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Old 04-01-2016, 04:02 AM
SwimTeamSpeedo SwimTeamSpeedo is offline
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Default On the Lake

I am thinking about the next story as "Summer in the Band" comes to a close. I am going to venture back to a true story, maybe. Here is a teaser... let me know what you think.


I live on a lake. Well, not just any lake, I live on an amazing lake in the farthest points of Northern Maine, the place where I grew up, the place I call home. On this one particular day in July, several years back, I woke for my usual swim. Up here, the sun rises early which means by 5am I can be in the water. I jumped from my bed and slipped into my favorite swimsuit of the time, a sweet fitting splice Nike racer brief. The sky was clear and the lake was like glass, as it often is this early. I glanced out the huge picture window from my master bedroom suite and smiled. A loon couple swam directly out from the waterfront, as they always did, creatures of habit. I stood there in my swimsuit, untied, examining the start of another glorious Summer day.

I bounded out the door, a quick pee from the deck, a strange ritual I had, something about peeing in the open, I guess. I headed out, goggles and my bright orange swim cap in hand, clad in just my swimsuit in the warm 62 degree air (at least warm on Northern Maine standards). The water was a welcoming 68(f) degrees as I waded in, passing the pontoon boat docked. On the edge of the drop off, the crisp blue water chest deep, I stood and fiddled with my googles, a ritual of wetting them and then placing them on exactly right, the straps riding high on the back of my head. Finally, the swim cap came over, a fit like squeezing yourself into a condom, but this one for the other head. The lake was quiet, peaceful. It was just me and the water. I did my last prep, tying the strings of my swimsuit, a weird tradition I carried over from my days as a young swimmer, Tying in was my final act before any big meet. My brain’s signal that it was show time.

There is something about a couple mile swim early in the day in a peaceful lake that grounds you. Watching the sun start its journey across your world, each day a fresh new adventure. In the water, I feel free, clad in the skimpiest of swimsuits, feeling the power of my own body to propel me across the expanse of crystal clear lake. I am blessed to have a lake that is so clean, so pure you could actually drink the water. This morning was perfect, as I swam as one in touch with the water. On these swims, I always feel so alive, so masculine, so aroused. A cute guy in a kayak passed me, heading the opposite way as I made my journey. He was close, enough that I could see the teeth of his smile. He had on blue shirt, featured muscular arms and wavy black hair. I don’t know how, but I felt a connection. A surge of desire ran though me. I thought about him the rest of my swim.

I loved the end of my swim best. The feeling of accomplishment never grew old. I swam hard as I passed the pine log cabin marking the final half mile. I pushed hard to the finish, watching as the pontoon boat came back into sight, making my shoreline turn and heading in to more shallow water. The sun was now high in the sky, the lake was coming alive. The usual guy in his green fishing boat was already out in the deeper water, catching dinner in his dreams. I stood in the clear water on the rocky bottom and grabbed my lake shoes from the back deck of the pontoon boat, right where I had left them. I was oblivious to anything or anyone around me, except for the water, the shore and a warm cup of coffee waiting for me. I made my way out of the lake, up onto the rocky crest of the shore.

“That was quite a swim,” a voice called out, a deep and very handsome voice. I turned to see a very cute guy in a kayak smiling back at me. I smiled back, the surge of a connection again pulsating through me, which but for the cold water of the lake might have made my swimsuit bulge a bit too much.

“Thanks,” I replied. “I didn’t realize you were there…” I trailed off. It was a really great morning, and just maybe it had gotten even better.

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Old 04-01-2016, 11:39 AM
solarguy solarguy is offline
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That's a great start! Quite simply put, you have a nice, easy writing style. It's easy to follow and a pleasure to read. Thanks!
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Old 04-02-2016, 11:25 PM
James James is offline
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Default cool

lakes must be nice
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Old 04-03-2016, 07:39 PM
Bikiniman Bikiniman is offline
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Default New Story is off to a great start

I truly enjoy reading your stories! Your previous stories have something for everyone, gay straight, male and female. I hope your new Lake series continues that theme by adding some females into the mix and possibly adding some Bi positions to the flow.

