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Old 01-16-2015, 02:19 PM
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Default Speedos vs the World (Short Story Collection)

Hi guys!

I've recently started a tumblr (http://speedosvstheworld.tumblr.com) and have been writing some stories. I'm very intrigued by guys who are wearing speedos in situations where speedos aren't necessarily the norm. Hence, the theme 'Speedos vs the World'.

I typically queue a short story to be posted everyday, and I would really appreciate feedback on them.
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Old 01-16-2015, 02:20 PM
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Story: Beach Club Promotion

Jake and his friends always loved hanging out at the beach and chilling at beach bars and clubs… When his friends heard of the promotion for the new beach club, they knew they had to take advantage of it. All they had to do was convince their friend, Jake, that it was a speedos-only party.

Jake was very psyched to hear that his friends had invited him to a special beach club opening. His friends had always been really cool and he would absolutely love to spend the day at the beach with them. The only downside was that he had to wear a pair of speedos as it was a speedos-themed party. He was shy about wearing his speedos as they are really tiny but he knew that it wouldn’t be a big deal since everyone would be in speedos as well…

But on the day of the event, he was shocked to find himself being the only speedo-clad person amongst his two friends! As it turns out, it wasn’t a speedo-only party… It was just an opening day at the beach club where there is a promotion: “Bring a friend in speedos and enter for free!”

His two friends got to enter the beach club for free because of Jake but Jake still had to pay as he didn’t bring a friend who was dressed in speedos… Plus he couldn’t change into his clothes without leaving the party as he had to leave his streetwear with the concierge as part of the promotion.

Poor Jake… He’ll just have to make do with all the stares and sexy growls that people made when they walked by him at the beach club.
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Old 01-16-2015, 02:21 PM
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Story: Calling the Shots

Tony and Stanley had been friendly rivals since young. When Stanley received a huge promotion at work, he immediately called up Tony to brag about his new executive post and the large salary it entails…

"Tony… With my huge salary, I could buy anything I want. I could even buy you the yacht that you’ve always dreamt of owning."

"Stop rubbing it in… It’s going to take me forever to save up enough to get one," moaned Tony. He had always dreamed of owning a yacht but with a new baby on the way… It would probably take him years to save up enough to get a boat.

"In fact, just to rub it in! I’m going to offer to give you a free yacht! Since you’ve been such a loser in life!" Stanley gently ribbed Tony. They had always been great friends despite their rivalry and buying a yacht for Tony seemed like a good way to fulfill Tony’s dream while getting the bragging rights for it.

"Oh man, Stanley… I would finally be a captain of a boat!" beamed Tony.

"Yes, and you’ll finally be able to call the shots in your life! While I get to call the shots at work all the time!"


And call the shots, Tony did! On the day Tony received the yacht, he held a party on deck and invited Stanley to be a part of the festivities. But he had one trick up his sleeve.

Just as Stanley was about to board the yacht for the party, Tony went up to thank him for the yacht and to pass him a gift of his own.

"Stanley! Thanks for the boat and here’s a gift that I got you to say thanks."

It was a striped speedo with black, yellow and blue colors. Stanley looked at them incredulously. “What are these for man? I wouldn’t be caught dead in them.”

"Well, you’ve got to wear them to get on the yacht. It’s your personalised dress code."

"But they look ridiculous… I’ll look silly in them!"

"It’s like you said… This yacht is my only chance at calling the shots at life and as captain I demand that you wear them on deck." Tony grinned. It was so satisfying for Tony to imagine Stanley, now a rich executive, being forced to wear something so tiny and ridiculous on the boat that he gifted him.

Begrudgingly, Stanley shed his clothes to put on that tiny speedo. It was the first time he had to wear a pair of speedos. It was small but it was curiously comfortable… As the party went on, Stanley begun to feel less self-conscious about his speedos and just enjoyed goofing around with Tony. They even took many photos to celebrate their friendship and the only place where Tony could call the shots.

The next day at work, Stanley received yet another gift from Tony… It was a framed picture of the two of them hanging out on the boat - Tony in his yellow shorts and Stanley in that pair of striped speedos. Stanley smiled and placed the picture frame on his desk.

Stanley never wore shorts to the beach or on Tony’s yacht again… It was strictly just that pair of speedos.

