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Old 12-03-2011, 05:11 PM
SwimTeamSpeedo SwimTeamSpeedo is offline
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Default Cruise Story

As I mentioned in an earlier post, a group of us went on a cruise for the Thanksgiving week. We had a blast. I'll share one story, maybe another.

It is amazing that on a ship with a couple thousand passengers and tons of deck areas, you do become familiar with the same people. Most of the cruise, we hung out on the back of the ship, where there was an adult pool, and a couple of hot tubs (plus the bar, of course). I wore either a Speedo, Nike or TYR brief whenever I was on deck. So did my partner, but we were generallt the only ones. On the second day of the cruise, our first full day at sea, we became "friends" with a young couple that were on their honeymoon. He, of course, wore the required board shorts, and she was always in some hot little bikini. After a while she started suggesting to her new husband that he ought to try a suit like we had on. She thought he'd look hot in it. Of course, he had no desire. I gotta tell you, he was a great looking guy, blonde hair, beach look, and real slender and pretty well built. He did look hot, even in his board shorts.

This coaxing from her went on for a while. We even ended up on the same snorkling excursion in our first port. He was in the same board shorts. I was in a print TYR, my partner in a square cut Funky Trunks. She remarked again how he would look great in a suit like ours and it would give his legs a tan. She pushed his shorts up a bit to show the white legs. I think he was embarrassed by this, but he went along with it. I even told her I thought her husband and I were about the same size and I had a brand new suit that I had brought, but never worn. I offered to lend it to him to have him try if he wanted. He was gracious, but said he would stick with his shorts.

This is the best part. At the next port there was a swimwear shop in the port area. It had some pretty nice stuff, including some breifs and square cuts. They were not name brands in the US, but they looked nice. The next day, Thanksgiving, was a day at sea. We were camped out at our favorite spot. I was in a green print Speedo racer brief. My partner in a Nike solid blue brief. Along came our couple and they grabbed the loungers right next to us.

He was in boardies, as usual. She had a red bikini on, about as tiny as you could get. As they got situated, she looked over at him and he was sitting in his chair. He seemed to be fidgiting wiht his strings on his boardies. She said to him "just yank them off, no one is going to care." Finally he untied his shorts and sheepishly pulled them off to reveal a solid red brief, 3 inch sides. He looked hot. She said she convinced him to try it and that they got both suits at the shop at the last stop.

A few drinks later and he was even walking around in his new suit. He later admitted he liked how it felt when he was in the water. She told him he looked hot, which I think made him a little excited. At any rate, at least for the rest of the cruise, a "speedo" convert. Turns out she also got him to buy a black one, too. She said he would model that for her later. Wonder what that meant...lol

I wonder if he will still wear his new suits off the ship.....

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Old 12-04-2011, 06:18 AM
Crail Crail is offline
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Default Cruise story

Truly a great story. Thanks
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Old 12-04-2011, 12:26 PM
solarguy solarguy is offline
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Wow! thanks for sharing. He finally learned how awesome speedos are. doubtful he will wear it at home though
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Old 12-06-2011, 02:53 PM
inmywetbikini inmywetbikini is offline
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Default his & her bikinis

Yes, a convert -- funny how it took a new wife, in a tiny red bikini, to convince a guy that speedos are sexy on men! I'm sure he thought they were "gay" or whatever. Reading this story after reading follow-up posts on the Japanese bikini thread just reinforces US ideas that we perceive that sexuality is determined by what we wear. It's unfortunate that Americans adhere to uniformity, but at least there's a group of us resisting!

PS In this story, I love the idea that the couple *both* bought a bikini in the shop!
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Old 12-06-2011, 08:27 PM
dorcas3 dorcas3 is offline
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Default pride parade syndrome

I really believe that some of the antics at gay pride parades cause many to feel uncomfortable about equating briefs with "gayness" This is unfair I know but many of my friends have said this to me-and yet I see very brief underwear in Y locker room which to me seems uncomfortable so I wear either short boxers or boxer briefs. I do have a number of 2xst and Cin2 briefs when I wear Levis which have shrunk or did I add an inch or to in fat!
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Old 12-07-2011, 12:00 AM
Swimmboy Swimmboy is offline
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Nice - thanks for sharing this with us.
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Old 09-14-2016, 07:05 PM
swim suit eddie swim suit eddie is offline
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Red face Unspeedoed and shaved after swimtime

it was a hot summer day, when my friends and I were invited to a girl's swim club for an afternoon swim. He and I wore UR softest, snuggest bright colored Speedo swim briefs, his being bright orange and my Speedo was royal blue. The girls were wearing one piece TYR racing suits and they looked great. After swimming in the spacious pool for a while the girls told us they had a surprise for us after our swim. He and I were very curious and quite turned on and showed well under our tight speedo swim briefs. We were soon escorted to the dressing room area by the girls, smiling and giggling, knowing to what was about to happen to us. Suddenly the girls left he and I alone in the dressing room to change, when two attractive middle age ladies came introducing themselves and letting us know about our upcoming surprise in the dressing room. The ladies took me first, gently drying off my still wet body, then blind folded me. One lady said she will get my tight wet speedo off, then give me my surprise. The other lady took my friend, having him stand next to me in the center of the dressing room. He was also blind folded and dried off too. Both he and I were to embarrassed to give up our favorite speedo swimsuits for these lovely ladies, yet having full erections under our tight wet briefs, as they tickled us our bodies all over and excited male lowers encased in our speedo swimsuits. Now our moment of truth would begin, when I felt her warm hands reach under the waistband, exposing and slowly untying the long draw string. I wiggled and squirmed, trying to cover my outlined excitement encased under tight, wet royal blue nylon lycra. The other lady was doing the same to my friend, as he wiggled and blushed,pleading not to take it off. Soon my speedo was almost off, despite my playful resistance and my excited penis was now freed and standing at attention, when both ladies cheered and complimented my healthy body. My shy friend, still blindfolded, did put up more resistance and blushing as the other lady soon had his tight wet cling bright orange swim suit unsnugged,peeling it down his kicking legs, then freeing his feet from the tangled wet speedo. I could feel her soft hands giving a few more pulls on my still clinging wet speedo getting it down and off me, now showing including my bouncing erection. The feeling was beautiful, but the best was yet to come for he and I, as my ankles were freed from the rolled down royal blue speedo. Now we were both naked, wondering what they will do to us next, Our surprise was now happening, as one lady shaved my bare chest then slow and gently shaving the curly pubic fur off my exposed genitals and the same was happening to my friend. I could feel the fur being shaved and falling to the floor. She would quietly remind me to hold still and enjoy my new freedom. My friend just whimpered and squirmed as his pubic hairs were shaved off. The ladies were in their glory, soon having our chests and genital fur shaved off. In the end it was beautiful for both of us, yet quite a surprise for both of us. After we began enjoying being shaved bare, when the two girls we were with came back to the dressing room, seeing our bare shaved male bodies before we could get dressed. The girls and the two ladies gave us both big hugs, thanking us for being such good sports, loosing our speedo swimsuits to the ladies and loosing all our genital and pubic hairs. In the end, It was all worth it.
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