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Old 04-02-2022, 05:24 PM
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Default More fun in a swim brief

More fun in a swim brief

One of the reasons male sexuality is so much fun has not only to do with the fact that there are many places on a guy’s body that can be touched/stroked/pressed to produce enjoyable sexual sensations, but that these sensations can and will vary moment by moment. Sex is a total mind and body experience and what might not seem to be that interesting or enjoyable at one moment in time can be totally different and completely mind-blowing only moments later. There are surprises of many sorts happening all the time during arousal and the really fun part is never quite knowing what is going to make you scream with pleasure from one moment to the next.

The male groin is loaded with nerve endings that are a real treat to stimulate. Of course, a lot of these are on the penis itself, but there are various other hot spots that should not be assumed to be non-sensitive as well. Finding out exactly what is more than worth experiencing is the centerpiece of male sexuality.

At this point, my readers are probably wondering that all of this has to do with wearing a simple swim brief, maybe one that is more of a standard issue traditional design that appears to be not that skimpy or revealing. For guys used to wearing boxer style or other loose-fitting underwear and maybe loose-fitting board shorts when near or in the water a swim brief is quite a lot different. I suppose that guys who normally wear traditional cotton brief-style underwear would be less alarmed than others about the whole idea of wearing a swim brief, but a swim brief is definitely not a pair of cotton underwear briefs. The swim brief is designed to fit like a layer of skin, which means that even an ordinary one is going to press against all sorts of places that could be, well, err, sensitive.
I think a lot of guys are apprehensive about wearing a swim brief because they are uncertain as to how their body might respond in all these areas being touched or pressed against and that everything could quickly get out of control. Guys who grew up wearing swim briefs before puberty probably experience less anxiety in this regard than guys who were only able to wear a swim brief after they were past puberty. The fear is really about not knowing having not done this before, and where not knowing could lead. Still, most guys are at least curious about what it would be like to be wearing a swim brief if they have never done that before, but are apprehensive about trying one on for the first time when others are around. This leads me to the suggestion that if at all possible it is best to run early experiments in private.

In the previous page, I went into detail regarding the subject of options a guy has in positioning his penis in the brief and also that some positions are more likely to induce a degree of arousal than others. Being aroused but not far along enough to make ejaculation inevitable is called edging. Of course, in most of the possible swim brief penis positions (the possible exception being “down”) it is going to be fairly easy for others to see your arousal condition by simply observing the bump under the cloth. This scares a lot of guys. But, guys who are aroused also generally ooze precum in viscous drops on the tip of the penis, even in only the beginning stages of starting to build an erection. This is quite normal, except to say that if you have positioned your penis with the head pointed up or to the left or right, chances are some of this damp precum will soon show up as a damp spot right where the tip of the guy’s penis is located inside the pouch of the brief.

This drop or two of precum showing as a damp spot on the brief is way interesting, but for a lot of guys it is the source of not only apprehension and even fear in that just a small wet spot announces that I am really aroused inside my swim brief. Unfortunately a lot of male sexuality is just like this with equal components of sheer fun intermingled with mind-boggling fear of being discovered in an obviously aroused state.

On a guy’s penis, arguably the underside of the glans just a half inch or so behind the penis tip is the most sexually active part of the male anatomy, and stimulation of this area by any means can quickly lead to ejaculation with even a not-that-erect penis. The basic issue with putting the penis in the up position is that it is all but impossible to do this without stimulating this super hot spot even if you did not intend to do so, and a constant but gentle pressure to the glans this way will soon morph into something way more interesting, as in “I need to ejaculate, and right now”. This is the fear and fun stuff I have been talking about. If the ejaculation occurs in private, this becomes mostly fun with little if any fear. In a semi-public (ie locker room) or public setting (at a public pool) ejaculation from “inadvertently” stimulating the underside of your penis tip is probably about 99 percent fear. Better to experience this when you are alone than in the company of others.

Still, I highly recommend that all guys need to try the ideas I have suggested. How your mind and body copes with the situations I have laid out in detail will also be helpful information in partner sex.
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Old 04-24-2022, 01:09 PM
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Default Just enjoying yourself

Just enjoying yourself

This has been a long and difficult winter, and parts of the US are still in the middle of a bleak snowstorm with below-freezing temperatures. Only now here are the daytime highs getting above 70 degrees and everything is running later than usual. If a lot of guys are like me, they probably lose interest in enjoying their own body when the weather outdoors is something of a mess. But here, at least, the weather looks very good for today, at least. The odd thing when this happens is that I start to feel quite horny, and what somehow seemed not at all interesting even as recently as a couple of days ago is starting to, well, you know.

Almost invariably my mind starts turning to the issue as to what I am going to be wearing when I am once again (happily, I might add) starting to feel this way again. All of you know I have a lot of interesting things in my wardrobe that I have accumulated for just these kinds of situations, and I suspect there of those of you that have one or two items (LOL) that more or less do the same thing for you. Besides, this is an excellent time to add to your collection should you somehow feel the urge.

Nothing like relying on old standbys in this regard. For me, my classic move is tp get into a classic pair of way undersized white cotton briefs. My fondness for white cotton briefs goes way way back to when I was a pre-teen. I am really fond of the look and feel of them, and the tighter the fit, the better. Swim briefs of course are simply an extension of all of this, and a “daring move” is to wear a classic swim brief as a substitute for a brief designed to be worn as underwear. Nowadays, on line you will find lots of briefs on line that are not clearly underwear or swimwear but something in between. Maybe they are simply too skimpy for beach or pool wear. The whole idea is to find the right brief for the situation, and the right brief is always one that will make you drip some, even without an erection. Think about how your body responded to the situation the first time you ever tried on a swim brief. Did you drip, even a little? How did you feel, both psychologically and physically in this situation? Were you having “fun” or were you too “nervous” to fully realize and appreciate what was going on with your body? As an adult, it is now time to kick back and say to yourself that what you are doing is way interesting and enjoyable, and there is no reason whatsoever to be scared or nervous about anything. You are not going to damage yourself by crawling into a swim brief or a too-tight pair of cotton briefs, and the whole process may instead be seen as quite enjoyable.

