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Old 01-19-2018, 03:49 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default What happened over the winter break, anyway?

As most of you probably already realize, Dylan and Josh were off for about two weeks winter break extending from just before Christmas to just after New Years’ day. What college freshmen do during this winter break is always a rather interesting topic. For Dylan and Josh, the winter break coincides with the break between fall and spring semesters. The week just before the break is always a very busy time for college students, as they are ordinarily being tested on all the things they supposedly learned since classes began in late August.

Students ordinarily have their grades sent to their permanent address. Of course, Dylan and Josh ordinarily get mail in boxes at the dorm, but colleges normally like to send grades out to the student’s home not dorm address, which means that final grades for the semester ordinarily are going to be obtained during the winter break at the home address.

Turns out, both Dylan and Josh did quite well. The college grades on a 5-point scale. Dylan’s average over all the courses he took turned out to be 4.78. Josh’s overall grade point average was only slightly lower, at 4.54. So, both of them did quite well.

Not that Dylan and Josh did not have an assortment of “distractions” during the semester, but the distractions did not appear to affect either student’s grade point average. That is good to know. The parents of both Dylan and Josh had to be quite pleased with respect to how this all turned out, and normally are willing to give more “rope” or freedom in any instance where the child is doing well grade-point wise.

Still, these two-week long breaks can be boring times for college freshmen. They are stuck living with their parents and siblings even if for only a limited period of time. What does a guy do? One possibility is to look up peer high-school grads also home on winter break and do some things like going to movies etc. What happens here is probably linked to whether the classmate is male or female. Did either Dylan or Josh have female “flames” in high school? Well, yes and no. Both of them had certain female friends they liked better than other female classmates, but neither “went steady” in high school. And things change, particularly as first-semester freshmen for both the guys and the young women. Reestablishing these old connections may or may not be that easy to do.

Then there are other complications to being back home with your parents and siblings for two full weeks. Old complications like the same old problem of figuring out ways to jerk off without being detected or noticed. Male hormones keep “acting up” even on winter break. How to cope with this, anyway? Neither Dylan nor Josh packed home their favorite jerk-off clothing items. To be sure, that would be too obvious and cause issues if parents or siblings somehow discovered them, even inadvertently. So both of them basically have to revert back to surreptitious night-time jerking-off. Not as difficult as not being able to jerk off at all, but given where Dylan and Josh have been in this respect, not the most exciting way for a guy to deal with his male urges, either.

Still, I found it interesting that both Dylan and Josh managed to work in Walmart shopping trips involving purchases for the other intended for use during a jerk-off session. And once they got back to the dorm they certainly weren’t talking (bragging) about intimate encounters with females during the break, not that either Josh or Dylan would be prone to do that. The big question of course is exactly how profound these dorm room mutual jerk-off sessions have been for each of them relative to what they might have found themselves doing or not with females they might have interacted with during the winter break back home.

To be continued…
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Old 01-20-2018, 01:42 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 910
Default Time out to contemplate

Changes in clothing design for men and boys have been rather drastic over the past 5 years or so with this happening on a bunch of different levels. Take denim jeans for example. Not that long ago, guys were all wearing very loose-fitting jeans through the butt; thigh and leg, with very wide leg openings, 17 inches and larger, often much larger, and practically everything said “Relaxed fit” on it. Same with shirts. Nothing was labeled as form-fitting or athletic fit, and all the shirts you could find seemed to be designed to accommodate a guy whose waist size was bigger than his chest size, often far bigger.

Then take the subject of adding Spandex® to denim, so that the denim stretched a bit and as a consequence became more form-fitting. Not that long ago, the discussion centered on the notion that only women would “accept” that idea and it was a “girly” thing to do. But as jeans got slimmer and snugger for men, this taboo was lifted as well. And it is now commonplace to find men’s skinny jeans with leg openings as narrow as 11 inches,,,just big enough to pull over your feet!

So, why am I writing all of this here? I got to thinking about what works or doesn’t work as an undergarment UNDER jeans that fit so snug and tight. With loose-fitting jeans, it was commonplace for guys to wear loose-fitting boxers underneath. This wasn’t any real problem. But try to wear that style with snug-fitting skinny jeans and you can see the potential problem. You don’t want to be able to see the outline of whatever you are wearing underneath as clumps of lumpy cloth.

So, where I come out on all of this is that snug-fitting jeans go hand-in-hand with undergarments that are much more form-fitting than before. I know a lot of jokes are made about the old school “tighty whitey” briefs, but in many ways they are a whole lot more suitable for wearing under skinny jeans than the loose-fitting cotton boxers. But there are other snug-fitting possibilities as well, maybe even leading to resurgence in the popularity of men’s thong underwear.

What about a swim brief worn as underwear under skinny jeans? A swim brief would actually work quite well for that purpose. We are seeing a resurgence in the appearance of swim briefs as the appropriate garb for swim teams, again something that only a few years ago would have been all but unheard of. Maybe even an “old school” jock strap, though that may be pushing it just a bit.

Form-fitting clothing seems to be once again becoming commonplace for guys irrespective of age or sexual orientation. This is a good thing for a host of reasons, starting with the idea that it was probably unwise to attempt to discern a guy’s sexual orientation based solely on the fit of his clothes. But there are other subtle effects. For example, there is a lot of concern over the fact that people of both sexes over a long period of time have been becoming less fit with poor high fat and sugar-laden diets and a lack of exercise. If wearing the latest clothing styles also entails improving one’s fitness and diets, there could be some positive psychological benefits.

For that matter, looking good in a swim brief probably entails focusing on much the same diet and fitness goals. I don’t mean to suggest here that swim briefs are for only the fittest among us, but merely to suggest that if one chooses to follow a better diet and fitness program in order to look better in a swim brief, that is certainly a positive psychological incentive to make the necessary lifestyle changes,

And then there are the other kinds of gear, the compression tees and shorts, the running tights etc, the gear that Dylan and Josh are messing with right now. Same deal, pretty much.

The recent increased popularity of skinny jeans has perhaps set off a host of changes not only what many guys ordinarily wear as jeans, but also possible change is what guys ordinarily wear UNDER their new jeans. And, to the extent that these trends tend to move guys into a “let me try and be fitter” mode of thinking, that can be good as well, not to mention mixing up the antiquated ideas about what a guy’s sexual orientation might be based on the clothes he chooses to wear.

To be continued….
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Old 01-20-2018, 04:15 PM
Lap Counter Lap Counter is offline
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Originally Posted by sebbie
Maybe even an “old school” jock strap, though that may be pushing it just a bit.

The recent increased popularity of skinny jeans has perhaps set off a host of changes not only what many guys ordinarily wear as jeans, but also possible change is what guys ordinarily wear UNDER their new jeans.

Sebbie, that isn’t pushing it, even a little bit.

Back when old school jockstraps were still common, I don’t think wearing one under jeans was that unusual. My college roommate started wearing one daily under his Levi 501s midway thru our sophomore year. Of course, that inspired me to give them a try, too. I wore one daily for about 6 months, but that eventually evolved into only doing it on days when I rode my bike to school.

The jock kept everything centered in my Levi’s, preventing “snake down the leg”, while presenting a nice package. Wearing a jock made me feel quite studly and well protected. But I wasn’t into hearing the “Are you wearing a jock? Why?” comments when the waistband accidentally popped over the top of my jeans when I bent over.

I knew another guy who grew up on a ranch and wore a jock under his Lee Wranglers while working the spread. (in Colorado, farmers and ranchers wear Lees and scoff at Levi guys as being city kids).

More recently fashion jock straps have become common, probably at least in part because of the trend towards skinny jeans.
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