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Old 11-10-2017, 03:10 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default Will I somehow be able to cope?

As a young man begins a journey into adulthood, there are all sorts of unanswered questions about sex and sexuality that need attention. First off, erections seem to be occurring relentlessly, and oftentimes for no apparent overtly-sexual reason. The movies seem to indicate that guys normally only get aroused and erect when making out with a partner of the opposite sex. But any guy knows even early on that this is only a part of the story of how sexual sensations and feelings work in reality.

Nearly every guy has life experiences growing up in which he (ahem) ejaculated in a place and time that was less than appropriate. The exact situation and circumstances surrounding these episodes get written on the brain using indelible (non-removable) ink, and sometimes even end up coming back and haunting a guy throughout the rest of his life. A guy thinks these deeply personal ejaculatory events (doesn’t that sound “scientific?) will gradually be forgotten and discarded over time, but it is not as if that easily or readily happens.

If the circumstances surrounding an ejaculatory event like this involve in some way a snug-fitting item of clothing, that item being a swim brief, jock strap or something else that did it (each reader can fill in the item here for himself) this makes the whole situation even more worrisome. What happens the next time? Will I somehow get “used” to wearing the item so that something embarrassing no longer happens when I put the item on? This all seems rather uncertain, and that alone can be scary because the guy is never certain as to what the outcome might be in a specific situation.

Guys are torn between two places, the sheer terror of having an ejaculatory event occurring in an inappropriate place and time, and the sheer fun of the ejaculatory event that courses throughout the guy’s entire body, even when this is happening in the absence of a sexual partner. Quite a dilemma to resolve!

So, what is a guy faced with this dilemma to do? Why experiment in private, of course! Dylan, as a 19-year old college freshman is in the last of his teen years, but would be considered a young adult age wise. Like many if not most college freshman, he entered college without a lot of connections with the opposite sex, and the connections he did have were more casual than sexual. Every guy worries a lot about his first real sexual encounter with another person. This is not really different for a guy who believes he is gay than it is for a guy who believes he is straight. Every guy probably worries that once he gets himself into a sexual situation with a partner, the whole issue of how do I control my urges such that I don’t get so excited that I just ejaculate in my underwear at the very beginning of the encounter, effectively shutting down whatever could have happened had I somehow managed to get my brain to control my urges better. This is all a rocky road for guys to say the least because guys soon learn that this is the one part of their body whereby conscious thought is not always driving the process forward. Slowing things down indeed might be quite difficult to do. This requires concentration and practice. And probably it is a good idea to do some practicing initially without the added complication of dealing with a real partner, gay or straight.

So what to do? Practice of course! What does this practice and experimentation have to do with snug-fitting swim briefs? Why everything. Dylan is about to order himself some swim briefs for the explicit purpose of using them as an aid to developing ejaculatory control. Won’t that be fun! Well, yes, it could certainly turn out to be that way.

But isn’t this just a silly thing to do? Not really! Every guy has basic sexual urges, urges that gradually intensify as the guy gets more and more aroused, urges that seem to be less under conscious control the farther along the guy is on the “path to ejaculation.” The trick is to learn how to control these urges such that ejaculation is delayed as long as possible, even as the urge to ejaculate keeps getting more and more intense . This is one way for Dylan to learn how to cope in an overtly sexual situation with a partner, where the urge to ejaculate is likely to get quite strong quite quickly, maybe too strong and too quick.

In the previous chapter I made the point that guys can oftentimes fit into swim briefs that are considerably smaller than their nominal waist sizes. A guy built like Dylan has a nominal 32-inch waist. A vendor such a Swimoutlet normally has “grab bag” swim briefs available in a host of different sizes and at half price or less, maybe $10 each. Each grab bag brief will be from a specific brand, usually a Tyl grab bag or a Speedo grab bag. Anyhow, the buyer specifies the waist size or sizes, and the vendor picks out the particular color and style from their “left over” suits.