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Old 01-16-2015, 07:33 PM
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Story: Surprise Beach Party

Eddie's birthday was coming up and Chris was determined to throw an epic birthday party for him. Chris first met Eddie when they were both freshmen who joined the university swim team in the same year. Training was tough, and the two of them frequently leaned on one another for support. Spending so much time with one another in tiny collegiate speedos inevitably bonded those two like brothers.

During the weekends, they would often head to the beach for a game of volleyball or a quick swim. But Eddie was always modest and never wore his speedos to the beach for these getaways. Chris was determined to change that and he planned the party around that idea.


On the day of Eddie's birthday, swim team training was still scheduled. He had wanted to meet Chris for a lunch to celebrate his birthday but Chris had blew him off saying that he already made plans. All alone, Eddie went to the locker room early to change into his speedos. He had intended to do a few laps before training started. However, the locker room was eerily quiet and none of his other teammates were around. Regardless, he changed into his blue speedos and stepped out into the pool.

"SURPRISE!" yelled his entire swim team as they burst out from behind the bleachers. They were all dressed in casual beach attire with Chris standing in the middle of them with a small cupcake in hand.

"You didn't think we would forget your birthday right? We have a picnic planned for you at the beach. Let's go!"

Eddie grinned. Chris came through after all. "Alright, let me go change before I join you guys."

"There isn't time. The bus is waiting for us outside the pool right now. We have to go!"


"Hurry!" Chris and a few of the team grabbed Eddie and marched him out of the swimming pool complex and into the bus. Eddie felt so exposed to be leaving the pool in just his blue speedos. He wasn't ashamed of his body but he was just shy that other beachgoers would see him in his small speedos.

Chris's party was going according to plan. When the bus pulled up to the beach, Eddie got out and was the only one at the beach in speedos. He was so far out of his comfort zone. But he was determined to have a good time since it was his birthday. Eventually after a few drinks, Eddie loosened up and began to enjoy his new freedom on the beach. He was doing cartwheels and talking to girls at the beach, having the time of his life.

All in all, Eddie was really glad that Chris had pushed him out of his comfort zone. Being at the beach in a pair of speedos was really liberating. Now he just has to figure out a way to get Chris back for this prank.
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Old 01-17-2015, 06:33 PM
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Story: Family Tradition

Bernard was the second brother of four in the Fluox household. He has an elder brother named Alistair, who is 22, and two younger brothers named Cory (20) and David (17). Bernard is really close to his brothers and they share many similarities, such as their love for the beach.

Alistair was the trendsetter of the bunch. Once, he came home with a buzzcut due to shoddy skills from the salon, and it inspired the rest of his brothers to get matching buzzcuts. With the idolisation from his brothers, he had grown to become a confident man.

The Fluox brothers had always worn big dorky boardshorts to the beach during their weekends. On Alistair’s 21st birthday, they went surfing. But the strong currents swept away his boardshorts and left him in just his pair of speedos. His brothers offered to help him find his boardies but Alistair refused. He was confident of himself and didn’t need those shorts to hide his masculinity. He brushed them off and continued to enjoy the surfs that day… setting a trend for his younger brothers to follow.

Bernard had long admired Alistair’s courage. Seeing Alistair’s carefree joy as he swam in the waves in nothing but his speedos was inspiring. His brother’s blue and yellow speedo had small sides and was attracted lots of attention from girls. On a few occasions, Bernard had picked out a nice speedo to wear underneath his boardshorts, intending to shed them to join his brother. But he had always chickened out. But today is different.

It was Bernard’s 21st birthday and his brothers had intended to celebrate the day at the beach. Bernard had chosen a pair of loose black sungas to wear under his boardshorts. It was the most modest pair of speedos he could find, and he was determined to slowly ease himself into it. But once he was at the beach, he was having second thoughts… What if he gets a boner at the beach in the black sungas? What if anyone from school saw him?

"Are you joining us?" yelled Alistair, who was having a game of frisbee amongst the waves with his other brothers. Alistair was wearing a slim pair of blue speedos with yellow accents on them.

"Just a minute!" Bernard replied, fumbling around in his bag pretending to stall for time to pluck up enough courage to shed his boardshorts.

Abandoning the game, Alistair walked up to Bernard to talk to him. “I know just what you’re looking for…” Alistair reached into his own bag and pulled out a pair of blue speedos. They were brand-new and came in the size 30 - which was exactly Bernard’s size.

"What’s this?"

