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Old 08-16-2016, 12:05 AM
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Default You get what you pay for

Good catch. My editor works for 40% of the revenue, so you get what you pay for. When you own a crapload of suits, it is pretty easy to mix them up. If that is my biggest f up, I am doing good.
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Old 08-16-2016, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by SwimTeamSpeedo
Good catch. My editor works for 40% of the revenue, so you get what you pay for. When you own a crapload of suits, it is pretty easy to mix them up. If that is my biggest f up, I am doing good.

At least you know your audience is hanging on every word!
Since zero times anything is still zero, I'm not planning a financial windfall from editing your work. I'll take my satisfaction in reading more of your fantastic writing.
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Old 08-16-2016, 01:44 PM
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Nice to have you back writing again. I've missed your wonderful writing it is looks like you've got another great story started!! Thx for all you do
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Old 08-16-2016, 11:01 PM
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Default 2: growing potatoes

I stood in front of the full length mirror looking at myself still wearing just the tight red print swimsuit. I was feeling aroused, excited and desirous, all at once. Ashland stood behind me watching, as he had done so many times before. Ashland knew the true secrets of my alone time pleasures. I was filling the suit out, near fully erect, enjoying the look and feel of the suit on me in this heightened level of desire. I teased myself, feeling me growing and edging closer. The sensation was amazing, one of my secret games. It was a special benefit of being a swimmer, getting to wear these awesome suits. My self teasing made me squirm with anticipation. I brought myself ever closer, backing off in the nick of time. A game of dare. All the while, thoughts of Kelly danced in my mind.


While it had been a cold and wet Spring, delaying the very tight planting window, the Summer was turning hot and dry. Growing potatoes is a balancing act of cooler weather, adequate but not excessive water and nutrient rich soil. The Summer was challenging me with not doing its part for the perfect trio. I left the house, Ashland riding shotgun, heading for one of my fields, a 635 acre parcel of crop. My goal was to rig the irrigation system to give ingredient two of the required three. I was wearing my requisite tight 501 jeans, work boots, a bright orange shirt and my Can Am Dog Sled Race ball cap. My tensions of desire from meeting Kelly were well released in my play while wearing the red print Tyr. Now I had on under my jeans an older orange and black print Adidas suit that was dated at least ten years, ready for a jump in the river in the hot afternoon sun.

"You gotta pull your weight Ashland, then we can play in the water,".

Ashland stared at me as if he understood. I wondered whether he really does. After a few seconds I lost out to the lure of sticking his head out the window as we shot along Castle Hill road, skirting the north end of Mapleton, soon to be running adjacent to the river.

Ben and the crew were already hard at work. The irrigation rigging almost ready to charge. "None to soon,". Ben observed as I stood and admired their work. A great crew makes the job easy, and that Ben was so damn ruggedly handsome in his tight Lee jeans was an added benefit. "Crop is getting a bit crisp."

Six hours later, and a big lunch in us, we charged the line. What Mother Nature refused to do, pumps and rigging took over. The field was glistening in its own private rain storm. Ben stood under the water, his jeans and tight shirt becoming soaked. Ashland joined him.

"Looks like a good time to hit the river," I called out. Ashland barked and ran off ahead. "No way he doesn't understand,". I thought to myself.

The crew was four guys, all high school or college age, all muscular and strong. Bashful they were not. Two of them striped to their brief cut underwear and jumped in the water. The river was shallow, with sections that were four or five feet deep, the current was strong, but not aggressive. Peter was a senior and on the same swim team I belonged to as a much younger version. He striped to a swirl print Speedo he was wearing under his cargo pants. Unlike the other guys, he was free of all body hair, his smooth, swimmers build unblemished and pure. He was by far the hottest looking of the guys, and the most self confident.

"Finally, another guy who wears Speedos," Peter said enthusiastically when he saw me in my suit. "You are pretty hot looking for an old guy, Mr. Ryan," Peter called to me.