So, in Dylan’s case, he orders briefs in a series of sizes, 32, 30 28, 26, and if I am really daring, 24-inch waists. The vendor picks the color and style for each brief, but they will be all be briefs in the waist sizes as specified, from largest to smallest.

So when the order arrives, Dylan will have five swim briefs all in different sizes. Dylan can’t wait to try them on. The briefs each get laid out in order from the biggest to the smallest waist.

Now, as any guy know, just trying on any brand new brief, even one with a guy’s correct nominal waist size (32 inches in this case) can be an arousing experience to be sure. What Dylan is going to want to do is try on the 32 inch brief first, and see exactly how that goes. Study himself and how his body looks in the mirror, front and back. Maybe rub himself a little using his fingers to the front of the brief, just for fun.

I’m presuming that Dylan is already feeling pretty good inside all over. Swim briefs tend to do that to guys, even swim briefs in the “correct” waist size.

At this point Dylan will remove the 32-inch brief. Dylan takes note that his male organ is already somewhat bigger than it was only minutes ago. This means that Dylan is going to have to struggle a bit more to get himself contained within the brief the next size down, the one with the 30-inch waist. This turns out to be true, of course, but Dylan makes it into a brief that is a little snugger and tighter than the first one. Not only id Dylan growing in a special place, concomitantly his urge to ejaculate is growing as well. After Dylan has carefully examined himself in the mirror wearing the 30-inch brief, he removes this brief and then makes an attempt to get inside the next smaller, 28-inch size and then repeat the entire process once more, with the urge to ejaculate becoming even more intense as Dylan examines himself in the mirror.

This procedure continues until Dylan reaches a point, swim brief-wise where Dylan in no longer able to keep his urge to ejaculate in check. At that point he creams whatever suit he happens to be wearing with a most powerful outburst of cum.

The first time Dylan tries this, he may discover the very real possibility that he cannot make it past the first couple of suits (or even the first new suit) without ejaculating. Nothing lost, really. Dylan can come back the next day and retry the process from the start all over again with the objective of being able to make it to a suit at least one size snugger with each (daily) attempt.

Leaning ejaculatory control like this may at times seem quite difficult, but the entire process can be quite enjoyable and part of becoming a sexual adult. A question guys might have is whether or not a partner could be brought into the process at some point. In the case of a female partner who would be mainly there to just watch as the events proceed, it would probably take a rather open-minded female to even begin to understand what a guy is going though doing this. Then the question always becomes what does this have to do with the idea of having “real” intercourse with a female, and that becomes a tough question to answer for a lot of guys

The partner thing might be quite different for two gay guys however. Imagine two gay guys in the same room each working through their own set of swim briefs of the various sizes one by one, with each guy not only experiencing his own sensations, but observing how the other guy is coping as he is faced with the constraints imposed by each new smaller, tighter swim brief.

Could be fun huh?

To be continued…

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Old 11-13-2017, 06:49 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Posts: 870
Default Dylan's Dilemma

Dylan has been thinking a lot about exactly how his mind and body copes with situations whereby he keeps trying on swimming briefs that keep getting smaller and snugger. He finds that the mere THOUGHT of playing this game with his own mind and body gets him aroused at least to the point where he starts to pre cum every time he thinks of how this all might go down with several different-sized swim briefs. You know, one sized 32 inches, a 30-incher, a 28-incher, a 26-incher, and, if he feels particularly “adventuresome” (You probably already know that interesting erotic feeling in the groin area that comes when a guy even thinks about trying to do this), a suit with only a 24-inch waist. Dylan knows that he might not even be able to get himself into a 24-inch suit, let alone find a comfortable position to place his penis and balls once he does get himself in there, assuming he meets with a degree of “success” in coping with the situation at hand. Dylan has been tossing around all of this in his mind.