Of course, nowadays I like to add more. And no better example than wearing a pair of snug-fitting compression shorts. Over the years, I have accumulated lots of these too, some designed to be worn as swimwear (snug-fitting jammers), some as under gear for sport where the compression is thought to reduce injury, and some just for fun.

It has been 30-35 years since compression shorts caught on with guys as the thing to wear for the athletic types and more recently when jammers more or less took over swim meets. But the appeal of the jammers and compression shorts has its same roots as the swim brief. Now a jammer might not look as cool as a swim brief, at least for some of us here, but that does not mean that the guy is not still enjoying himself in a horny sort of way (drip, drip, drip, if you know what I mean!).

For me, an old pair of black compression shorts went over my tighty whitey compression shorts. Bollinger is the brand name. The weird part is that this pair is over 30 years old and they still fit really way snug and tight. I crawl into these and say to myself that I am way enjoying these and I was really fond of them when they first came out in the 1980s. The fit and feel is great in all sorts of ways. No wonder they quickly took over the locker rooms at schools everywhere years ago—guys were experiencing very similar sensations as they would get from trying on a swim brief, but without the embarrassment!

Oh, and while you are messing around today, do not forget your top, as in snug-fitting compression tee. While I have never been that interested in the upper body as containing a lot of sexual hot spots, a really tight fitting compression tee can add a lot to the overall sensations of wearing compression gear and as a tie-in to your compression shorts.

As I said at the beginning, this is the time of year for guys everywhere to start a new season of enjoying their bodies, and, with the right gear, this is very easy to do.

“How does that fit?”

“OK I guess…”

“Well is it tight enough do you think?”

“It seems to be, but how can I tell for certain?”

“Well, are you starting to drip?”

“Yes, a little I think!”

“That means the fit is affecting you like it should”

“That is good to hear. Now I am really starting to drip. I can really start to feel the dampness at the tip ”

“That is good!”

“That looks really snug and tight on you. But if you want to try an even closer fit, this can always be sized down from a MED to a SM”

“I’m doing OK I think. What I am feeling right now is great.”

“I’m beginning to feel really really good. Its that damp spot right at the tip that is doing it to me, I think.”

“Yah I know it’s funny how that works. Not sure why feeing that damp spot does that to guys, but it does. You are into some tricky but really fun stuff”

“Worse I’ am starting to get a bit hard. Suddenly it feels just really good down there. I am beginning to think that I am going to soon desperately need to ejaculate, and this cannot wait till the day after tomorrow, either.”


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Old 04-29-2022, 12:39 PM
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Default The desert island

The desert island

Most of you know, I am a huge fan of edging. Ultimately, I rate edging a lot higher and more enjoyable than having an orgasm. Some of you might find this strange, or at least a bit odd. Not that I don’t enjoy the repetitive muscular contractions that are orgasmicly over the top in terms of the male human experience, its mainly that the pleasures are intense, but unfortunately very short-lived, lasting thirty seconds if that.

If having an orgasm was the only thing that sexual pleasure included, it would not be that big of a deal at all. I realize that in a lot of partner relationships, the entire focus is on having a powerful but short-lived orgasm, and then everyone goes back to engaging in whatever non-sexual activities they were doing before the orgasm. This may be a good life for some people, but not me.

I am also a big advocate for the idea that guys living alone without a sexual partner should not be denied a wide range of sexual pleasures. Quickly masturbating to an orgasm I suppose is one thing a guy could do. But I would also argue that approaching solo sex in this way, while OK I suppose if that is your thing, denies the solo single guy a host of other experiences that, if he started exploring in depth, would ultimately prove to be a lot more fun than simply masturbating to orgasm on some sort of a schedule. When I was in my teen years, and even in my 20s, I did this too. But as I got older, I discovered that the process of getting there was the really fun part, and the ejaculation pleasures gradually became less and less important in the overall scheme of things and what I was getting from my own body.

Over time, I learned that I really liked feeling horny, and the longer I could extend this period without ejaculating, the more fun what I was doing to and by myself became the longer I could keep myself aroused. This time could now stretch from minutes to hours, and I even learned how to do an all nighter where I crawl into bed feeling horny, drift off to sleep, then suddenly wake up feeling just as aroused if not more so. Now a lot of guys, me included in my younger days, would use this opportunity to have a “fake wet dream” where a guy ejaculated in bed then, if the mess he made is noticed by anyone else, say a sibling or a college roommate, claim that it was nothing he did to his own body, but he merely had a “wet dream while asleep!” Cool if inaccurate explanation as to what the guy really did with and to himself.

So I have long been fond of snug-fitting clothing of various types, swim briefs, skimpy brief underwear etc, and it was not long before I learned that loose-fitting cotton pajamas were simply not that erotic and it was much more fun to sleep in whatever snug-fitting clothing item my body was telling me that it liked. If a guy needs to conceal himself to others, why not slip on a swim brief UNDER a loose fitting pair of boxer shorts or even an old pair of pajama bottoms and have fun with your genitalia all night long. The snugger the fit of the swim brief the better. The mere presence of the brief should help the guy to engage in and maintain his edging, and if he does accidentally go off, the brief will catch a lot of the semen that would have otherwise made a mess on the sheets! So this is practical as well, particularly in, say a college dorm or other setting where there is a male roommate.

