too, participation in practically any sport required a guy to wear a strap, lest his genitalia be injured even in an inadvertent athletic move. Wearing a strap was part of being an athlete irrespective of how likely a groin injury was. The straps with cups were reserved for sports like baseball, where an errant ball could easily lead to a groin injury, or a contact sport such as football. Basketball too gradually became a contact sport and being cupped and strapped made sense in that sport as well.

The early cups then were almost entirely made to deflect a forward motion to the groin, as in penis protection The so-called banana designs were uncommon at that time, if at all. These cups were interesting in part because they had so little room inside them. They were designed to fit over a small flaccid penis positioned in the “down” position, with virtually no space for a guy to grow. Once in, the guy’s penis could feel the existence of the cup walls as being constantly there, and he knew that if he focused on that, it would make him grow a bit, making matters worse not better. A secret guys kept was how many times they actually ended up having an orgasm while in the cup, and whether or not their teammates were facing the same “problem”. No wonder straps ended up getting laundered frequently and wore out quickly. I have also wondered if the stimulation provided by a snug-fitting strap and cup made players in certain sports such as football more aggressive than they would have been toward the opposing team, given that all of this was going on down there in addition to on the field.

Nowadays there are entire online retailers who are focused on selling straps and cups to adult males who, in retrospect, want to relive these moments of their youth that were apprehensive but also fun. The basic strap from the era consists of a rubberized pouch, some with a place for a cup but others that were supposed to be worn without any “protection” and merely as a supporter. The pouch is sewn to a wide elastic waistband, typically 2 ½ to 3 inches wide, along with elastic leg straps about ¾ inches wide that are sewn to the waistband and to the pouch. There is no thong-like back on the classic designs, but the leg straps cross the glutes diagonally in the rear. So, guys wearing a classic strap are “butt naked”.

The classic cup is a small triangular piece of plastic designed to fit firmly over the penis, but the balls largely remain unshielded. The way the leg straps are attached to the pouch is similar to how a thong is sewn at that point. That is, a wad of sewing at the base of the pouch right at the perineum area, which means the guy wearing the strap is going to quickly become aware of some neat sensations he perhaps has not experienced before. Maybe the guy does not go into a full orgasm, but he will likely be dripping precum inside the pouch once in.

The newer banana cups were designed to protect a guy’s private parts including the balls and are larger and roomier. Except now, instead of the relatively soft stitching there is the feel of the lower tip of a hard plastic cup. I have long had mixed feelings about banana cups. For starters, instead of being firmly in one place, the flaccid penis is free to just flop around inside the cup with every move the guy makes. But the lower tip of the hard cup pressing firmly against the perineum sounds like fun, especially when worn under a really snug pair of compression shorts. Still, I am a bigger fan of the old-school cup styles.

I have not done this in a while, but last night I engaged in one of my more famous techniques—going to bed wearing only a snug-fitting thong with an old school cup and strap over. From the moment I pulled on the strap, I could feel the presence of the cup walls. I could barely move the cup let alone pull it back to relieve some of the pressure, and my penis was firmly inside. Almost immediately, I was dripping into the thong pouch. The interesting thing about this technique is that any attempt on my part to relieve the tension from the cup by moving it around a bit only makes matters worse. In addition, there is not enough stimulation to go into a full-on orgasm inside the cup, but certainly enough to keep me interested and dripping. That is all I need to keep me happy the entire night.

If you want still more, the old school cup can be paired with a magic wand type vibrator, and the vibrator head pressed against the cup. This works so well that you may have an orgasm within a minute or two. Learning to delay orgasm while being hot with a vibrating old school cup would take some effort.

I trust my readers will find these observations and methods useful in their own lives.
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Old 10-23-2023, 01:11 PM
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Default On Penis Rings

On Penis Rings

I confess, on the subject of penis rings, I am a rather late arrival. I had known for a long time that some guys liked to use rings strictly for “recreational” wear, but I was having a great deal of fun wearing other sorts of things for my long-running nightly “recreation”. Swim briefs of course, but anything that fit “snug” down there, Straps, thongs and even especially snug-fitting jeans. And I really fell for compression gear—shirts, shorts and full running tights. I was hooked on all of it!

Then, in early 2014 I lost my prostate to surgery. I was told that I could still have (dry) orgasms, but it was going to be tougher to get and sustain the kinds of erections that I considered normal pre-surgery. That has been basically true for the decade that followed, but I have certainly had fun trying. I ran into other things too, like vacuum pumps and electrical stimulating devices. These latter items are also popular with many guys who have still got intact prostates.

