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Old 09-12-2016, 01:41 PM
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So hard for Peter with his lack of experience with girls to have any control when a cute girl rubs his speedo. Just 18, he struggles so hard, and she knew just what she was doing. Surprised he didn't go off when she was just rubbing his leg, sneaking up under his shorts!
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Old 09-25-2016, 01:32 PM
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Default 6: The cove

Moose Point cove is an isolated spot at the far Northwest end of the lake. It is totally undeveloped, accesible only by boat. The water is shallow, clear and the lake bed is weed free gravel with a private slopping beach. It is the ultimate private place, known by only locals.

"How about a boat ride and lunch?" I offered to Kelly, as I got up from the lounger. I was feeling ready for some adventure, maybe a little romance, and would not turn down more. I needed to stand to ease the erection teasing the inside of my Aussiebum. Kelly watched my bulge as I stood before him. His stare and his own boner hardly subtle.

"Sounds like a great plan,". Kelly replied. "Let me give you a hand with lunch."

"A hand would be perfect," I replied. Kelly missed point. Best saved for later. Ashland followed us inside.

Loaded with a cooler full of drinks from water to wine, sandwiches and an array of snacks, we climbed aboard. I was still in the same suit, Kelly switched to a short pair of running shorts, much cuter on him than the boardies. At the last second I tossed a gym bag of swim gear and some foam floats on the boat. The bag contained an assortment of swimsuits.

"Want to drive?" I asked Kelly once we were out in deep water.

"Awesome," Kelly replied. I stepped aside to let him take control. The lake had calmed significantly as the winds had tailed off. It was a perfect pontoon boat day. I laid on the lounger just front of the drivers panel.

Kelly's shorts blew in the wind, the full split sides revealing the purple inner brief. "Cool shorts,". I said enjoying the show. "if you like those, you should really try a swim brief," I added.

"You think so?" Kelly replied. " I think I would feel naked." Kelly paused as I pointed him to turn a bit port.

"Lots of big rocks over there," I said pointing starboard. " I always stay clear."

"I only see one big rock," Kelly said back with a smirk. I smiled. A few minutes later we made our way into Moose Point cove, which we had all to ourselves. With the boat anchored in four feet of water, I jumped off the back of the boat, a swimmer's dive. The force tugged at my suit. The crisp water felt great. "Come on in," I called to Kelly. He quickly followed. We both stood in the water.

"This is such a cool spot, so secluded," Kelly observed. "Perfect!" Kelly reached over to me and pulled me toward him. His right hand slid down my abdomen. "I've been wanting to do this all morning,". He said softly as his hand slipped over my bulging manhood. He gently felt all of me, as I grew hard fast, despite the cool water. "Your swimsuit and you feel amazing,". He said as his hand massaged me. I slid my leg against him, feeling that he was as aroused as me.


Sky arrived back from his 36 mile ride. He was wearing a professional series one piece cycling kit of thighs white and yellow colors with a team name and various sponsors emblazoned all over it. He looked totally amazing, the kit clinging to every part of him, so tight you could clearly see he was circumsized. If there was any thought that cycling caused erection problems, Sky proved that wrong. Sky loved bright and showy kits, and he loved the feel of the tight spandex. Just as some guys collected swimwear, Sky hoarded cycling attire. He had a whole walk in closet devoted to his various cycling attire. Alice loved him in each one of them.

"Don't you look like a hottie, how was the ride?" Alice asked as she approached him. She had been sunning on the dock, enjoying her time alone. She was in a very slight soft pink bikini that hardly covered anything. It was one of Sky's favorites. He was getting hard, caused by both the cute lady before him and the flow of blood rushing back to parts restricted on the ride. "Someone is getting excited," Alice added as she watched Sky's bulge grow in the tight cycling kit.

"Just getting ready for action," Sky smirked as he said it. He tried to adjust, but it was not easy to conceal a boner when you are wrapped in clingy Lycra. "Let me rinse off the sweat," Sky added as he slipped into the outdoor shower. The warm water felt great, but it also made his outfit even more clingy, which in turn made him more aroused. When he emerged from the shower, Alice's private areas tingled as she saw her guy on total clinging display. This was the best part of his love of cycling.