But for me nowadays, the ultimate male sleepwear is a really snug fitting underwear thong. I am especially fond of the thongs that have a back consisting of a narrow band or cord, that cinches up snugly between my glutes, pressing firmly against the anal area. Even better if the pouch is barely big enough to hold my balls and flaccid penis thus forcing my penis to point forward not down. The really fun part about being in this “predicament” as a guy is that a guy knows that with his penis and balls is such confined quarters, he is going to “grow” a bit. This uncontrolled growth can only put tension on the cord. This increased tension makes the guy suddenly aware that the thong has a snug cord cutting between his glutes, and the size increase is going to make the cord cinch up tighter, while placing firm upward pressure on the perineum nerve bundle every guy has just behind his balls. All these psychosexual hot spots come together to combine in some terrific edging fun.

You talk about psychosexual edging nirvana, this is really it. At 11 pm you may be able to tolerate the sensations and somehow drift off to sleep, but what is your condition at 3 AM when you wake up and feel horny as all get out and think you desperately need to ejaculate? What are you going to do? Your options are to keep suffering in ecstasy by continuing to edge just below the ejaculation point, or ejaculate and then quickly fall back to sleep picking up on this the next night. Your call! Either one is fine but for me I would want to see if I could keep doing it feeling ultra-aroused without ejaculating at least till morning. If you can get yourself on this thong-induced high and be able to do this for days and days, all the better. Sexual pleasure in large measure is about “coping” with “denial” and learning exactly how to deny yourself that quick ejaculation and release is part of the reason edging is so much fun, “climbing the walls” so to speak, while edging is a not-to-be-missed activity for every guy but an especially activity for single guys without sexual partners.

So, let’s say you were going to be stranded on a desert isle and alone. If you knew you were not going to have sexual contact with another person on the desert isle, what would you have packed along in the little suitcase? Surviving the desert isle is all about edging my way through the situation. For me, a favorite snug-fitting thong would be very important. Of course I would always hope that as well I, would have had the common sense to pack a couple swim briefs, maybe a pair or two of running tights and compression shorts, plus a compression tee as well. For me, being able to edge is critical to maintaining and improving both my psychological and physical health. Too, even if they do not get stranded in the middle of nowhere, lots of guys end up frequently going on long trips, often work related, where they are living alone or away from regular sexual partners. The same suitcase items should prove very helpful!
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Old 05-01-2022, 12:42 PM
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Default Adventures with Ball Splitters

Adventures with Ball Splitters

So, last night as I went to bed I was feeling quite horny. I don’t quite know why except that I have been edging for several days without any muscular orgasmic release, and the pressure keeps building in a nuanced but always interesting way. Of course, it didn’t help matters that for the last two days I have been messing with my little estim device with the silicone rings for my glans and my penis base, plus the electro butt plug. The combination of the two in concert get me quite horny and make me drip precum in a hurry.

Then I don’t relieve myself with an orgasm but instead put on my penis pump for some more fun. I see how big I can grow in the vacuum environment and watching my desperate engorged penis turn a rich red color as it struggles in the low-pressure environment is always a way fun thing to do. As you can imagine I’m feeling quite good both physically and psychologically.

Of course, I still don’t relieve myself with the repetitive contractions of an orgasm. Instead I soap my penis and balls up with a shower gel, and maintain and improve upon my vacuum-induced erection while making sure I don’t go into the uncontrolled muscular contraction phase. I hop into a drawn warm tub of water and play with myself some more, again keeping just below the involuntary muscular contraction phase. Delicious agony. I’m climbing the walls, so to speak.

Finally I hop out of the tub, dry off and pick out my sleepwear. I got to thinking that I have not worn a favorite old Jockey thong with a really snug pouch and a really tight fitting back in a long time. I dig that out and the fit and feel was every bit as good as I remembered from a dozen years ago or more. I decided to wear a wonderful pair of swimming jammers over the thong, and the tight slick feel of the cloth on my thighs just added to the fun I was having all by myself.

Anyhow, still way horny, I drifted off to sleep, only to awaken at 3 AM with my mind suddenly focused on a little piece of swimwear I had purchased from Koala swimwear a long time ago. Somehow my mind was telling me that while I thoroughly enjoyed the thong, what I now really wanted to do to myself was to get my balls into a ball splitter. And the Koala “suit” (if you could even call it that), was very good at accomplishing just that. The suit has a semi-transparent nylon “cylinder” for my penis, with three elastic bands designed to position the guy upward. Getting into the suit it is a good ide to have at least a partial erection to make that part position itself correctly. Then below there are three elastic bands, two of which go on either side of the balls but the middle one is the splitter.

The splitter band of course is connected to the elastic band that makes up the rear of the thong. As the guy builds an erection inside the nylon cylinder, that puts tension on the thong back which cuts deeper between the glutes as the erection builds. But in particular, that tension also tightens the middle elastic band that is the splitter strap and cinches up the bands on each side of the balls. Way interesting.

I just happen to have some old photos of the suit and me in the suit that I am going to try posting here. I have been looking for a current version on Koala but they do not seem to now sell anything close to this design, I did find a pair of thong underwear on ebay that does somewhat the same thing, however.

Meanwhile, after wearing this ball splitting swimsuit for 4 hours I still haven’t had an orgasm and tonight I will simply pick up with where I left off last night. This is goofy fun! Who says single guys living alone as “sexually inactive” or unhappy!

The first photo shows the suit: the second me IN the suit with the ball splitter clearly obvious.

