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Old 03-02-2021, 02:15 PM
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Great story - please keep it up!
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Old 03-10-2021, 01:24 AM
SwimmerAlan SwimmerAlan is offline
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Default 17: Red Shorts, Tight Suits.....

The red shorts were just enough to get Ryan home. They were short, barely an inseam, free of a liner. Ryan’s anatomy almost hung out the leg openings, up close it did. Ryan adjusted as best he could. “Yeah, that’s why I wear my swimsuit under,” Robert said as he watched.

“A little short, but it will work,” Ryan replied.

“You look great in them,” Robert added. Ryan smiled back. “You want a ride back?”

“No, I can finish my run.” Ryan wanted to get a decent run in. “How do I get these back to you?”

“I am at guard post six in Avon, usually. There til six today.”

“Awesome, we are staying in Avon.”

“Maybe we can do something after I get off,” Robert added as they parted.

“That’d be great...” Ryan replied as he set off on his run back.


Mark and I had all our swimsuits laid out on the bed in our loft bedroom, showing Ryan his options. At least two dozen briefs in various colors and prints. Mostly Speedo brand, because for swim teams that was the go to brand back then. A few Arena and a couple Jantzen briefs. Mine tended to be brighter colors and prints, Mark’s were darker, except for the white one he was wearing. We were all about the same size, all three of us. Ryan, was a bit more slim, but close enough.

“Pick any one you want,” I encouraged Ryan. I was dying to see him in a brief style swimsuit. I was certain he would look totally hot.

“I don’t know,” Ryan replied. “I’ve never worn one.” He cautiously picked up a red and orange print Speedo and held it up to his body.

“You will love it,” Mark chimed in. “Plus you will look amazing for all the girls.”

“Alright,” Ryan gave in. He grabbed one more, a black and red Arena that was Mark’s. “We’ll see.” He stripped out of the shorts, revealing his naked body. He tried the darker suit on first. “How do you put your, you know, in these?” he asked as he adjusted the suit around his waist.

“However feels best,” Mark replied. “Just be careful pointing up, if you get hard it is way more obvious.” Ryan was already getting hard. He adjusted himself downward, creating a perfect bulge of masculinity. He tied up the strings.

“That suit looks awesome on you,” I complimented. It really did. He was rocking it well, and his aroused state made his bulge look amazing.

“How do you wear these things and not get a boner?” Ryan asked.

“You will get used to it,” I replied.

“Man, I am not sure I can wear this on the beach, I might lose my load.”

“You will be fine,” Mark answered. I could tell Mark was getting turned on by Ryan’s excitement. So was I.

Ryan walked around the room. “It does feel pretty cool on,” he said. He rubbed his hand over his bulge. “I really like the colors, too.” His bulge was huge, he was very much turned on.

“Here, try on the other one,” I handed Ryan his other choice.

“I don’t know man, I am really getting kind of horned up,” Ryan replied. He was holding his bulge. “Holy shit how can you wear these.”

“You really do get used to it,” I replied. It was fun watching him as he tried to control himself.
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Old 03-16-2021, 01:24 AM
MrMusik MrMusik is offline
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Mad hot, Alan!

Looking forward to more!

That is exactly how I felt when I first started wearing swim briefs! Constant boner, all the time!
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Old 03-18-2021, 03:41 AM
SwimmerAlan SwimmerAlan is offline
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Default 18: Bulges and Urges

“Except that they make me hard as a rock, I like how they feel on,” Ryan said as he made a few adjustments. He had a perfect body for brief suits. His muscular, long legs looked amazing. He walked around the room and the. Went out on the deck. “Yeah, I like this one,” he added. As he walked, his rising situation was calming down.

“Ready for the other one?” I was really anxious to see how he looked in brighter colors. The cut was a bit more brief, not much, but narrower sides. The brief he had on was three inch sides. The bright colored one was closer to two inch sides. It would be a tighter, more showy fit.

“Okay, but it might take a few minutes,” Ryan said pointing at his still large bulge.

The second suit looked fantastic on Ryan. The colors really tied well with his blonde hair. The blue in the bright color print brought out his blue eyes. The narrower cut really showed off his long, muscular legs. The fit highlighted nicely his anatomy, creating a perfect male bulge. He was positioned down, which created a round mound of maleness. I could tell he liked it. “What do you think?” I asked.

Ryan looked down at himself, and ran his hands over his bulge. He turned to look in the mirror. “Definitely a smaller suit,” he replied referring to the more narrow sides. “It feels like I have not much on,” he grinned.

“You look great in it,” I replied. “You rock those colors.”

“I agree,” Mark added.

“Yeah, I really like both of them,” Ryan admitted. “Let’s go hit the beach.” He had decided to stay in the bright colored suit he had on.

“You are going to drive the girls wild,” Mark said as we headed out the door.

“And maybe some guys, too,” I added.

“Maybe...” Ryan replied. “Oh, wait, I need to grab those shorts. I can take them back to Robert.”


“Cool suit,” Robert said as his eyes scanned Ryan’s body. Robert was still wearing the snug solid blue Speedo brief. “I wondered if you were a Speedo guy,” he added. “You rock that suit.”