They both laid back, side by side on the giant double lounger, the sun drying Sky's wet spandex. "I had the most awesome ride," Sky started out sharing the details. As he talked, Alice rubbed his body, starting at his feet and working her way up. Sky was lean and very muscular. Alice loved feeling his strong legs. She had no intention of going all the way with Sky, but as she watched him grow in the tight spandex ski suit, her thought began to change. "That climb over hedgehog mountain is killer," Sky continued, enjoying Alice's undivided attention. He knew he was growing harder and much more aroused. He loved the feel of the tight spandex and the sense of being totally on display. "Damn, that feels awesome," Sky interjected. He was very hard, his maleness clearly on display.

"Relax, sweet," Alice said softly. Her hands were rubbing his chest and tight shoulders. She could see he was aroused, very much aroused. except for a few teasing touches, she left that part of him alone. Hard and aroused, Sky would become very animated, she opted to edge him until he reached the point of total desire. She knew they were well down the path.


Oh gawd, you feel amazing," Kelly whispered in my ear. His hand was holding and feeling every part of me. I was rock hard and so ready to explode, but I held back. Trickles of early release eased out, but the lake masked them. We were moving fast, probably too fast. Quick sex relationships was far from what I was looking for, and I was sure Kelly was simply caught up in the moment. On the other hand, he also felt so masculine against me. He was very much bulging out his shorts. Maybe fast was okay, it sure felt good.

"Let's go sit on the shore," I suggested as I gently pulled away.

"Good idea," replied Kelly. Our hands getting one last fleeting touch as we headed to shore. I reached down and adjusted my tight suit, I was far too close to cumming. It took all my power to hold back. I had no desire to relive my adolescent years of premature ejaculation. I almost did just that.

The setting was perfect. A Bald Eagle flew overhead, graceful against the crystal blue sky. We had stretched out a king blanket, covering the silty coastline in soft cotton blend. We laid back, watching the eagle. Our hands connected as we took in the tranquil setting. Kelly's shorts were tenting, while my swimsuit was showing off my own erotic desires. "Have you ever thought about wearing a race style swimsuit, since you wear rower shorts?" I asked.

"Yeah, but I have never actually tried one,". Kelly replied. "Plus not being a swimmer...." Kelly faded off.

"I think you would like how they feel on, and nobody says only swimmers can wear them," I replied. "If you want, I am sure I can rig you up with a really cool Speedo." From my days coaching, I bought suits for the local AAU team, and had spares in almost every size.

"That would be cool," Kelly replied with a subtle sense of excitement in his voice.

"Meanwhile, you are making these shorts look hot,". I said as I rolled over and put my hand around the tent pole in his shorts. Kelly was firm, his erection solid and hard. He moaned as I started massaging him. Kelly quickly grew more firm. He moaned harder and deeper. I brought him close to the edge, then stopped. He wiggled his legs as he released a small surge of wetness into the shorts, the nylon material soaking it in.

"Don't stop, please," Kelly pleaded. He placed his hand on my own bulge. I pressed into him, giving him a good feel of my Aussiebum encased man parts. As his breathing slowed, I began to massage him again. He quickly grew steel pole hard almost working himself in the grip of my hand. His thrusts were strong, powerful and very erotic. The whole time his hand was on me and as he pushed his anatomy in my hand, he squeezed my own parts in such a tantalizing way.

We edged a few more times, each time Kelly getting more animated in his desire. I was, too. The explosion by Kelly was massive as his releases shot right through the shorts landing all over his bare chest. Kelly made a soft scream as his whole body thruster with each eruption of masculine vitality. "Oh man, Ryan, that was amazing,". Kelly said as his body finished with several softer eruptions. I rolled over into Kelly's hand, letting him take me the rest of the way.
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Default 7: Sky's Dilemma

Alice worked her magic on Sky, watching as his amazing manhood grew rod hard, outlined by the very tight one piece cycling kit he was wearing. Sky was totally mesmerized by the feel of her gentle touch through the spandex material. Her finger teased along the ridge of his upward pointing anatomy, just touching the tip of his sensitive head. Barely touching, she did little circles on the very tip, watching as his anatomy swelled and grew to an uncontrollable state. Sky was so close. Both she and he knew he could not stop. She enjoyed watching him fight it as much as he enjoyed her bringing him there.

"Take me, Alice." He whispered as his pelvis pushed upward making the mound of manhood more obvious and the grip of the Lycra more tight. They were both absorbed in the moment. Sky was so aroused, the feel of the tight spandex and Alice's massage. Sky moaned and flexed. He was ever so close. Alice teased him, edged him more, right to the point of no return. Sky was trapped encased in a spandex wrap he could not easily get out of. "All the way," he pleaded.

