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Old 03-16-2017, 01:44 PM
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Default It's TIGHT in here..!!

I recall very clearly, as a little child, saying that phrase over and over again. I was staring at a picture of a guy wearing some tight fitting clothing. This was back in the 1950s, and I had to have been only four or five years old. This happened WAY before puberty set in. Heck, at that age I was basically clueless about sex or even sexual feelings in any form. I am trying to recall exactly what I was seeing that got me going at that early age. I know it was a picture in a magazine of some sort, a picture of a guy. I know he was wearing a tight-fitting suit of some sort, a rubbery-looking suit that fitted him very snug to the body. I know that for some odd reason I was deeply fascinated looking at his groin area. I didn’t understand at all what was going on in my brain at that point, let alone his. But deep down, I somehow sensed that there was something interesting happening to the guy in the picture. Interesting enough so that it was doing something to my own brain and body.

I did not quite understand any of this, or why the picture of the guy wearing the rubbery-looking really snug-fitting suit was affecting me the way it seemed to be. This for me at that age was really a combination of mystery and wonder. What was there about this situation that made me so excited anyway? I remember my parents hearing me say over and over “It’s tight in here!” They must have thought that I had gone off my rocker, temporarily at least.

Thus began a quest to find clothing items, each one fitting snugger and tighter. Even the search itself, was, of course, well, interesting. Just the thought of being able to go to the stores and look for the right items, something that fit snugger and tighter than anything I had already owned, was somehow arousing. As I got a little older, I would feel a tell-tale damp spot forming on the tip of my penis just by thinking about the possibility of being able to go off on a search focusing on finding something that fit snugger and tighter. Swim briefs were the ultimate in my mind at that time. Longer spandex shorts and so on had not been invented yet. And, of course, the goods were in physical stores, not on line.

As I grew a little older, into puberty and just beyond, bigger and even more interesting things began to happen, body and mind. I started to wonder more and more about the question of whether or not the other guys my age were facing the same problem or dilemma I was facing. Were their experiences similar to mine around snug-fitting clothing, or somehow different? Was there something “wrong” with me, psychologically because I had this “thing” for tight fitting clothing that seemed to be driving me bananas, or was this all “normal” for a guy my age? This was a fascinating question, I always thought, but not one I could easily talk about to anyone and certainly not to any guys my age at school.

So I started reading books, lots of books. I dug into encyclopedias, read encyclopedia articles dealing with human sex and sexuality. I learned a lot of interesting stuff in the process and became an expert on a lot of stuff that my parents did not know I was reading, but nothing that addressed by basic question which was of course, the question of whether or not it was normal for me to simply be so fascinated with wearing snug-fitting clothing, but particularly snug-fitting swim briefs. Why was I so fascinated with all of this? Why did I want more than anything to masturbate to ejaculation wearing as tight and snug-fitting swim brief? Why was this all affecting me so profoundly, anyway? Whenever I pulled on clothing over my groin that fit really tight, I suddenly experienced pleasure almost beyond belief.

The books that dealt with sexual psychology really were of little help at all. They often included chapters on fetishes, and at some level hinted that if I was hung up on something like a little swim brief, and interested in masturbating while wearing it, then I suffered from something that could be considered abnormal called a fetish, which is a sexual attraction not to another person, but to an inanimate object. But that information was really of no help at all. Both sexes are constantly buying clothing designed to look attractive to a potential sexual partner, most often a partner of the opposite sex. What happens if in putting on these clothing items, the person gets aroused himself? It’s OK for the person to get aroused but only if he is thinking “pure thoughts” about having sex with the partner not about how snug and tight the particular clothing item fits? How strange!

I finally concluded that most guys in their early post-pubescent years likely have a part of their personalities that wonders how it would feel to wear clothing that fits extra snug and tight in the groin area. This is all quite normal and natural. The problem is, there are many barriers for young guys in pursuing that. Normally, guys that age are not shopping for clothing on their own. They need their parents to pay for what they are buying, and need their parent’s approval in order to accomplish this. For a guy too explain to dad what is really going on in his head at that point would take great courage and candor, both in short supply at that age. And dad probably would not understand anyway, or worse, misinterpret what was being said. Dad never had these feelings and sensations and longings when he was a young teen or did he?

Worse, parents seem to be fixated on big and loose-fitting, not snug and tight. The guy is going to grow like a weed that age, so everything in the clothing department is purchased at least two sizes too big, because he will grow into it and the item will last for a longer period of time that way. One o the swim team Web sites admonishes parents to definitely not think about buying swim briefs two sizes to big using the “he will grow into those in a year or two” line of reasoning, but parents are seldom challenged on that point.

Many of these questions and issues still frustrate me. Then along came the Internet. Porn sites now include entire sections devoted to videos showing in excruciating detail guys masturbating to ejaculation wearing snug-fitting swim briefs. Maybe my “hang up” is not nearly as rare as I thought. Who watches these anyway? Women? Guys? The subset of guys who label themselves gay? Or is there a broad interest in seeing other guys enjoying themselves that crosses over gender and sexual orientation? An interesting question for sure.

Then there are the Internet retailing sites. One reason you see so few swim briefs being sold in physical stores any more is because guys often are apprehensive and nervous about being seen in public doing so. The on-line retailers provide the needed privacy plus a range of snug-and-tight briefs that go way beyond the more modest briefs that a physical store would carry in the snug-and-tight department. And all of this can be purchased in complete privacy. With on-line retailing, it’s easy to build a collection of physically arousing gear of various sorts, without anyone else knowing.

Then we circle back to Dylan, currently sitting in a college lecture wearing a little Desmiit® swim brief under a snug-fitting pair of skinny jeans. Dylan has a whole collection of interesting snug-fitting stuff he has bought that he is thinking about right back in his dorm room. He feels quite horny, just sitting there is class, trying to listen to the lecture while thinking about this. But horny in a good not problematic sort of way. He knows he is not erect enough to be at the point of uncontrollably shooting while at his classroom desk during the lecture. That did actually happen to him once or twice in high school, but we won’t go into that here. Dylan is gradually learning that is possible for a guy his age to stay in a way-pleasant, horny, aroused state for long periods of time, an hour or more, and enjoying this immensely even without getting off. Dylan thinks that newfound knowledge is, well, way interesting.

