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Old 12-06-2016, 06:44 PM
30speedo 30speedo is offline
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Default Young female doctor

I have read where members of this forum have shared stories of wearing their speedos during doctor appointments and I have experienced the same situation several times over the years. First my wife and I have been married for over 45 years. I started wearing speedos as a child, only swimsuits boys wore my age some 60 years ago, my wife has save a pair of speedos that I wore the first year we were married. I still wear the same size speedos today, size 30. Several years ago, I got hooked on Skinz swimwear, ˝ seat Rios. My wife notice after several years of wear that the suits last forever. I had begun to wear the suits daily as underwear. A few years ago, I began to have problems with my feet. Tendons in my feet had ruptured that required surgery. I had to undergo 4 surgeries on each foot. During my stays in the hospital nurses often commented on my speedos and my dark tan. Some even went as far as to tell me that they like my tan lines. Last year around this time my wife and I were at a large shopping mall when I suddenly had problems breathing with chest pain. The hospital that my wife and I use was only a couple of miles away. As usual when I go to hospital emergency room I will get stripped of all my clothing including my speedo. On this day, a white Skinz Rio with a ˝ seat. After several tests, an MRI, having my speedo removed 3 times via 3 female nurses, doctors determined that I had a hole in my heart. After a short stay in the hospital I had to do a follow-up with my primary doctor who happens to be a young unmarried female. This will be my first time with this doctor because my previous doctor left the hospital to start his own practice. My wife has had appointments with this doctor, she also is the primary doctor for my wife. My wife is very pleased with this young female doctor and told me not to worry, that I would be pleased also. Well at the appointment my blood pressure was great, 120/80. But my temperature was low 96 which my wife told was normal for me. My weight was as usual 160. Then came the time to go to examination room. As I set waiting my wife told me again to relax. Suddenly there was knock at the door and the doctor enters the room. She introduced herself to me before she notices my wife in the examination room. It was a good 5 minutes before my wife and the doctor finished talking. The doctor thought that my wife was the one who had the appointment unto my wife told the doctor different. Being my first appointment it took a good twenty minutes telling the doctor my medical problems and about my last hospital stay. Somehow, I was still on edge about this doctor. When ask if I had any concerns or questions about my hospital stay, my reply was no. Then the doctor asks about the incision that was made in my groin area to insert a catheterization tube into an artery to measure blood flow to my heart, I again said no problems. With a smile on the doctor’s face, the doctor said that she wants to look anyway. As I stood up still full clothed I started toward the examination bed until the doctor said we need to undress you first. So, I set back down and took of my shoes. As I unbuttoned my shirt while my wife was unbuttoned my shirt sleeve, the doctor tells us that the tee shirt needs to come off also. As I pulled the tee shirt over my head with my wife helping the doctor tells me to stand. When I get to my feet I felt the doctor undoing my belt, then the trouser button, then the doctor unzipped my pants. While my wife was folding my shirt, the doctor pulls my trousers to my feet. Sudden with a happy voice the doctor says “I Love your white bikini and your dark tan”. She even asks what brand of it was, saying she wanted to know. Before I could answer, my wife tells the doctor that it came from Skinz, a swimwear manufactory located in Florida. With a smile, she said the bikini must come off while placing her fingers inside my swimwear. I stood wondering what my wife’s throughs were, but my wife did the same on the opposite side. My wife seems to be enjoying the whole thing. As I stepped out of the swimsuit, the doctor holding on to the suit, she said, Mary, (my wife’s name), you never told me that that you husband has a tight and high cut circumcision, saying that it looked great with my smooth and shave private area. And saying that narrow tan line makes me jealous. She asks how did you obtained that circumcision style? My wife ‘s answer was that several years ago, during my annual physical, my doctor was concerned about a possible skin cancer on my remaining foreskin. Surgery was done to remove that portion of foreskin, which was benign, resulting in that style. After handing my wife my swimsuit, the doctor helped me on to the examination asking me to lay back. I told her the incision was on the right side but the doctor went to left side while covering my penis with her hand. She told my wife that she was checking for a hernia. After a couple of minutes, the doctor switch hands still covering my penis telling my wife and I that the incision looked great. She even told my wife for things to look for and told my wife to call her if anything didn’t look right. She even told my wife that she had some meditation that would help speed up the healing. Taking her hand off my penis the doctor start to help me to sit reaching to my wife for my speedo. My wife came over and the two help me to put on my speedo leaving me to position things. As the doctor set at her desk she told my wife and I that I need to return in a couple of weeks for a EKG. The doctor told us if the EKG looked OK, that she would give us some sample ED medications to try knowing that I could not maintain an erection due the medications that I was taking for the hole in my heart. Sudden, my wife said, no way, but the doctor told her that she would keep close watch until thing get back to normal. As we left the office I said to myself, what would my wife reactions be. As my wife drove home, my wife ask why was I so quiet. My reply was that I thought that she would be upset. My wife told me that the doctor made her feel lucky that she had me for a husband for over 45 years. Furthermore, my wife said that she likes a doctor who does not criticize someone for what they wear or for having a tan.
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Old 01-23-2017, 06:09 AM
swim suit eddie swim suit eddie is offline
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Red face A cold winter day at the Dermatologist.