Despite being straight, Ryan was feeling this strange sense of attraction to Robert. He first felt it this morning, seeing him in the blue suit. Now, it was there again. Ryan was even starting to get hard, quickly. “First time,” Ryan replied. “Your blue Speedo inspired me,” he added with a grin. Robert was not quite as tall as Ryan, but he was much more muscular, the result of his swimming and rowing. It was clear he worked out.

“Cool, a swim brief virgin,” Robert replied. “The best kind of suits to wear.”

“Hey, thanks for the shorts. I washed them after I wore them,” Ryan said as he headed the red shorts to Robert.

“You had a tough morning,” Robert replied as he took the shorts. “Just curious, what would you have done if I had not shown up?”

“I honestly do not know,” Ryan replied. He tried to adjust his now rock hard bulge as he talked. “I was kind of freaking out.” They both laughed.

“I get off in an hour, maybe we can do something,” Robert proposed.

“Sure,” Ryan replied. There was that feeling again. “See you then,” Ryan smiled. He headed back to where Mark and I were laying on the a big sheet on the beach. Ryan’s arousal retreated back to a more normal state, his filled out bulge becoming less prominent.

—— to be continued....
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Old 04-08-2021, 01:58 PM
a speedo minded guy a speedo minded guy is offline
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Smile Keep it going

Hi SwimmerAlan,

I hope all is well. I hope you can continue your story soon. Keep up the great work
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Old 04-16-2021, 02:31 AM
SwimmerAlan SwimmerAlan is offline
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Default 19: Runner Legs

It was a perfect beach day. The sky was blue with only a few puffy white clouds, a very gentle breeze, a warm sun. The beach was wide open, not crowded, only small clusters of people and the occasional solo person. Board shorts were just starting to show on the swimsuit fashion scene, so the occasional guy in Birdwell Beach Britches, which were just starting to become the go to board short in this part of the country. Most guys were in some form of swim short, the kind that looked like the old gym shorts from school. A smaller number in more form fit square cut style suits, and a few guys in briefs. The three of us were among the small contingent of guys sporting the best choice of swimsuit styles.

“What do you think of those long swimsuits?” Mark asked. A couple of really cute guys were playing frisbee, both wearing Birdwells. One in red and one in blue. I had to admit they looked cute.

“I don’t know, seem kind of pointless at the beach,” I replied. “Way too long.”

“I thought about trying them on,” Mark replied. “Just to see.”

“I have a pair,” Ryan replied. I looked at him surprised. We were so close, I was amazed I did not know. “Yeah, just like his,” he pointed at the guy in the red pair. “They feel kind of weird on, long and bulky,” he added. “Really just more like shorts than a swimsuit.”

“I never knew you had those,” I responded.

“My mom bought them for me, she thought all the guys were wearing them. They kind of just stay in the drawer, maybe one day I will wear them.”

“Yeah, I don’t know, I really like my team suits,” I replied.

“Me, too,” Mark added. “Even if they show my boners,” he laughed.

“Don’t start talking about boners,” Ryan chimed back a bit loudly. Loud enough a very cute college age girl reading a book about 50 feet away heard. She started laughing.

“I like guys in Speedos,” she joined the conversation. “Even with boners,” she laughed, adding “or not. Especially fit guys.” She was for certain checking out every aspect of the three of us.

“Do you think we are fit?” Ryan replied curiously. He turned to face her. Her eyes went right to his suit, focusing on his bulge.

“For sure,” she replied. “You guys are perfect for Speedo suits.” Ryan immediately started getting hard. Honestly, we all did, but for different reasons. I looked over at Mark and smiled as we watched Ryan get his visibly aroused, his bulge growing right before our eyes, and hers.

“My name is Ryan, that’s Alan and he is Mark,” Ryan said as he walked toward her. His aroused state did not seem to be holding him back. Ryan casually tried to adjust his bulge.

“My name is Meghan, but everyone calls me “Maggie.” Meghan was watching as Ryan moved his hand across the front of his suit. She smiled. “You guys are fun to listen to,” she added. “You look great in that Speedo. All of you do.” She was dressed in a green and yellow bikini, not quite a string, but not much bigger. She looked even prettier up close.

“Thanks, I like your swimsuit, too,” Ryan replied. “Actually, our colors kind of match.” Maggie motioned for Ryan to sit on the large sheet, next to her. He complied. He could feel the tightness increase in his suit as he grew more aroused. His long legs stretched out in front of him, giving his bulging suit and erect state prominent display.

“Are you guys on swim team together?” Maggie asked. Her eyes focused mostly on Ryan’s masculine display of arousal. She could feel her own tinges of arousal. He was a really cute guy, and from what she saw, well equipped. His suit was barely containing him.

“They are,” Ryan replied. “I am on cross country,” he added.

“Oh yeah, that makes perfect sense,” Maggie replied. “You got amazing legs, muscular. A runner, of course.” With that she reached over and touched his upper left leg. Ryan flexed and tightened his muscles. She gently rubbed his taut quads, feeling the muscular definition. “Your legs are amazing!”

It was all Ryan could do to stay in control. He felt a little surge as a release of arousal created a small wet spot on his suit. All new sensations for Ryan, he could feel himself getting harder and larger. Maggie’s hand still feeling his leg, each rub getting higher and higher up toward his bulging suit. Maggie watched as Ryan’s bulge responded to her, she was feeling her own excitement.

Ryan was secretly enjoying every aspect of his situation. He loved being a guy, even in a tight swimsuit.

.... to be continued....
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