Viewing all of this positively, I have had a very enjoyable time experimenting with various devices designed to make me happy after the unfortunate surgery. I could write a book on the various techniques I have employed, and I have not in any way lost my enthusiasm for enjoying myself.

For me at least, finding and employing a penis ring of just the right size, shape and texture has been a significant part of the fun. I am going to focus on the rubbery silicone rings that intact guys who are having difficulty maintaining an erection commonly employ.

Guys normally do not crawl into a ring unless they are 1. Feeling horny, and 2. Already have at least a partial erection going on. This partial erection could be in part obtained and maintained by plain old masturbation, perhaps supplemented with a lubricant or perhaps a gel soap. The basic idea is to snap the ring on and bring it to the base of the penis—a bit like a similar technique employed to put on a condom—which also must be done while at least semi-erect (and there are some psychologically and physically fun aspects of that as well). Penises are “smart". They love being caressed and played with and exposing them to things a guy has not done before to them, often provides an interesting and worthwhile “response”. Even just thinking about getting into a penis ring for the very first time may be quite enjoyable in an erotic sort of way. I love feeling horny and if just thinking about having a ring on causes this to happen all the better. The important part here is that you kick back and enjoy the situation you are thinking about erotically.

A quick eBay search leads to a selection of all sorts of silicone rings, and just sorting through the option that will hopefully be in your mailbox a few days away can be a turn-on. (Like waiting for a snug-fitting swim brief to arrive in your mailbox a few days from now. And why not wear a ring under that favorite swimwear item!)

The two basic kinds of rings you will find on eBay are typically the clear ones that have slight bumps or round beads all around. These are generally quite stretchy which means that they are easy the put on and remove, but, when placed at the base of the penis, they provide less support or blood flow restriction than the other kind.

The other kind generally are made of thicker silicone, and usually black or blue in color. These stretch but are “stronger” and once in place provide somewhat greater tension (aka blood flow restriction).

All of these come in various sizes--small, medium and large. Matching your own penis to just the right size ring is part of the fun. For guys new to this, I recommend first purchasing a set of the clear beaded ones, and typically a set will include small, medium and large sizes. Get used to putting on and removing the rings after masturbating to at least a partial erection with a lubricant or gel. Determining exactly when it works best to put on the ring relative to your erection size is part of the discovery process. But if you are doing this correctly, the sensations from the ring in place should be quite enjoyable.

As you become more proficient at this you will probably want to explore how the thicker non-beaded (blue ior black) rings fit and feel as well. The sensations from these heavier duty rings are a bit different, more powerful, and, I think, ultimately more enjoyable.

Another possibility is to use one of the heavier non beaded rings at the base of the penis with one of the stretchier beaded rings over the glans.

Of course, if you are using a vacuum pump to assist in getting a firm erection (these are fun even for guys with intact prostates!) you stretch the ring over the top of the pump sheath and then snap it on to the base of your penis.

So, however you got the erection, I assume you now have one with a ring at the base. This is a great time to use a lubricant or gel soap to further help you enjoy the situation you are in. Given that, I need not provide you with any more advice about what to do to yourself. But a hot tub bath is also a great way to get the most out of your condition. If you have a sexual partner, you could also bring your partner in on all of this for a shared erotic experience.

But this is great fun and a great place to be for single, unattached guys as well. I crawl into a hot tub, still horny and erect as all get out, and simply kick back and enjoy all the really pleasant sensations I am experiencing from start to finish.

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Old 10-24-2023, 12:30 PM
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Default Tips and Techniques for Enjoying Your Male Body

Tips and Techniques for Enjoying Your Male Body

Today I want to combine and share with you some specific techniques for focusing on enjoying your male body. I am providing these with a specific focus on accomplishing this for single males who do not have a sexual partner. However, many of the techniques I suggest might work their ways in a relationship situation as well, but if you fall into that category, I leave this up to you. I enjoy “teaching others these techniques almost as much as I enjoy experimenting with them myself.

As my readers all know by now, I am big into edging—taking myself to a high arousal level without and sustaining that level for an extended period of time (but delaying orgasm as long as possible). I find it interesting that many of the porn Website videos are of guys doing the same thing or something very similar. Some of the video guys claim to have gone for two weeks or longer without having an orgasm, though they probably have not stayed feeling horny for a solid two weeks. Still, as the younger guys all know, going without having an orgasm becomes progressively more difficult as the wait grows longer.

I just returned from a two-week long trip, and ended up having little free time to focus on my sexual being. I was so distracted that there was no time for me to focus on that. Besides, most of the stuff I enjoy using in my edging activities was not with me—the estim device, the vacuum pump, my lubricants—I was not even carrying my penis rings, though I did have a couple straps, thongs and a swim brief or two—so all was not lost.