Here is the link to the ebay ball splitter thong. way less complicated than the Koala version but the same idea of the thong back tugging on the middle splitter band https://www.ebay.com/itm/185366283003
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Default Safely Enjoying Who You Are

Safely Enjoying Who You Are

As my readers are well aware, I am a big advocate for the whole idea of enjoying one’s own body, sexually, but also about dreaming up unique and interesting ways to do this that do not create issues for others nor do harm to yourself. Much of what I enjoy doing to, with and for myself could be readily adapted as activities a couple might also enjoy doing together, either straight or gay. And the activities I suggest do not have risk factors either for getting a female pregnant nor transmitting HIV or other venereal disease whether the couple is straight or gay.

I have been doing some reading on studies that examine the sexual behavior of the under 18 crowd, and the number that sticks in my mind is the estimate that 40 percent of people have had male-female intercourse before the age of 18. This is a much bigger number than most parents probably would like to believe. And, I suspect a large percentage of teen girls are not on any sort of birth control and are operating on the notion that they likely won’t get pregnant only on the first time and then, if their boyfriend has penis-vagina sex only “occasionally” whatever that means.

I encounter a lot of adult men who seem to believe that having penis-vagina sex in a relationship with a woman is about the only thing in life worthwhile, and many of these same men are into casual relationships outside of marriage. Apparently (though I am not the best one to say) there are more or less equal numbers of women who think the same way. Dare I say that there are women out there who enjoy having penis in vagina with multiple sexual partners and part of the “fun” experience is that the risk of getting pregnant is an element of the sexual satisfaction. Some people—both men and women—thrive on danger of this sort and the danger makes the entire act more erotic for both of them.

What to do in the case of either the teen pregnancy or casual sex pregnancy? Why have an abortion of course, a nationwide right guaranteed by the Roe vs Wade since 1973. No reason to use birth control or engage in safe sex practices if the “problem” can be solved by an easy, low cost abortion. After all, the “right to choose” is fundamental to a host of other “rights” women want to claim.

So, given the events of the last day that suggest the Supreme Court might be readying to overturn Roe v Wade making laws regarding abortion different in each of the 50 states, the reaction to what happened was not surprising at all. I have long been struggling with the question of “Who are the people who view it crucial to be able to have an ‘on demand’ abortion?” I have already named two categories of women..teenagers who want sex with their teen boyfriends without having to first talk their parents into getting on the pill, and women who somehow like the whole idea of having casual sex with many different men. The abortion rights advocates always mention women who are victims of rape and incest but the total of those is likely tiny in comparison to the sizes of the first two groups. Then there is the category of a married heterosexual couples in which the wife finds herself not wanting another child but somehow ended up pregnant anyway. Given the number of different birth control measures out there that allow women to avoid pregnancy entirely, I cannot believe that this “happy couple” demand for abortion could be that large either, but again I am not the best witness on that subject.

So, if getting an abortion is about to become more difficult in many states, what are the implications? I am drawn back to HIV in the early days in which suddenly the favored anal sex option for many gay men turned out to be a high-risk method of getting HIV which meant a high risk of death. Gay men that loved butt sex had to change their ways, and fast, Suddenly the thought was that a guy needed to know the sexual history of his partner and wear a condom if anal sex occurred at all. A lot of gay guys had to adapt and change to engaging in activities with their partners, casual or long term, that posed much less--perhaps zero risk--of HIV transmission. A good example being mutual masturbation where bodily fluids are not exchanged or a dildo not a penis as a method for stimulating the prostate as an alternative to conventional butt sex. To a degree at least, gay guys got more creative in coming up with interesting and fun things to do that were low risk.

If Roe v Wade is overturned, abortion options in many states will become less readily available if at all. This presents a problem for the 16-year-old girl looking to have penis-vagina sex with her “cute” 16-year-old boyfriend. Maybe the idea of him wearing a condom has a lot of merit—more so than before. Or maybe its time for the frank conversation with the parents about the need for birth control pills.

And for the adult men and women who have regularly been engaging in penis-vagina sex with multiple partners, in partners based on the idea that if the birth control method fails, a quick abortion is always readily available, some rethinking will be needed. Maybe there are other things casual sex couples can engage in other than penis-vagina sex that are not only a lot of fun but essentially risk free with respect to the danger of pregnancy. Back in the 1970s, gay men somehow sorted this all out and lowered the risk of HIV by simply not engaging in unprotected butt sex. The options as alternatives to the butt sex in many ways became more interesting and creative.

By now my readers are wondering what this all has to do with jerking off while wearing a swim brief. It turns out, quite a lot! First off, no one has ever gotten HIV nor gotten a girl pregnant ejaculating while wearing a swim brief. The issues instead occur if the swim brief comes off! I can think up a large number of ways either a straight or gay couple could have fun while completely avoiding the risks of either a HIV transmission or a pregnancy. All sorts of ideas grounded in mutual masturbation come to mind. And generally, oral sex acts, while perhaps having some risk of HIV transmission, completely avoid the pregnancy risk. Both men and women have many different body parts that can be licked, stroked and fondled in all sorts of interesting ways. If Roe v Wade is overturned, these behaviors with zero risk of pregnancy will come to the forefront for a lot of couples where the women seeks to engage only in activities that definitely do not lead to an unwanted pregnancy.
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Default What’s up your butt?

What’s up your butt?

Penis-shaped dildos made from wood and stone have been found that predate recorded history so the idea of using something that is a fake penis to stimulate interesting erotic spots has been around for a long time. We like to assume that way back in history the people using these dildos were likely female and they were a way of achieving arousal and maybe an orgasm without the need for a male partner—as in the earliest version of women’s lib.

