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Old 07-17-2017, 01:38 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default Dylan’s sweet journey

Some of you by now may think I have completely forgotten about Dylan, the fourth member of the group. And Dylan has been rather quiet and things of various sorts have been going on around him. The funny thing is that it is sometimes the quietest guy who ends up enjoying himself the most, even if the others around him do not for whatever reason do not fully understand or appreciate all of this.

To be sure, Dylan is a sweet guy, and it is not in his character to be loud or obnoxious or say or do things that other guys might find objectionable. Just because Dylan is at the gym does not mean that he has suddenly changed, personality wise or otherwise.

Those of you who have followed Dylan in this story can perhaps relate to how quiet-and-sweet Dylan thinks and feels. At least since puberty, Dylan has always been very fond of his own body and in particular how it feels. Growing up in his family with very little privacy and the feeling that he needed to always be the “good” kid did have its issues however. You see, Dylan has always had these “hang-ups” relating to snug-fitting clothing of various sorts, hang-ups that he felt that he could never be able to reveal to anyone else around him, male or female. Getting into and then wearing snug-fitting clothing of many different kinds always made Dylan somehow feel good inside, but it was the type of goodness that Dylan thought he would never be able to share with anyone else of either sex.

Now Dylan is in college, and gradually Dylan has discovered that he could be a little more open with respect to his innermost thoughts and interests when with at least some of his male friends than he ever thought he might have been when he was younger. The really odd thing is that Dylan has discovered that for at least three of his male friends, his gym buddies, the friends seem to not find what Dylan likes to be strange or even a bit odd at all. Dylan is still concerned that his inner thoughts and feelings might be the ramifications of a “gay streak”, but, if that is the case, then maybe Dylan’s three buddies also suffer from the same or a very similar “problem.”

Somehow, Dylan knows that his friends Josh, Bill and Joe are doing ome stuff they would not be doing if they didn’t share some of Dylan’s thoughts and interests. This is weighty stuff, tho, and perhaps should not be dug into too deeply.

So, where is Dylan right now? We have left Dylan clad in several items each of which in its own way are making sweet sensations and feelings. Dylan has always loved slick feeling swim briefs, and the snugger and skimpier the better. Dylan never dared reveal that to his parents or siblings, let alone his male friends in high school. So no one really knew that, and the possibilities for purchasing such a garment were also very limited. But now, in College, he was freer to do what he wants in this regard. Dylan loves the fact that his groin area is neatly contained in his little Desmiit® swimming brief, snugger, skimpier and tighter fitting than anything he has ever gotten the opportunity to wear before. Dylan’s penis and balls just feel good in that environment. What a sweet place for a guy to be!

The other items Dylan is wearing only add to the sweet sensations. It’s the mix that works so well: The feel of his penis inside the swim brief: The feel of the jock and cup bearing down on his slickly-encased penis. And, of course the compression shorts that are holding everything securely in place.

Dylan really wants top get hard. Psychologically, he knows that. Yet the fit of the various items constrains his ability to grow. His penis seens to sense what is around it, and why a full-scale hard-on might not be the best thing under the circumstances. Still, Dylan is feeling pretty good right now. He is with his buds who must be somehow attempting do deal with very similar thoughts and issues. He is wearing the articles of clothing he could only dream about (and he did have dreams containing them) when he was younger.

What to do? Why hop on the treadmill and start running. Maybe the exercise will divert his mind from thinking about his male body parts so much. Or, maybe the exercise will simply add to the fun or possible make matters worse, depending on what your mindset might be.

So, sweet Dylan, filled with sweet thoughts, is off for a run on the treadmill. While wondering whether his buds at the gym are having to deal with something similar. These are moments to be savored, regardless of what might be going on. Complicated stuff for sure. But stuff not to be missed, either.