"Hey, watch that old guy crap," I teased back. "I bet I can still take you in the pool," I challenged half serious, half just.

After swimming for a few minutes, we all sat on the back of the trucks drying in the sun. Peter and I talked swimming. It was his first Summer working on my crew. He had no idea I was a swimmer and had not connected the name with any school records. Ashland got to play ball, rotating amongst the guys, he especially liked the younger men, who all took a fondness to the old dog.


"He is really nice, and you should see him rock a swimsuit,". Kelly stood on the front deck of his sister's place telling her. He was still in his tight Lycra shorts, bare chested. His bulge was very pronounced, his sister noticed, but said nothing. Her brother was clearly excited and aroused. Most of all, she was happy that he had the courage to go meet the swimmer.

"What kind of swimsuit, give me all the details," Alice responded to her brother. His left hand adjusted his anatomy, his arousal growing in the Lycra shorts as the image he was about to describe popped in his head.

"Well, he was on his dock when I stopped, in this really tiny red design suit, like they wear at meets. He is so cute, I almost couldn't stand up." Kelly continued on, "then he turned around, and that was it. He really fills out a swimsuit nicely."

The two, brother and sister talked for twenty minutes, Kelly getting excited, animated and worked up. He loved wearing his Lycra gear, how it fit, looked and felt. He felt his hand along the smooth shorts, the tight feel teasing him. "Are you going to see him again?" Alice asked.

"I have to, I intentionally left my shirt on his deck chair," Kelly replied with a coy smile.

"Very smart," his sister replied truly impressed, "but I might have a better idea," she added.

"Oh yeah, sounds fun," Kelly replied as she filled him in.

"Plus maybe I will get to see him rock a Speedo!" Alice added.


"What is everyone wearing?" I texted a reply note

"Mostly shorts and swimsuits," came back the text reply. I wrestled with exactly what swimsuit to wear. I wasn't going to know anyone, so maybe a square cut or Funky Trunk print, I contemplated. Never board shorts, of course.

A few minutes later some unsolicited advice, "wear the same suit you swam in today. You look great in it." Was that my answer?

I stood looking through my options, trying several different ones on
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Old 08-17-2016, 12:40 AM
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Default 3: the cycling kit

Ashland jumped on the pontoon boat for the ride across the lake like most dogs, Ash loved adventures, especially ones that involved boat or truck rides. He hoped up in his favorite spot on the front lounge seat where he could enjoy the wind and an occasional splash. I climbed aboard with two bottles of wine, one red and one white and a tray of Shrimp. On the lake one was always prepared for impromptu events. Ashland looked puzzled at the whine of the hydraulic legs lowering the boat into the water. I started the 150 hp engine and gently backed from the dock, a westerly flow of waves arguing for a different direction. The day was still warm, 80. I looked down at myself, happy with my choice of swimwear, and hoping that it wasn't the suit from earlier would not disappoint.

"Let's go Ashland," I called out.

Ash barked the all clear and I pushed forward on the throttle. A Kenny Chesney song played as we headed southeast across and along the lake.

Ten minutes later I cut to headway speed as I approached the house. A wave runner and powerboat were tied to the 30 foot dock. It was going to be a tight fit in a tough current and shallow water. I cut to idle speed, turned the motor slightly against the current and nestled the boat in place. The hydraulic legs lifted the pontoons out of the water.

"I assumed Ashland was okay to tag along,". I said to Kelly.

"Not a doubt," he replied. Kelly wore lime green print jammers that fit him tighter than his Lycra shorts this morning. Over he had on a loose fitting white sports top with piping to match the shorts, it was strategically tucked in so it hung loose, but stayed high enough to display that he was very much male.

"Colorful and festive look," I complimented as we clasped hands, what happened next a bit of a surprise. Kelly pulled me in for a hug, not overly sensual, but a hug nonetheless. I was thrilled!

"Well, you didn't listen," he laughed referring to my choice of swimwear. "But, I love this swimsuit as much." I had picked out a Funky Trunks classic cut, slightly less than a square cut, but more conservative than a race brief.