"There you guys are," a voice called out breaking their trance. Alice's hand quickly retracted, but for Sky it was not so easy. He was already soaked with wetness and he could feel the tightness in his balls as his manhood prepared for a most massive eruption. He froze momentarily at the voice. Suddenly Sky was frantic, knowing he was beyond stopping.

"Hi Ken," Alice turned toward him, now just 50 feet away. Ken, a long time friend, had a habit of just dropping by. He was single, straight, a really nice guy. A bit shy, and a little nerdy. He was wearing a pair of print Funky Trunk jammers with a matching red tank top.

Sky put his hand over his bulge. Ken had perfect timing, Sky thought. "What the f..k do I do now," Sky asked himself. He was so erect and ready, he throbbed with desire. Sky quickly rolled over, trying to hide his erotic state. The arousal, the tight spandex, and the rub of the lounger, Sky knew he was about to burst. "Just got back from a ride," Sky managed to announce. His voice was shaky, his body quivering. Ken was also a cyclist, although not quite at Sky's level.

"Cool, I can see that," Ken answered. "Where did you go? How far?" Ken asked. Sky never heard the question. The first explosion shot warm juice inside the spandex kit, followed by several more eruptions. Alice watched as Sky's tight, cute butt flexed with each thrust. She knew her man was cumming like no tomorrow. Sky could not believe he was shooting off in front of Ken. The eruptions kept coming, explosive pulsations of release. He had not shot his load in front of someone like this since high school wrestling when he accidentally came in his singlet at practice. The whole front of Sky's cycling outfit was getting soaked as he continued to surge releases of the warm, thick cream. He was breathing hard, his heart beating strongly in his chest. The pulsations in his crotch finally easing.

"Sky, Ken wants to know where you road" Alice brought Sky back to the conversation.

"Oh yeah," Sky replied. He told Ken about the ride, as he let himself calm. He dare not roll back over. Sky waited for the perfect moment to slip from the lounger into the lake.


Peter slipped from the King bed in the hotel room, as Alaina laid sleeping. Peter was totally naked, the red swimsuit he was wearing the night before laid on the floor. It had been a magical night for both of them, starting with the wine on the balcony and leading into the bed. Peter didn't feel any different this morning, despite being a man who had just lost his virginity. It just happened. The booze, the moment, the hot red Speedo. It was a night they both would remember forever. Peter was hoping the big event would happen, but he never thought it would happen the first night. He didn't even have a condom. They both would for sure never forget this night. Peter slipped himself into an orange and yellow print swimsuit, covered it with very short black running shorts and slipped out the hotel door. A run on the beach seemed like the perfect way to start his post virgin life. The suit fit him well, a bit snug, the two inch sides riding high on his muscular legs.

The morning air felt cool, refreshing. The hotel was a short walk to the footbridge over the coastal river and dunes that led to the beach. It was just a few minutes past 6. At the footbridge Peter slipped off the shorts, exposing the hidden Speedo underneath. Peter "hid" the shorts and his sandals at the base of a fence post, before heading across the bridge to the beach. Two cute guys said hello as they passed in opposite directions on the bridge.

"He's cute," the taller guy said.

"Yeah, and he has great taste in swimwear," came the reply.

"Maybe we should ditch these boardies and wear our briefs today." Peter had already made an impact.

The tide was out, creating a wide beach of hard pack golden sand. Ogunquit beach is just short of three miles long, nestled between the cliffs characteristic of the Maine Coast to the south, and a smaller set of rocky ledge to the north, leaving space for the picturesque curving beach. The footbridge nearly center of the beach. Peter walked out to the water, letting the cold surf run over his feet. He began his run heading north toward the beach homes. He was alone on the beach, but for a few others scattered along the waterfront. Peter felt incredibly free running along in his swimsuit, his bulging manhood bouncing with each step. He ventured in and out of the surf, the salty water splashing his legs.

Peter was tall, very muscular, a well defined set of abs, and a powerful set of legs balanced by broad muscular deltoids. He was a quiet, polite young man, with a secret daring side that liked to test limits. He was confident, fearless, and masculine. His run looped back south as the beach ran out, his sweat glistening his chest and soaking down into his form fitting brief. The sun was up and the day was getting warm, already.

