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Old 06-19-2023, 01:52 PM
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Default Running Tights, Straps, Cups, and Enjoying your Workouts

Running Tights, Straps, Cups, and Enjoying your Workouts

I work out on my weightlifting equipment, a rowing machine and a stationary bike nearly every day. The right workout equipment and clothing makes the workout go more quickly, but I have also long had a flat-panel TV to watch. Still, I find that the easiest way to make the workout fun is to, well, feel horny while working out and that requires having just the right gear to wear.

I have always liked wearing compression gear, and, for me at least, the snugger the fit, the better. Why work out in sloppy shorts when there are other items that will make you feel good while working out, anyway? I used to buy a lot of compression tees and shorts under the Starter brand name from Wal Mart, and they always fit exactly how I liked them to fit—super tight. But that source dried up. Starter was once a low-cost brand owned by Nike—which gave Nike a presence in Wal Mart while not competing directly with the Nike Brand—but apparently that partnership folded and with it the Wal Mart contract.

Then I turned to Amazon, and found the Tesla brand of compression gear. I particularly liked the running tights, so I ordered them, hoping that they would fit really snug. I ordered the 3 pair in size SM. They fit my 150 lb frame perfectly and are snug in all the right places. I have spent a lot of workout time in just one of the three pairs, in part wondering how much abuse a single pair could take. Some of these have a vented fabric in the groin area. The vented fabric tends to wear less well than the non-vented fabric. On this pair some of that fabric developed larger “holes” and made what I was wearing underneath apparent if it was a light or bright-colored fabric underneath. This original pair is still wearable, but something in black or dark gray underneath might be a better choice so as to not as obviously see the worn spots.

I have lots of other pairs of running tights to choose from. Today I have a pair of Tesla tights that also have the black venting fabric in the groin area, but the rest of the tight is in an interesting blue and black camo pattern. They are a fun pair, and, of course, skintight. On top I am in a Starter Brand black compression tee, one of the Wal Mart originals that has only slightly broken down over a long time.

When I am working out, I like to wear something under the compression tights. The old stand by for me is a pair of drastically undersized tighty whiteys. But I also like wearing a thong and find this a particularly fun thing to do while on the rowing machine. Thongs tend to work less well on the seat of stationary bike. This can quickly get to be too much pf a good thing and may not be kind to the running tights. But it's still fun to be aware of the thong back and where it is during the bike ride, so I do not eliminate this possibility entirely from my exercise routine.

Today, however, I am in a favorite pair of tighty whiteys. And I have included one other thing. In the days of the old-school straps, young males would sometimes put a strap over a pair of tighty whiteys and maybe one with a cup, so as to avoid the appearance of a bare butt in the locker room with the other guys present. Today I have an old-school strap and cup over my tighty whiteys as well, with the running tights fitting over that. The cup is in part of the vented area and is clearly visible as an interesting bulge if you look closely, but unless you are looking you may not notice. Right now, my laptop is sitting in my lap and bearing weight down on the cup. Partly because of this constant, gentle pressure, I am feeling quite good this morning as I write this as my body is left with no choice but to respond to all the stuff that is going on.

I feel really good about my workout this morning and I am anxious to get started. I hope my readers will find these ideas both interesting and useful as well. These are the items that help me feel horny when working out. They might or might not work for you as well, but finding the items that work for you is a critical element in being able to sustain a workout plan over the long term.
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Old 08-23-2023, 03:21 PM
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Default On Owning a Superhero Costume for Halloween (and beyond)

On Owning a Superhero Costume for Halloween (and beyond)

I have noticed something very interesting. Nowadays nearly every superhero possessing non-human superhero powers, wears a costume that fits like a second skin everywhere. The vast majority of superheros are male, and being able to play superhero is a dream of a lot of boys growing up. This does not matter if your favorite superhero is a classic like Superman, the hugely popular Spiderman or maybe Captain America or even a less well-known superhero such as the Green Lantern, you still need a skin tight costume top and bottom.