Dylan also can’t help but thinking about his roommate Josh, and in particular that episode a little while ago where Josh got to observe Dylan masturbating through ejaculation while wearing that little thong. Dylan thought that Josh would be upset or angered by what Dylan had done, and maybe even start to tease or bully him. But Josh was none of this. In fact, Josh, while seeming a bit surprised by what was happening, seemed also to be, dare we say, interested if not a bit turned on by what he had casually got to observe. What is with Josh, anyway? Does Josh actually admire Dylan’s garb and is thinking that he would like to try wearing some similar stuff? A good question to ponder for sure!

Dylan thinks to himself “It’s TIGHT in here..!!!

To be continued…
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Old 03-28-2017, 02:37 PM
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Default Dylan’s class is winding down, but…

Dylan’s class is winding down, but Dylan is still feeling pretty horny. Dylan is actually “used” to feeling horny just while sitting in class. Dylan remembers that back in high school, this happened to him pretty regularly too.

Back in high school, of course, Dylan did not have access to a convenient pair of swim briefs that he could wear to class under his jeans. But Dylan always did have a certain “fondness” for snug-fitting brief underwear, which the high school guys referred to as “tighty whiteys”. Dylan first discovered this fondness even before he was old enough to have his first bona fide orgasm, when he was only about 11 years old, maybe even a bit younger. At that age, Dylan did not fully understand what was going on with his body, or the big changes that were on the verge of taking place. All he knew was that he very much liked to wear snug-fitting cotton brief. Wearing them somehow made him feel good. The pleasant feelings were concentrated in his groin area, but sometimes it seemed that they would “pulse” through his entire body in successive “waves” of sheer “pleasantness”.

As Dylan grew older, he went through puberty, with all of the scary but pleasant stuff. Sometimes now his penis would start to grow, especially if he focused on what he was feeling down there. This was quite an experiment. Dylan quickly “discovered” that this was, well, most interesting, pleasant and fun, but particularly pleasant and fun if the briefs he was wearing fit extra snug. Given that Dylan was also growing “like a weed”, he was also at that age where he was quickly growing out of everything that he was wearing. As he grew, the jeans that fit him just right only a year ago were now almost too tight to button. And underwear briefs that fit him perfectly only a year ago now fit a whole lot snugger. Dylan didn’t mind. He thought this was pretty interesting.

Dylan soon discovered that if he could still get into these items, sometimes the “stimulation” he got was, well, interesting, and things got particularly interesting if his penis begin to enlarge, because there wasn’t adequate room to grow, at least not by much. This was that strange combination of fear and fondness guys go through. Fondness for the wonderful sensations, but fear that things might go too far, creating a potentially embarrassing situation. Dylan often wondered if his classmates faced the same “problem,” and if, so, how they handled it so as to not let things get out of hand, so to speak.

Dylan regularly saw his male classmates in high school in the gym locker room, clad only in their underwear. As Dylan got older, it seemed that fewer and fewer of his classmates wore the tighty whiteys Dylan loved so much to wear. What was going on here, anyway. Some guys’ boxer shorts fit very loose, and extended nearly to the knees. Dylan thought that if the guys wearing the baggy shorts did get an erection, it would be pretty easy to cover it with the large folds of cloth. Maybe the guys were so fearful that even the outline of a slightly erect penis would be a disaster, that the big boxer shorts were simply a hiding mechanism. But still, Dylan thought this was more than a little silly, that is, missing out on the fun that Dylan regularly had wearing his snug-fitting cotton briefs. How could the other guys in his class have not “discovered” what Dylan had discovered on his own.

Of course, Dylan knew that when it came to the subject of sex, there were things you could and could not mention to your male classmates. He had learned that it was generally OK for a guy to admit in the locker room that he got turned on by seeing an attractive female classmate, and there was in fact locker room chatter discussing the merits of various females the same age. But any discussion of what a guy might be doing by himself was strictly off-limits as locker room conversation. Anyone who brought any reference whatsoever was in imminent danger of getting teased and bullied. Indeed, mention of solo masturbation in any form was off limits, and something never discussed even with a guy’s male best friends.

Now Dylan is a freshman in college, and he is gradually learning that the “rules” he learned in high school about what can and cannot be discussed with your male friends might have changed if only a little. Some other stuff has changed as well. Dylan quickly discovered that a Lycra® blend swim brief feels a lot smoother and slicker on his penis that his cotton briefs do, and he loves the newly-found sensations. Another thing that has changed since Dylan was in higfh school is that men’s jeans not are made to fit a lot snugger and tighter than what was popular when Dylan was in high school. Dylan has quickly discovered that wearing a snug fitting swim brief under a pair of snug-fitting Lycra® blend jeans was quite a “treat”, the treat being that the two in combination can keep a guy feeling horny for an extended period of time, as in a 50-minute college lecture, but without being so overwhelming a sensation to create other “problems” that would need to be “dealt with” quickly.

So, for Dylan, the “rules” he thought he understood from his high school days are changing. Dylan had never before roomed with another guy. What keeps playing over and over in Dylan’s mind is that odd day when his roommate Josh came back from class early and came into the room just as Dylan was pleasuring himself by masturbating in that little Amazon thong underwear. What was most surprising to Dylan is that Josh did not seem put off by this at all, or the least bit upset over what he was seeing. Josh just stood there watching Dylan have fun, even as Dylan grew bigger and harder. Dylan initially thought that he would not continue after Josh entered the room, but he was too far gone. He was nearly at the so-called “point of no return” and Josh just stood there quietly watching as it as Dylan blew off. Dylan actually thought that it was fun to have Josh watching him.

….To be continued
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Old 03-28-2017, 08:35 PM
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Default Josh and Dylan finally have that conversation…

Class is over, and Dylan heads back to his dorm room. Once he arrives there, he decides to remove his skinny jeans. What Dylan is really interested in seeing is exactly how his penis fared during the class. Dylan could feel that strange dampness at the very tip of his penis as class was proceeding. This seemed to go on and on, and Dylan was interested in finding out exactly how much he had precummed. Well, the answer was right there to see. There were two quarter-sized pre cum stains on the front of the swim briefs, and another, smaller, dime-sized stain that was more off to the side.