"G' morning," Peter said as he passed an older couple walking two small dogs along the beach.

"Looking good," replied the man, eyeing the scantily clad, very attractive runner.

The run south brought Peter to the tidal river, which was filling with inbound tide. He joined several others, jumping in and floating in the tidal current several hundred feet, before resuming his run. His final segment took him back to the footbridge. Peter was now soaked in salty sweat, his Speedo saturated in his moisture and clinging to him.

"That was awesome," he said to no one. He slowed to a walk, venturing knee deep into the surf. A beach crew was cleaning the beach for a busy day. Peter walked out into the water, chest deep. The cold ocean water felt refreshing. He jumped through waves, enjoying the coolness of the ocean. His mind raced, fueled by the tight grip of his wet suit, to the feel of himself joined with Alaina last night. He grew hard, despite the cold water, fueled by the imaginary sensations he felt in his anatomy. Under the water he rubbed himself, feeling his erection. He decided to head back, maybe even catch Alaina still in bed.

Alaina crested the footbridge just as Peter emerged from the water, his suit clinging to his erect anatomy. She smiled at the sight of him. She tingled at the thought of him inside her. He looked so cute. "There you are," she called. They embraced, she felt his manhood against her. They were both immediately aroused, Peter fully erect.
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Thank-you SwimTeamSpeedo for the story so far!! I hope we get to see Kelly flying slip into a pair of swim briefs!!
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Great story!! Very HOT chapter!!!!
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Default 8: Front Desk

As they hugged, Alaina slipped her upper leg against Peter's crotch, feeling him in the tight swimsuit rub against her. She felt him grow as the kissed deep and passionately ankle deep in the waves. Peter loved the feel of her touching him, enjoying the feel of desire between his legs. Peter was rock hard in his tiny swimsuit, but he didn't care. He was more into the romantic passion.

"You were amazing," Alaina whispered.

"Not nearly as awesome as you," Peter replied. They kissed deeper, more passionate. Peter felt homself getting near to climax, Alaina felt it too. She gently slipped back. She looked down at Peter in his suit. His bulge was massive and revealing.

"Lets take a walk," Alaina said, still holding Peter by the hand. His anatomy pressed hard against the lycra material. He flexed a little as hos whole body tingled with desire. Every sensation seemed to center pn his manhood.

"See what ypu do to me," Peter said with a desiring grin. He wiggled his hips and bent at his waist.

"Maybe later,". Alaina replied, they began their walk, Peter's erotic state not subsiding.


"When did you wear your first Speedo?" Kelly asked as we made a slow, peaceful boat ride back to my house.

"Pretty young," I replied. "I think six or seven. It was a blue nylon suit, longer sides. When I was on my first swim team. All the boys had the same blue suit."

"When did you start wearing smaller suits?" Kelly continued. He was very curious.

"Gosh, you are really testing me," I smiled. "I remember my first real Speedo was a black and gold nylon suit. Lycra was not around yet, at least that I recall. It was all black, but had gold on the side and a band of gold along the front waist band. I loved that suit."

"How old were you?" Kelly asked.

"I remember exactly that I was eight, we got it on my birthday," I replied. "My favorite suit was my Mark Spitz famous red white and blue suit, my mom got it for me for Christmas one year. I loved that suit." I added, smiling at the memory. " I totally wore that suit out!"

"I would love to have seen you in that suit," Kelly replied. "What did it look like?"

I grabbed my cell phone and googled, finding the picture of Spitz that made that suit famous. The same as the poster that hung on my wall as a teenager. Most adolescent guys had hot babes, my walls had swimmers in tight suits. I handed the phone to Kelly. "Cool suit, even now," i added.

"I bet you looked hot in that suit," Kelly complimented. The boat approached the dock, Kelly stood and caught the guidepost of the dock. Ashland barked as we headed down the dock, ready to play ball.


"What the crap?" Peter said as he looked perplexed at the area surrounding the post where he had left his shirt, shorts and sandals. "Where are my clothes! The freaking room key is in my shorts!" Peter suddenly felt awkwardly naked. Only the sandals remained. "Did you bring your key card?" Peter asked.

"No, I figured you had yours," Alaina replied. "Are you sure you left them here?" She asked.

"Yes!" Peter replied. Suddenly, he was very aware of his bulging swimsuit, facing the walk back to the hotel. "Damnit". Peter exclaimed. oddly, he started getting hard. Alaina noticed.