In any case I look forward to your new installments.
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Old 05-28-2016, 03:22 PM
michaelian49 michaelian49 is offline
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Default Lakefront Beach

I went to college in the western part of Kentucky, aka the Bible belt. There is a large recreational area near our college with several beaches. One warm spring afternoon I decided to go up to one of the beaches alone and sunbathe. I had on one of my 1.5" aussiebum suits under my jeans. I drove up and walked down to the beach. There were several people there and I happened to pick a spot not too far from a middle aged couple both appeared to be sleeping on their blanket. I spread out my blanket, kicked off my shoes and was removing my jeans when the woman looked up at me. She saw my tiny aussiebums reached over shook her husband and said There's one of them lets move. The henpecked husband collected their things and moved to the other side of the beach. I know she was referring to me as being gay due to my attire. I still laugh about it today showing how narrow minded some people can be.
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Old 08-14-2016, 10:42 PM
SwimTeamSpeedo SwimTeamSpeedo is offline
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Default Chapter 1: The meeting

The sun was now high in the eastern sky, soaking the cloudless sky in boundless sunshine, which accentuated the waves in the lake with glittering reflections. The red and yellow kayak was pulled up to the edge of the dock, the guy in it wore sport style sunglasses. He had ruffled, wavy black hair, the kind that looked like it was screaming for my hand to run through it. I was feeling urges that had been dormant for quite a while, as I stood looking at the cute guy in the kayak. I was wearing a red and black print Tyr suit with two inch sides and a clingy lycra that showed all when wet, which I was.
I walked back out to the end of the dock. The movement helped ease the urges inside my suit. “Great morning for a swim or kayak ride,” I said rather awkwardly.

“Yeah, fantastic,” he replied. “I was watching you swim, you swim pretty far,” Up closed he was even cuter than from afar, with an infectious smile that made you feel warm inside. He seemed kind hearted and very polite. I guessed his age at 35, a very good looking 35 with boyish features and a youthful sparkle.

“Just over two miles today,” I replied. “I love swimming in the lake, especially this time of the year when the water feels warm. My name is Ryan, by the way.” I bent down to shake hands.

“Hi Ryan,” he replied. “I’m Kelly. Nice to meet you.”

“You from around here?” I asked.

“Sort of,” he replied. “My sister has a house on the west side of the lake, so I come up here quite a bit, but actually I work down in Portland. What about you?”

“Except for college swimming and a few years after, this is my life. I farm potatoes and live right here,” I replied. “Just me, my partner of eight years left a couple years ago for the bright lights of the big city.” I added, not really sure why. I immediately thought that was stupid.

“A farmer, that is so cool,” came the reply. “I’m a pharmacist, not nearly as interesting or wholesome as what you do,”

“I don’t know about that, but thanks” I replied. I am usually a pretty confident guy about wearing my swimsuits, but for some reason I was feeling a little naked standing there chatting, partly because I knew I was getting hard. Not like my younger days when a cute guy would make me boing instantly, those days were gone, but it had been a long time since I had a boner erupt while wearing a swimsuit. Of course, the clingy, damp lycra made it all that much more obvious. I could not see what he had on except for the very tight medium blue polyester jersey he was wearing, it clung to his upper body showing his muscles in his arms. I think the cute smile, tight short, and his sweet personality were getting the best of me. I tried to adjust casually as we talked, hoping he was not picking up on my aroused state. He was.

“Well, I probably should get back to my kayaking,” he suggested after we chatted a few more minutes. Now was my chance, I thought to myself. Either let him go or see if I could make this something greater than a chance acquaintance. Clearly he was interested, or else he would not have stopped. My gaydar was telling me he was gay.

“Hey, usually I sit on the deck and have some coffee after my swims. I mean, I understand interrupting a workout, but you are welcome to join me, if you want? I asked rather than stated.

“That sounds great,” he replied. He paddled the kayak to shallow water and climbed out. He was more cute than I thought, wearing lycra blue shorts with white trim, perfectly matching his blue shirt. They were not as long as cycle shorts, and lacked the padding. They clung to his body almost as tight as my swimsuit, and he was sporting a nice bulge of his own. I guessed by the outline that he was uncut, somewhat aroused, a very well equipped.