Last night I got down to doing some serious playing with myself. Psychologically, I was feeling horny as all get out—all I wanted to think about was getting hard. That is a good place to be after being “deprived” for two weeks.

Interestingly, the first thing I was anxious to do was to put on my little estim device. This is that little $20 eBay gizmo. I have just a basic model, which as two outputs, one for a pair of adjustable silicone rings and another for a modestly sized butt plug. The two outputs can be used together or individually. The two silicone rings go around the base of my penis and over my glans, with adjustable current flow levels and patterns between the two. On occasion I have also used the butt plug, but electrical stimulation there is probably a good deal more fun for guys who still have a prostate.

I discovered something last night I had not realized before, however. The butt plug can be used as a perineum stimulator. If you have been unconvinced that your perineum is sexually active, merely touching this area with an operating butt plug should convince you otherwise. This current actually makes the stimulation from the silicone rings on the penis feel, well, more interesting. Working the two together will cause you to “focus” down there and that will soon be all you will want to think about. Best $20 I ever spent on eBay!

The whole idea is to get really horny doing this until you think you are on the verge of having an orgasm. Coming out of this dual stimulation, I was already “firm” shall I say. This is terrific fun, because next, well…

Its time to suck my penis into the vacuum pump, already rigged with one of those “mean” blue silicone penis rings I was talking about in my previous post. I have discovered something interesting about vacuum pumps—they do not work very well if you are not already psychologically feeling horny (aroused). Better still if you have a nice start to an intense hard-on before you suck yourself in. And after that estim on the perineum in conjunction with the silicone estim rings, I was already feeling (and looking) great down there...this was well worth the two week wait. I got into the pump and quickly sucked myself into an even harder and more aroused state. I was just enjoying my situation immensely at that point. The pump had some lube around the sheath opening which my penis liked very much as well.

I snapped on the blue ring from the pump sheath to the base of my penis and removed the pump. I had not been this hard and aroused in many weeks. Next, I took one of the clear beaded silicone penis rings and snapped it over my glans. Those beads on that clear ring feel really interesting on the glans, and touching yourself leads to all sorts of interesting and pleasant sensations in what is now a “hot button” area. Time for some more lube on the shaft as well—crawling up the walls with sheer delight at this point, but wait….

Time to pull on one of my best swim briefs—a snug one with Blue SEOBEAN letters across the front, and point my beaded, ringed and hard penis upward in the brief. If those beads felt good on the glans before, they feel really good there now in the confines of the swim brief. All of these ideas suddenly come together, and I am horny as all get out but still edging. The swim brief then comes off and I lube my erection with shower gel soap, because I am about to crawl into a warm tub of water still wearing the rings and the erection. How long can I go? I finally did have an orgasm after I got into the tub but that was anticlimactic. The real fun of all of this was the sequence of events leading to the orgasm. Hence all the edging porn videos.

Previously I have discussed using a magic wand style vibrator to stimulate the perineum instead of the electrified butt plug. This works as well. A decent vacuum pump for engaging in this is also a $20 item on eBay. There are gobs of different models for about that on eBay. Message me and I can help you navigate through the choices. I assume that my readers here already have an appropriate swim brief that they are fond of for engaging in the part that involves penis-up in swimwear, with hard-on activity. Many of you regard yourself as already an expert3 in doing that, but have you tried this, blue-and-clear beaded rings on?

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Old 11-16-2023, 12:11 PM
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Default It is really snug in here

It is really snug in here

This morning, I got up thinking how much fun it would be to get horny and stay that way for most of the day, if not the entire day. Somehow, I was longing for the look and feel of a really snug fit down there. How much constant pressure could I “tolerate”.

Of course, I have a large collection of “items” that from my perspective do just that. In my “condition, I always like to start off with a thong. It is the feel of the perineum pressure hitting me constantly that feels so good psychologically plus the tension as the thong back crawls between my glutes, more noticeable when I am up and walking around. These are really great, not to be missed, sensations. For guys who have not yet gotten into this, I highly recommend it.

Next up, a strap of course. The big decision is whether or not to use a hard cup. I found a Riddell strap I had purchased several years ago. This is a classic design, but the cup that came with it is far too big, and my penis just flops around inside it..Not much fun. Of course, I have a much smaller cup, something of a mini-banana cup, which is designed for a youth size supporter. That is a neat design, because it is barely big enough to contain my flaccid penis and even then, I feel constant pressure on both sides. What a fun place to be! Thong pressing me upward and forward and cup pressing downward and on the sides. Constant pressure. Nothing to do but to try to “cope“ with the situation. And the situation at hand is getting me really horny. I’m liking this a lot. I like trying my best to cope.