"I knew you’ve always wanted to join me in wearing speedos at the beach. But I figured that you probably don’t have a suitable pair. I picked this up today for you. Go and change in the toilet and hand me your boardshorts when you’re done."

Bernard’s mouth was agape. He was pleasantly surprised that his brother got him this gift. He went to the cubicle and put on the pair of speedos. It was tight on him and fit him like a glove… It was much better than the loose pair of black sungas that he had brought. Feeling much more confident, he deposited his boardshorts and black sungas in the trash before rejoining Alistair.

"Where’s the pair of boardshorts?"

Bernard grinned, “I threw them away. I have no use for them anymore.” Despite wearing so little, Bernard never felt more comfortable in his life. The way the fabric contours and supports his body made him feel really manly.

"Wow. That’s great to hear. But we have dinner plans at the beach steakhouse later… And you didn’t bring any other pair of shorts to wear."

"Well, Alistair. You should join me in wearing just speedos! It will be a new tradition for Cory and David."

And that’s exactly what they did. Alistair and Bernard wore only speedos to dinner at the steakhouse while everyone else in the diner were in assorted beachwear and shorts. But Bernard basked in the new-found attention and most certainly enjoyed his 21st birthday. Everyone complimented him on how the blue color of the speedos made his skin tone look really good.

Now, he just can’t wait till Cory’s 21st birthday next year. Since Cory loved wearing his pair of red and white floral boardshorts, Bernard is thinking that he should be given a pair of red speedos with white prints… Soon, there will be another speedo guy joining the family…
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Old 01-18-2015, 12:54 AM
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Thumbs up


I like the theme of your stories as well as the humor you've put into them. While each of the stories focus on speedos in some way or other, for me, the fact that they are in no way graphic in a sexual sense, is a big plus. They're fun to read and written in a really light style. Thanks for sharing them.

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Old 01-18-2015, 04:50 PM
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Thanks D67! I don't quite like stories that are too sexual in nature either... Look out for the upcoming one on a Halloween theme (if I recall correctly).
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Old 01-18-2015, 06:51 PM
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Story: Supergirl and Aquaman

Keenan has been in a committed relationship with his girlfriend, Katie for several years. They first met at a costume party where Katie was dressed as Black Widow while Keenan was in a Hawkeye costume. They immediately hit it off with their common love for superhero comics and became inseparable by the end of the night. One thing led to another and before long, they entered a relationship.

Every year, Halloween was a major milestone for them. They always make it a point to dress in a matching outfit for festivities... Napping them several prizes for best costumes. Storm and Black Panther... Wonder Woman and Batman... But this year it was a little bit different.

Keenan had always had a huge fantasy crush on Supergirl. Something about how Supergirl embodies the perfect girl to date. He's always fantasized about dressing up as Superman and Supergirl with Katie... Just the thought of Katie all decked out in the Supergirl costume brings a huge grin to his face. He decided that this would be the year that this fantasy comes true.

When Keenan approached Katie about the idea, she acted all reluctant. Only after much convincing, she agreed to dressing as Supergirl... on the condition that she gets to pick Keenan's costume. She was in reality okay with dressing as Supergirl, but she figured that this was an opportune time to fulfill her own fantasy of seeing Keenan in a speedo!

She refused to reveal the costume she had picked out for Keenan as she knew that he would definitely back out. Keenan had been a firm believer of boardshorts, and worn them during all their trips to the beach. Keenan always had knee-height tan lines after long summer vacations. Katie was determined to turn Keenan around. Katie had picked out a pair of aqua blue speedos with sequins on them. She intends to pass them off as an 'Aquaman' costume... Keenan would be too distracted by her Supergirl outfit to protest going to the Halloween party.

Just before the Halloween party, Keenan met Katie at her apartment to change into their costumes. When Katie revealed the 'Aquaman' costume to Keenan, he blushed into a deep shade of red. The brief pair of speedos was the smallest thing he had ever worn... He had always been a boxers kind of guy. But a deal was a deal. If he backed out now, Katie wouldn't go to the party as Supergirl and... certainly it was worth it?