"Its okay, babe," Alaina tried to ease Peter. "We can just get a new key. Easy peasy!"

"I can't walk in the lobby like this," Peter protested.

"Why not? It is the beach and you are in a swimsuit,". Alaina tried to assure Peter. "I am sure you are not the first guy in a Speedo they have seen!" She grabbed his hand. "Let's go." She could tell Peter was feeling self conscious walking down the residential street in nothing but the bulging two inches of tight Lycra. "You look cute," she said. They passed two couples heading the other way, Peter grew more confident when they didn't react in any way to how scantily he was dressed.

The hotel front desk was facing Route 1, the main road the town. By the time they got there, Peter was back to his Speedo confident masculinity. He walked up to the desk, right in front of the busy dining area full of guests eating. The desk attendant was a guy in his early 20's, tall, blonde, and very attractive. "Good morning," he said, " looks like you have already been to the beach."

"Yeah," Peter replied. "Someone took my shorts while I was running, and my room key was in them."

"Well, that stinks, did you at least have a good run?" the attendant asked. Hi stage said his name was Ronnie. As he talked he could not help but check out every detail of the cute guy in the Speedo. He put a cold water bottle on the counter. "You could probably use this."

The two guys chatted as Ronnie made up two new keys, no questions asked. He slid them across the desk to Peter. "Here you go Peter. Maybe tomorrow just skip the shorts," he half teased, mostly meant. "A guy in a Speedo is fine with me anytime."

"Cool," Peter replied.

"Hey, Peter, you rock a Speedo very well," Ronnie added as Peter turned to leave. "I get off at 3, maybe we can hit the beach together for some fun. Just come by." Peter nodded but did not really respond. Ronnie watched as Peter walked back out the door.

The afternoon in Northern Maine was turning out spectacular. The winds were calm, the sky a cloudless blue, and the temperature was a perfect 82. As Kelly laid in a lounger on the deck, Ashland dutifully playing ball, I was inside getting both of us lunch. Sourdough bread made fresh at the bakery in town, with warm pastrami covered in melted Swiss, capped with fresh slaw, my favorite weekend lunch. I capped it off with a local brand of potato chips made with perfect Maine potatoes.

"I hope you are hungry," I called out as I emerged from the house with the goods.

"That looks awesome," Kelly said, sitting up. He was still in his very short running shorts. I had changed into a white background Hard Core Polo swimsuit, one of my many favorites. "Cute swimsuit, too," Kelly added.

"How about a cold beer?" I asked. I am usually not a daytime drinker, but a beer just felt right.

"Love it!" Kelly replied.

He had a Presque Isle Blonde summer brew with a slice of lemon, I opted for a gutsy stout that could almost walk on its own. The beer was a perfect lubricant to loosen the conversation, which it did. Our conversation ventured from general small talk to how I got started in swimming, finally landing on details of growing up wearing race cut swimsuits. As we ventured into the intimate details of wearing hardly anything, I went in and grabbed us each another round of beers.

"You should really give it a try," I said as I handed Kelly his second beer, referring to wearing a brief cut suit. "I swear, once you do..."

"I might," Kelly replied. He took a big swallow of the cold, fresh beer. "I guess one thing I have wondered about, do you guys ever get really bad boners, I mean like at a big swim meet or something. Have you ever gotten hard when you really shouldn't be? Like how do you hide a boner?" Kelly kept rambling the same question. He was clearly nervous about asking. I let him go one. It was so cute. I knew I had this crap ass funny grin. A light drinker, I was feeling no pain after almost two good stouts. I actually rubbed my nuts as he talked.

"Dude, I spent most of my high school years boned in my speedo. My bigger fear was post swim shrinkage." I went on to add "as for more, Well I even shot my load a few times." Kelly finished his beer and went and grabbed us another round.

"Okay, so truth," Kelly started, his voice mellowed by two plus beers. "When was the first time you got hard in just your speedo," Kelly asked. The beer had clearly loosened him. As much as he was loose, I was about to blow him away.

"No f-Ing jokes," I started. Kelly nodded, looking all serious. "The first time was in the front seat of the car, right in front of my Mom," I added. I thought Kelly was about to burst a ball.

"Holy s..., man," Kelly replied. "What happened?"