But once underway. Why stop there? Over all of this comes a pair of my favorite blue camo running tights. When guys get themselves into a situation like this wearing a cup, they like to try and get momentary “relief” from the tension by moving the cup around a bit. But if the strap fits tight that is not so easy. Another tactic is to pull the cup away from your body for momentary “relief”. But that tactic has its down side, because the penis tends to “grow” when it senses it is no longer under the constant pressure from the cup, and then when the cup snaps back, things only get more “difficult”. If you thought you were in trouble before, you are in bigger trouble after the snap back. But difficult means really fun.

And in this “world” trouble is fun. I quickly get into full-scale “edging” mode. Enjoy the tension! Don’t fight it! It is the place where males were designed to be. Make things still more “difficult”. One more item. Why not pull on a really snug fitting pair of compression shorts OVER the running tights. This makes the cup press downward even more. I can use my fingers to press down on the cup through the compression layers too. Every tap sends pangs of ecstasy coursing through my body.

I am climbing the walls with pleasure. Struggling and coping at the same time! Great fun. No place I would rather be. The pressure is steady and unrelenting. I am enjoying this immensely. I am climbing the walls with pleasant sensations.

How long I will continue to wear all of this today is an unanswered question. Will I be able to do my rowing and stationary bike exercises wearing this? I am writing this on my laptop, and my laptop is putting direct downward pressure on the cup. I am feeling horny….way horny….

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Old 11-24-2023, 11:45 AM
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Default Swimwear, Underwear, Straps, Thongs, Compression Wear and Skinny Jeans Try Ons

Swimwear, Underwear, Straps, Thongs, Compression Wear and Skinny Jeans Try Ons

As my readers know, I am fascinated by all of these clothing items. For me, this fondness extends back to my teen years, and even before, when I first discovered how neat it was to wear clothing that fit snug in my groin area. Not long after I discovered that I was on a quest to find anything that I could wear that would make me feel good “down there”, a quest that continues to this day.

Previously I have talked in detail about the Christian Ocean YouTube videos, where generally he talks male acquaintances into trying on a swim brief or swim thong for the very first time and then wearing the garment to a public pool or beach. Everyone who watches these videos is secretly wondering how these “newcomers” are able to do that for the first time without getting a hard on, or worse, as in ejaculating in public. That the guys doing this are able to control themselves says that this is not their first encounters with clothing that fits snugly down there,

Many guys have this “love-hate” relationship with swim briefs and other forms of snug-fitting clothing, because of the dual fondness for the fact that such clothes make them feel horny and maybe indices an erection, but perhaps happening in an embarrassing place as in a public setting. So that is why many guys who are interested but wary like to do their try ons in private.

Currently, YouTube has lots of what I call try on videos, where guys try on a series of each of these items, swimwear, underwear of various types, jock straps, compression wear, and even jeans. YouTube seems to welcome these videos. Of course, YouTube does not allow frontal male nudity, but once covered with cloth, everything seems to be fine,

In the underwear try ons, of course, some brands and styles have pouches, and some do not. That means with respect to the video, the underwear with the pouches are OK with YouTube. And, of course, some guys are naturally bigger down there whenflaccid, which means that even flaccid, they fill out the pouch better. Or could the guy trying on the underwear be a naturally smaller guy and we are seeing a pouch filled out because the specific try on is giving him a decent sized erection? YouTube does not delve into that.

The sequencing of the underwear for the try ons is interesting too. In at least some of the videos there is an order, with the underwear with the most coverage and least snug fit coming first, and then sequentially the underwear gets smaller and tighter. This can be a path from boxer shorts with mid-thigh legs all the way to thong underwear with a g-string back. If I were doing this, I would tend to “grow” as each piece becomes tighter and skimpier than the last, so just getting myself into the thong as the final item would pose a great challenge. Watching another guy “struggle” with this phenomenon is most interesting.

Compression gear is the same deal, pretty much. The least confining item comes first and the stuff with the snuggest, most confining fit the last. And again, some compression gear have pouches and some not.

There seems to be general agreement on the part of posters that anything with cloth that covers the male genitalia is OK with YouTube, but the posters seem to be uncertain about what they can post that might show rear male nudity. Christian Ocean has posted many videos of the rears of males wearing swim thongs, and much of the thong rear consists of a strap that quickly disappears deeply between the butt cheeks. YouTube seems to have no issue with that. Indeed, guys at public beaches and pools showing up in a thong will be exposing half or more of their butt cracks.