Katie looked stunning in the Supergirl costume. Her brown hair really complimented the outfit even though the comic character was a blonde. Reluctantly, Keenan slipped off his clothes and put on his aquamarine speedos and assumed the identity of 'Aquaman'! It was tight-fitting, especially around the crotch but it really provided him with support that no boxer could. While his junk is mildly exposed, he rationalised that it was okay as Katie's cleavage was also slightly accentuated by her Supergirl top. Keenan was going to put on a pair of shorts while he drove to the party, but Katie quickly convinced him otherwise. If Katie had to wear her costume in full to the party, then so should he! But she consented and said she would bring his belongings to the car so that he could change on the way back. While Keenan was making his necessary tucks and adjustments, Katie quietly packed away Keenan's clothes in her room... She's going to feast her eye's on Keenan's sexy body for as long as she can!

Leaving Katie's apartment as just 'Aquaman', Keenan felt really self-conscious. Every slight gust of wind in the air was felt all over his body. Not to mention... the autumn weather wasn't too warm. His nipples were hard before he even entered the car. On route to the party, Katie made it a point to wave and say 'Hi' to nearby cars, which mortified Keenan. He was so worried that they would notice him in his 'Aquaman' costume... and indeed, his suspicions were founded.

At the party, apart from some initial sexual remarks tossed at him, Keenan blended right into the crowd with the eclectic mix of costumes. He also grew more comfortable with his costume, and began to really consider wearing speedos to the recreational pool during his next visit. The outfit was also paying off for him, gaining him more attention from Katie than usual. Her gentle touch left a tingling and lingering sensation on his bare body... leading him to crave for more. Before long, the night was over and Keenan was ready to send Katie back home.

Keenan was about to change into his street clothes, when he realised that his bag wasn't in his car. Katie had a mischievous grin on her face. She pulled on a hoodie and hopped into the passenger seat, waiting for Keenan to get in next to her. Realizing that this is all a set-up, Keenan got into the car, and grinned.

"I really enjoyed tonight. I might really consider wearing speedos to the pool next time. Can you help me get a pair?"

Katie smiled. She knew just the pair to get him: a brief red pair of speedos with 2 inch sides. She can only imagine how irresistable Keenan would look in them. She closed her eyes and leaned in for a kiss... But instead, she felt Keenan unzipping and removing her hoodie.

"If I have to head to your house in costume, then so should you!"
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Old 01-20-2015, 02:33 PM
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Story: Cancun Speedos

I’ve always worn boardshorts to the beach my whole life. Since young, my parents always dressed me conservatively in shorts at the beach. My friends were also firm believers of boardshorts. Beaches are for fun and games afterall, not for serious swimming. It’s not that I was against speedos. I’ve been a competitive swimmer since I was 15, and have always worn speedos for training sessions.

Speedos are for serious swimming. The way they contour around your body, reduces drag and significantly reduces speed. I would never dream of wearing boardshorts to the pool, and likewise I would never ever wear speedos at the beach. Or so, that’s what I thought.

It was a lovely Saturday and the beaches at Cancun were insanely crowded. I’ve traveled here with my friends on Spring Break, looking to rest my soul and reconnect with this group of friends who I have been neglecting since I’ve started university. They’re one of my oldest friends, and my best friend Marcus was amongst them.

Marcus was pretty much the polar opposite of it. While I had always been into sports such as swimming and soccer, Marcus was always more of an artist… being involved in the orchestra and design club. Due to our different interests, we have been drifting apart as of late and this Cancun trip would be a great opportunity for us to reestablish old bonds.

Right off the bat, we were heading to the beach on the first day. I pulled on my black pair of speedos and a pair of linen shorts. I brought a pair of black with yellow side boardshorts to change into when we got to the beach. I just didn’t like how the material of boardshorts felt on my thighs, and did not want to hike all the way to the beach in them. They also looked out of place. They were meant for fun at the beach… Not walking long distances from the resort to the beach.

We stopped for a small meal at a local diner before heading to the beach. During the meal, Marcus was oddly silent while our two other friends, Darius and Tommy, were speaking really loudly and over one another. It was evident that they were all excited for the trip but yet Marcus seemed reserved. When the conversation died down, I asked Marcus about what’s been bothering him.

"I forgot to pack my boardies, man… I don’t think I can join you guys at the beach."

Marcus had on a pair of denim shorts. Those definitely can’t be worn as a substitute to the water. It’ll take days to dry and it’s going to chaff and cause rashes.

"Don’t worry man, I’ll bring you to get some boardies at the beach. I’m sure there are shops there. They might be expensive, but let’s just take a look after this meal."