Pre cum is really funny stuff, and Dylan knew that…the product of the Cowpers glands, it’s normally too viscous to ordinarily work its way out past the first layer of swim brief cloth and through Dylan’s denim skinny jeans. Dylan knew that he could pre cum almost indefinitely without creating a tell-tale stain on the jeans, but a snug-fitting swim brief was quite another matter.

Dylan wondered if real swimmers had “issues” with pre cum stains when wearing In particular, was this something that someone wearing a swim brief who wasn’t “used” to doing so would be confronting? How do male swim team members who wear swim briefs “deal” with the issue? If a stain “inadvertently” forms, is the trick to quickly jump into the water, making the entire brief wet, before anyone notices?

Just as Dylan was contemplating all of this, who should walk into the dorm room but Josh? By now, Josh was “used” to seeing Dylan only scantily clad. Josh noticed the pre cum stains on Dylan’s swim brief, but he decided not to say anything. Josh just stood there with a bit of a smile and thinking to himself that he had once again caught Dylan at an inopportune time. Still, Dylan was obviously not as erect as he had been when he wandered into the room with Dylan wearing skimpy thong underwear and very near the point of no return. Josh’s timing was better than the last time, or was it?

So Josh had feelings of amusement in terms of what he was seeing, but the feelings of amusement were combined with equal feelings of interest in the things Dylan was doing to himself. This is strange stuff to contemplate for sure. What should a guy do when he perhaps inadvertently encounters his roommate having “fun” with himself. Is there any “book” on how to handle all of this? And is it “normal” for a guy to NOT be put off by seeing this? What if just watching the other guy do this makes the guy hard? Would that happen to most guys facing the same situation, or is that a clue that the guy might be gay, or at least have something of a gay “streak”?

At first, Josh had no idea of how to approach the entire subject with Dylan, or whether or not he could articulate anything about what he was thinking. However, Dylan seems not unhappy, apprehensive or anxious with respect to anything he has been doing to himself. In fact, quite the opposite.

So Josh decides to indirectly and cautiously approach the entire subject with Dylan. The discussion went something like this.

Josh “that’s a good-looking swimsuit you are wearing, but you aren’t going swimming, are you?”

Dylan: “Naw, I just came home from class. I just wore the suit like a pair of underwear under my jeans.

Josh: “A swimsuit as underwear? Does that work?”

Dylan: “Yah, it works pretty well. Certainly more comfortable than that pair of thong underwear I have.”

Josh: “Oh yah, I remember that pair.”

Dylan: “The brief fits and feels quite differently from that thong.”

Josh “in what way?”

Dylan: “Well the swim brief feels slicker and smoother on my skin…it feels quite nice compared with the cotton briefs I ordinarily wear. I like that.”

Dylan: But the thong is interesting too. For starters the thong is small enough so there is less room for your stuff. With the thong, the tricky part is figuring out just how to get everything to fit inside the pouch. That can take some work.

Josh: “I could see that you don’t have much space, especially if your body starts to grow even a little bit.”

Josh and Dylan are talking in a code that uses euphemisms and avoids words like penis and balls. Somehow it seems “safer” or maybe less raunchy that way.

Dylan: “That is one problem. But that isn’t the only problem. You have to figure out how to deal with that narrow elastic back. I’ve found that it’s easier to get yourself into the pouch if the elastic cinches up really tight between my glutes, but that may lead to other issues as well. This all seemed really uncomfortable for a few moments, but just al of a sudden, it hit me. What momentarily felt uncomfortable suddenly becomes very, very pleasant.

As Dylan spoke, Josh started to feel that something was beginning to happen in his own groin area. Subtle and almost unnoticeable at first, all this talk about self-pleasuring in abstract code was starting to do things to Josh, things that were not really under his control. Suddenly Josh just blurted it out.

“I would like to see if my body would respond the same way to wearing a thong as your body did.”

Dylan, still turned on to a degree himself, said: “Well I did launder my thong, and it’s right in the drawer here.”
Josh: “Would you mind if I tried it on? I am curious if my body would respond the same way yours did. I will make sure it gets laundered after I wear it.”

So, here is the scene. Two 19-year old college guys, dorm room roommates, sharing a pair of underwear. And not just any underwear, a Desmiit® thong designed to fit snug and tight.

Is this behavior that of two guys who must have a gay streak? Or not? This is certainly not partner sex in any way, shape or form, just one guy borrowing the underwear of another guy.

Dylan: “Josh, my only caution is this. I had more than a little trouble getting myself into the underwear, given how it has to fit. Maybe I can help you a little in this regard, “coach” you a bit.”

Secretly, Josh was feeling a bit excited and slightly apprehensive about the possibility of getting himself into the underwear he had seen Dylan jerk off in a week or so before, but Josh was not about to say that. He had probably said too much already.

….To be continued
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Old 04-04-2017, 04:03 PM
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Default Dylan lends his little Desmiit® Thong for Josh to Try on

Commentary: Dylan and Josh are getting into something really interesting here, and complicated. Two 19-year old college students. Josh is interested in running an “experiment” with his own mind and body, and Dylan is about to help Josh do this by lending Josh the little thong Dylan wore a few days ago, when Josh “caught” Dylan masturbating in it when Josh accidentally walked into the dorm room at a time when Dylan thought Josh was still going to be in class. josh was a little surprised when he walked in on Dylan stroking himself from glans to base while the thong, but did not seem put off by it all, as Dylan might have expected to happen. Indeed, Josh seemed to be admiring what Dylan was doing to himself.

Guys sometimes lend clothing items to their buddies, but I am led to believe that far less of this goes on between guys Dylan’s age than it does between females Dylan’s age. Plus, there seems to be some “rules” to all of this. Lending a jacket or baseball cap would be considered fine. But what about a buddy who wanted to go swimming with his friends but lacked swimwear. Well, if a guy has an extra pair of swimwear in his gym bag, he might pull that out to lend. But this might also depend on the type of swimwear involved. A pair of board shorts would be less of a leap, than say, a Speedo®. The other option is for the guy to swim in his underwear, but that might be considered unsanitary and underwear has a way of becoming transparent when wet.

Or, what about a guy who was engaging in a sport where the coach is requiring jock straps, with or without hard cups, to be worn? What about the team member who “forgot” his strap, and it’s still back in the family clothes dryer. If another team member has an extra newly-laundered strap in his gym bag, is it OK to lend it to the guy who forgot his?

