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Old 02-28-2022, 09:15 AM
Ethanroy011 Ethanroy011 is offline
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Default Which type of underwear is best for males?

Do suggest to me which type of underwear is best for males?
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Old 02-28-2022, 12:43 PM
nespeedoguy nespeedoguy is offline
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Default Underwear

I like jockstraps for work outs or string bikinis. Times I like snug fit of brief or trunk. Bx briefs can be comfortable too. Silk boxers nice to relax in. Thong is fun feel for the bedroom. Def speedos for swimming , spandex for cycling. They all have their place

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Old 11-01-2022, 05:49 AM
jimbobin jimbobin is offline
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I like the Andrew Christian Show-IT, my prefered is a boxer briefs. What I like is the 'pocket' that holds you out front. If you have low-hanging balls, it stops them from sliding down your leg
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Old 11-01-2022, 06:11 PM
Torchwatch Torchwatch is offline
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Your underwear should be comfortable, when you get up in the morning and slip it on you may be wearing it for 16 hours or more, bad underwear will make you suffer and spoil your day.
Your underwear should be presentable, should you be hit by a double decker bus and rushed to hospital everyone will see what you chose to wear that morning.
Your underwear must be absorbent, during the day you will suffer drips dribbles and skid marks, good underwear protects your outer clothes and discretely saves you from any embarrassment.
Your underwear should be breathable, however hot it gets moisture wicking fabrics should keep you cool and dry.
Your underwear should keep you warm, in winter you may need thermals.
Your underwear should be invisible, should you wear short shorts you don't want 6" of cheap cotton boxer shorts hanging out the leg holes, it looks ghastly.
Your underwear should be fun, only you know what your wearing under your shorts, trackies or trousers, secretly wearing something unexpected can be fun as you glide up the aisles in a store. When you are in a locker room where others will see you stripping off what impression do you wish to give. When you are with a lover and about to make love you'll want them to both enjoy discovering your underwear and want to rip it off!

One pair or even one set of identical underwear can't do all that, you'll need different underwear for different expectations, so have fun getting underwear that suites your lifestyle.
Underwear does wear out, when they elastic looses it's snap, the fabric goes a dull grey and everything starts to sag it time to replace it.
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Old 11-01-2022, 06:51 PM
SoCal2023 SoCal2023 is offline
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Default Best Underwear

As others have said so well, it depends upon the occasion. Also as stated, it depends upon the weather. Iíve found that out first hand. When living in Southern California where the weather is usually warm, you can wear the same style all year. Where I live now, the temp varies from 22 degrees F to 122 F. The g-string underwear worn when itís 122 may not be as comfortable when itís 22. As others said, it all comes down to comfort for me.
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