In the male world straight versus gay was often divided based on whether or not a guy engaged in anal sex with another (presumably gay) male. For a lot of straight guys, anal sex with another male pales in comparison to the “real thing” aka penis-vagina sex with a female partner, and is thus the “centerpiece” of being a straight guy. Moreover, why two gay guys would even find it erotic and sexually interesting to engage in butt sex was something of a mystery to a lot of straight men.

Of course, what was happening in gay male butt sex is explained by a basic understanding of anatomy and where the prostate gland along with many of the nerves that control erection are located, and the realization that by inserting something, a finger, a dildo or an erect penis, it was easily possible to stimulate the prostate and the nerves that control erection indirectly from one side of the anal wall. Straight couples and even female prostitutes discovered that a guy likes being fingered through the anus, with the prostate located about 4 inches up and hiding just behind the anal wall.

Nearly 8 years ago, I lost my prostate to surgery for prostate cancer. I have been healthy for all these years since then. I had what was considered then to be state-of-the-art robotic nerve sparing surgery, the basic idea being that the prostate and the cancer could be removed while sparing some of the important nerves that control an erection. Every guy who has this surgery can still be aroused and have a dry (no semen) orgasm, but the problem is that he may not get very hard, if at all. The extent to which I can get hard after the surgery measures the extent that the nerve sparing part of the surgery works. The surgery worked, sort of, but there are issues as well relating to the fact that lots of things are not quite like they once were.

Of course I knew that with anal sex, gay guys were stimulating the prostate indirectly, which not only felt good but resulted in an erection for the receiver. I no longer have a prostate, but in theory at least the nerves surrounding the now removed prostate are still there and in theory functioning. But how?

I also knew that from the dawn of HIV, gay guys were often seeking out alternatives to anal sex that stimulated the prostate but did not involve a risky interchange of bodily fluids and any approach that accomplished that would be considered. As a health move, post-HIV gay guys discovered that inserting a dildo into their partner was easy and fun to do and HIV risk free, particularly if you researched exactly what needed to be massaged with the dildo to set the erection nerves on fire. And there were all sorts of interesting things to do if both of them inserted dildos in each other, and then did some “research” on each other as to what exactly felt good and how to move the dildo for maximum “effect”. A real penis would work as well, but not only might that interchange bodily fluids, the amount of time a guy could conduct “research” would be drastically limited.

In addition, in the last 20 years or so we have seen a host of new and reasonably priced sex tows that are specifically designed to be put up your own, or your partner’s anus, or both. The sex of the partner does not matter. In addition to the static dildo made of soft plastic (the “manual” method) there are toys that use electric current designed as vibrators for the anus, as well as toys that produce repetitive mild electrical shocks in various patterns and amplitudes, usually drawing current in from a unit with two 1.5 volt AAA batteries.

As I study the videos in the gay section of pornhub, the interesting part to me that all of the men who alone are experimenting with these toys on themselves are still in the “gay” section. But in those videos that feature two (or more) men they are divided between the traditional butt sex videos and the guys employing either dildos as sex toys or a vibrator or perhaps a butt plug attached to a current generating device. More interestingly, the guys in the videos employing the toys with and to a partner seem to be having at least as much erotic fun as the guys going at it in the traditional way. Once of the conclusions I reach is that being gay is no longer just about guys who like to be a top or a bottom in the traditional way, but everyone has moved on to a whole new world of fun things to do, not only alone but with another as well.

Me? Well, I need to trust my doctor who told me that in my surgery he was able to leave at least some of my erection nerves intact, but getting them to do what I wanted might take some time. I’ve already told you stories regarding the vacuum penis pump, and that is one interesting way of restoring suitable amounts of blood flow into the penis. But I have also had great fun with my little estim device. My estim contains two conductive silicone rings, one of which goes around the glans while the other one goes at either the base of the penis or around the scrotum. Either way a light current is sent to the penis which not only feels great but makes me get somewhat hard.

But the other wire on the device is connected to a small torpedo-shaped butt plug which, when lubed with a water-based gel lube (such as KY gel) slips easily in and the current feels great—must be hitting exactly those nerve endings my surgeon said he spared that control an erection. The urologists are very interested in the whole problem of restoring a degree of sexual function for guys who have had prostate surgery, and the vibrators applied either directly to the penis or through the anis is one way of doing that, but the estim devices are another way of accomplishing something similar. Which works best for a particular individual is an empirical issue. Some guys don’t like the vacuum pumps but I have found ways to use one of those successfully as well.

My bottom line on all of this is that some of the new stuff that is out there works quite well, and is not expensive at all. The things I do to myself are not just fun for guys who no longer have a prostate, but are equally interesting for young-and-healthy guys regardless of their situation with or without a partner.
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Default Choosing a Sport

Choosing a Sport

I have often wondered what role the type of garment required to participate in a sport affect what sports a guy elects to pursue or not. I suppose the classic example is that of a young male taking up swimming or diving in a sport that may very well require him to wear a swim brief. At the time a male picks this as a sport, he must realize that he may be required to wear a swim brief. Or, maybe not, at least not initially. For a lot of teams, the younger members wear jammer-style suits and only “graduate” to a swim brief after some time in the sport. Generally the divers are not as “fortunate” in that regard.

I have read that by requiring everyone to always wear briefs, at least in competition, may have had a negative impact on some boys being willing to participate in swimming as a competitive sport. And that is why coaches started merely requiring swimmers to wear close-fitting jammers when swimming for speed. But jammers have their own issues as well. If a swimmer is concerned that he will be seen with a semi-erection bulge wearing a brief, this issue does not simply disappear if a jammer is worn. A basic “problem” remains, and that problem is that any snug-fitting stretch garment may “inadvertently” cause “problems” for the guy in the groin area. How a guy “copes” with these “problems” is a very individual issue, and, for young males, part of growing up.