Indeed what are the appropriate rules here as they apply to guys? Does what is lent or not depend on how “personal an item is? Is a strap more personal than a Speedo®? Is a Speedo® more personal that a pair of longer board shorts? Where do Jammers fit into all of this? These questions are not easily answered.

Dylan, of course, did launder his thong after he engaged in the jerk-off session with Josh standing and watching him. Had that not happened, this would have likely been too personal for either of them to handle. But Josh is curious now, really curious as to how his mind and body will respond to being in Dylan’s little thong. What was Dylan sensing? Will Josh feel the same way? Will Josh immediately get hard and erect like Dylan did? A lot of guys contemplating wearing a thong for the first time probably have the same questions Josh has.

But Dylan is equally curious with respect to Josh. Dylan is wondering right now if he is the only guy in the world who enjoys wearing a thong, getting hard, and then masturbating with it. If the same thing happens to Josh, Dylan then knows that there is at least one other guy who faces the same “problem” that Dylan has.

Actually, it’s a fun problem to face, and Dylan knows that too. As sexual fun goes, this one is really tame-and-safe stuff. There is no bodily contact of any sort, certainly no exchange of body fluids. But that brings up another unresolved issue. Is this some goofy form of gay activity that might suggest that Dylan and Josh both have a gay side that they each have never admitted to themselves, let alone each other? Or, despite this, can they still consider themselves as both being “perfectly straight?” In short, what are the sexual orientation “rules” that apply in what Josh is about to do?

Let’s not worry about that. Dylan has promised to not only lend Josh his little thong, but also “coach” him a bit on how to get into it and wear it in a manner that gives Josh maximum pleasure.

So, Dylan goes to his dresser drawer, pulls out the thong, and hands it to Josh. Josh takes one look at it and concludes that he has never worn something that small and snug-fitting around his penis and balls in his entire life. If Josh wasn’t feeling apprehensive before, he is now. He has a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach: an equally funny feeling of tension right at the base of his penis. Even as he holds the thong in his hands, he realizes he is starting to pre cum.

Josh quickly realizes that he is already too far gone to turn back now. His body is telling him that it wants to find out how Dylan’s thong would fit and feel. Somehow, Dylan realizes that Josh is in this dilemma and wants to proceed.

So, as Josh continues to contemplate all of this, he strips out of his jeans and tee shirt, and is now standing there in front of Dylan in only a pair of somewhat-baggy boxer shorts. Suddenly, he pulls down the boxers, and is now standing there in front of Dylan completely naked. Dylan notices already that Josh is not completely flaccid, but he is not completely erect either. This part gets tricky, Dylan knows, because the closer a guy is to being erect, the more difficult it will be to get into the thing. The thong pouch is made to handle a guy’s parts that are flaccid, or nearly so.

This is why thongs are tricky, and many guys seem scared to wear one. There is a pouch, but certainly not a pouch big enough to contain a fully-erect penis. Then there is the issue of the elastic thong back, a back that normally cinches up between a guy’s buttocks.

There is also the issue of fitting a guy’s balls into the pouch, along with a penis. Dylan explains to Josh that in order to do this it is necessary for a guy to first fit his (hopefully still) semi-flaccid penis into the pouch. After that a guy reaches at the base of the thong, where the elastic back is sewn to the pouch, and pulls that over the balls. The tricky part here is that in order to do that, the guy basically has to put the tie between the pouch and the thong back into the perineum area, directly behind the balls. Many guys do not fully appreciate how sensitive they are at that particular point, and that is part of the “fun” of wearing the thong.

Once the thong is in place that way, the guy is probably going to be more than a little erect. Dylan found that out, and Josh is about to find this out too. But, as a guy grows, the space for the growing erection is becoming more and more limited. Dylan found that out, and Josh is about to. Something has to give. The growing penis is going to do two things: put more and more direct upward pressure on the perineum area, and cause the thong back to cinch up even tighter between the buttocks. A lot of guys don’t realize this, but as they harden, what is happening in their entire groin area becomes more and more apparent.

It is the combination of things that are happening that makes this so much fun, and each of the things feeds the others. The pressure on the perineum area feels really good, but so does the sensation of the elastic thong back cinching tighter between the buttocks and brushing across the anal area. The growing penis not only feels good itself, but makes the sensations from the perineum and between the buttocks more and more intense. A guy’s body responds to all of this by getting still more more erect. Josh is discovering what Dylan learned.

To be continued….
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Default Josh’s Experience

Josh is undergoing an experience that he has never before undergone in his short life. Of course, being 19-years old, he is more than experienced in self-pleasuring, despite the fact that this was a topic that he was never able to bring up with his male buddies in high school. Indeed, the entire subject of sex as discussed by males in high school is often treated as if the guy is an innocent, disassociated bystander merely watching the activities of others. The unwritten rules seem to be that a guy normally should not reveal at all if or when he is turned on, but this is especially true if the guy who is turned on is in the presence only of other guys.

But suddenly, with Dylan in the room, these “rules” seem to have changed. Dylan seemed to rewrite the rules about what is OK versus not OK in the presence of another male. But Josh changed the rules as well. Instead of quickly excusing himself once he saw what Dylan was doing to and with himself, Josh just stood there, maybe with a bit of a smile on his face, watching exactly what Dylan was up to in detail.

And, Josh was just as surprised to observe that Dylan made no attempt to immediately cover himself or hide from Josh what he was doing to himself. Indeed, once Dylan got over being startled initially by Josh’s surprise presence, Dylan seemed to appreciate the fact that Josh was there watching him play with himself. And Josh just hung in there, realizing that as Josh watched, Dylan was getting ever closer to blowing his wad. Josh had secretly always wanted to see up close what happens when a guy gets to this point, but he had never before quite had the chance.

Now it was Josh’s turn to have fun. Initially, Josh wondered if he would be able to be as casual about all of this with Dylan right there as Dylan had been when Josh had wandered in. Would Dylan’s mere presence make it difficult for Josh to initiate and then maintain a “strokeable” erection? But Josh needn’t have had any concern. To be sure, the little Desmiit® thong helped the situation along, a lot, as did Dylan’s “coaching” with respect to how to get in the thong and then get the most out of the experience, once inside.