I started my story which went as follows:
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Default 9: Ryan's dilemma

I remember the morning vividly, as if it happened yesterday. It was July 23 of my 13th year. I was on a summer AAU junior team. Our practices were 5:30am about an hours drive from our farm. My mom would get up at 4, wake me and we would leave 15 minutes later. Our pool was an older outdoor pool, 25 yards, no locker room. I usually just wore my swimsuit and a shirt, although some some guys would wear shorts over their speedos.

I woke up and grabbed my red and white Speedo, our team colors. I had what I figured was a morning erection, they usually went away once I pee'd. I took a fast shower and dried, I noticed my private part seemed bigger than usual. Maybe I had grown some, I thought. I was pretty inexperienced with erections and had not yet discovered self pleasures. I just knew something was different this morning. Not only was I bigger, but it felt weird. I pulled on my suit and tied it up. I noticed that my part was really obvious. I tried to adjust it and I got instantly hard and felt this sensation I never felt before, a weird urge.

I put my shirt on which, thankfully, covered my suit and ran downstairs. Mom had poured me some milk and a fresh muffin. "Here sweetie, you can eat on the way," she said as she did every morning. Dad was already out doing farm work.

We jumped in the car and headed to town. "Watch for moose," mom always directed. As I sat in the seat next to her, my shirt would ride up so that my swimsuit was clearly visible. The strange feeling was still there and as we rode, my body kept getting really erect. It felt like it wanted to bust out of my suit. I didn't know what to do so i tried to rub it. "Is something wrong, Ryan?" She had noticed I was fidgiting in the seat and probably saw me rubbing down there.

I was really close to my mom, and usually could talk to her about anything! After all, any person who got up at all hours of the morning to cart me to swim practice and meets was pretty awesome. But there was no way I was going to tell her what was going on, not about that part of my body. "Yeah, I'm fine, just excited about swimming," I replied. "No moose," I added trying to change the subject. I figured I could ask my best friend Zach if he had ever had this happen. Meanwhile, a surge of growth pushed the growing bulge between my legs, a feeling that was totally new to me. It looked like I had a banana tucked down there.

"Okay, but you know you can tell me if something is wrong," my mom replied. I held my hand between my legs trying to conceal myself. The top of the bulging anatomy being touched by my open palm. I had no idea that part of me could get so big, and being bent down between my legs was actually making me hurt. I just wanted to rip off my swimsuit. Then something new happened, I felt a trickle of wet seep out, moistening my swimsuit between my legs. "Did I just pee myself?" I wondered, but this felt different. It seeped some more, soaking through the suit and making a wet spot on the seat.

"I don't know, mom, something just feels weird," I sheepishly said, sure something was really wrong with me.

"Ryan, what feels weird? What does it feel like?" my mom asked with the look of concern only a mom can give.

"It is kind of embarrassing," I replied, " you know, my boy stuff, it feels weird. It's okay" I added, not making much sense. I felt stupid asking my mom about this.

"Maybe your bathing suit (as she called swimsuits) is getting too small for you, sometimes if things get too tight it can make boys feel different," mom tried to ease my concern. Looking back I am sure she knew exactly what was happening.

"Yeah, that is probably it," I added. The wetness had stopped growing, but I started getting really erect again, more than last time. "Oh, gawd," I said under my breath. Despite what mom said, something was really wrong. I closed my eyes and leaned back in the seat. I could feel every part of me, it was so sensitive. We were just over half way to the pool. "What if I am like this at practice," I thought, a panic rush flowing through me.

"I am going to stop for coffee," my mom said as she pulled into a small country store. Want a drink or want to come in?" We made this same stop most mornings and I usually did go in, but there was no way I was doing that today.

"No, I will wait here," I replied.

While mom was inside, I untied my suit and pulled myself from between the legs. That was a mistake, my erection was so huge, bigger than I ever thought a guy could be. I had to fight to get it back inside the tiny suit. I finally had it back in laying to the right, but now my rod was clearly outlined. Just as I finished tying my string, panicked, my mom opened the door.

"Here, this is for practice," she handed me a Gatorade.

I had my hands over my swimsuit. My body took advantage of the extra room, the top of me almost poking out the side of my suit. I kept my eyes on my mom, when she was not looking I would rub and squeeze, hoping to make myself get back to normal. After a few minutes, it happened. I felt this sensation in my testicles that seemed to climb through my groin. A surge of hardness grew in the tight suit, and then a pulsation felt like I leaped in the seat. My legs went out straight and all of a sudden I was shooting stuff all over my swimsuit. I was terrified.