The tricky part is the underwear try ons that include as options a strap or an underwear thing. Some of the posters claim that they cannot show the rear of an underwear thong they are trying on because of YouTube restrictions and many of the guys wearing the straps with zero coverage over the butt crack do not show the rear of the strap because YouTube will censor them, though a few go right ahead seemingly without YouTube cutting the video. Apparently what the rules are regarding straps and rear male nudity are still evolving.

The guys trying on skinny jeans are doing much the same thing, starting with the loosest fitting, least confining pair and working down to the most confining, snuggest fitting pair.

These kinds of try on videos generally do not show up on the explicit porn sites such as pornhub. Generally, the pornhub videos are filled with frontal nudity for both sexes. The try on videos would not be considered erotic enough. A video there might show a guy in a swim brief thong or similar underwear masturbating with the clothing item initially on, but then the item is removed and the guy ends up continuing in the nude and perhaps ejaculating onto, not into, the garment. I suppose that YouTube would censor any video showing the guy masturbating while wearing a swimming or underwear brief, even if there is no frontal male nudity. Some of the guys doing the try on YouTube videos use the videos to promote the fact that they also have an only fans site and YouTube video watchers should go there to see the more explicit parts that go beyond what can be shown on YouTube, and YouTube seems fine with this.

But, things have changed even on YouTube, especially with respect to subject matter, and there are lots of gay-themed videos—and some full-length movies that might not have been permitted years ago.

More generally, the rules regarding what the commercial broadcast stations could air or not were quite detailed and restrictive. However, as streaming has become the most common way to watch TV I notice that the ads supporting these services have become, well, blunter and more open. Charmin for some time has used the phrase “enjoy the go” to promote the softness of their bath tissue. The adds involving the cartoon bears needing to do a “number 2” have gotten more and more detailed and explicit. Then we have female passengers discussing what size tampon to use depending on the day in the period. Most recently I have seen an ad for the on line HIMS company asking if I am having difficulty getting and maintaining a hard-on to contact our company because then can help you do just that and thus achieve your goal! Would this ad be allowed on broadcast TV?

What next? Maybe a company engaged in the manufacturing of men’s swim briefs will begin the ad by saying “We know some of you when you try on our briefs for the first few times will tend to get a hard-on and perhaps even ejaculate. Be aware that once you get used to putting on and wearing our briefs, this problem will tend to lessen. We want you to be aware that for many guys this initial ‘reaction’ is perfectly normal, for most guys lessens once you get used to the idea of being in a brief in public and
want to make you aware that this should not deter you from purchasing and happily wearing our swimwear!”

And besides, the arousal is part of the fun!
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Old 12-26-2023, 03:13 PM
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Default On tighty whiteys

On tighty whiteys

I grew up in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Looking back, I was 12 years old in 1959, and was a teenager in the 1960s. In the eighth grade, I grew about 5 inches to all but my adult height of 5 foot10 inches, but my body weight stayed the same at 95 lbs. I was a tall but very skinny kid, and other things were happening as well, things that I was only learning about on a daily basis. And, I had suddenly transitioned from being a boy soprano to a really deep bass.

It was not long before I was getting erect under the covers at night, and the wet dreams had started. This was a strange place to be as a young person. On one hand, what was happening scared me whenever a wet dream occurred, but on the other hand, I was feeling really good down there at the same time. The wet dreams concerned me—I thought maybe I had “broken something”. Still, there was something about these early experiences that was really enjoyable as well. It was not long until I learned that I could experience these wonderful but scary sensations when I was awake under the covers, and I looked forward to rubbing myself even though I could no longer claim that the wet dream happened while I was sound asleep. I have long thought it would be fun to relive my 12th year given what I know now about my body, but maybe the fear I had then was part of the fun!

The embarrassing part was ejaculating on my pajama bottoms creating a wet spot, or maybe several wet spots. The problem was that if I ejaculated too close to morning, I would have to get up wearing the obviously stained pajama bottoms, and I thought that was embarrassing. If I planned on having a full orgasm, better to do that shortly after crawling into bed and the ejaculate stains would have all night to dry. There would still be a starchy yellowish stain, but it was not nearly as noticeable on my pajama bottoms and I could get by with that.

After all, from outside appearances I was still plagued with messy wet dreams and doing nothing while awake under the covers to encourage that. Only sometime later I learned to keep a box of tissues handy at night when I got close to getting off uncontrollably.. That way, nearing the point of no return, I could quickly wrap my penis in a tissue and collect most of the ejaculate in the tissue that I could then toss in the waste basket. No one was going to check the tossed tissues as to whether the white stuff was from a congested nose or semen collected in my under-cover jerk-off session! The perfect cover!