"Thanks. I love these swimsuits, the feel great on and are ideal for this type of event," I replied.

"The way they are sewn in front is really interesting," Kelly referred to the pouch like stitching. "Let's go meet everyone." Ashland on his own was well ahead of us, luring food away from the softer touches.


A moderately long ride through the rolling hills of Aroostook county in the complete column, Sky dismounted his very high end Trek bicycle. After being in the saddle for 64 miles, some grueling climbs and a few close calls with farm dogs for whom guys clad in bright spandex kits on machines that whirled by were enigmas to be chased. His bright yellow, red and white cycling jersey clinger to him, soaked in the sweat generated by pushing the pace in the warm, humid heat. His matching white with red and yellow trim bib shorts, similarly damp, clung to his body, showing every feature of his rail thin, cycling structure. Sky loved the feel of his kits, even found them a bit erotic, and chose bib shorts over the more conventional shorts for the very reason of feel. Of course, they also offered flashier colors and designs. The pros far outweighed the con that on long rural rides where the roadside was also the outhouse, it was nearly impossible to easily pee while wearing them.

Alice liked the way Sky looked in his cycling gear, too. Alone, she would sometimes romantically tease him, watching him grow hard in them. The other con, in a hurry to get them off, Sky usually ended up getting off in them. Today, he had to settle for a hug and kiss. No show for the guests, those episodes were kept private. Probably best, after long rides his balls usually were not ready to do much else but enjoy not being squeezed by the supposedly anatomical seat.

"Good ride, sweet?" Asked Alice as she led her husband out to the lake, his bike rolling by hand across the grass.

"Crazy fun and a real ball buster," Sky replied. He meant it. Sky was a nickname for Cecil, his given name. "Who is the guy in the skimpy swimsuit?" Sky asked.

"Oh, that is Ryan, that guy who swims on the other side of the lake. Kelly met him and they hit it off. Isn't that great?" Alice replied.

"Yeah, good. He looks like a serious swimmer," Sky noted.

I noticed Sky right off. His cycling outfit was gorgeous, as was he in it. Except for the rare cycling group, you did not see that type of gear here. If a guy wore black spandex shorts, that was about as close as it came. I was one of the rare exception, although sky's bike was only in my dreams.

"Awesome kit," I said as I shook Sky's hand.

Sky filled us in on his ride, then proclaimed he needed to get a cold stout beer before changing. I was fine with that. Watching him in his tight, clinging spandex wrapper was worth enjoying for a while. Kelly and I joined him in the beer, and the view.
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Old 08-17-2016, 03:04 PM
a speedo minded guy a speedo minded guy is offline
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Interesting story beginnings. Please continue!!!
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Old 08-20-2016, 11:47 AM
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Great story. Where is this lake? I will go there NOW!
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Old 09-11-2016, 02:35 PM
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Default 4: Hot muffins

The morning came with a breezy start. Ashland was patiently waiting for me to wake up, watching attentively from the end of the bed. At my first movement he jumped on the bed to greet me. It was barely past six, a little later than my usual start. I rolled over and grabbed Ash’s head and we played a bit. He loved to wrestle with me in the morning, even if for a few seconds. I was still wearing the Funky Trunks I had on last night, a blue print that was bulging quite a bit this morning. I rubbed my hand along them. My mouth was dry, a side effect from that one too many glass of wine, but it had been a really nice night, especially the late night boat ride with just Kelly and me.

I looked out the French doors leading to the balcony overlooking the lake. There was quite a bit of chop on the lake, wind driven waves that would make the morning swim interesting and a bit of a challenge. “I hate waves,” I thought to myself as I stood up and slipped out of the Funky Trunks suit. I was hard and feeling very horny, massaging myself as I contemplated the morning swim. I love the look and feel of my Funkies, but for swimming my suits need to be more brief. I first grabbed an Arena print suit, black with splashes of golden orange across the front. I slipped it on and made the required adjustments. Today, however, I was feeling more frisky and daring, maybe just a little more ready to get some action. I thought about changing into something briefer, more daring and, frankly, something that really showed off my very aroused bulge. After considerable debate, I stayed in the Arena, it was a great feeling suit, and I loved the colors. The more daring suit could come later.

