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Old 09-07-2017, 03:27 PM
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Default Super Skinny Jeans

I am nearly as fond of super skinny jeans as I am of swimming briefs, thongs, straps and cups as helpful aids in making me horny and keeping me that way. I never have fully understood why a really snug-fitting pair of jeans does this to me, except to say that my fascination with this at age 13 or 14 has never wavered over my entire adult life. I know I am turned on by any clothing item that is likely to put my penis in a confined space, and the skinny jeans do it for me in much the same way the other items do.

Now, what you need to realize is that over my life there were only two periods of time where super snug fitting jeans were all the fashion rage for males regardless of sexual orientation. The period from about 1964 to 67, and another one that is probably peaking right now, in 2017.

The earlier period, however, as not as good as the current one from the skinny standpoint. For starters, no one had even thought of the idea of adding stretch to denim material. At some point, a guy needed to be able to get his feet through the ankles of a skinny jean, and that limited the cuff size to about 14 inches, minimum. But Jeans that fit really snug in the thighs were really poplar, as well as ones that cupped a guy’s butt really tight. The most popular color was a sand colored denim that was basically a denim that hadn’t been died dark blue. I loved wearing these jeans way back then.

After about 1967, Bell bottoms came in, which mainly looked dorky, and jeans for guys generally kept getting looser fitting and dorkier looking.The loose fits just didn’t look at all right on my skinny body and in my mind were not a sexy item of clothing at all. Functional maybe, but in no way fun to wear.

Seven or 8 years ago a few manufacturers one again started offering skinny jeans for males that went away from the very loose previous fits. Levis started a 511 line that was markedly less loose fitting than earlier styles had been. The women for some time had been leading the way with narrower fits. And some guys initially called the new skinny male jeans “girlie jeans”. The manufacturers were making the snug fits for women by adding Lycra® stretch to the denim, making the entire fit, well, confining. Initially, manufacturers were unwilling to use a stretch denim in men’s jeans for fear that they wouldn’t sell to men because they were basically a woman’s jean fabric. But a few years ago, some of the manufacturers relented and started adding stretch to their jeans. This meant that the fit for men could be tighter yet easy to get in and out of with even narrower cuffs than we saw in the 1960s.

To be sure, this happened first in Asia. Asian guys as a group generally liked jeans that fit really snug, and getting that fit meant using a stretch denim. Somehow, this Asian look hit the US in a big way, and now skinny and super skinny jeans have hit college campuses in a major way, as college dudes one again vie to see who can wear the slimmest pair. I was prowling my old college campus yesterday and guys wearing skinny jeans were everywhere. One this caught on it went over in a hurry much like what happened in the mid 1960s

I used to order really snug jeans aimed at the Asian market from vendors located in China. These look way cool but are lightweight denim for hot summer wear. Finding heavier denim for year around use that was stretchy posed a more difficult problem.

Most recently, I ordered 2 pair from Pac Sun, a retailer I had used before on line, but they are also in many shopping malls. I just got those in my mail box. Wow do they fit neat, and such good quality too. Now these are more expensive than the Asian ones I used to order, but they are more expensive for a reason. I particularly like the snug fit from the calf to the ankle.
Here are links to the two pair I ordered. If you like really skinny jeans I think you will be very fond of these. Might I suggest wearing these over a snug pair of thong underwear or maybe use a little swim brief as underwear. I think you will be a happy guy. I ordered W 31 I 30, interestingly the same size I was wearing in 1966. I was 110 lb then, 150 lb now, but the extra weight has gone to my chest and shoulders.


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