Of course, Josh had the usual concerns and issues about the situation he now found himself, the big question being whether or not what was happening to him made him unique among guys. Of course, Josh knew that Dylan was in much the same “boat” with the thong, arousal-wise.

So, what to do. By now, of course, Josh is feeling quite horny. Not horny enough yet that he could not stop and reverse course, but still quite horny. All the stuff Dylan has been telling him are tugging away, and Josh is experiencing the sensations first hand. Plus, Josh realizes that his male organ is in an interesting position inside the pouch of the Desmiit® thong. Dylan had discovered this too, when he was playing around with himself. The thong was designed with a full awareness of how male anatomy is constructed, and Josh’s anatomy fits the thong to a tee. The lower part of the thong pouch is just big enough to contain Josh’s testicles, with upward pressure just behind his scrotum. That seemed more than a bit uncomfortable initially, but almost all of a sudden, morphed into some really pleasant sensations.

The upward pressure on the perineum tends to push a guy’s penis firmly into the pouch, which in turn means that the guy’s penis is going to be pushed outward and forward, and giving a guy access to the sensitive underside of the penis. This happens even when the guy is only semi-erect. Because of this, Dylan has even learned some special technique that makes for a fun stroking technique, which he shares with Josh. The technique involves forming a “V” shape with your index and middle finger, and then stroking your penis through the thong pouch with your middle finger stroking the underside of the penis anf the index finger stroking the top. Way fun, as Dylan demonstrates the technique, and what is happening makes Josh even more excited than he was. What a special feeling!

Everything is coming together for Josh in much the same way it did for Dylan. Dylan realizes this, and that in itself is part of the fun. Just because Dylan is not actively participating does not mean that Dylan is having no fun just watching Josh struggle with all of this. Dylan realize that the situation for Josh is getting more and more difficult to control, but Dylan also realizes that somehow maintaining control ultimately adds to the pleasure. Dylan wonders how long Josh will be able to deal with what is happening to him without blowing.

Meanwhile, Josh finally fully appreciates what Dylan was experiencing and why Dylan was not able to stop when Josh walked in on him. What is the best part? That is a good question. The feel of your penis being contained and stroked within that narrow, tube-like area at the top of the pouch? The tension being applied to the perineum as the penis grows and pulls the thong upward into the perineum area? The fact that as the penis expands, the rear of the thong has to cinch up ever tighter into the buttock crack and brushing against the anal area? It’s all of this.

One way of looking at this is that Josh is really “suffering” with all of this. Suffering mixed with terrific fun. Almost ready, but not quite ready to shoot.

…To be Continued
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Old 04-07-2017, 02:18 PM
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Default Josh is certainly having fun, but so is Dylan!

As any guy Josh or Dylan’s age knows, penises at times can be most interesting in their behaviors. Every penis somehow “knows” that it “wants to be in a place that is snug and tight-fitting, and, in particular, penises oftentimes get aroused just “thinking” about that possibility. OK, OK, penises don’t actually “think” on their own, despite the fact that some guys on occasion “behave” as if that were the case. But, for many guys, a simple thought about even the possibility of being able to be inside a confined space is enough to get a guy aroused.

Pre cum is an interesting part of all of this, in that a guy doesn’t even have to be at all erect to start the flow. Josh and Dylan are old enough now to start to realize what is going on whenever just a “flash” of a thought occurs with respect to the possibility of being able to put a penis in a space that is likely to be a little snug and tight.

This story could go in a number of different directions at this point. Any mostly heterosexual guy knows that this fascination with getting one’s penis into a snug-and-tight female vagina drives male-female relationships forward and all of the so-called biological drive for having sex with a woman. Or, the story could go down a parallel track involving two gay males who are engaged in only a slight variation on the same basic idea of having partner sex.

But the situation now faced by Josh and Dylan does not follow either of these paths. They are not having partner sex with women, nor are they having gay sex with each other. They are out in some other space entirely, a space that cannot readily be identified as partner sex at all, gay or straight. Because of this, some of my readers might be tempted to conclude that Josh and Dylan are involved in something that is not that much fun, and perhaps a third-rate alternative to having “real” sex with a partner, straight or gay.

Of course, self-pleasuring, alone or in the presence of another (male or female) has always gotten a “bum rap” so far as sexual pleasure goes. Guys at a very early age learn that stroking oneself, even though quite fun and ultimately physically harmless, is something that should be done alone, maybe in the privacy of a bathroom, or in darkness under the bed covers. Guys are always supposed to be embarrassed if anyone else should accidentaly discover what they are doing to themselves. What will happen if my mom or dad accidentally find out what I have been up to? My brothers or sisters? Or, holy terror, the guys in my class? Wash day always presents something of a dilemma, as there may be tell-tale starchy stains on sheets, pajamas or underwear bottoms. Maybe mom won’t notice, or if she does, maybe she will act as if there is nothing “wrong”.

Somehow, Dylan and Josh have both managed to maneuver through all of this and have made it into college. Both Dylan and Josh knew that the idea of having a male roommate in a not-very-big college dorm room was going to make life, well, interesting, from a self-pleasuring perspective. Have the “rules” that applied to this in grade school and high school with respect to never revealing what you do to another male your age suddenly changed once in college? Is every college guy expected to have a social life that involves not only dating but dating that leads to partner sex with a female at least once a week if not more frequently than that? Is that considered “normal” behavior for college freshmen of both sexes? If so, that puts the dating pair in an interesting situation that could easily end up with responsibilities that most college freshmen are not really ready to take on. The weekly date with sex has complex risks of a lot of different types for college freshmen of both sexes.

But if not that, how does a guy that age deal with his “urges”. Male hormones are flowing that lead to erections at unexpected times and places. Then there is the “stuff”. Many guys, maybe most, go through grade school and high school wondering about certain clothing items that for whatever reason they never got to wear. These are typically items that provide a snug fit, but in particular fit snug around the penis. The list of items commonly are worn by athletes, and includes a bunch of the stuff that Dylan ordered from Amazon® and are now in his dorm room dresser drawer. Guys are generally curious about how their bodies would “behave” wearing any of these items, and in particular if any of these items would prove useful in self-pleasuring, but they are generally very embarrassed about even having these thoughts. These items commonly include swim briefs, athletic supporters of various sorts, with or without hard cups, compression gear including swim jammers, and thongs of various sorts whether made to be worn as swimwear or as male underwear.