“Okay Ashland, Ryan has to go play swimmer now,” I said s I grabbed my bright swim cap and sun reflective goggles. Ashland looked at me like he understood, sanding back from the door. I reached out and patted his head. He smiled back, if a dog can smile. I headed out into the gusty wind. It was brisk, a cool 52 degrees. I waded out past the dock, slipping my cap on. I winced a bit as the crisp water hit my balls, my arousal quickly sucking back into my body. Goggles on, I counted down from three and dived in the water. The waves put up a good fight as I headed north along the eastern shore. I swallowed mouthfuls of unexpected waves, happy that the crisp water was both clear and relatively clean.

Kelly woke early. Similar to me, he was still wearing the board shorts he had slipped into before our moonlight boat ride, which were no tenting with his erection. He laid back on the bed and jacked off until he shot several good explosions inside the loose fitting shorts. Kelly laid back breathless as the rest of his eruptions seeped out more of his desire. It was nearly six, he slipped off the bed and quietly out of his room. The rest of the house was quiet. Kelly rinsed the shorts in hot water and then put them back on, now free of the mess he had made inside.

Outside on the deck, he looked across the lake, too far away to see if Ashland or I were awake, we were. By now I was into my swim. Kelly walked down to the water’s edge, the waves were blowing in strong. He contemplated the kayak, but decided it was too rough for an enjoyable ride. He stood on the shore and watched across the lake, wondering if he could see Ryan swimming or even if Ryan swam when the lake was like this. Kelly wondered what swimsuit Ryan had on, the thought of seeing him in his tiny swimsuit yesterday started to turn Kelly on. He rubbed his front as he pictured Ryan standing on the dock, nearly naked but for the small tight lycra material, his bulge showing off his manly attributes. Starting to get hard, again, Kelly decided to jump in the lake. The cool water did its magic as Kelly let the swells of wind driven waves splash against his chest.

“I am f..king glad that is over,” I thought to myself as I stood up in the onslaught of waves. My two mile swim had taken me about the same time as usual, but the swim back down the lake seemed like forever as I fought the force of the swells. It felt good to be standing, rather than jostling in the surf. I reached down and adjusted myself in the suit and slipped the tied drawstrings out, a carryover habit from my swim team days. I untied them and let them float in the water.

“You are totally crazy” a voice called out. I turned to see Richard, my closest neighbor, standing on his dock two hundred feel down the lake. “But then we already knew that,” he added. I started walking towards him.

“Yeah, I am,” I replied. “That or stupid,” I added.

“Lizzie just made some fresh blueberry muffins, want to come ashore and get some hot coffee and a fresh muffin?” Richard offered. Rick and Lizzie were longtime residents of the lake. He was a retired farm mechanic and she had been a school nurse. I didn’t really know their ages, but guessed them to be in their early 80s. Whatever, they both looked great, despite the struggles of life in Northern Maine. They were caring folks, totally accepting, and fun to chat with.

“Hey Lizzie, get us some muffins, and a big towel,” Rick called out. “I convinced Ryan to get out of that cold water.” He laughed.

I was dressed in just my swimsuit, quite a naked contrast to Rick in his jeans and flannel sort. The sun was fully up now, but the wind made it feel colder than the sixty the temp had raised to. “Oh my, Ryan, you must be cold,” Lizzie said as she came out, dutiful servant to her husband’s command. “You need more than a towel, let me get you a sweatshirt,” she added. She turned back to do just that, as I wrapped the towel around me.

“You swim the whole way?” Rick asked.

“Yes, sir, not a whole lot of fun.” I replied. “Pretty rough with the waves.”

“Well, that swimming is really good for you, keeps you young,” Rick continued.

