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Old 01-10-2017, 07:59 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2011
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Default Dylan has a dream…

It can be dangerous to go to bed after trying on and messing around in your gear, in part because whatever experiences that you might have had that were enjoyable tend to get “glued” onto your brain like epoxy. Nearly every human being has had the experience of going to bed and end up dreaming a dream that mixes one or more events of the day in strange and often silly but interesting ways. Even more so if the event involved something that a guy found to be arousing. Whatever it was that happened that got the guy going ends up getting built into an erotic dream in some way, a way that the conscious mind never thought of but seems quite plausible as the story line of the dream moves forward.

Take Dylan and his situation as an illustration of all of this. As I have previously indicated on a number of different occasions, Dylan had always thought of himself as a “bookish” student, and had never gotten involved in any serious high school athletics. Still, at some level, he admired many of the high-school athletes for their toned, muscular bodies and their ability to seemingly effortlessly attract high-school girls. For Dylan, even taking up a conversation with a female was a complex and difficult task.

But Dylan also had some “secrets” buried in the darker coves of his brain. Dylan knew that a lot of athletes, as part of the sport they were into, wore stuff that non-athletes would not normally get to wear, and a lot of this stuff involved items that fit snug against the groin area. Dylan didn’t think about this all that much in high school, but deep inside he always wondered about how this actually worked for the athletes, and how the guys felt wearing the items. Did they get aroused and have erections as a consequence, erections that had to somehow be disguised if they happened in a situation that could prove embarrassing? How did the athletes “handle” these situations if and when they occurred? Was this something that was commonplace among the team members, or rare?

Sometimes the conscious mind does not answer questions like these, but during sleep, the subconscious mind takes over and develops a storyline that is tough for a guy to forget once the guy awakens. As we will see, such was the case for Dylan. Keep in mind also that when Dylan made the Amazon® order for the various gear items made its imprint on Dylan’s brain. The various items had worked almost amazingly well in getting Dylan aroused. Indeed, the experiences that Dylan was having with the various items were sticking to Dylan’s brain as if they were glued in place. As a consequence, it is not at all surprising that Dylan’s dreams quickly evolved in certain ways.

In Dylan’s first dream, Dylan realizes that he is still a College freshman, but in this fantasy world he wants to try out for some intramural team sports. These sports are not like regular college athletic teams, but mainly a way for the various dormitories and fraternities to compete against each other mainly just for fun. But as is often the case, whenever you have guys engaged in any competitive activity, there are always a few guys who want to take whatever it is very seriously.

In Dylan’s dream, Dylan is making an attempt to choose from three intramural sports, swimming, wrestling, and martial arts. Dylan decides to look into the intramural swim team first, and stops by when they are practicing at the intramural swimming pool. This was the pool located in the same gym he was to in real life. But here is the interesting part. The members of the swim team are all wearing swim briefs. Not only that, they are swim brief that in fit and color nearly identical to the Desmiit® brief Dylan had in his dresser drawer from the Amazon® order. That means really skimpy, low-cut, vertical color (blue, yellow or green) blocked with black and, well, quite tight-fitting. Dylan realizes that while they keep the swimmers covered, at least not when wet it is easy for Dylan to make out the shape and outline of the swimmer’s anatomy. Dylan notices that some of the guys have more down there than others. He talks to a swimmer, a guy who looks amazingly like Josh, who explains to Dylan that the team had made a group order for Desmiit briefs, and that wearing one was required if Dylan wanted to be a part of the team. Dylan swallows, but does not say anything in response. Dylan is wondering how he is going to be able to wear such skimpy attire in public. But the swimming guys do look great in their tiny briefs, Dylan thinks.

Next up is the wrestling team, who just happen to be practicing in the same gym on the same day. Oddly enough, all the participants are wearing asics® singlets similar to the one Dylan got in his Amazon order. Too, Dylan can see that all the guys are wearing straps under the singlets, and, Dylan thinks, what must be hard cups, as all the wrestlers have a bulge in the “right” place but a bulge that does not look like a penis but merely a smooth bulge. Dylan talks to one of the wrestlers, a guy who happens to look very much like Josh, and asks the wrestler about the gear Dylan would need to participate in the sport. The wrestler explains that all the guys wear a singlet, but since this is intramural competition, the color is the choice of the wrestler. And, of course, every guy wears a strap and cup too, for “safety” reasons.

Dylan’s last stop is at the martial arts venue where the intramural martial arts team is also practicing. Interestingly enough, the guys there are all wearing compression tees and shorts, shorts that extend about halfway down to their knees. These look way similar to the Tesla gear in my drawer, Dylan thinks. Dylan notices that these martial arts guys are also wearing straps and cups. Dylan talks to a martial arts participant, a guy that looks a lot like Josh. The guy explains to Dylan that in order to participate, Dylan will need the compression tee and shorts, a strap, a cup, and one more item. “What item is that?” Dylan asks. The guy replies, “a pair of thong underwear, of course!” worn under the jock.

Dylan thinks to himself “I certainly prepared well for all of this!”