I was referred to a Dermatology's office by my Primary Care doctor, as I had a few unusual small moles to be checked for possible skin cancer on my lower torso and left leg. This was a first for me, a very scared and emotional process. It was a very cold winter day and was well dressed for the weather, wearing snug and warm winter snow trousers, flannel shirt with my favorite spandex tan colored leotard and tights with speedo style cotton lycra briefs underneath. When I arrived, there were a lot of patients still waiting to see the doctor. After finishing the paper work I still had to wait another half hour before being called in by the nurse. Soon most of the patients had been taken care of, when the nurse finally called my name, escorting me to a large examination room. Soon the doctor came and explained what will be done, a full body scan from head to toe. My anxieties were really high,but the warm and snug feeling of my winter outfit helped keep my fears and anxiety in check. He then told me that I would have to completely undress to be examined then handing me an awful paper gown to put on. He left to continue taking care of other patients. I was really scared now, especially when told I will have to have some skin grafts also.I slowly took off my shoes and socks, then the warm winter shirt with the snug trousers. It was quite chilly in the exam room, so I kept my leotard and tights on, then sat on the exam table waiting for the doctor or nurse to come in. I felt warm, snug and secure while still wearing my leotard and tights. After waiting another twenty minutes in the exam room, there was a knock on the door and it was a pretty nurse bringing in skin grafting equipment. She looked,seeing the awful gown and my outer clothes on the chair, then seeing seeing me still in leotards said "oh your'e not undressed yet,let's finish getting you ready for the doctor, he'll be in very shortly." I just blushed when she guided me off the exam table, slowly unzipping, pulling and tugging my arms out of the leotard, peeling it down to my waist. My now exposed upper torso felt very chilly, when I asked if I could keep my tights and briefs on during the examination, when she told me all that sexy winter underwear has to come off. Soon I felt her unsnug the leotard, getting it off. I was very aroused when she peeled off the warm clinging tights. I quickly hopped back on the exam table just wearing my soft cotton lycra briefs, still keeping my semi erection snug and secure and well wedgied in my behind. She gave me a nice smile telling me "we're not finished yet, leaning over me reaching the top of the briefs trying to peel them down. I just looked at her, like a little scared boy, while trying to cover my now fully erect penis, well outlined under the briefs. She reminded me that I had to be completely undressed for the body scan and skin grafting, while giving several gentle pulls trying to get them off. It was tickling so much and the feel of her soft hands around my waist, certainly got my medical fears down. She then said "lift up your bottom and loosen up," as she had the clinging briefs rolled down below my waist, soon uncovering my excited privates. I was somewhat embarrassed when she gently rolled me on my side, unsnugging my erection and and getting my behind unwedgied and fully exposed,turning me on my back again, lifting my legs and peeling the briefs off. I was totally naked now when she helped put the awful paper gown over me. She gave me another nice smile saying how healthy I looked, when the doctor came back in and with her help scanned my naked body from head to toe, then grafting moles on my leg and back. I had several stitches and covered with large bandages. Fortunately I did bring a change of clothes, as I couldn't wear my snug winter pants and leotards for a while, just those baggy under shorts and trousers. It was a long scary medical plight, but the pretty nurse and good doctor certainly helped me through it, especially having all my nice warm and snug winter outfit taken off.
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Old 01-26-2017, 01:39 AM
SwimTeamSpeedo SwimTeamSpeedo is offline
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Default Reality check

I have been dealing with skin cancer issues for a few years, and yes it is very scary. I hope your post is mostly fiction. If not, you need a new doctor. Grafting is obsolete, no biopsy is plain wrong, and since most skin cancer is growing under the outer skin chopping the mole off is like trimming a weed and leaving the root. You might hate my post and sorry to be a bummer, but skin cancer is serious and, as I am learning, can be fatal. The last thing I want or think about is sexual arousal. Time and place for everything.

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