“Usually I just stay in my swimsuit, but I think I will run up and change,” I suggested.

“Don’t be silly,” he replied. “I wish I looked as fit as you, the swimsuit is fine…. Perfect actually,” Kelly added.

“You are too kind,” I replied. “Let me go get that coffee.”

Two cups of coffee, some fresh made blueberry muffins, and two big glasses of water served, we sat and looked out at the lake. A pair of Loons were swimming about 500 feet off shore. “I love the Loons,” he said. “So majestic.”

“Yeah, me too.” I replied, sitting directly across from Kelly.

“So you live here year round, must be amazing to see the lake through the seasons.” Kelly asked.

“Yeah, it gets pretty quiet in winter, once hunting season ends. Except for the dog sled race.” I replied.

“How late in the fall do you swim?” Kelly asked.

“On a good year, I can get into October, I shoot for Columbus day, but don’t always make it that far.” I replied. “It gets cold fast after August. A few times I swam when it was really too cold, took my balls a week to show back up,” I laughed.

“Sure screws up the look of you In a Speedo,” he replied. We both laughed. “It is getting warm,” Kelly shifted the subject. With that he pulled off the tight fitting shirt to reveal his bare chest. He had a small spatter of hair between his breasts, his upper muscles well defined, and he was fit with a small amount of weight just above his waistband. “Those clingy shirts are great for kayaking, but they get hot pretty quick,” he added.

“Would you like to see the rest of the place?” I asked.

“I’d love that,” Kelly replied.


“I didn’t realize you had a dog,” Kelly said as Ashland, my nine year old Golden Retriever came out to great us inside the lake facing great room “What a nice boy, you are,” Kelly said as he bent down to pet the lumbering old guy.

“Yeah, he is a sweetheart,” I replied. “He is getting older and pretty much stays inside, except if I tell him we can play ball.” Ashland heard ball and let out a playful bark.

“ I see what you mean,” Kelly laughed. “Your house is gorgeous,” he added.

“It has been a work in progress, but I loved the hand built stone fireplace so I overlooked a lot of the repairs the old place needed when I bought it. I am almost done, but you will see that there are few things left to work on.” I bought the house 15 years prior, an old log cabin that had been neglected for years. It had good bones, but was outdated and ready for some loving care. “Took two years before I could actually live in it,” I added.

“Well, you have been doing a nice job with it,” Kelly complimented.

I showed Kelly the guest suite, which also faced the lake and had its own bath. “This would be your room, if you ever stay here,” I teased. Kelly smiled at me, a warm smile that told me we were making a deeper connection.

“I’d love to stay here sometime,” he replied. He reached out and touched my shoulder as he said it. We both smiled and looked at each other for a brief moment, but long enough for each of us to feel a tingle of desire.

We ventured out to the deck after the brief tour. “So that’s my story,” I stated as we stood on the deck.

“I’m glad I stopped by, Ryan,” Kelly replied. Ashland came out with us and Kelly found an old tennis ball in the grass as we walked to the dock. He threw it for Ashland, who bounded after it with the enthusiasm of a dog much younger than his years.

“You just made a friend forever,” I laughed. “He will insist you come back and play ball.”

“I’d love to come back, Ashland,” Kelly said, petting his shoulder. With that Kelly climbed back into his kayak. It was an awkward moment, as I think we both wondered if this was a beginning or an end.

“I swim every morning,” I said. “Feel free to come for coffee again,”

“And to check out the hot guy in the Speedo,” Kelly added.

The kayak and the cute guy headed back across the lake, his blue shirt still hanging over a chair on the deck.

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Old 08-14-2016, 11:43 PM
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Default More!

Please give us more - great setup, STS.
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Old 08-15-2016, 12:00 AM
solarguy solarguy is offline
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Another great story!!!!! WooHoo!!!
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Old 08-15-2016, 11:34 AM
singletlover singletlover is offline
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As a lycra lover, thanks for the vivid description for Kelly
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Old 08-15-2016, 07:08 PM
Lap Counter Lap Counter is offline
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Default Need an editor

I think I caught you in an error.
What suit were you wearing
"a sweet fitting splice Nike racer brief."
"a red and black print Tyr suit with two inch sides"

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