Growing up in the 1950s, I knew that for some odd reason I liked the idea of wearing skintight clothing very much. Early on I did not understand why so much as I had already concluded that being in a garment that for like a second skin in some ways was going to be fun. That this had anything to do with being an adult male was not what was on my mind, except that I admired any guy who got to wear something that fit really snug. Truth is, I was psychologically aroused just thinking about being in such a garment.

A long time has passed since the 1950s but my enthusiasm for wearing snug-fitting skin tight garments has not waned. Halloween is coming up and now would be the time people are thinking about purchasing a Halloween costume, adult or youth. For guys who associate being a Superhero, if only on Halloween, the choice of Superhero costumes on places like Amazon could not be better. The costumes being sold in either youth or adult males as Superhero costumes take full advantage of the stretch polyester fabrics that are commonly used as compression gear such as running tights and long-sleeved compression tee tops. With the addition of 3D screens and the proper superhero logo and the costume is all but complete. The best part is these superhero costumes are not expensive at all with youth sizes about $20.

For young guys interested in learning more about why they have become so fascinated by getting to wear a really snug fitting costume top to bottom, this is the time to explore while convincing the people around you that you are just playing out an admiration for a particular superhero at Halloween. Never mind that you are also introducing yourself to the fun of wearing clothing that fits all over your body like a second skin and how that looks and feels as well as how others react to seeing you in the clothing.

Of course, there are other excuses for wearing stretch clothing with a really snug fit and you do not have to be a superhero to justify. As an adult I like to do my gym work wearing a really tight pair of running tights and a compression tee, and I do that regularly.

Today I have on a bright blue pair of running tights, and a bright blue tee shirt. I realize a lot of guys are fixated about getting an opportunity to wear a snug-fitting swim brief but have no excuse to purchase one if not a competitive swimmer.

In the classic Superman costume, Superman always wears a red brief OVER his blue tights. Superman is obviously male as the red brief always shows a nice bulge at the groin. I have a nice bright red swim brief from Club Swim too. Superman’s brief has wide sides, maybe 5 inches but my red brief is the Euro style with narrow sides. Still, maybe I can bull the red swimming brief OVER the blue running tights I am wearing that fit and feel so good, the Tesla ones. Hey, that looks quite good! What if you are a male who fantasizes not only about wearing running tights and a snug-fitting swim brief? Double the fun! The excuse for buying a red swim brief is that it is part of the Superman costume you are working on for Halloween!

All the fun for Halloween this year whether you are making your own costume or buying a completed one in your size on line, you should have a lot of fun.
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Old 09-05-2023, 01:52 PM
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Default Running Tights: A Snugger Fit is More Fun!

Running Tights: A Snugger Fit is More Fun!

As many of you are well aware, I have become a huge fan of running tights. Since I am retired, I spend a lot of my days just lounging around the house, and in much of the year, a pair of running tights is my “go to” garment. If I am doing work outdoors, I sometimes pull on a looser fitting pair of pants over, but the running tights often simply stay in place. In really warm weather I go for a pair of snug-fitting compression shorts or even a swimming jammer. But my choices there are equally snug fitting.

A basic problem is the what to wear under any of this compression gear. I know many guys wear nothing at all, but for me, that does not feel quite right. This is where a favorite pair of thong underwear gets pulled into service. A pair with a back that is going to cinch up between by glutes, giving me a gentle but enjoyable tun every time I move. I am very fond of how a correctly fitting thong pushes my penis and balls upward and forward even as the thong back is cinching up on my backside. This feels great! If you have never tried wearing a thong in combination with running tights you need to try this. You will quickly get hooked on the varied sensations you will be feeling down there. Some of them are rather spectacular.

Of course, you could wear a favorite swim brief under the running tights too, but for me at least, that is not quite an equal experience to the thong.

Then, I often put on an old school strap over the thong. I am fascinated by the combination of the two. The thong wants to push all my important parts upward and forward and the strap wants to put pressure on downward and backward. It is the combination of these two sensations that leads to am really interesting place. The strap I have on today is one of my old Duke branded ones—the ones Wal Mart used to sell for $3-in store. It has one of those quirky rubberized pouches along with wide elastic at the waist—three inches wide. I am planning on exercising on my rowing machine and stationary bike wearing this outfit today.