And the problem is not only with sports involving water. It used to be that team sports such as football, baseball and basketball all required the guy to wear an old school athletic supporter, aka jock strap, and for sports such as baseball a cup. The male rite of passage was whether or not the guy taking up the sport was going to be able to “cope” with being in a strap (and maybe worse, a cup) while playing the sport. Any garment that by design is intended to fit that snug to actually be protective may cause “issues” and a cup only adds to the “problem” (as in what happens if I start to grow inside the cup, even inadvertently?) This led to the development of the huge “banana cups” that gave the guy more room to flop around inside if this should happen.

But also, this led to replacing the traditional strap with a larger compression gear undergarment some of which had built in pouches to hold a cup if the sport demanded it. Whether guys find the compression gear easier to deal with is an empirical question, except to say that the old school naked butt jock straps are seldom worn in team sport any more, replaced largely by some type of compression/Lycra fabric garment instead.

Then there are the wrestlers, where the one-piece suit has been the traditional garb at all levels, and the snugger and slicker the fit the better from the perspective of not giving your opponent anything to grab on to in the match. But these too have issues that the budding wrestler will have to deal with, issues not unlike the issues faced by the jammer wearer.

Part of the rowing and stationary bike riding activities that I participate in for exercise are made more fun and interesting because of the garments I wear while exercising. Rather than to try and avoid getting into a situation where I am feeling “good” down there I now revel in that. The stationary rowing and bike riding I do a lot of guys would claim to be too boring to keep up. But I have never had that problem as getting myself a little worked up down there is part of my daily exercise routine, and helps me to keep pushing myself longer and harder, so to speak. In short, I have learned to “manage” my body in that regard.

What role if any the things I do plays in what other guys are doing for sport and exercise I have no clue, except to say that many if not most activities whether for exercise, individual or team sport. Do some guys take up competitive swimming in part BECAUSE they get to wear a swim brief in public? A good question to ask! If a guy is losing interest in keeping up a routime, maybe WHAT the guy wears while engaging in exercise or sport needs to be changed out. The human body is wonderful!
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Default Intensify


I have always had great fun finding out what my body is capable of doing, and it seems that the older I get the more I learn. Today I will describe some techniques I employed yesterday in sequence that, taken together blew me away, both psychologically and physically. The best part is that I am going to be able to continue with these techniques all day long today.

As my readers know, I am a big fan of edging as a psychological and physical technique. By edging, I mean the act of bringing myself to the very edge of going into the ultimately involuntary muscular contractions of orgasm but then backing off just before I get there, and then build myself back up again, over and over. A lot of guys on the male porn sites seem to enjoy this as well, and the real trick is to go several days without ejaculating which makes edging all that much tougher. I like to do that too, and challenge myself in an effort to find my limits.

As many of my readers also know, I am also a great advocate of thonging. I love how my penis and balls fit inside a skimpy thong, and the right thong pushes my penis forward and slightly upward, right into a snug-fitting jock strap with an equally snug-fitting hard cup. The combination of my penis pressing firmly against the sides of the cup along with the feel of the thong cord cutting sensuously between my glutes just blows me away a treat not to be missed. And of course I always top this with a really tight pair of compression shorts or running tights, which hold the cupo firmly in place pressing down on all sorts of sensitive body parts. Then I get on my stationary rowing machine and do a 30 minute workout, each stroke being different and more pleasurable then the last. So I was doing this yesterday and enjoying myself immensely.

So my workout is over but I continue to wear these items around the house basically feeling horny. At that point I dig out my little estim machine, that consists of two silicone penis rings and a small butt plug plus a power unit. I pull off the compression shorts, strap, cup and thong and put the estim penis rings around my penis at the base and tip. I turn on the machine set at a low level. The estim machine stimulates the nerve endings that control erection. I am not that big or hard at this point, but I am feeling horny as all get out, psychologically. Never mind, I will be growing with each shock from the estim. I up the level on the estim machine. The exact point is where the shock pattern is are stimulating and just below a discomfort level. The butt plug is designed to stimulate the neighboring prostate and the interesting part is that when I insert the plug the current to the penis rings shuts down. Remove the plug and the rings become active again. Great fun, and highly stimulating too. If I kept doing this for too long I would find myself in a situation whereby the involuntary orgasm contractions would start, and that would shut me down for 24 hours of “recovery” time, maybe longer. So the idea is to shut the machine off and stop before I get to that point, which is what I do.

Next up? A penis pump with a vacuum motor. I know that many times I have said that a manual hand operated pump is best, but yesterday I decided to give my electric version one more try. With the manual pump, you control exactly the amount of vacuum at every moment in time. The electric ones can quickly get away. The other thing I have learned is that any pump works the best if the guy psychologically is feeling really horny going in, and after the thonging and subsequent estim treatments I was certainly there. And sometimes in self-pleasuring or in sex in generally it is fun to be in a situation where the events surrounding you are not under your control, and that sometimes happens with the electronic vacuum pumps. So I put my penis next to the sheath hole and turn on the pump, and watch as the vacuum of the pump pulls me in and starts to pull more blood into my penis. I raise the speed/intensity of the motor on the pump, and I start to get really hard. The guys on the porno sites sometimes ejaculate right into the pump at this point. I have never had that “problem”. The pump is cycled whereby I release the vacuum with my penis falling back somewhat, then restart. I have a penis ring on the pump which I slide on to the base of my penis as I near the end of the session.