…to be continued
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Old 01-12-2017, 03:03 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 785
Default Dylan’s situation…

In thinking about Dylan’s situation, dreaming a vivid dream, two movies come to mind. The first movie is called “Pride” in which the Terrance Howard character coaches an inner city Philadelphia team to compete in swimming. The most unforgettable scene from that movie is when the coach tells that the swim team members, in order to compete, are going to have to wear swimming briefs. Of course, coach has been wearing swim briefs already. The reactions of the swim team members to the idea make for unforgettable movie-making.

Clearly, the swim-team members are more than a little apprehensive about the situation they face. The coach is telling them that wearing the briefs is a basic requirement if they intend to compete against other teams (who will also be wearing swim briefs). The apprehension might be due simply to the “revealing” nature of the clothing. Or, perhaps the team members are secretly worried that they will get erections just getting into the clothing, and what do they do if THAT happens in public?

Whatever the reason for the apprehension, the next scene shows the team all wearing the briefs, so, somehow, they all “survived” the situation at hand.

The other movie is a 2006 film called “Swimming Upstream” that is based on the Tony Fingleton autobiography. Fingleton was an Australian swimmer who competed in the Empire Games in Australia, and later was on the Harvard University swim team. The Fingleton boys competed in swimming and at a very early age and, as the movies shows, wore swim briefs from the very start. This would be a very normal thing for a young guy to do in Australia.

Tony Fingleton, as played by Jesse Spencer in the movie, was quite a handsome guy, and the females of a similar age followed his athletic career a lot, and probably not simply the swimming records. It was clear from the movie that they were fascinated with his looks as a scantily-clad swimmer.

In the scene where Tony is about to board a plane that will take him to the Empire games, a young lady dashes up and asks him to give her one of his swim briefs. Tony is taken aback by this at first, but then reaches into his duffel bag and pulls out a neon green swim brief, and tosses it to her. What does this all mean, anyway?

The young lady gets a treasured “trophy” of sorts, a swim brief that only recently encased Tony’s private parts. So, maybe the idea that young women are somehow turned off seeing guys in swim briefs is a myth. Young ladies may very well get turned on by seeing guys clad this way, though they may be less than forthcoming about it. And, for that matter, guys who wear swim brief may need to realize that it is more than just gay guys who might be “sensitive” to what they are wearing at swimming meets, and this COULD be at least one reason why the sport attracts a following.

So too, now, with Dylan in his dream. Of course, Dylan learned at a very early age that his body parts were “sensitive” to certain kinds of clothing, starting with the tighty whitey underwear he wore as a child. As Dylan got a little bit older, he started thinking up ways so that he could turn himself on, and, for that matter, admiring guys who he thought just might be getting turned on doing the same thing. All of this more or less comes together in high school, where young males are together in a gym locker room, preparing to participate in sports where one or more clothing items might lead to arousal…guys are constantly tilting back and forth between the thrill of the arousal itself and the fear that this could happen in some inopportune or inappropriate place or time, and Dylan is no exception in this regard.

Of course, once a guy is in an erotic dream, all the rules about what should happen go out the window. If Dylan wants to get a hard-on just getting into a skimpy Desmiit® swimming brief, his subconscious is perfectly free to let that happen. If Dylan thinks he will get erect putting on a snug-fitting strap, cup and wrestling singlet, that can happen too. If Dylan “likes” the compression gear that apparently is part of the martial arts apparel, then that is fine as well.

For guys, the best wet dreams are the ones in which the guy wakes up with a huge hard-on, a situation so precarious and unstable that it cannot help but go right into a full-blown orgasm and release that creates a royal mess in the bedclothes and on whatever the guy wore to bed. Then, in a close-quarters double dorm room, the poor guy has to figure out how to get up without alerting his roommate to exactly what had happened. Of course, the guy in the other bed may very well have already or will soon face the same “problem.”

So Dylan is in the middle of a dream involving three different sports, or maybe I should say instead three different ways to create a powerful orgasm. Each of the three sports involves getting into and wearing clothing items that could be quite arousing and the dream will go whatever way it wants to go even as an erection builds while the guy doing the dreaming is fast asleep. Indeed, the dream and the subconscious will make a series of “decisions” seemingly consistent with making it tougher and tougher for the guy to continue watching the dream without creaming all over. That the dream seemingly operates on its own is part of what makes the entire experience so interesting. Characters will move in and out of the storyline as the dream progresses, but seemingly each character builds on what has already happened in such a way to push Dylan’s erection a bit further along.

Then, in just the nick of time, Dylan wakes up only to discover that he is on the very verge of exploding in a powerful orgasm, with enough cream to cover the bedclothes. It is clear in Dylan’s mind that there was one particular sport, and one particular set of clothing items that Dylan was being “forced” to get into in the dream that pushed this entire experience forward to the powerful end.

The entire experience is now glued to Dylan’s brain. Dylan knows that he already has the items that showed up in one way or another in the plot of the dream. Otherwise he would be up for a shopping trip in an effort to closely replicate whatever it was he found himself doing in the dream.

