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Old 06-05-2022, 12:24 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default The Magic Wand

The Magic Wand

A “classic” Internet video has a guy half-lying on a bed but propped up, wearing a snug-fitting swim brief, the favored style being one sold in Japan, either Arena or maybe a “real” Speedo sold in the Asian markets. Already the guy has a serious hard-on (he must have engaged in solo masturbation to get to that point), penis clearly pointed upward in the pouch with the underside pressed firmly against the cloth pouch. A male sexual partner comes in the room, and starts fondling the erect penis, the idea being how long with the guy receiving the “treatment” be able to delay ejaculating.

But soon the audio in the video has a loud buzzing sound, and soon we see a massage vibrator in the video. Oh No! The guy’s penis is going to be “attacked” with the vibrator. So far, the guy has successfully delayed orgasm from plain old penis rubbing through the brief by the partner, but how long can he tolerate this new addition of the vibrator? Interestingly, the vibrator is probably best applied with the penis still in the swimsuit pouch and covered with the slick, stretchy fabric. And the vibrator is always what I call the Magic Wand style. The original Magic Wand was made by Hitachi. The magic wand style features a large ball covered with cloth, an on-off switch and powered from AC current, though nowadays there are also cordless units that recharge via USB. To see and price the so=called Original Magic Wand go here. Apparently the basic $75 unit runs on AC current and was only two uniform speeds, low and high.


The “famous rumbling sound” is what you hear on the videos. One of the “problems” with a massage vibrator when massaging a penis is that the whole idea may work “Too well”. Let’s say that the guy is only slightly erect or maybe not erect at all. The vibration may be strong enough to quickly send him into a nearly erection-free orgasm in the space of less than a minute. Interesting, but not very fun. So the stunt on the part of the sexual partner is to make certain that the head of the massage unit doesn’t stay on the penis (and particularly not on the super sensitive glans and underside areas) for very long at a time. Just a touch. Then move around to other body parts such as the sensitive inner thighs, nipples etc. and keep the guy guessing as to what body part the vibrator is going to be hitting on next. You do not want the guy being massaged to ejaculate too quickly or your video is going to be mighty short. Of course, if you are “going solo” you can also do this moving around method yourself.

I have a vibrator I bought decades ago. It works but is not shaped at all like the Magic Wand and the heads are simply hard plastic. I got to wondering if there were inexpensive knockoff versions of the Magic Wand, so I started digging. I found this one on eBay. Apparently the original Magic Wand did not register the name so anyone can copy it. And there are lots of knockoffs using the Magic Wand name, this one included.


As you can see, this one sells for under $20 shipping included. It arrived yesterday. I was amazed at how well built it appears to be. I keep being amazed that the Chinese do low-cost knockoffs of practically everything and sometimes come up with a version that actually improves on the original. I do not have an Original Magic Wand to compare it to directly but the description says the original one (costing $75, above) has only a low and a high speed. Well, this one has 10 different settings, some of which simply control the speed of the vibration but others that shift back and forth on speed, and still others that “pulse” as in shutting off entirely and then pulse back on with strong vibration. This reminds me of an estim device that has varying settings of current versus no current. Cosmetically appears to ve very well made and size wise, the same as the original.

So, for under $20 what is there to complain about? If you and a partner want to use this together as a sex toy, there is not many other ways the two of you can have this much fun for only $20. I highly recommend edging with both of you in a swim brief, assuming you are both male. If you are in a heterosexual relationship, same deal, pretty much! I can think of lots of places on the female anatomy where this unit might be both interesting and useful too. But if you are living alone you can still have a lot of fun with this by abusing yourself and trying the different settings to see how your body and your mind might respond. And if you have longed to one day make your own X-rated Internet video, this may be a path to make a video employing a swim brief and a wand!

Also, try this while wearing a wrestling singlet! That would make another great video.
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Old 06-05-2022, 11:19 PM
TX_Micro TX_Micro is offline
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Default Spend the money for the Hitachi

Spend the money for the Hitachi Magic Wand. My wife did not know what it truly means to be multi-orgasmic until I bought her one. Now she sometimes says “please stop, no more”.
A bonus is she’ll use it on me. The last time I came with so much force the jizz splattered my face and I got a shot in the mouth. I learned it ain’t so bad and now look forward to a new spice in our sex life!
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Old 06-06-2022, 11:34 AM
nespeedoguy nespeedoguy is offline
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Default Vibes

Those look great. I’ve got curved prostate toy as I was curious , like last guy mentioned it creates wonderful amount of sperm as it milks the prostate.
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Old 08-15-2022, 02:01 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default The Magic Wand vs the Estim Device

The Magic Wand vs the Estim Device

Both of these are low-cost, safe and effective self-pleasuring devices, though the average guy is probably more comfortable with the idea of the vibrator than the Estim. The typical mass market estim is powered by two AAA batteries and sends current to a variety of tools, probably the most widely used being a pair of silicone rings typically placed at the base of the penis and around the glans area, though some guys like to attach one of the rings around the balls instead of the penis base. There are a variety of other items that can be plugged into the estim as well including small and large butt plugs and metal rods designed to go into the urethra. The latter idea scares me a bit though I have tried and somewhat regularly connect the smaller of the available butt plugs.