During my early teen years, simple cotton tighty whitey briefs were all but universal, worn by nearly all males of nearly every age. Somehow, mom thought these were not quite right, and we lived far out in the country. Mom insisted on catalog ordering a new package of what they called mid-length briefs. They had longer legs than a brief-length brief like the other kids were wearing. These were not mid- thigh like most cotton boxer briefs today, but about a 6-inch side. And the material was a ribbed cotton, no elastane or spandex.. Being as skinny as I was, this meant that the mid-length briefs just sorta hung on me—not the tight brief fit the other guys were always wearing. I longed to wear the same style underwear I saw the other guys wearing, but more generally, this was the period of time when I developed a particular fondness for any type of clothing that fit nice and snug in the groin.

One year around this time the retailer Montgomery Ward came out with their summer sale catalog featuring a few pages of men’s swimwear. And surprisingly, two of the designs were swim briefs. From that moment on I was hooked. Still, I did not dare as mom to order me one of those. I think I got up my nerve to tell my mom I really would like one of those, but she discarded them as silly.

The swimming trunks I wore were short plaid boxer style. But interestingly enough, there was a nylon “support” brief sewn inside of them, and this brief fit very much like a pair of tighty whiteys. This was my secret. Not long after I was looking forward to getting into my swim brief whenever I could, and soon I was not only getting a hard-on while wearing them, but I was ejaculating into the liner. The good part is that the inner liner mostly held the semen and if simply put back in the drawer would stiffen dry. I kept doing this over and over and if I did not wear the suit in the water, the lining just kept getting more stained and stiffer. Eventually, all the semen stains dissolved the nylon and the lining fell apart, but I had great fun in the meantime.

Other guys my age were undergoing a growth spurt too, but they were gaining weight far faster than I did. This meant that last year’s tighty whiteys were too small to wear this year. But that also meant that the tighty whiteys that fit correctly last year would be too tight to be worn this year, even if they were not worn. I am convinced some guys did not see this that way. They actually liked their undersized briefs because such a snug fit felt good down there and they were in discovery mode too. Worn under jeans, the too snug tighty whiteys would be perfectly fine.

Finally, away from home at college, I decided I was more than old enough to purchase the tighty whiteys I had always longed to wear. I was going to move ahead, and I did not care if my mom objected to the underwear style I wore. This is how guys learned about taking their underwear choices a step smaller, tighter, and skimpier in cut.

Back in the early and mid 1960s, the fashion trend was to wear a very snug fitting and tight pair of jeans. These paired perfectly with the undersized tighty whiteys. Of course, one of the “problems” with these jeans is that they left little room to position even a somewhat erect penis. And the tighty whiteys underneath did not help.

A favorite color jean was what was called “sand”. Actually, these jeans were made from denim that had not been died blue but was sand color. Somehow the snuggest fitting jeans seemed to always be the sand ones. They fit so tight guys had trouble pulling them on, but particularly over their calf muscles in the lower leg. This all long predates the denim-Lyra blends now common in skinny jeans.

I was just walking along in my new sand jeans. The only place I could fit my erect penis was in the leg opening. The problem was that with each step I took I kept getting bigger and harder and soon I was at a point of no return. I ejaculated inside the jeans and there was a couple semen spots right on the leg.

Nearly every pair of jeans have a center rear seam that runs between the glutes. Interestingly, the center seam runs exactly where a thong back runs. If the jeans fit tight enough, this seam divides the glutes like a thong back does. A tighty whitey worn underneath would prevent the seam from digging too deep. That would wait until thongs came out in the 1980s. Guys may have gone for wearing underwear thongs because they take the jeans seam thing one step farther.

Many females (and no doubt some gay males) seem to really get enthusiastic seeing a guy’s butt clad in a very tight-fitting pair of jeans. A lot of guys soon figured this out that women like the male butt clad in something really tight, and to this day still often wear really tight-fitting jeans in fart for that reason. A tight butt is essential to attract a mate. According to some surveys a lot of women check out a guy’s butt first and if the butt looks good, other male characteristics follow. The same for women, sort of.

Some sixty years later I still wear tighty whiteys as my daily wear. But I ended up with a large collection of swim brief, thongs, and anything else that I believe will turn me on down there. I have a large collection of very skinny jeans too. I enjoy being a guy every day of the year. What I learned about myself at age 12 and 13 still makes me happy.

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Default It’s tight in there! It’s tight in there!

It’s tight in there! It’s tight in there!

