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Old 04-09-2016, 06:29 PM
SpoolTimeTurbo SpoolTimeTurbo is offline
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Default One piece swimsuit

As I promised here is the story about a girls one piece swimsuit. If you read my intro to the forum you might remember me mentioning that I ordered a one piece swim suit from Turbo. But before I get into that I feel a little back story might help explain myself as to why I like them. It was back in the summer of 06 I had just gotten off work around 2pm and it was hot as hell when I walked out. Now my house doesn't have AC and my parents didn't get the option of having AC when they purchased the house.(aaand 18 years later after they bought the house, they still haven't bought an ac unit). So I didn't want to go home. I got a text from one of my good female friends and she was having a pool party kind of a last minute thing that I was welcomed to come over. I didn't have any swim attire on me so I figured I'd chill in the game room that is most likely blasting cold ass AC. (She was rich as fuck btw huge house gated community. I'm not talking BMW rich no more like lambo's ferraris Bentley's and other high end pasta rockets rich.) Anyways I get there get introduced to some new people play pool play Xbox. Then everyone left the game room. I was like cool got the room to myself I'm cool relaxed just chillin. Then ten minutes later my friend comes and asks me what I'm still doing in the game room. I explained that I had no swimwear and that I also came over directly from work. She tells me to go in with my underwear, and at the time I used tightie whitys. I was like no, I'm not bout to let the world see everything. She got silent and thought for a moment then she asks me "If I found a swimsuit for you would you wear it?". I was like yeah sure anything that'll get me in the water works for me. She says alright then what ever I find you have to wear it. At this point I was like yeah yeah sure she's all pinky swear i did. So she left and told me to wait so I waited. It was in the five minutes of waiting I realized that I said I'll wear anything. I got nervous but I told myself naw she's just going to get some shorts she isn't that cruel to do such a thing....and boy was I wrong. She comes back with a one piece suit it was purple and blue water polo suit (keep in mind she was a big girl when she play'd in high school although she slimmed down so it didn't fit her anymore). I was like nope she's gets all worked but you pinky swore. A small back and forth of no I won't and yes you will which ended with me finally agreeing to wear it. So I put it on to my surprise it was actually comfortable everything was covered with room to spare. At the time I wasn't thrilled for any type of skimpy tight swimwear.

I walk out and I'm already red in the face with embarrassment and a slight bit of anger of what I was doing. Once people noticed I got cat called and whistled at by the fees guys there, I expected that but what I didn't expect was how the girls found it very interesting asking me questions of how I feel in it that I look good. The whole time they are serious and I'm here like stop kissing my ass let me get in the pool. We start playing swim games and what I was wearing was soon forgotten. Then the sun started to set it got cool a few people went home and the few of us that stayed me four girls and and her brother. My friend and he brother go inside to start cleaning up and order some food for all of us. The three girls and I were just chillin talkin. Then one tiny chick gets up and straight up sits on my lap leans back on me. I was like well hello there. She asks me to give her a massage I was down with it whatever. The other two girls scooted close to me and started massaging me and we kept our conversation going, at least tried too. Things escalated quickly from there, I also think that my friend and her brother new what was happening cause they didn't come out until we were all done. The tiny girl was really cuddly and touchy felt from the rest of the evening. When the pizza arrived we picked out a movie to watch to pass the last bit of time before we all called it a night. I ended up dating the tiny girl for a while she was an awesome person it's sad she had to move away.

Other then the experience I had with the girls, I myself ended up loving the suit the way it felt they way you can see my bulge outline even the way the bottom part only covered half my butt and when I swam in it it would ride up eventually turning into a thong. Anyways the suit is too big for me now and very old so that is why I bought my first turbo one piece bikini.

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Old 07-25-2016, 04:21 AM
swim suit eddie swim suit eddie is offline
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Talking First time wearing one piece swimsuit.

I usually wear shorts or speedos at times when swimming. One day, while with some lady friends, I was challenged to try try on a girl,s one piece swimsuit. I didn't take them seriously, but my buddies with us,wearing bright colored speedo swim briefs encouraged me to try it on and it fit and felt good on me, they'll ask the ladies if they could wear one also. The ladies agreed and gave me a beautiful one piece water polo swimsuit that zipped in back. I didn't think it would fit, but much to our surprise, the deep blue tight fitting one piece fit me perfectly. My male genitals felt so snug and secure in it, I soon had full erection, with the soft white colored inside pressing into my behind and really tickling my erect penis. The top part fit just right too, gently pressing my upper torso. When the girls saw me in the blue one piece polo swimsuit, they really liked how I looked in it, then having my buddies seeing how I looked. I was somewhat embarrassed when they saw me whistling and cheering. Being, us guys were about the same size, the girls had them try on girl's speedo one piece swimsuits. The guys came out of the swim club dressing room, in the swimsuits that fit them perfectly. My buddies usually wear board shorts or boxers, but they really liked how these one piece swimsuits feel and feeling very excited underneath. We wore the girl's swimsuits for a few hours, when our lady friends decided, it was time for us guys bare it all, showing our excited penises under the clinging suits. Soon we were taken into the dressing room by the girls and stripped out of the clinging swimsuits, starting with me. I didn't want to take it off yet. The three girls,then rubbing my nylon lycra clad body all over, then patting my outlined full erection snug and secure underneath, while my buddies, still wearing the girl's one piece swimsuits watched my soon to be stripped out of the tight water polo swimsuit by the ladies. I did plead for them not to, but to no avail. First one girl slowly opened the long back zipper that ran down my back to just above my behind. The girls would giggle and tell me not to be so ashamed, as I wiggled and squirmed feeling the zipper slowly being pulled down. The other girls would try holding my squirming body still, then pulling off the shoulder straps, once the clinging polo swimsuit was unzipped. The feel of the clinging being pulled down and the feel of their soft hands trying to pull it off my upper torso was wonderful. Despite being a fairly young guy and three girls trying to get it off, that tight blue girl's water polo swim suit wasn't coming that easy. The ladies did let me and my buddies know that taking off a girl's one piece takes a lot of doing getting it off and yes women are aroused when peeling off clinging wet one piece swimsuits after swimming, but they never tell. They certainly enjoyed seeing my male excitement wearing it and especially striping me out of it. The hardest part was, once the polo swimsuit peeled down below my waist, the fun part began for them, trying to get my erect penis unsnugged, while I whimpered like a little boy, as one of them managed to peel the soft tight white inside lining off my full erection, now standing at attention. The girls complimented me how healthy I was. Soon, I could feel the snug blue suit being tugged and peeled out f my behind, as they had me bent over. Two of them tried holding me still while the other soon freed the still clinging inside white lined suit out of my crotch. Finally the girls got down my kicking legs and off. Now I'm naked and couldn't help ejaculating, as the ladies and my buddies cheered me on, realizing, yet looking forward to being stripped naked by our lovely lady friends. Soon after some time, they had my buddies stripped out of those girl's one piece swimsuits and they ejaculate too, once naked and the girls loved it. We certainly a great time and the guys said they will never wear board or baggy swimsuits, Speedos only! We did all agree, wearing girl' or women's one piece swimsuit felt even better to wear swimming or to a Halloween costume party, as long as it fits right
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