But, there is another major issue that Dylan has been thinking about, at least to a degree as he contemplates the possibility of doing this. All of this is safe to do and just might be very enjoyable as well. After all, guys Dylan’s age find ways and places to masturbate regularly, and somehow they manage to accomplish this without drawing undue attention to themselves in the process. I guess each guy who masturbates identifies a different way of accomplishing this. The old rule still applies in that the only time and place a guy is ever supposed to get an erection is with a similarly-aged female partner who is quite OK with having “real” sex and that anything else a guy does in the sexual arousal department is, at minimum, gay or at least sexually abnormal in some way. And the last thing any guy wants is even a semi-public reputation for doing stuff sexually that does not fall within a clearly-defined range of socially-acceptable sexual behaviors.

WOW, this is messy stuff for a host of different reasons. Partner sex in which the participants engage in an exchange of bodily fluids (I love that terminology) involving either a hetero or homosexual partner involves a whole assortment of risks, pregnancy, assorted sexually transmitted diseases, by the way), the possibility that the partner will suddenly in the middle of everything decide that whatever is happening is non-consensual (this situation can happen is straight or gay relationships) and others. This is a heavy list and a particularly heavy responsibility for a 19-year old college freshman like Dylan.

But what Dylan is interested in doing using the different-sized swim briefs involves none of these issues and risks. If he wants, Dylan can try all of this in private, with the only concern being what happens if Josh, his roommate happens to come back to the dorm right in the middle of when Dylan is running his experiments. Now Josh is a good guy, and he is not likely to “spill the beans” on what Dylan was doing when Josh “crashed” the dorm room during the experiment. Still, with all the news-media attention related to people complaining about sex-related stuff that happened to then that was non-consensual even decades earlier this is something of a potential problem should Josh walk in on Dylan who is playing with himself aggressively inside a new swim brief.

Still, Dylan knows that Josh has already seen Dylan masturbating a few times before. For that matter, Dylan has seen Josh doing the same thing to himself. So, at least to a degree the “ice” has already been broken in this regard.

The other possibility is that once Josh fully understands what Dylan is doing to his mind and body that Josh will want to try and be enthusiastic about doing the same thing himself. This means, basically, that Josh needs his own set of swim briefs of various sizes, much as Dylan has planned.

But if this were true and Josh could be interested, how does Dylan even go about to start engaging Josh in this kind of a discussion? This is complicated by the real possibility that Dylan thinks he would find the entire experiment to be more exciting, sexually, if he were not doing it alone and in private, but with Josh watching Dylan’s every move.

Where is this all leading, anyway? If you were in Dylan’s shoes (swim brief), what would YOU do?

Those are good questions.

To be continued…
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Old 11-15-2017, 06:54 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 870
Default Dylan and Josh have a conversation

Jerking off is really fun. Growing up, guys learn that quite quickly, but the mystery for any guy growing up is the question of whether or not the he is “unique” in this regard. Maybe I am the one who has discovered this and my male friends are not aware of what I have found. This in itself poses something of a dilemma. Dare I mention any of this to my male friends with respect to what I have been and am doing to myself, or should I just keep quiet and try to do this in private insofar as possible ?

A related difficulty nearly every young guys face is finding enough privacy to deal with their urges without drawing any attention. Worse, when guys are young, their desire to ejaculate hounds them nearly non-stop, and if they don’t get off every day or two. Initially, guys try to cope with their jerk-off urges by putting themselves on a schedule that means they only get to pleasure themselves every three or four days instead of every day or two. But this only seems to make matters worse, as the longer ejaculation is delayed, the more their attention ends up getting focused on the need to jerk off. Worse, such efforts at controlling ejaculation frequency like this often has the unintended consequences such as the wet dream, commonplace at that age, and this can have messy consequences possible worse that if the guy simply got off on a more frequent schedule at a more convenient place and time.

Of course, but the time guys get to Josh and Dylan’s age, they are supposed to have already learned the basics of ejaculatory control and are no longer fascinated with jerking off. Yah sure! While Josh and Dylan are past their high school days, this does not mean that they have somehow lost their fondness for jerking off. The only tricky part under the circumstance is that college men are often packed two-to-a room, with almost no privacy at all 24/7. This could be a worse situation for a surreptitious jerking off session than when the guy was living at home and in high school.