I had no idea what was happening. It felt awesome, but scared the crap out of me. My heart raced. It kept coming out, first several big releases that made pulsations then a bunch of slower ones. My hand, my suit, even the car door had this "stuff" on it.

I looked at my mom terrified. "Mom, something is really wrong, a whole bunch of stuff just came out of me really fast,". I said with a terrified voice. "It's all over the place,". I added.

My mom was as calm and supportive as she could be. She pulled the car over and looked at me. "Ryan, calm down, it is fine," she said, her hand on my shoulder. She could see I was absolutely terrified. "As boys get older this stuff happens, it just means you are growing up," she reassured me. She reached over to the back seat and grabbed one of my two towels out of my swim bag. "Here, you can wipe yourself off with this, did you bring an extra bathing suit?"

I took the towel and wiped off my hand, my suit and the stuff that shot across the car. "Yes, I always bring two extra,". I replied. My body was back to normal, a little wetness still seeped out, mostly from under my uncircumcised skin.

"You can change in the bathroom at the pool, best not to wear that suit in the water until I wash it." My mom was so calm. As an adult now, I am sure it was as awkward for her as it was for me. We talked the rest of the way about erections, what just happened, and growing up.

"So I might explode again without knowing when?" I asked, confused.

"Maybe, but you will learn how to control it," she tried to reassure me. "I will tell your dad to explain it with you tonight," she promised.

I slipped into the clean suit and ran the soiled on back out to the car, after rinsing it in hot water.

"Ryan, sweetie, I am sorry you had to go through that, but you can always talk to me about anything," mom gave me a supportive smile. I smiled back. "Swim hard," she said. No pun intended.

I leaned back as I finished the story. "Only Zach, my best friend ever, and now you know that story."

"Wow, Ryan. I love you shared that with me," Kelly wrapped his arms around me. It was an awesome moment. It was going to get better.
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Awesome story!
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Default 10: Sunscreen

Peter and Alaina grabbed their towels, beach bag and a small cooler of drinks, heading out the door for the beach. Peter wore a green and yellow Brasil swim brief he bought online. It was a tighter and smaller fit than the Speedo suits he wore for swim team, but he really liked the colors. He also liked how he looked in it, but for sure there was no room to spare. Alaina, after seeing Peter in his suit switched to a green and yellow string bikini that was a near color match. Just like Peter, her suit barely covered her. In truth, her suit hardly covered anything. She had slipped on a pair of water shorts over for the walk to the beach. She was surprised when Peter walked out the door in just his swimsuit. He looked damn hot, she thought.

"Wow, no shorts, pretty daring of you," Alaina teased.

"Like you said, it is the beach," Peter shrugged. She rubbed his butt as they headed toward the beach, along the road leading to the bridge. There was much more activity on the walk than earlier.

"Rockin the Speedo," a group of teen boys in long board shorts called out as Peter and Alaina passed. Peter did not respond. At the bridge Peter and Alaina passed the same two guys who saw Peter alone earlier.

"Cool swimsuit," the one guy offered. They were both wearing shorts, clearly jealous of Peter in his hot looking suit. Peter smiled.

"I am changing for sure," the second guy added. "I brought my CaRioCa suit that you like," he reached in his bag and pulled it out. A bright yellow narrow sided brief that would look great on his lean body.

"Perfect, I got my red Corka," the second guy responded. Peter had already converted two guys.

Peter and Alaina found the perfect spot on the beach. The tide had come in quite a bit since morning, so they spread out their sheet and towels on the soft sand well above the high tide line. Peter quickly laid back on his towel, ready to soak up the sun. He adjusted himself in the tight fitting suit. As he watched Alaina slid off her shorts to reveal her barely there bikini. The top covered just enough to be legal, and the bottom was a thin band of material between her legs, held on by two hand tied bows on either side, leaving her legs almost bare, but for the thin ties. She looked stunning, totally sexy and very naked. Peter felt himself getting hard at the sight of her.

"Wow!" Peter said as he admired Alaina.

"You like?" she replied, modeling the suit provocatively for him. She looked gorgeous, her soft smooth skin glowing in the bright sun. Peter could not take his eyes off her. She knew he was turned on. He had never seen Alaina wear such a skimpy swimsuit. She had secretly bought it online just for this trip. Just like a guy wearing a brief for the first time, Alaina was a little nervous being in barely nothing. She had practiced at home a few times. She felt aroused and horny.