I pull off the pump and have a really hard penis that feels not quite the same as one made from manual masturbation but feels wonderful nonetheless with a tight silicone penis ring at the base. Psychologically I am feeling over-the-top horny and enjoying myself immensely as I massage my penis with a gel soap, as I am about to cool down by jumping into a hot bathtub of full water. I am on the edge of orgasm, but not quite. Keeping from going there takes courage and experience. The whole idea is that I am going to take a bath, then crawl in bed and fall asleep still feeling way horny and still not having gone into the repeating muscular contractions of an orgasm.

And that I do, pulling on a favorite Speedo Solar in the popular Sapphire blue color. Reaching down my penis still feels really great and very much likes the fit and feel of the solar Speedo. As the night goes on I keep touching myself down there and what I touch still feels great.

But, my sleep was relatively interrupted. My penis is used to sleeping inside a Speedo and rewards me in all sorts of different ways. This morning I wake up and pull off the Speedo to notice that the inner liner has a bunch of still wet precum stains. In my condition I must have continued precumming all night long. How great is that!

So, today, still having not “relieved” myself with an orgasm, I am going to pick up and do the same thing all over again. This was just too much erotic fun. Finally, I would recommend these techniques—all of them—for every viable guy to try. The estim and vacuum equipment is not expensive—figure under $25 for the estim device on ebay, and the electric pumps run about $35. Finding a snug old school strap and cup is a little more difficult, and finding just the right thong can involve some experiments as well. But the equipment you will need to try all of this is out there for sure. In the process of doing this you will learn a lot about yourself and how your body works down there, and the experiments you run will be way fun.
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Default Intensify II

Intensify II

A was lying in bed this morning. Once again I had gone to bed wearing my sapphire blue solar Speedo. And, as I am prone to do, I awakened at 4:30 AM and started feeling myself down there. My fingers kept moving between my penis and balls, and everything I touched seemed to feel really great. I was not erect at all when I started, but things changed quickly as I touched and fondled a whole series of really-sensitive body parts.

I got to thinking to myself, A Speedo makes really wonderful swimwear and really wonderful sleepwear. I wonder how many guys out there think to sleep in a Speedo and entertain themselves like I do during the night. Just a Speedo beats sleeping in the nude all to pieces in the summer months. If a guy is concerned about what his male roommate might think, never having tried this himself, a guy could easily pull on something OVER the Speedo, maybe a pair of loose-fitting boxer style shorts, or in cold winter months, a pair of loose-fitting sleep pants, none of which restrict access to the Speedo or to the interesting male body parts.

On the Internet sites, there are lots of guys who really like to self-pleasure in sleek swimwear, wrestling singlets, silk shorts and compression gear. Various type of smooth slick fabric rubbing against a penis is a not-to-be-missed fabulous treat in all sorts of ways. And this leads me into a discussion of edging. The nighttime is an excellent time for any guy to hone his skills in edging. The incentive is to not only have fun, but also to avoid an ejaculatory mess in the Speedo and especially problematic if the guy is not living alone. Building the sexual tension right up to the edge of ejaculation is terrific fun, and so long as the guy is to keep from going into the contractions of orgasm, can be done over and over. Male sexual pleasure is usually about keeping things under control, even though on occasion it is fun to have a giant release of semen where all control is lost. Of course, a lot of guys get adept at setting up schedules for having an orgasm. Young guys sometimes claim that they can have 2 or more orgasms in a single day, but as guys get a bit older, the frequency tends to come down to, say every other day or every few days. Meanwhile the guy still edges on the off-days. So edging plays an important role for even for guys who claim they ejaculate frequently.

The other issue with guys sleeping in Speedos is if the guy is a budding swimmer, and is apprehensive about wearing a Speedo for swim practice, being in a Speedo every night will likely reduce the level of apprehension as the guy will have a lot of time to get “used” to being in a Speedo, having regularly slept in one.

A lot of sexual centered fun relates to control. Generally, guys like to think they can maintain control, as in when ejaculation takes place, up until the last moment when the guy suddenly loses control and cannot stop the ejaculation from occurring. In plain old masturbation as in fingers around penis, the brain is always in control. Goodness, a guy can quit stimulating himself any time he wants, even though the guy knows that if he keeps doing it too long he will enter a phase where he is no longer able to keep from ejaculating, but, of course, that is what he might want to end the session. Some guys feel that they have not really masturbated unless the conclusion is an uncontrolled ejaculation.

I have been thinking about this control issue with respect to penis pumps. There are two basic varieties, manual and electric. With a manual pump, there is a squeeze bulb or lever to control the amount of vacuum in the cylinder. With an electric pump, there are buttons to push that control how fast the vacuum builds in the cylinder. But once the motor is started the vacuum in the cylinder just keep building unless the user takes some overt action to stop the motor. Unlike the manual pump, where I am squeezing the bulb or lever and then watching what happens to my penis moment-by-moment, and then making an overt decision as to whether or not my penis can “stand” even a bit more vacuum, in the case of the electronic pump, the vacuum just keeps steadily building and building so long a I do not take the action to shut the pump motor off entirely.

Psychologically and physically these are two very different experiences. My penis is in the clear poly plastic cylinder, but it is not touching the walls in any way. The cylinder is much bigger than my erect penis is or even the biggest guy’s erect penis is. And once the vacuum motor starts I can immediately feel the blood being drawn into my penis, which is always a great feeling and at the core of why good old manual masturbation is so much fun. Having direct control of this with the manual pump is fun, but losing a degree of control over how this occurs by just letting the electric pump do its thing is equally fun but in a different way.