I could not have been more than five or six years old—maybe even younger. This would have been in the early 1950s, long before Lycra-Spandex became popular. Somehow, I had run into a picture in a magazine showing a guy in a really snug-fitting rubberized suit, and I was immediately overwhelmed with what I saw. From that day on I knew that is where I wanted to be. At that young age I did not realize what was actually going on, but seeing the guy in the really snug fitting rubber suit sent me off somewhere I had never been before.

I think I drove my parents bonkers. I kept repeating over and over the phrase “It’s tight in there! It’s tight in there!” My parents clearly wondered what was the matter with me and why was I doing this. For me, this was the way I was expressing something, but what?

Lots of stuff I was naive about..this was way before puberty and my early orgasms (more about that in another different story).

Everyone who has followed me knows that I have had a long list of turn-ons related to snug-fitting clothing of various sorts, a list that I have been adding to and developing ever since the rubber suit incident as a very young lad. Of course, thinking about being in a garment that fits snug is different from actually being able to wear one. This may seem to be something of a problem especially if you are a young male living with your parents and other family members. Or even as a college student with a male roommate. “But this period of denial that a young person often faces makes the situation even more fun the longer you want to make by yourself.

[This gets into the whole topic about how wanting to have an orgasm or sex with a partner, the longer you can refrain yourself the more fun the orgasm will be when it finally happens. Teen males complain about getting blueballs if their girlfriends refuse to let them have sex with them. But if teen females really want to “help” the male faced with such a situation whereby the female does not want to have penis/vagina sex, what is wrong with the two engaging in mutual masturbation? Besides the guy by that time has learned all sorts of masturbation methods, and better the girl learns firsthand about this important aspect of every guy’s life before they are married than after.]

I am extremely fond of masturbating and edging in particular, frequently involving something that I can wear that fits quite snug in the groin area. I have walked my readers through many different ideas that work well for me. At my age, I am not embarrassed at all by this except that I still write these stories with descriptions of exactly what I like to do under a pen name. Generally, guys are more willing to talk about encounters with a sexual partner than what they enjoy doing solo at night or during the day. I find this curious, at best.

This site is dedicated to issues relating to situations guys get into while wearing a swim brief. I could write a book about my experiences with that. But there are sections here that discuss other garments that are potentially “active” in this regard, not only the Lycra “gym” shorts but also running tights, compression shirts etc not to mention straps and thongs. I like all of it. Different days might lead me in a different direction garment wise.

The link between “wearing a Speedo”, masturbating to orgasm in the pouch of a Speedo, and somehow using this as a clue as to whether a guy is gay or straight has long fascinated me. In recent years, Speedo has been openly marketing Speedos to gay guys with briefs purportedly in openly gay colors LOL with the idea that males wearing such a garment are probably openly gay or maybe the wearing of the special Speedos is merely a statement by a guy who is straight but openly supportive of gays who are trying to fight discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere.

So, I buy a few copies of these purportedly gay-friendly briefs and discover that the fit is really snug and tight! But then I buy another pair not promoted as a gay brief and they fit the same way, destroying the theory that openly gay guys like their swim briefs as totally tight as possible ROFL.

The other issue is Swim Briefs in team swimming. Generally, males in pre-high school swim teams all wear jammers not briefs, snug-fitting but with more coverage than a brief. Rumor has it that a requirement to wear a brief was deterring young male swimmers from taking up the sport along with the old theory that if you are wearing a swim brief in public that somehow makes you gay.

Then on high school teams the male swimmers gradually switch over from jammers to briefs, but the top male swimmers are generally upperclassman who confidently wear briefs at least a competitive swim meets.

Wearing a jock strap (aka athletic supporter) in contact sports presented an analogous dilemma for young males. Some young males may be attracted to the sport in part because they wanted to determine if their body could “tolerate” a strap, while the fear of getting into a full blown erection inside a strap might deter others. Contact sports have largely moved from traditional straps to a compression short that has a pouch to hold the cup, but the old school jock straps continue to have a following for males interested in wearing a strap for “recreational purposes” even if the recreation is done in private.

I really enjoy wearing a Speedo or other branded swim brief as bedtime wear. In the summer months I will sleep in that and nothing else. But in the winter months, I cover the brief with a pair of thermal running tights and a long sleeved tee, warm and snug. I love the swim briefs that fight tight enough so that even my flaccid penis only fits positioned “up” with the underside pressing against the pouch. And the “gay friendly” swim briefs I bought fit really tight, ensuring that my penis will still be in the exact same position at 3 AM as when I got into bed that night.