Dylan wonders about Josh. Is the experience Dylan just had more than a little weird or are such experiences commonplace among guys his age? If Josh were “exposed” to the same situations Dylan has been into, would Josh’s body and brain respond in the same or at minimum similar way? Dylan knows that Josh certainly did not object when Josh got to see Dylan masturbating while wearing the thong in the dorm room. But will Josh get really turned on by the same items that seem to work for Dylan? And what role if any might a college-age woman play in all of this? Lots of deep stuff here to be uncovered for sure.

To be continued….
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Old 01-12-2017, 09:18 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 785
Default Aaaaaawwwh that fits tight…

Dylan is in the middle of his dream…suddenly he starts talking in his sleep, loudly…he frantically says “Aaaaaawwwh that fits tight” Maybe Josh was awake enough to hear Dylan, but maybe not.

What is happening in the dream that is causing Dylan to talk in his sleep? That is an interesting question. In the dream, Dylan is now trying out for the wrestling team, and of course, in order to do that he needs to be in the appropriate gear if he is going to try wrestling with one or two of the other guys in the gym. The proper wrestling gear includes a strap, a cup and a wrestling singlet. Fortunately the guys appear to have stock of each item, presumably the straps and singlets have been freshly laundered. The guys seem to be more than a little bit interested in the fact that Dylan must now get into the wrestling gear in their presence. Maybe they know something about all of this that Dylan doesn’t know.

Dylan then strips. Dylan thinks he is more than a little apprehensive about doing this, but I guess it is required in order to be a part if the intramural team. Oh well, Dylan isn’t going to be standing there completely nude for long. “Hey this strap is smaller than the one I usually wear” Dylan says to no one in particular. “And this jock cup you lent me. Do you expect me to get my stuff into THAT?”

“Well”, one guy on the team explains, “when we are wrestling, everyone watching us can see our bodies, our ENTIRE bodies, and you must realize that if you were to get a noticeable erection when people are watching us, that COULD be really embarrassing. The strap and cup you are wearing is designed to hold everything in place, so the bulge in the singlet looks the same irrespective of whether or not you are, …well,…you know...” At that point the guy’s voice tails off, as if he has said too much, already.

“But,” Dylan protests, “that cup is so small and that jock is so tight, it would be impossible to get an erection wearing it….at least I think that would be the case. I’ve worn a strap and cup before, but not one nearly this small. “

The guy says “Yup Dylan, you just learned something important about intramural wrestling team. All of the guys on the team are in the same ‘predicament’ when they wrestle as you are finding yourself in right now.” As a team, we want to see how you deal with the situation at hand as a potential new member of the team. What you are going through right now is part of a process for determining your “fitness” to join our team.

Dylan is struggling with all sorts of strange sensations coming from his penis and entire groin area right now. His penis is clearly uneasy about being in space that is this confining, and its sending signals back to Dylan’s brain about the situation it finds itself in. These sensations border on being almost painful. But in an odd way they are not painful at all. There is another element to this that Dylan senses is pleasant, oddly enough, very pleasant.

At this point in the dream, Dylan needs to pull a wrestling singlet on to his body and over the strap and cup. In the dream, Dylan thinks this should be relatively easy since he has had experience wearing his forest green asics® singlet.

But the wrestling team singlets are different from what Dylan is used to. For starters, they are made by Russell®, and go up much higher on the chest than the asics® singlets do. They also are more difficult to get into. The arm straps are much shorter. In order to make this all work, the singlet has to be pulled up really snug in the groin area, to the point where the singlet is crawling right into the butt cheek crack.

The guys explain to Dylan that there is a special technique for getting your body into a really snug singlet. The singlet has to fit as if t were a slick second skin because in wrestling you don’t want your opponent to be able to pull you down by grabbing onto any loose fold of cloth, so the tighter and slicker the cloth, the better for keeping your opponent from grabbing you down in a meet. And, of course, the strap and cup should keep your gonads from getting accidentally injured in a wrestling move. Your opponent will be clad similarly, and for the same reasons.

The guys also explain to Dylan that there is a technique for getting into a singlet and getting the shoulder straps in place. That first involves cinching up the singlet into your groin and butt as tight as you can possibly get it, and then getting into the strap for the left arm and shoulder first. Then use your right arm to position the left strap over your shoulder as close to your neck as possible. Finally, wriggle your right arm into the right shoulder strap while positioning that strap with your left arm.

Of course, all of these complicated movements put additional tension on the strap, cup and gonads. Aaaaaawwwh that fits tight, Dylan proclaims out loud in his sleep. Dylan then looks down and sees some tell-tale pre cum stains on the loaner red Russell® singlet. Dylan thought that the strap and cup would contain any initial emissions, but clearly not. Dylan looks down to his groin, and the other guys around him notice the stains too.

“Don’t worry” one of the guys finally says.”A lot of the guys pre cum when they get into their wresting gear, at least when they do it for the first few times. We just act as if the guy is in a tough match and is sweating a lot. Of course, the stains are not sweat, not even close, but that makes for a good story line anyway.

What a dream…suddenly Dylan wakes up and his penis is bone-hard…Dylan is very anxious to get off, and recalling all these erotic moments in the dream is not helping with matters down there at all. Dylan is desperate to get off…truly desperate.

To be continued…
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