"So those ties are all that keeps it on?" Peter asked. Alaina nodded. "Guess you are not jumping in the waves," Peter added. Peter was now laying back, on full display.

Peter closed his eyes, listening to the waves crash ashore, the gulls calling out in their endless search for food, and the sounds of people enjoying the beach. Alaina also laid back, and like Peter she was soaking it all in. Their hands met, her soft fingers inside his more rugged farm boy grip. "This is nice," Peter said.

"Yes, it is. Wish we had more time than a weekend,". Alaina replied. Peter broke from the hand hold to feel her soft legs, his hand ran up her outer leg to her hip. He felt the bow tie knot of her skimpy suit. He played with the lose ends in his fingers. "What are you doing?" she asked. Peter was gently pulling at the tied ends.

"Wondering what happens if I pull this,". Peter teased. He came close to slipping the knot free.

"Don't you dare," Alaina responded. "Peter!" She said abruptly as she felt the tie loosen. He stopped and pulled the tie tight again. "You jerk," she teased. It was a close call. Together they laid quietly for the next 30 minutes. Peter finally calmed in the suit, his earlier arousal now eased off.

"I bet you didn't put on sunscreen," Alaina asked looking at him. Peter nodded no. "I better get you some," Alaina answered.

As Peter laid out, Alaina sat up beside him and slowly squirted sunscreen up his left leg. She then worked it in with her hand, starting at his foot, working up his leg slowly, lustfully. Peter watched as her chest leaned across him, giving him a very erotic view. His anatomy tingled as his desires started to grow again. When she got to the upper leg she slipped her hand between his legs, as she rubbed the lotion into his leg, her hand also rubbed against the thin band of swimsuit covering between the long legs. Peter moaned a bit at the feel of her touching him. She teased him by feeling his manhood between his legs. She had a plan, and it was already working. She smiled as Peter's bulge grew. Alaina repeated the process on Peter's right leg, by the time she was done, she had aroused him so much he was a massive mound of manhood in the tight green and yellow suit. She could see every detail of his anatomy as he grew harder in the wrap of Lycra.

"You are making me hard," Peter whispered. Please keep control, Peter thought to himself.

"I know,". She replied. She giggled. "Time for your chest and arms." Peter wasn't sure he could handle it. He had already felt a little drip of wetness ease out of himself. He was throbbing with desire.

Alaina let the white cream dribble all over Peter's chest and arms. She first massaged it into his muscular arms, then leaned in and kissed him, first a quick peck, followed by a more passionate one. Peter felt himself building, he was not sure how the tight Lycra could keep him all contained. His erection was pressing hard against the waistband of the tiny Brasil suit. As she kissed him, he got even more wet, a spot forming where the tip of him met the suit. He felt the slow releases. Alaina rubbed the sunscreen into his chest, slowly teasing his nipples, which drove him into a sexual frenzy. Peter's chest was smooth, he kept it that way for swimming, even his arms and legs were free of hair. Alaina loved his smooth skin as she worked her way down his abs.

"You are driving me wild," Peter moaned. He was wiggling his legs in a failing effort to maintain self control. Peter knew he was rapidly passing the point of no return. Please don't, he kept repeating in his mind, but she was making him so ready, so wanting it. Her hand reached the top of his swimsuit, she slowly rubbed daringly along the waistline, letting one finger drop down to feel him, riding along the ridge of him hardness. She repeatedly rubbed along him, each time feeling him flinch. She felt every outline of him. "Oh gawd, Alaina," Peter moaned. He was breathing hard, his heart racing as his body surged toward climax. He felt so trapped, no other clothes but the very tight, bulging 2 inch band of bulging swimsuit. What am I going to do, he thought.

"You feel amazing,". Alaina whispered. Peter felt the final surge forming in him.

"Not yet, please," Peter whispered. He held back with all his might. Alaina felt the power surging inside him. Peter's legs stiffened as he pushed upward inside the suit. His bulge pressed into her hand, giving himself to her touch. Alaina watched as he tried his best to hold off the explosive release. She so enjoyed as he struggled.

"I love watching you aroused in your swimsuits," Alaina whispered between kisses. Peter moaned, loudly, as his body started to pulsate. She held him, feeling every jolt.
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I love your stories. Keep up the great work!!!!
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