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Old 01-04-2017, 12:49 AM
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I'm with speedo minded guy...this is a great story!! Thank you!
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Old 01-05-2017, 02:19 AM
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Originally Posted by raymcc
His left hand dropped down and gently cupped my nuts. He gently rolled his fingers around each one which instantly made my sack throb. He took his finger nail and gently rubbed the edge against the nylon. If he doesn't stop this, I'm going to cum quickly. With his right hand, it was a solid squeeze of my member. "you're having a hard staying inside this little suit my friend...it's entirely up to you, you're an adult...if you want, I'll undo the drawstring.' With that, he dropped his thumb inside my suit, flipped out the drawstring, and pulled on the end. My dick was still compressed in the suit, but now the top few inches were poking out, and he lost no time rubbing it with his thumb. "Oh" i warned, a large blob of precum surfacing. "thanks for the lube" he offered, and proceeded to use it to entirely lube my dick. My head was spinning. Wait. I know he's not gay, what's happening? "We can stop at anytime." "Uhh, no, don't stop, but I'm having a hard figuring out what's happening given that you get more chicks than an army of guys." "let's just go with it" he offered. with that, he pulled the nylon suit down to the base of my dick and started stroking me from top to bottom, still gently squeezing my balls. It wasn't long before I gave him the warning. He pushed my dick to the side, pulled the suit up , and continued stroking me until my suit was cum filled. "Did you enjoy?" he offered. "That was crazy." We pulled over to the side of the dark road and both dismounted the bike. I had to know...'did you enjoy that as much as I did?" "well, maybe not quite as much, but a lot" He dropped his sweat pants and to my shock, there was my swimsuit, barely covering him. "I have a thing for Speedos...hope you don't mind". But to make it up to you, here's my old one for you to wear. I took it and put it in my pocket. He looked amazing in my suit. No 18 yr old body in it, but a 21 yr old, whose dick and balls stretched the fabric to its maximum tolerance. There was something massively erotic about his body - his balls and dick inside my suit. "you can have your suit back, any time you want". "I'm willing to wait' I offered. We got back on the bike, me with the smell and moisture of cum in my suit. Him behind me with what felt like a not at all subsided hard on. As we rode back to the pool, I could feel him gently humping my ass through our sweatsuits and suits. Then it started to happen. I could feel his inhale and exhale speeding up against my back. His legs started to clench my thighs. The rhythm of his movements sped up, and without a warning, his open mouth bit into my shoulder as his body shuddered. I just kept driving not knowing what to do - or what would happen next. We got back to the swimming pool parking lot. "Well, I best be getting home." I offered. I looked at him, and there was a large wet ring in the front of his sweatpants. "Uhh, sorry about what I did to your suit' he offered. I laughed. "o trust me, that suit has been soaked in my cum many times." The end of a crazy day

******* I have received many private messages of encouragement - thank you all so much *************

So now I'm entirely confused. He deliberately jacked me off. He's straight if ever there was a straight guy. He was wearing my speedo, but used rubbing against my ass to get off.

I went to the pool the following day. Decided - what the heck, I'll go wearing his suit. Well, let's just say he and I are built very differently and the suit had definitely conformed to his body. My slightly bigger butt challenged the back of his suit...and there was plenty of excess room in the front (Yes, he packs a lot more meat than me). But regardless, the suit was so well worn, if felt as if it was barely on, and there was a spot or two where it was almost see through.

I went into the locker room kind of not sure whether I hoped I would see him - or not see him...but knowing we were in the same place (and he was likely wearing my suit again) was pretty erotic. I quickly dropped my jeans and slipped on the guard shorts over the speedo, put my things in the locker and started applying some sunscreen when in he walks. 'Hey buddy, good morning, how are you doing?' It was as if nothing had ever happened. I don't know where my speedo was, but today he was wearing what looked to be a brand new bright orange solid nylon speedo. The orange against his deep tan looked amazing, and only someone with a body like his could wear a suit that bright - and do it confidently. "New suit?" "Yup, picked it up this morning...like?" Yeah, I liked a lot. "I need to break it in...after a few weeks of practice and sleeping in it, it will feel fine" The thought of that started to get me hard...thank god I had shorts on. "you need some help with that sunscreen on your back?" "Uh, sure" - that seemed harmless enough. He squirted a healthy amount on my back and rubbed it in. Another squirt for the lower back, and soon he was rubbing to the elastic waistband of the shorts. Teasing me he asked 'so what do we have on underneath today'. With that, he gave the waistband a tiny tug down, and was pleased to see it was his suit. "No fair. you can't wear my suit and not give me a full view". Knowing I looked no where as good as he did in the same suit, I begged off, and said he could see it later when we practiced.

The day was super hot. As tempted as I was to drop the shorts (which I normally would have done), there was no way I was going to let other people see me wearing his suit. Meanwhile his orange suit had turned darker in the spots where hottest. The back crack of his suit was a vertical wet line, and just under his balls was damp to the sight.

Finally it was dinner time and time to jump in for practice. Once in the pool, I dropped the shorts, and he insisted on getting a good look. Was it my imagination, or was he getting slightly aroused looking at me. Today was kicking practice. Kicking really is about 'at the hip', and not about bended knees which most people get wrong. He used his strong hands and long fingers to grip my hips on either side so as he stood, his head was directly above my ass, and his body was perpendicular to my body, with me touching him about waist level. My mind started spinning. It was an effort to focus...and even more of an effort to stay 'relaxed'. We finished up, I jumped out and got my dinner snack and sat outside the locker room eating before it was time for the late shift. Once finished eating, I strolled in the locker room, and found him in the big open shower room, the water cascading off his head and down his body. His huge shoulders, narrow waist, and hairless legs glistened in the running water. He heard me and turned around.
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