Lizzie emerged with the sweatshirt, one of Rick’s old ones. “Here Ryan, put this on before you freeze to death,” she handed me the shirt. “You wear the cutest swimsuits, and you always have a different one on,” Lizzie added as she looked me up and down.

“Thanks, I do have a bunch of them,” I replied blushing a bit. The cold water had shrink everything down, so my suit was sporting hardly a bulge. The sun and hot coffee would take care of that. We sat and chatted for twenty minutes before I finally rose to head home. Lizzie equipped me with a plate of muffins for later and a few homemade cookies. Rick was a lucky guy to have such a sweet wife, I thought. They were a generation going by, replaced by a faster paced world.

Ashland ran to me as soon as he saw me emerge from the path between our homes. “Okay, buddy, I know… it’s time to play ball.”

“Good morning. Did u kayak today?” I texted Kelly. I snapped a picture of Ashland standing on the dock waiting to play. “Ashland wants u to come play,” I added, sending the picture.

“Tell Ashland I will come, but only if his dad wears a really hot swimsuit,” Kelly replied. “And no kayak today, too ruff.”

“Done deal on the swimsuit,” I replied. I was starting to fill out the wet suit. The warm sun and the excitement of seeing Kelly working together to bring back my maleness after the cold swim. The horny feeling of earlier was back, and the arousal was quickly following. It was a great feeling, and I actually liked the boner I was starting to show. “Maybe I will wear an Aussiebum,” I thought to myself. I grabbed Ash’s ball and threw it long, watching as the old dog ran like he was an adolescent. I rubbed my anatomy bulge as I waited for Ashland to come back, wondering how I would get Kelly out of those board shorts and into something that would look so much hotter on him. The image of him in a real swimsuit teased my body more.

It was going to be a fun day.
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Old 09-11-2016, 10:37 PM
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Great story!!! Thanks again!
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Old 09-12-2016, 04:01 AM
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Default 5: The road to Ogunquit

Peter was celebrating his 18th birthday. He and his girlfriend were going down to Ogunquit beach for a few days, he took them off from the farm. They both lied to their families about the plans, knowing their respective parents would never agree, even though she was 19 and in college and he was officially an adult. The only person who knew the truth was Peter's brother, who was 4 years older, a bit irresponsible, but a good source for alcohol. In a brief display of maturity he made Peter swear he would not drink and drive, as he loaded them with more beer and wine than two should drink in 3 days.

Peter had plans. He packed light. The shorts he wore now, a few shirts, one extra pair of board shorts, and six different Speedo suits. Peter kept his Speedo wearing limited to swim team, but outside the local pressure of his peers he planned to follow his heart. He knew lots of guys at Ogunquit wore brief cut suits. He also knew Alaina liked him in his. It was perfect. He got hard just thinking about it.

The drive was long, five hours, and very erotic. Under his cargo shorts, Peter wore a Speedo shards print brief with a prism print of colors. The suit fit snug, mostly because Peter was hard almost the whole time, causing his shorts to bulge between his legs. Alaina tried to control herself, but somewhere north of Watervile on interstate 95 south, Peter's sexy swimmer body and bulging shorts got the best of her. Primed by two beers and an elevated level of desire, Alaina reached over and ran her hand up Peter's leg, each pass getting closer and closer to the part of him she was most curious about. Peter was quickly rock hard, he shifted in the seat as his anatomy grew ever more aroused. He almost lost it when her hand finally stroked him between his lega and held his bulging crotch.

"Alaina, I'm driving,". Peter whined as he felt a trickle of release wet the tight fitting suit. His heart was beating fast.

"I can't help it, you are so cute," Alaina replied. "Maybe we can take a break,". She massaged him as she talked, feeling his hardness. Alaina could feel that whatever Peter was wearing under his shorts had him packed in tight.

"Alaina....,". Peter trailed off, finding it hard to keep his mind on the road. "You are making it hard to drive," Peter finished.