One option is for each roommate to make an attempt to hide from the other this most-personal aspect of male sexuality. But it is almost is college dorm rooms are purposely set up to make a charade in this regard as difficult as possible. Of course, there is another option, and that option is for the roommates to openly admit to each other what is up, but as you might imagine, this too is difficult to even approach as a subject. Dylan and Josh have been trying to engage in indirect “communication” in that regard. Remember, Dylan did not stop masturbating and Dylan stuck around to observe what Dylan was doing to himself in detail. Josh didn’t quickly say “excuse me” and exit the room again. I suppose that one could debate whether this was the behavior of two perfectly straight guys or two guys that at minimum had some same-sex interest or not, but neither Dylan nor Josh seemed agitated over the entire episode.

So now Dylan has this scheme in mind where he orders several swim briefs from a Swimoutlet grab bag, in various waist sizes, ranging from 32 inches down to 24 inches. There is no question what Dylan wants to do with the swim briefs. He wants to use them to get horny aka use them as a jerk-off aid in a special way, trying on each brief from biggest to smallest. Dylan will probably already be horning at the very start of the process, but as he tries on the ever-smaller briefs in order, chances are he is going to keep getting more and more turned on as the briefs get snugger and tighter around his penis until Dylan can stand it no more and ejaculates. For the first try doing this, Dylan may not be able to make it through the entire set of swim briefs. Trying on ANY new swim brief generally is an erotic experience at some level for most guys probably, and Dylan might not make it through all the briefs without shooting in one of the larger size. That is to be tested.

Dylan realizes that he cannot run his jerk-off experiments with the briefs without at least giving Josh a bit of a heads-up on it all. After all, Josh has already seen Dylan jerking off, so at least that initial “ice” has been broken. Believe it or not, Dylan starts with the discussion with Josh this way.

Dylan: I’m thinking of ordering some Grab bag swim briefs from Swimoutlet. They are quite a bit cheaper that way, about $12 each instead of $25 The tradeoff is that I can order the brief in my size but they get to pick the exact style and color

Josh: That’s interesting. What size were you thinking of ordering?

Dylan: I’m not sure. They are so cheap I thought I might order several different sizes. Then I can try each one on and see how they look in that size.

Josh is beginning to think that there is more to Dylan’s idea of ordering briefs in several different sizes than the mundane aspect of simply finding out which size fits the best. But Josh is not as yet at the point of having the courage to articulate exactly what he thinks Dylan might be up to and have going on in his mind. Still, Josh is starting to sense this, and those thoughts soon lead to Josh thinking that he might “enjoy” trying the same thing.

Josh: I might like a pair or two of those briefs myself.

Dylan and Josh could just make one order of 5 briefs 24-32 inches, and “share” them. Sharing swim briefs tends to quickly get to be quite personal, and perhaps something mostly that gay guys would do. Neither Josh nor Dylan are quite at that point, at least not yet.

So, Josh and Dylan end up making one larger order with 8 grab bag briefs, for Josh five sizes in two-inch increments from 32 inches down to 24 inches. Josh gets three briefs, a 30, a 28 and a 24 incher.

Typically with grab-bag briefs, if you order two of the same size, they will show up in different colors, styles or both. A 28-incher in one design might be easier or tougher to get into and out of. But that is part of the fun.

Now the stage is set for both Dylan and Josh to try on their new briefs with both in the same dorm room as the other. What else, if anything happens, will have to wait until after the big order arrives from Swimoutlet.

To be continued…
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Old Yesterday, 02:08 PM
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Default Guys have a near universal fondness…

Guys have a near universal fondness for jerking off, but this is especially true for college-aged guys like Dylan and Josh. Freshman college dormitories for men often stuff males two-to-a-room into tiny rooms, with virtually no privacy at all. Something has to give, and it usually it does. Male roommates need to find a path that allows them to do what they need to do with respect to studying and keeping up with their courses, but the situation cannot be so difficult that they have no way at all to deal with their “primal urges”, either. Somehow or another, guys need to identify a path that allows them to be who they are, and, of course who you are involves discovering a workable strategy for dealing with your urges and desires to jerk off even in the absence of the requisite “socially-acceptable” female partner.

