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Old 12-14-2015, 12:51 PM
singletlover singletlover is offline
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Thumbs up Great singlets on sale

Good morning guys, and gals,

I have just received a new wrestling singlet. I never heard of the brand nor the supplier, but I will be using them in the future. I purchased the Clinch Gear Performance Singlet in all white. It is on sale right now and the total including shipping was about $21. This is one heavy duty singlet. I have many and this one has thick lycra spandex. Leg grippers are not to hard on the leg hairs, but have been wearing only a short time. There are two other types of singlets by the same manufacturer. Seems the fabric and content make them all different so read carefully if ordering.

Highly recommend!!!

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Old 03-26-2016, 06:05 AM
swim suit eddie swim suit eddie is offline
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Wink singlets at health club pool

i got to wear a singlet the first time when at a swim club. usually, I'll wear board shorts,when my friend talked me into trying on a tight nylon singlet to wear in the pool. He was wearing one looking great and very revealing. I put it on, that singlet fit perfect,yet revealing all my front and back. Some of the guys at the club were wearing speedo swimsuits. I was too shy to wear a speedo around all those guys in the swim club. After a few hours at the club swimming and enjoying the out door terrace sunshine,it was time for us to change and head for home. The feel from wearing the singlet had me sexually aroused, when it was time to shower and change. I went to the locker rooms with my friend still in his tight wet singlet. like me he was noticeably erect in his clinging outfit. He asked how I felt wearing it and I said it really felt nice and snug, getting me very aroused and hard, I wasn't quite ready to take it off yet. He has the same feeling wearing his singlet, especially at the swim club, where he's complimented by other guys how good he looks in it. Soon it was late afternoon and most of the swim club members had already, so we were the last in the men's changing rooms and showers. We went into the showers, when he offered to help me strip off the tight wet singlet, being it was my first time wearing one fitting so snug and having an erection, will take some doing to get it off. He then asked me to help him out of his tight wet singlet, once my singlet was off. Normally he always wears speedos, but the singlet was his favorite and wore it on special occasions. Today was a special occasion, being with me,a dear friend and encouraging me wear a singlet swimming. We stepped into the shower together, rinsing the pool water off our tightly clinging wet singlets. Soon he was taking it off my wet shoulders, making me feel very excited. He was a bit taller than me, so he had better control over my now squirming body. Slowly and firmly, he began peeling it below my now bare wet upper torso. The feel of the clinging tight wet singlet being pulled down, the warm, gentle spray from the shower water and his strong hands working it down to my waist, tickled so much. He would smile, still snug in his wet singlet, That wet singlet was really snug on me and like he said it wasn't coming off easy. Now had it peeled down to my lower hips with my full erection still encased in half on and half off clinging wet nylon lycra. He then said for me to hold still, while he peeled it off my healthy hard penis, then unwedgied the still clinging nylon lycra from my behind and with a few more hard pulls the clinging wet singlet slowly slipped free of my crotch. The feeling of it coming finally coming off was beautiful. Soon he had it off me, freeing my ankles and feet from the beautiful wet tangled singlet. Now it was my turn, slowly peeling it off his wet shoulders, then down his upper torso, then soon freeing his excited privates from his tight wet singlet. We finished showering together and I thanked him for letting me that singlet. he liked me getting his off too. It was great wearing a singlet swimming, but like he said, it was almost like wearing a woman's one piece racers swimsuit, taking a lot of time,yet an enjoyable time getting it off. I am certainly going to wear a singlet swimming again and get rid of those awful baggy board shorts for a tight fitting singlet and nice snug and comfortable speedo swimsuits.
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