Today I am not wearing a pouch version with a cup but sometimes I do that too. Some days I like to feel myself through the running tights and think about the sensations down there, and being cupless allows me to do that. But other days I might wear a cupped strap. The cups I have are barely noticeable once the running tights are on. Feeling myself in my tights is a real treat as well.

If you are new to buying and wearing running tights, I would encourage you to do so. They are a real treat for the mind and body. They are readily available at amazon and other online retailers and are cheaper if purchased in packs of three or more, which brings the price down to under $10 each, well below what a swim brief usually retails for nowadays. Do not be afraid to undersize. Technically I am a US MED but I ordinarily buy running tights in US SM. The SM size still fits me well lengthwise (I am 5’10”), and ensures that the fit will be skintight from the thighs to the ankles. Part of the fun is the really tight fit and you don't want to miss out on that.

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Old 11-01-2023, 02:08 PM
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Default On tights, straps, and other compression gear

On tights, straps, and other compression gear.

With winter weather coming on (It has been in the low 20s F in recent nights here), I tend to shift gears a bit in what I like to wear. Summertime, I like a snug-fitting but short-sleeved compression tee and compression shorts over a strap and thong, but as winter set in the long sleeves compression tees made of heavier material are my choice. And, of course, my long-legged running tights.

Growing up in a US state with really cold winters, this was time to break out the long underwear that fit to the ankles. These were worn under pants and jeans as an extra layer of cloth. The long underwear had a very snug fit, not unlike a running tight, but the fabric was generally cotton or a cotton/poly blend. The fabric stretched to fit because it was a coarse-textured weave. The problem was that the fabric was not a stretch fabric, at least not in the conventional sense. Long underwear was mostly scratchy and uncomfortable to wear, not erotic fun, and I could not wait for warmer days to occur.

In contrast, modern running tights are slick, smooth and very stretchy—fun to wear but could also serve for cold weather wear—even used like long underwear under the snuggest-fitting pair of jeans I own. What an improvement!

I have had a collection of running tights for a number of years and are fond of every pair. I typically order these in US size SM which makes the fit really snug. Some of the earliest ones I purchased were of the TSLA brand on Amazon. One of my first pairs was made only of the slick poly blend fabric (black) but another pair has a large front panel that is supposed to “breathe” through a series of small perforations. I am wearing this perforated-groin pair today. The stretch fabric part has held up well, only marginally less snug-fitting than when new. But the perforated part has developed wear spots, spots that reveal what I am wearing (or not wearing) underneath.

I always like to wear something under my running tights regardless of weather. In warmer weather, maybe just a thong and strap with or without a cup. But when I am exercising, I tend to fall back on a pair of tighty whiteys, which I am wearing today.

The problem I ran into this morning was that the white of the briefs shows through the wear spots in the perforated fabric in my groin. Black tighty whiteys would be better but why not another option—a black strap OVER the white underwear. I have just the strap in my collection—a black one I purchased under the BESHETR label on line. I really like the fit and feel of a strap, anyway, and now the wear spots in the perforated fabric all but disappear.


Never one to leave well enough alone, I decide to make everything down there still snugger by adding a pair of Nike compression shorts over the top of the running tights. What I say about Nike is that they really do know how to make compression shorts that really compress and feel good in all sorts of ways. I am feeling quite horny as a result of all of this gear pulling and tugging on me. Its great fun! If I want to go outdoors, I can always pull on a pair of sweatpants and a loose-fitting sweatshirt over the top. I was doing that yesterday.

I hope that this story will encourage my readers to try some things that they would not have otherwise attempted. Winter is not the time to lose interest in your own body and the marvelous sensations that can be readily created. Think about wearing running tights under your ordinary clothing for both a warm and erotic way to deal with cold weather.

All the best for wintertime fun!
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