As I explained above, even a $20 Wand has multiple vibration settings and some of these feel really good in self pleasuring. The main problem with the vibrating wand is not that they fail to stimulate, but that they work so well that if one is not careful you will find yourself on the edge of a full ejaculation with almost no hard on. This of course is interesting but not much fun.
The sensations from the light electric current the estim device produces are really not that different from the sensations from the vibrator. Both devices work well in stimulating the pleasure nerves in the area. Since the silicone rings are basically fixed, the estim device has various on-off patterns that can be chosen, along with a control for determining the exact amount of electrical shock, varying from a slight tingle to an almost painful shock.

The magic wand seems to work better for me id I don’t simply press it against bare skin in that area, but wear a snug-fitting Lycra garment—maybe a swim brief or a pair of compression shorts. Then just touching your penis under the Lycra fabric with the vibrator should immediately send you into a neat place. But keep in mind that the vibrator is powerful enough that if you are not really careful about exactly where and how long you apply it you could quickly go into uncontrolled ejaculation with a still way-soft penis, and, while interesting this is type of orgasm hardly any fun. So I use the wand mainly in the initial stimulation stages recognizing that there is more to come with the next step which is the estim device.

Merely getting into the silicone estim rings is pleasurable, more so given that I am anticipating the fact that these rings are soon going to be creating an electric charge and stimulating a bunch of choice sexual nerve endings. Once the silicone rings are on it is time to turn on the machine set at the lowest level with the rotating control. The first setting is a simple on-off pattern, and this set at low will get you accustomed to what you are going to be experiencing. Think of this as a sexual carnival ride of sorts. There are other settings that involve different on off modes and, of course a control that allows you to determine the exact amount of current, from just a slight tingle to being on the edge of being painful.

I like to start out at the lowest setting and I have found a particular on-off mode that I really enjoy. Then I gradually raise the current level, and have found the exact point on the machine where the sensation is just on the verge but not quite feeling like a painful shock. The anticipation that the next sequence could go just over that edge is in itself most interesting and enjoyable. It will take you right to the edge, and if you keep fooling with it you could also go into uncontrolled ejaculation mode very quickly.

Once I near that point I switch to the butt plug which provides interesting estim to a different part of the anatomy. The estim plug works a lot the same as a plug vibrator would. If I still had an intact prostate I would probably have more to say about a prostate massage induced by the plug, but even without a prostate, it still feels quite good. Lube the plug up with a water-based lube to experiment with this.

Again at this point between the vibrator and the estim, some guys may want to just ejaculate and call it quits. But I stop before that with the idea that now is the time to crawl into my favorite penis vacuum pump. I am already feeling way good with the vibrator and estim work. And watching my penis grow and turn red inside the pump tube only adds to the fun. I like to lube my penis up with gel soap, and go through repeated cycles of vacuum and no vacuum for maybe 10 or more minutes. Inside the tube there is actually no stimulation despite the fact that you are seeing yourself big, hard and red.

Then I remove the pump but I now have a penis ring on the base of my penis and I still have a really nice hard-on that has been lubed with all the gel soap. Time for some old school masturbation and self- pleasuring. You can go into full orgasm mode from here quite quickly, but of course I always like to extend the fun if possible. I may not get to a full orgasm at all, in which case I edge along for a while with my nice erection, and instead of ending this with an orgasm I just hop into a warm bath still feeling way horny.

Hopping out of the bath it is bed time and nothing I could think of that would be more fun to wear than my newest 2x(ist) thong to bed. Its greater fun getting into such a snug-fitting garment while still feeling that horny and the garment is just the extension to what I was doing to myself before. I fall asleep but awaken in a couple hours and decide I can tolerate the really tight-fitting thong no longer and it's time to put on a really small and super slick brief I bought on line some time ago. So I do that and sleep through the rest of the night and awaken this morning still feeling horny about how the events last night went.

All of these techniques are very suitable for a guy living alone without a sexual partner, but probably not stuff a guy would ordinarily do with a female partner. These techniques might also work very well for a guy with a male partner if both decide they are interested in some really fun but totally safe mutual masturbation.
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Old 02-17-2023, 11:19 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default Magic wand accessories

I am looking at the available clear silicone accessories for magic wand type devices. They are circular sleeves with either dots or rings inside designed to fit over and massage the penis. A guy did a review on Pornhub with a demo. He ejaculated quickly, maybe too quickly but thought the device was great fun.

These are under $10 on ebay assuming you already have a wand. They are called the male hummingbird.
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Old 02-20-2023, 12:41 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2011
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Default vibrators in medicine

This article focuses on women but vibrators also have medical benefits for men, if used in the right way and places!

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