The guy whose penis is inside the tube does face a dilemma. He knows hos penis is big and quite hard from the vacuum, and would like to be able to touch it for more stimulation enjoyment, But he can’t being still locked inside the plastic tube. On the web, there are guys who have ejaculated while still inside the tube, but this seems to be relatively rare. The more fun method of course, is to get out of the tube, lube up with a lubricant or gel soap, and then continue to enjoy the erection using plain old manual methods. The vacuum-induced erection feels a little different from one that was built from the beginning via manual methods, not inferior to but just different from, and the vacuum-induced erection is equally psychologically stimulating. For me at least, being able to be inside a vacuum pump and taking notes on the experience is one of those great things about being a guy and in retrospect one of those not-to-be denied male experiences.

But also, getting to wear a swim brief is all of that too. I cannot imagine muddling through life without having experienced the wonders of a swim brief or a pair of really snug compression shorts, or going through life without discovering how my body acts if confronted with a penis pump. After all these years, I am still discovering new and interesting ways to jerk off. Today I crawled into a wrestling singlet and will spend the day in that. Every guy should be enthusiastic about doing the continuing research needed to discover a new and fascinating way to just jerk off. Claiming a guy is a jerk-off should not be seen as a derogatory message but something where the response should be “Isn’t that great and wonderful tho!”
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Default Intensify III

Intensify III

I ran some more experiments on my body last night. I learned some things that may have been obvious given what I have been doing to myself, but I will outline exactly what I did and learned.

Some of you may be wondering what role plain old-school masturbation might play given all the tech I am using designed to make a guy get and sustain a firm erection. I learned last night that the silicone rings of the estim device work “better” if I am already semi-hard by prepping with some old school work as well. I do not need to be completely hard of course—that comes later, but having a nice semi on when the rings are applied helps a lot. I see that a lot on the Internet videos, where guys almost never wire themselves up flaccid but already have at least a partial erection. Then they almost immediately start climbing the walls with erotic pleasure once the estim device is turned on, and the level set up just a little.

And, of course, a water-based lubricant along with some water can be used in your old school “work” In addition to working better when a guy is already somewhat hard, the silicone rings make a better connection with your damp skin and the whole device simply works better. What I may have said before starting dry and flaccid as “that feels nice” morphs into something I would better describe as “Wow, what I am doing to myself is really a lot of fun”. Guys on the Internet routinely keep doing this until they ejaculate, but I never go that far. Why? Because I see this all as prep for getting into the electric vacuum penis pump.

For the electric pumps, a big issue is making sure that the sheath hole is just big enough so the penis fits through the hole in the sheath, and sheaths are available with various hole sizes for a “custom” fit. Obviously, if your penis is too big in girth you are going to have difficulty in getting through the sheath hole and into the pump. But if the sheath hole is too big, high vacuum levels can mean that in addition to the penis, part of one’s balls get sucked right into the plastic tube next to the lower part of the penis. This is painful and not fun. But, the odds of this happening are drastically reduced if you have “pretreated” your penis using first the old school techniques then the estim rings, and, if you have lubed yourself up as prep for the rings then your penis will slip through the hole in the sheath easier even if the fit is really tight. In the process you have also minimized the possibility of the balls getting sucked into the tube as the base of the penis is tight around the sheath hole. Which means up the speed on the electronic vacuum, kick back and watch your penis start to grow bigger and redder. If everything is working as it should, this is not-to-be missed fun.

Some Internet video guys manage to ejaculate while still in the pump but that is not that easy, because the stimulation is largely visual since I can’t touch anything that is inside the tube (What guy DOESN’T visually like to see himself in a big red and hard condition?). Enough of this! I remove the tube and pump, sliding a clear silicone penis ring onto the penis base. This tight-fitting ring looks and feels great. Then it is time to dig out the shower gel soap, lube the now big red penis up and enjoy another round of old fashioned masturbation. Wow! This is really neat, though I still do not “relieve” myself with the contractions of an orgasm. Just when I am nearing that point, I jump into a bathtub full of warm water to cool myself down a bit. Even coming out of the tub, I am still feeling way horny, and, time for bed.

The sleepwear of choice is a swim brief of course, this time one of those little Euro briefs Swimoutlet sells in a bright red color. My penis “wants” to be positioned upwards, pointed toward my head and the underside firmly pressed against the slick pouch fabric. That way I can fondle myself on the great nerve endings that guys have on the underside of the penis. The swim brief of course is way snug not roomy. I think this one is only a size 28, which means that getting into the brief is not going to be that easy, but somehow I manage. I fall asleep still lightly stroking the underside.

I wake up at 6:30 AM still feeling way horny and way great. I have been edging all night long, even while asleep. Remember, I have still not had an orgasm, and I have been having such a great time that I still do not want to shut the experience down for a few moments of extreme but temporary pleasure. I pull off the red Euro brief and sure enough there is a spot of fresh ooze right where my penis tip was all night long. I am able to edge even while asleep.

So I get up this morning still way horny and thinking about doing something similar again for tonight. I pull off the swim brief and get into a pair of undersized ‘60s schoolboy tighty whiteys that I like to wear when I am feeling this way. Over those, a similarly schoolboyish 60s Franklin strap, and over that a pair of purple BOA (Built on America) purple compression shorts that I think I bought when Undergear was still in business, and a navy blue compression tee. I will go through my workouts today wearing these while contemplating the question “What do I plan to do to, for, by, and with myself tonight” given the current “unrelieved” condition of both my mind and body. Quite a dilemma, I would say!

Its going to be tight! It may at times seem a tad uncomfortable! But, in the end it is all way fun! I'm blown away with the sheer pleasure.
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