A reading of the literature dealing with male sexuality and male arousal does not provide a lot of help. Interestingly, a lot of the authors are female researchers who have difficulty understanding or relating at all to what goes on inside males minds and bodies, and in particular have difficulty relating to the snug-fitting clothing thing or the possibility that guys might “enjoy” pleasuring themselves. Basically, the thinking is consistent with the view that masturbation is hardly a form of sex if at all, and certainly inferior in all respects to real, partner sex.

But a more careful reading of what is often anonymous survey literature reveals some very different conclusions. In particular, that many males, when surveyed anonymously, admit to having stronger orgasms during masturbation than in partner sex. This finding comes as quite a shock to women who are “programmed” to believe that they are the sole source of sexual pleasure for men. What about the husband who regularly masturbates and attempts to hide that fact from his wife in much the same manner as he attempted to hide this from his mom when he was only 12-years old.

And what of the clothing items on the list? The writers on the subject tend to label anything that involves sexual pleasure that is an inanimate object as something of a fetish, and fetishes of any sort, are by definition “abnormal.” So if any guy admits to this, he has a sexual hang-up that perhaps needs “attention” for repair by a “trained psychologist.” This idea reminds me a lot of the idea that any guy who is sexually attracted to another guy has an issue that needs to be repaired by a trained psychologist. We have gotten over that one, pretty much, but the idea that normal guys can and do get aroused by wearing certain clothing items is not that far along. The issue here of course is that the partner should be the sole source of sexual pleasure for a guy, straight or gay, and that anything that falls outside of that norm is somehow “abnormal”.

Tell that to Josh and Dylan. What they are doing in the privacy of their dorm room is somehow, abnormal and psychologically “wrong.”Tell Josh and Dylan that instead of enjoying themselves in this manner that they should be very embarrassed about doing these things, however pleasurable they might individually find them to be. Tell Josh and Dylan that they have no right to enjoy themselves this way, and that they both need to get a better social life.

NOT!!! Josh is enjoying himself immensely inside the thong. He is realizing not that the thong helps him to take self-pleasuring to an entirely new level. Dylan is having fun too, just watching Josh struggle with all the sensations that Dylan knew would be there for Josh to try to deal with. Can something that is so much fun possibly be considered abnormal or wrong? Has anyone been harmed in all of this? What if Josh enjoys all of this too much and as a consequence never develops a partner-focused social life?

To be continued…
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Default Dylan teaches Josh how to enjoy himself

Josh is in an interesting situation, but so is Dylan. This is the first time Josh has ever worn a pair of men’s thong underwear in his entire life. To be sure, Josh had some real misgivings about doing this, at least initially. There was a “fear” on his part as to how his body might “react” to being in such a situation, but this was framed with an equal curiosity about the entire situation. Josh was what one could call “apprehensive but curious.”

Then, Josh was still trying to determine if the “rules that applied toi having another person watch you as you engaged in self-pleasuring were somehow different at age 19 than they were at age 15, when Josh was still in high school. Given the “incident” where Josh walked in on Dylan who was engaged in very pleasant solo sex, and Dylan didn’t immediately stop and try and cover himself, Josh concluded that the rules he lived by as a young teen were suddenly not that important now. Josh didn’t quite know what to make of all of this. But Josh knew somehow that he did not object to watching Dylan pleasure himself in a variety of ways. Dare I say it? Josh was a bit “turned on” himself by getting to see this all for the first time in his young adult life. “So be it” Josh thought. This is certainly not “real” sex with another guy, just an observation up close.

Dylan had been learning a bunch of new things too about his own mind and body. This started when Dylan first encountered Bill and Joe who seemed anything but apprehensive about how each of their own bodies were “behaving” in the presence of the other. This, of course, led to Dylan’s Amazon® order and all the stuff he got in that order to “play with”.

Then too, Dylan has been running a series of playful experiments on his own body in attempt to see exactly how much “pressure”, psychological and physical his own mind and body could “tolerate” without get6ting himself into a situation that could prove publically embarrassing. This culminated in him wearing that tight swim brief under equally snug–fitting, jeans and then attempting to make it through a 50 minute class without getting too far gone. Dylan accomplished that, even though he was horny as all get out through the entire class, and in a strange way he was proud of himself for being to do that. This is the essence of developing ejaculatory control, something that is difficult if not impossible to accomplish at age 15 under similar circumstances.

Now, Dylan was the “coach” and Josh was the “student”. Dylan has discovered a lot of stuff about his body that is not only useful but enjoyable as well. The biggest stunt, of course, is how to stay horny for longer periods of time without going off. This is no small stunt, but it is a ‘learned” skill. Dylan knew that now, but Josh, not so much.

Still, Josh was curious about what Dylan now knew and wanted to try and learn for himself. The thong would be useful; in that regard. The tricky part about a men’s thong pouch is that they usually give a guy a little room for his penis to expand. Besides, some guys are bigger than others, even flaccid. So the first time Josh pulls on the thong, he discovers that his penis appears to be in the pouch OK but his balls are still dangling naked below. Dylan tells Josh he hasn’t got the thong on right, and that his balls are supposed to be inside the pouch along with his penis. This leaves less room for a guy’s penis in there, but we will get to that problem later. Dylan explains to Josh that the key is to reach underneath the thong at the base of the pouch and stretch the pouch so his balls will be inside. This is not that easy to do, at least for the first couple of times.

Josh does that, and gets his balls inside the thong, but quickly discovers that he is now feeling a new upward pressure from the thong in the area just behind his balls, technically called the perineum area. This is an entirely new feeling or sensation for josh, but the odd thing is that the upward pressure feels pleasant, very pleasant.

Dylan then explains to Josh that it is better if he just lets the elastic back cinch up between his glutes. This is another new feeling or sensation for gloss. He had never thought of his butt as being sexually erotic before. Interesting for sure!

So, here is Josh, finally in the thong properly for the first time, with Dylan’s coaching instructions. Josn is a little erect by now, but mainly he is oozing out pre cum, stains that started the size of a dime, but quickly growing to the size of a quarter.