"What are you wearing under these?" she asked, tugging at his Khaki color shorts. "It feels pretty snug," she added as she finished her beer. Peter was not drinking, but he was enjoying that she was.

"It is a surprise," Peter answered. Another release of wetness as his body struggled against the tight suit. Peter had never gone all the way with a girl, life in Northern Maine was slower paced in that way. He was glad the shorts hid his boner packed swimsuit.

"I want to see," Alaina pleaded as she tried to slip her hand up his shorts, the beer making more loose and much more forward. Her fingers reached the lycra material encasing Peter's manhood. Inside his shorts she rubbed a finger along him, feeling the bit of wetness already soaked into the suit. Peter shuddered as her finger outlined him. He squeezed back with all his mite, his concentration hardly on the road.

"Oh no,". Peter blurted out.


After a hot shower and shave, i picked through my collection of Aussiebum suits, finally settling on an older yellow with green accent original. The yellow was just sheer enough to tease, but not transparent. It was a hot suit in its day, and still a favorite. The sides were narrow and the front a looser fit that really highlighted arousal. It made a bold statement.

"Wow, don't you look hot,". Kelly's voice broke me away from the Baldacci novel I was reading. Ashland barked and ran to get his ball.

"Hey, I was wondering if you were coming by,". I replied. As swimwear went it was quite a contrast, Kelly in orange and grey boardies that sat low on his hips, no shirt. I was in my yellow and green nylon suit that made very clear I was an aroused guy. "Cool shorts."

Kelly reached out his hand, but rather than shake he pulled me in for a hug, his free hanging manhood rubbing against my parts as we embraced. I felt him swell as we held each other. He and I were certainly not hiding our attraction.

"I have always been a board shorts guy, but you do make me like speedos," Kelly offered using speedo generically. His arousal made his shorts tent, which he was self consciously trying to tug down.

"I wear boardies more as shorts, but not as a swimsuit," I replied. "I guess because I grew up swimming I really love more form fitting suits" I knew my arousal was pretty obvious, and I enjoyed the feeling, too.

"I've never worn a speedo,". Kelly replied. "But you got the body for it."

"You are sweet," I replied, "but I think you are amazing cute. You rock those shorts and you would rock any swimsuit."

"You make me get hard, i mean very hard," Kelly replied. Based on his boardies he was not kidding.


Alaina felt it first, Peter jerked the wheel right, trying to maintain control of the Ford F 150 as it moved at 74 MPH. "Oh holy shit," peer screamed but it was too late. Alaina felt the giant surge of thrust as Peter nearly leaped out of his seat.

The first aurge was massive and youthfully powerful, "Oh fu-k," Peter screamed as he felt his balls pulsate and his erect cock shoot out a massive eruption, soaking Alaina's hand and the inside ofhis swimsuit and shorts. The second and third release was equally amazing, if only Peter could enjoy it, he was explosing sexual lust all while tryin to drive.

"Oh Baby..., ". Alaina cried. She held him with her fingers as thrust after thrust pulsated fom his crotch, shooting through the Speedo suit and aoaking her hand and his shorts with his creamy eruptions.

Peter managed to take the next exit, pulling far onto the shoulder. He leaned back in his seat as the most massive orgasm he had ever had continued. "Oh gawd Alaina," Peter breathlessly cries, "I am so aorry". Alaina unzipped his shorts as he laid back inthe seat, his body still releasing wet eruptions.

"It is okay sweetie,". Alaina replied. "Let's get you out of these wet shorts." She slowly pulled them down as Peter cooperated, revealing the sex soaked wet, but very colorful swimsuit. Peter was still very aroused as his erection held on. "Cute swimsuit," Alaina said softly as Peter's manly anatomy bulge came into view.

"I am soaked," Peter said softly.

"I love you," she whispered back. After a long kiss, a Speedo clad Peter started the truck, his wet khaki cargo shorts hanging on the back of her seat. It would not be the only stop they made, as Alaina popped another beer.
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