To be continued….
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Old 07-19-2017, 01:49 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2011
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Default Just enjoying yourself at the gym

In case there are any readers who have not yet fully grasped this, what the four of them—Bill, Joe, Dylan and Josh are doing is running experiments to see how much pressure, both physical and psychological, each of them can tolerate before being overwhelmed by the urge to ejaculate right now. I suppose that the typical guy would engage in such an experiment with the involvement of a girl friend or female partner. While such an experiment might be, well, interesting, there are numerous issues with all of this, starting with the issue of whether or not there is a female friend out there somewhere who is sufficiently attracted to you to be a willing participant in such an experiment.

For college freshmen, there are all sorts of complicated issues with this. You don’t just go out and verbalize with any girl you might meet or perhaps even be attracted to that you are in need of running an experiment aimed at determine how much psychological and sexual pressure you might be able to tolerate without immediately ejaculating in her lap (or “wherever”). I suppose girls think about guys and their feelings and what is going on in their heads, but what they think they understand about guys in this regard is usually way off from reality. A lot of girls think they learned stuff like this from their mothers—as in that guys see females as the single source of sexual pleasure and that any guy who appears to enjoy solo sex (aka masturbation) is a social outcast who would be avoided as a potential partner. That was part of what mama taught you about guys. After all, that is how it works with the girl’s father, or is it. There are sometimes deep secrets hidden inside marriages bubbling up just under he surface that no one ever verbalizes. One of these being “dad likes to masturbate whenever he gets the chance of doing so without being discovered”. But, if that is true, then maybe male sexuality is a whole lot more complicated than mama realized.

Most mothers raising sons gradually learn that guys past puberty (and maybe before) not only can but do masturbate, and perhaps a lot. Sometimes they end up in situations where they get caught, and that can prove quite embarrassing not only for the guy, but for whoever discovers him, not to mention the issues that occur when the discoverer is a male peer. So as guys get a little older, the quick masturbation becomes the usual method to limit the chance of discovery by family members or peers.

But now, here we have four guys, Bill, Joe, Dylan and Josh, who are not only doing things to themselves that make them aroused and horny, but they have basically admitted to each other that is really what is motivating them right now. That situation is, well, interesting. At an earlier age, they would be too embarrassed to admit to someone else their age irrespective of gender that they were actually experimenting with schemes that feel good let alone keeping hidden a collection of clothing that is helpful with the task at hand. This gets complicated in part because the guys are essentially admitting to each other that this is the case even though each of them probably knew this as individuals already. It’s just that once in college, things are a little more flexible in this regard than was the case when they lived at home.

The fact that each of the guys are engaging in this in the presence of three other guys is in itself interesting. To illustrate, a guy would not dare tell a girlfriend that he really gets turned on just getting into and wearing a snug-fitting swim brief. Such a girlfriend would have to be really open-minded if a guy were going to try to be truthful here. But, for whatever reason, admitting this to a group of three other college-age guys seems somehow less daunting than explaining this to the female partner thing.

The only unanswered question is whether or not the behavior of the four guys in being more open with admitting to each other what they are really up to represents some sort of gay behavior. In particular, what role does the knowledge that there are three other guys with you who are doing the same thing to their bodies and struggling in much the same manner psychologically with all of the fun tensions and sensations play in the overall level of sexual excitement for each individual? Is this group masturbation in some strange form? And, if so, is this somehow a gay activity since only other peer males are involved?

I suppose that one response might be just for guys having fun with themselves and with each other. This is less about gay sex than it is about just another form male bonding. Now males bond in all sorts of ways, usually involving shared activities they all enjoy. One way of looking at what is going on here is that it is just four college freshmen getting involved in an exercise program at the school gym. Whatever else might be happening or not, is kept hidden for now.

But, psychological and physical pressures have been building for each of them for some time now. No one can deny that. As the various exercise routines progress, all four of them are probably feeling horniier and hornier, and the focus of their attention increasingly is placed on the sensations and feelings, which seem to not only vary, but get more and more intense almost moment–by-moment.

How long can each of the guys tolerate the situation he is in, and what happens after they get back to the dorm?

To be continued….
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