All of these thoughts are coming to me against the background with respect to revelations relating to celebrities and other public figures in the news media as this is being written. What we all have learned in recent days is that male masturbation in front of a female must be a favorite fantasy among many males who consider themselves to be straight, “normal’ heterosexual males, given that women are complaining over and over that this happened to them and it is a very severe form of sexual harassment. But maybe the guys who actually carry out such fantasies are not as normal as they like to believe they are. Maybe MOST guys engage in boorish behavior when they are around women. Maybe something quite analogous often happens when gay guys are with other gay guys. Who knows? This is all uncharted territory that has only recently had a bright light shown on it.

So, what does this all have to do with Dylan and Josh, our 19-year old male roommates stuffed in a little dorm room, who have made a big order of swim briefs of various sizes? Dylan and Josh think of themselves as perfectly straight, and certainly not as gay partners in any way, shape or form. They both have normal male urges and fantasies, except of course that somehow they both have drifted into territory that could soon be quite complicated. We know that Dylan loves snug-fitting clothing of various types. Bluntly put, Dylan is fond of such clothing because it’s so much fun to jerk off in, and the swim briefs are at the very top of his list of items that he thinks about in this way.

Josh understands more or less what Dylan is doing to himself and at some level comprehends what Dylan finds so erotic and pleasant about the whole idea to the point of pursuing it. Dylan has somehow “caught” Josh in the same jerk-off “web” that Dylan has been in. Further, given all the constraints on male college freshmen in terms of finding a workable place to enjoy ones’ self, maybe this idea isn’t such a bad idea even though it might seem just a bit “odd” at first. Still, as goofy jerk-off schemes go, this has got to be far “tamer” and with fewer problems and issues than, say, masturbating in front of a female co-worker, as some males in the news are prone to do.

Besides, as I have said many times before, no one ever got pregnant, sued for sexual harassment or got a terrible STD by merely trying on a somewhat too snug-fitting swim brief in the privacy of a men’s college dorm room. So, as fun sexual activities go, this one also has the advantage of being perfectly safe to do in a host of different ways.

Still, things are not totally uncomplicated. Look at what has been happening. Guys, both straight and gay, are getting called out in the news for engaging in behavior deemed as sexual harassment, things that might have happened as long as several decades earlier.

Now, if Josh and Dylan each try on (and proceed to jerk off in) their suits in complete privacy, there is no chance whatsoever that 30 years from now one of the two will relate what happened and claim that the other was sexually messed up to the news media. Either Josh or Dylan could become famous public figures, or both of them could. These stories decades old now seem to be following public figures, and details a swim brief jerk-off session would likely create quite a discussion.

The complicating factor is that jerking off in swim briefs is likely more fun if two guys are both doing it at the same time and not in complete privacy. Complicating all of this is the possibility that if Dylan and Josh do this at the same time, this could be seen as at least a gay sexual act if not “real” gay sex. But Dylan and Josh still think of themselves as quite straight. Perfectly straight? I will get back to you on that descriptor.

There is no shortage of gay porn on the Internet in which two young guys start off wearing skimpy swim briefs, and begin the video by each rubbing their bulges through the brief. At the videos progress, the guys gradually seem to get up the nerve to each start massaging the other guy through his swim brief. A lot of this video is sweet and “touching” in more ways than one. Eventually, penises pop out of the tops of the suits, and things progress to something oral or anal. The odd part is that the latter parts of these videos are typically much less fun to watch than the early, self-pleasuring and then “touching” moments.

The tricky part for Dylan and Josh at this point is how exactly they want to proceed. All of this could be done without the other one present at all. Or not. The idea of Dylan and Josh both getting to see how the other one copes in this most interesting swim-brief situation is a fascinating one, but what are the implications, and exactly what do Dylan and Josh do to themselves and each other as the scheme progresses?

To be continued….
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