Then, I just let nature take its course, feeling good but not too distracted and I quickly fall asleep and let nature take its course during the night, When I fall asleep, I am a bit aroused but nowhere near having an orgasm. Invariably. I awaken at 3:30 or 4 AM and my penis having been stuck in that up position is harder and I feel hornier. I start playing with myself, just enjoying the situation I am in.

You should try this as well. It is great, not-to-be-missed fun.
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Default The old school Jock Strap

Youtube video https://youtu.be/Y4cDwkUitlI

The Web link

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Default The old school Jock Strap

Youtube video https://youtu.be/Y4cDwkUitlI

The Web link


More Stuff





And, of course


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Default Having Fun By Myself

Having Fun By Myself

I have been a long-time advocate for the idea that a guy need not have a sexual partner in order to greatly enjoy his own body, and as I get older, I only believe that more and more. Over the years I have experimented with new to me and interesting techniques for accomplishing this, and I frequently think about the idea that if having a sexual partner is such an irreplaceable part of life, then why do couples split as often as they do. I guess a lot of guys get into sexual relationships because they somehow believe that this is the “normal” thing to do, and that's what the other guys are doing. But like a lot of things in life, perhaps what seems so obvious is not reality.

My real interest is in being “sexually active” in a rewarding way without any of the issues associated with having a partner for sex. If some of what I do might also work in a partnered situation, fine, but my focus is on the ideas in a solo-sex situation.

Over the decades I have learned a lot about when my body is happy or not in any situation I encounter, alone or in the presence of others. I have also developed what I regard as creative ideas for getting the most out of solo sex, in part building on ideas that fascinated me when I was a teenager.

I have often thought about why bar soap is no longer selling in anywhere near the amounts sold 20 or 25 years ago. It has been almost entirely replaced by semi-liquid gel soap. The answer I think is that bar soap does not work as a masturbation lube, whereas the gel soap is a near perfect masturbation lube assuming you will be entering the shower (or even taking a tub bath) shortly. Gel soap is an excellent masturbation lube that can be found in almost every home, and using it as a masturbation lube is simple.

In solo sex, I like to start by taking advantage of this to get myself semi-hard. Then apply a device known as an e-stim. This AAA battery powered current in a variety of pulsing patterns at varying levels via electro conductive silicone rings positioned at the base and glans of my penis. Don’t say that you would not enjoy this unless you have tried it. These devices are available for around $20. I’ve had a lot more than $20 worth of fun out of mine and I am sure you would too.

Between the lube and the electricity, I am now feeling pretty good down there. I have discovered that vacuum penis pumps work far better if I am already feeling good, psychologically and physically, and the gel soap works as an excellent lube with the pump as well. Again, $20 for a decent manual pump. I like the manual ones the best..

One key to using the pump is the sheath, and when I put on the sheath I snap a heavy solid blue penis ring on top. That ring will snap onto my penis at the base after I have pumped myself up with a loud “Snap” sound. This helps to keep my penis hard after the pump comes off. Once the pump is off I like to put another ring on the glans, this one is typically a clear and beaded one. Somehow that feels really great on the glans. I lube my penis up some more with the gel soap, and it communicates to me that it is having a great time. At this point its not just me penis that is having a great time. I love the fit and feel of the rings on my penis.

Once out of the bath, I still have not had an orgasm, and am ready to try some other stuff, maybe in one of my tiny IKINGSKY thongs. This thong has a triangular-shaped piece of cloth at the “Y” in the Y-back. I think these make a neat undergarment for a swim brief, like one of my Seobean briefs. Like some of other swim briefs, when sized properly the Seobean reveals a little butt crack in the rear, what I call a Japanese style fit. The Y back thong back covers the otherwise visible top crack, This becomes my bedtime wear for summer.

I am ready to crawl into bed, but despite everything going on and having been horny to way horny, I have still not had an orgasm. That is where the “Magic Wand” clone vibrator comes in (another $20 item). My penis seems really happy, but longs for something more. The vibrator has all sorts of patterns available. I like the one that goes really fast then slow, and then goes into a nearly full stop mode, kinda a growl. The problem is with all this going on and me as horny as I feel after the rest of this, I go into a full-blown orgasm with only about 30 seconds of vibrator application to my penis covered with the pouch of the IKINGSKY and the Seobean. This is super snug-fit hard-on at its very best. Overall, just a terrific night of solo sex. After this I remove the IKINGSKY and the Seobean and replace it with a Clever Thong I have. The Clever thong feels good too but still I fall asleep super quick. But waking up at 6:30 AM I am still feeling super horny, despite the vibrator-induced. The Clever has a new precum stain on the front pouch.

I am fascinated with solo sex and the ways to get there, but my readers all knew that already! Have Fun!
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