Now Dylan explains to Josh that the whole idea is to just stay in that situation, and see how long your body can “take’ it without anything else happening. Josh has options to speed things up or slow it down, and he knows that. Josh certainly has a better understanding of exactly what Dylan has been up to than he did. The weird part is that Dylan’s brain feels really good now too, very pleasant, and becoming more pleasant as he merely thinks about where his body is confined.

To be continued…
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Default Josh...

Josh is still feeling apprehensive, but he also realizes that he is beginning to kick back and enjoy some sensations that he had never before realized were there. To further complicate matters for Josh, part of what has made this all so interesting for him is having Dylan right there, “coaching” Josh and offering suggestions on what to do and try next. Josh doesn’t quite know what to make of all of this. All Josh knows is that whatever is going on with him is too much pure fun to stop, at least for now. And, to Dylan’scredit, Dylan doesn’t seem at all put off by all of this. Indeed, Dylan seems to have discovered what Josh has been up to is, well, interesting.

All of this, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with gay sex. For Dylan and Josh, they are simply two college freshman who have found unique ways both to enjoy themselves and the company of each other. This is all pretty simple really. No risks, no relationships that need to be unraveled when they don’t work out the way a guy hopes. It’s a streamlined way of looking at, and to a certain degree, enjoying life at its fullest. Why should that be an issue or a problem with anyone.

Indeed, what could possibly be wrong with any guy enjoying himself, either alone, or in the company of another, male or female? This is obviously something a guy would want to do in private, but a college dorm room fulfills that requirement pretty well. Neither Josh nor Dylan might want to admit to anyone else what they are messing around with. But then, what is the difference between Dylan and Josh’s situation versus what Bill and Joe were doing? Dylan got to see that pretty close too, and what he didn’t actually observe first hand he could have pretty well figured out just by carefully observing their behaviors. So what, for goodness sakes!

Josh is still feeling more than a little apprehensive, however. He has never tried anything like this before. Just getting his penis positioned in the pouch was an interesting puzzle, but things got even more interesting when Josh discovered that he needed to place his balls inside the pouch as well, and the only way to do that was to reach under the thong, and pull the lower part of the pouch away from his body. The pouch snapped back to his body once Josh realized that, and suddenly the sensitivity of the area just behind his balls, the so-called perineum area, became apparent. Then there was the matter of getting the elastic thong back cinched between his glutes, and area Josh did not think was going to be arousing, but it was.

Dylan, of course, had already figured this out, at least most of it. Dylan knew where Josh’s most sensitive spots would likely be, and Dylan somehow wanted to make certain that Josh found out as well. Dylan also knew that given the situation that Josh was in, it was going to be quite difficult for Josh to keep getting more erect. Maybe not that rapidly, but just a steady pressure from all the different things that were going on with Josh’s body.

Part of this is an empirical experiment, so to speak. Dylan did not actually know if Dylan’s body was going to respond in the same ways that Josh’s body had done. Dylan was actually quite curious about this. Male penises are unique and individualized. Still there are several things that likely apply for most guys. One of these is that flaccid, a penis feels not much different from any other skin-covered body part. Rubbing a flaccid penis can be mainly boring. But is a guy gets an erection, even a modest partial one, things can start to change, and often quickly. The sensitivity of the penis nerve endings seems to proceed exponentially as the erection proceeds, and hard penises when stroked or rubbed are a whole lot more fun than soft, flaccid penises. Every guy realizes this, at least to a degree.

But was Josh as sensitive in the perineum area as Dylan found himself to be? Does getting a thong back cinched up between his glutes affect Josh to the degree it affected Dylan? Dylan was curious about all of this,…very curious. If this all works the same way for Josh as it does for Dylan, then much the same might hold for guys everywhere, or at least that is what Dylan is thinking.

To be continued…
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Default Coaching can be fun for both the coach and the student

Truth is, Dylan has quickly gotten into this new role of coaching Josh and helping Josh to better understand how his body works better than he had planned. Dylan is quickly discovering that Josh is not only learning things that Dylan has only recently learned about himself, but that Josh seems to be enjoying the entire process of being coached and told about various things he can try on and to himself.

In many ways, this entire sequence of events is unique, Dylan is thinking. Surely, younger teen boys in high school or junior high surely do not form pairs and then advise each other on specific, enjoyable self-pleasuring techniques. They wouldn’t dare do something like this in high school even if they wanted to. There is too much danger of being found out and then teased or bullied for being gay or at minimum a disturbed male masturbator. The rules in high school were definite and unbreakable…the only possible way a guy could admit that he was a human being with sexual thoughts and feelings was in the presence of a girl, and better if the girl was quite attractive and much sought after. The rest of this stuff, like the stuff Dylan and Josh have been exploring, was either off limits or simply not there. Guys don’t have these other feelings. Solo sex is certainly a third-rate and normally deeply-hidden activity compared with the real thing, meaning sex with a girl. MOST guys probably enter college thinking that this is how it is, and this is how it always will be.

Or is it? There is lots of stuff going on here. Complicated stuff. Stuff that seems to defy easy explanation. First, Josh has discovered that despite his initial apprehension and deep uncertainty over the whole idea, deep down he does not object to having Dylan in the room and watching him as he gets aroused while first getting into and then wearing the little thong. Granted, this was quite a shift relative to anything he did in the presence of another guy in high school or junior high, but heck, he is now a young adult.

Dylan is learning about himself at the same time. Initially, Dylan wondered if wearing the thong would have the same impact on Josh’s brain and body as it does on Dylan. Dylan quickly found out that in that regard.

In going from puberty at age 11 or 12 to young adulthood at age 18, every guy develops a set of things he enjoys doing in self pleasuring, and as time progresses these things tend to get more elaborate but also more and more fun. The specifics of what is involved here tend to vary depending on the individual. Oftentimes what works is as unique to the individual as a fingerprint, and what I might enjoy doing to myself. There is the standard stuff, in the olden days the porn magazines with the naked women, or, nowadays porn videos. All of this is considered at least somewhat socially acceptable among guys that age, as the focus is not on the guy pleasuring himself, but on the naked women, which the guy dutifully watches while stroking himself to orgasm. As solo sex goes, this one is at least marginally acceptable.

