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Old 07-06-2016, 09:26 PM
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Default Pool Days in P.E.

Here's the first of a few anecdotes I've promised to share! I'm still working on the others, but they are coming all in good time!


Pool Days in P.E.


Every year at my high school, the Physical Education classes finish with a swimming section. During that time, they don’t really teach us much as far as techniques go. Rather, they just have us go up and down the pool for a while, and then leave us with free time to hang out for the rest of the day. I was so glad speedos were not required because I was extremely self-conscious, shy, overweight, and a bit of an outcast at the time.

When finals time came around freshman year, we had a 3-hour time block at the pool. It was marvelous! It was the one day I got to hang around poolside, and it was also the one day I got to admire the other shirtless guys for a long period of time. Of course, we changed in the locker room every day, but pool day was for a few hours, not a few seconds.

There were two guys that made the day extra interesting. One of them, Connor, was a year ahead of me and played for our school’s rather prestigious water polo team, so he was what you might imagine Adonis would look like if he were a Californian/real. I should clarify that that is not personal opinion affected by attraction but indeed fact; he’s not really the type of body that I want/idolize because he was a little too purely muscle. His hair was curly sun-kissed blond from the hours in the pool, and his skin was a gold so rich you almost wouldn’t believe it. There was not a single ounce of fat on him, so the muscles he’d developed from weightlifting had nothing to hide their incredible definition.

Because he was sexy and he knew it, he also had no reservations about being the only boy there in a speedo. He laid out on deck hanging out with his friends wearing just his Turbo Jamaica briefs like the ones pictured below. The suit was a brilliant contrast to his skin, just like the guy in this photo (see below), and they were perfect because the Jamaican flag has the same color scheme as our high school.

The other guy that day was Josh. He was pretty athletic and had enough muscle definition to fill in his t-shirts well and make his shorts bulge all over. I’d seen him change for PE almost every day because he was just a few lockers down from me. He was pale blond, light-skinned, and had the lightest dusting of almost invisible body hair all over, adding a softness to his otherwise hard body. I always liked his form and wanted to look like that myself. He could have TOTALLY pulled off a speedo if he wanted to.

For pool day, though, we had to change into our bathing suits for P.E. It was then that I saw all of him. He took off his shorts and then, to my surprise, just yanked off his athletic boxer briefs as well to bare all! My goodness, he was very hung for a high school freshman! I’d estimate 4 inches soft. It was quite full and bounced a bit as he wiggled into his board shorts. I had to stall a few minutes before towel-changing myself so I could let the arousal subside.

Almost exactly a year later, I found myself at pool day again. This time, there was a fit guy named Theo, and his Pacific Islander blood gave him a deep skin tone, jet black hair, wide and welcoming smile, and dark brown or even black eyes. He was lean but very powerful, a fact which reveals itself by his love of “tricking,” or basically flipping around in the air doing stunts like you’d see in an action movie. His legs were especially strong. He wore Fruit of the Loom and Hanes boxer briefs, so he apparently didn’t have much imagination or budget in the underwear department.

For pool day, we were the only two changing in the locker room because, for whatever reason, we both had to leave P.E. early. I finally worked up the courage to start a conversation with him because I noticed he’d been wearing underwear underneath his board shorts! I thought it was particularly odd and asked him why, and he said it was because he’s a bit shy. I then said one of the boldest things I’d ever told another guy: “Well, you’ve nothing to be shy about…”

He chuckled and thanked me for the compliment and then proceeded to put on a fresh pair under his towel. I noticed he didn’t sport much of a bulge, so I guess I understood his shyness, though I still found it a bit silly since it was just us and my opinion as an outcast didn’t matter.

To this day, I still look back fondly on pool days in P.E. They were the few days a year when the over-confident athletes could ditch their restrictive shirts while everyone lounges around soaking up sun, all technically for class. The days were a welcome break from the mad rush of college-prep academics made better by a chance to admire Connor, Josh, and Theo from behind the anonymity of sunglasses.


P.S. I randomly saw Connor working at a store a couple weeks ago. He’s just as tan and fit as ever!
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Old 07-14-2016, 05:06 PM
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Default More

Would love to hear more!
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Old 08-15-2016, 12:14 PM
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Nice story. If Connor was anything like the picture he must have been stunning to look at. Hot suit, too. At my school the guys were all required to wear blue square cut nylon suits for swim session on PE. The guys on swim team got to wear their swim team suits. When some non swim team guys asked, if you brought your own brief cut suit you were allowed to wear that.

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