The clothing items used in conjunction with self pleasuring, however, fall into different categories. A guy might steel female panties from a college dorm room. That is considered OK behavior from a sexual perspective even though it is theft. The female might even be a bit turned on if she somehow now knows that it is her guy who has her panties. Merely fondling the panties, even fondling the panties while getting an erection

Buy if the guy dons the purloined panties, and worse, then masturbates into them to an orgasm, he is thought to have a psychosexual problem of one sort or another. Perhaps he is a cross-dresser who gets aroused by wearing women’s clothing, or perhaps he likes to act out being a woman, in which case he might at minimum be a bisexual who enjoys dressing up in woman’s clothing and then watching another guy masturbate. Who knows, but donning the panties crossed a line of sorts.

Dylan and Josh are off in a completely different space, however. Dylan doesn’t have a collection of women’s clothing items in his dresser drawer, but a collection of items made for men. Dylan’s fascination is with how these items make his own body look and feel. The sensations are fun, way fun, and unlike anything Dylan got to try when he was still in high school.

Granted however, the pair of men’s thong underwear that Dylan lent Josh pushes the envelope in this regard, in that thong underwear is more commonly worn by women than by men. The men’s version is designed to fit the male body, with more room for the male anatomy in the pouch.

Still, Josh does not seem to be concerned about this other than what might be considered to be a natural curiosity about whether or not his body parts will fit, and if, so, how the underwear will look and feel on his body. This could be a bit brutal, so to speak.

Guys often have difficulty dealing with situations where they realize that their male anatomy is about to be confronted with a clothing item that is likely to fit really snug around their male body parts. This is all quite normal, as guys generally realize that their male body parts become more active even as nerves become more sensitive if they are surrounded by anything that fits snug and tight. Worse, the mere thought of soon having to wear something that falls into this category can quickly lead to arousal and the start of an erection. To a certain degree, every guy knows this. Every guy is very fond of the sensations and feelings that almost invariable happen in such a situation, but at the same time terrified that “something embarrassing” will happen in the presence of my male peers, something awful that I will be teased and bullied about for the rest of my school days.

Male clothing items that most often create these situations often involve some time of athletic activity, typically activities where the guy is already apprehensive about being able to accomplish what it is he will be called upon to do. Particularly terrifying items include athletic supporters (jock straps) with or without cups and brief-style swimwear, but can also include things like compression shorts and jammers. Apparently, young males in some high schools are apprehensive about wearing singlets for high school wrestling, and some schools are making an effort to allow students to wrestle in less snug-fitting garb.

Dylan would have been apprehensive about being required to wear any of these items in high school as well, in large measure because he was uncertain as to how his male body parts would respond to the new situation. But now in college, Dylan now has a drawer full of these very items, the items that he would have been apprehensive and uncertain about getting into when he was in high school. Further, instead trying to avoid getting aroused, he is actively using each item in an effort to get at least semi-aroused, not to avoid getting aroused.

Even more interestingly, Dylan’s roommate Josh is figuring this all out too. The thong is not the first or only clothing item Dylan will “lend” to Josh. Dylan thinks that is more than a little interesting to see how Josh’s body is responding to the situation at hand. On the other hand, Josh had concluded that it is actually fun to have Dylan standing there and coaching him on what his body should expect and what to do next. Is that somehow gay? Who knows? Who even cares?

At this point, Josh is aroused, semi-erect, and precumming ooze at the tip of his penis, and this gradually growing spots of wetness is quite visible on the pouch of the thong. Dylan is still fully clothed What Josh doesn’t know, at least not yet, is that Dylan has peen precumming as well, and Dylan can discern that too.

What next? Perhaps Dylan should slip into something “more comfortable”.

To be continued….
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Default Something “unexpected” happens

Josh is clearly enjoying himself in his “predicament”, very much, and Dylan realizes this. All of this is getting aroused as well, as Josh keeps asking Dylan to provide him with more detailed instructions with respect to what to try next.

It’s really funny how all of this works sometimes. Dylan is fully clothed, in his tee shirt and jeans, even as he watches Josh struggle in the little thong. Dylan quickly decides that perhaps he is just a touch overdressed for the occasion. Maybe Dylan would be better if he were under a bit more tension and pressure too. So Dylan starts to think about the other items still in the dresser drawer. His mind wanders to the jock strap with the cup, the compression tee and shorts. He quickly strips his jeans and tee off and crawls into the strap, slipping on the cup. Josh’s mind is at least somewhat occupied, and he pays little attention to what Dylan is doing. The strap fits snug, and the cup presses down hard on Dylan’s penis. Dylan realizes that he is feeling very good. He quickly pulls on the Tesla® compression shorts and tee. The shorts ensure that the strap and cup will be held very tightly against Dylan’s groin.

So there is Dylan, penis gripped tightly by a snug-fitting strap and cup, made even less bearable by the compression shorts bearing down on his anatomy, watching Josh cope with the realities of the situation he is in, and on occasion, moaning softly.

“When can I get off, Dylan? I’m getting desperate to blow.” Says Josh. That was frank, for sure.

“Not quite yet, Josh! Not yet!” says Dylan.

As Dylan says this it suddenly dawns on Dylan that his penis is growing inside the cup, and he can now feel the physical sensation of the cup bearing down and making its presence known on three sides of his penis. Dylan isn’t very far from blowing, either. Both Dylan and Josh are way off in another place and time, entirely, maybe somewhere in which time and place do not exist at all.

Suddenly, there is a firm knock at the door. Dylan goes to answer the door. Josh quickly grabs a towel to cover his anatomy (the thong). It’s Bill and Joe, all decked out in their compression gear.

“Joe and I want to go to the gym.” Says Bill Do you and Josh want to join us?

“Well, I guess I could go, But Josh just got out of the shower”, says Dylan.

Dylan, of course, is lying about Josh.

“I’ll tell you what, Josh, let me loan you my green wrestling singlet, and you will be all set to go too.

“OK”: says Josh, “I need to get some exercise.”

So, keep in mind that Josh is still wearing the thong, and the plan is to quickly pull on the green wrestling singlet by using the towel to disguise what Josh will be wearing underneath.

Keep in mind also that both Dylan and Josh were getting really horny and close to blowing when Bill and Joe knocked on the door to invite them along. The unrelieved tensions that both were experiencing at that moment have not exactly gone away.

This could get interesting….
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