So while our two friends frolicked in the ocean, I followed Marcus along the stretch of beach looking for swimwear. There were many shops littering the beachfront and most had an assortment of swimwear for men, ranging from thongs, speedos to boardshorts. The boardshort designs were really classic and made of pretty good material but they were really exorbitant as they catered to tourists. Marcus didn’t bring enough money on him to afford them. On the other hand, speedos were a steal as they were the swimwear of choice amongst locals. With the amount of money he had, he could easily get two pairs of speedos.

I dug through the pile of speedos and pulled out a couple pairs of them for Marcus to look at. “Speedos are really nice too… I wear them during swim training and they are more comfortable than you would imagine, The fabric is good and dries easily… plus you could get two pairs so you can wear them alternately.”

"I don’t know if I could pull it off though…"

I passed Marcus a black pair. “You can’t go wrong with black. It’s a classic color, and you can definitely wear them at pools back home.”

"Well… I usually just wear shorts to the recreational pool. Most guys don’t wear them at the pool anyways."

"If I had to pick one for myself, I would pick a more funky pair since we’re on vacation. This pair looks nice! The print is fun and screams positivity…" I held out a pair of orange speedos with swirls of white all over it. "Or there is a version with black swirls too…"

"Well, I don’t know how comfortable I would be with wearing them since no one else at the beach is wearing speedos."

Marcus had a point. I looked around me but couldn’t spot a single person wearing speedos. They were mostly tourists in shorts and boardies. Even Darius and Tommy were sporting boardies. I’ve always said that Marcus is my best friend and I would do anything for him. Now is time to prove it with my actions.

"You could borrow my boardshorts. I’m wearing a speedo under my shorts right now, that way we could all have fun in the water." After saying it, I felt a tinge of anxiety over me… I’ve never worn my speedos to a beach before. Not to mention, as Marcus had pointed out, no one else was wearing speedos.

"Wow! Juan! You’re a great friend! Are you sure you would be okay with it?"

"Definitely." The beaming look that Marcus had on his face was worth it.

We headed back to our section of the beach where our friends were and I took out my boardshorts for him. Marcus emerged from the changing room with a very happy look on his face. The shorts fit him perfectly. They were slightly tight on me to begin with but looked just right for him.

"You’re a 28?"

"Yeah Juan… they fit me really well. Thanks! You’re a life savior." Marcus did a spin for me. "Shall we head to the sea?"

Bracing myself, I pulled off my linen shorts and felt self-conscious immediately… my black speedos were on display for the whole world to see!

"You look good, Juan! Only you can pull them off!"

I smiled. I’m shy and felt exposed but the smile on Marcus’s face told me that I made the right choice. “Just promise me you would try on a pair of speedos the next time so I wouldn’t have to bail you out again!”

"Only if you can catch me!" Marcus yelled as he made a dash for the ocean. I chased him on foot and began to close the gap. Once we hit the water, my speedos gave me a distinct advantage and I caught up to him. I dunked him several times in the water and we wrestled and laughed. We took many pictures that day, and it was only the first day of a week long vacation!

As the days go by, I was increasingly more confident of wearing my speedos at the beach, while loaning Marcus my boardshorts. Only one other time did we see another guy wearing speedos - a pair of white speedos that turned sheer… It was hardly a sight that I wanted to be associated with as a fellow speedo wearer. On the last day, we were scheduled to hit the beach again but Marcus had a little surprise for me.

"Remember how I said I would try on a pair of speedos if you could catch me?" I nodded. It was just a joke and I had no intention of holding Marcus to it. Unless…

"I went back to the store and bought a pair of speedos. The orange one with black swirl prints." Marcus unzipped his denim shorts to reveal his orange speedos. They looked really good on him and fitted him like a glove. "And… as a thank you… I got you the matching one with the white swirl prints that you seemed to like. You should wear them to the beach with me."

I was stoked! I changed out of my black speedos and pulled them on. They were tighter than my black pair and I had to wriggle my way into them.

"I hope they fit… The lady told me that since we were size 28 shorts that we should get size 26 speedos to get a better fit. They can’t be too baggy or something… And she doesn’t allow exchanges."

"I’m actually a size 30, so these are a little tighter than what I’m used to…" Marcus instantly looked chestfallen. "… but they feel really good and I like them!"

Marcus grinned, “Great! Then let’s hit the beach.”

My junk was well-outlined by the pair of tight speedos and I felt more self-conscious than I did previously. I guess it was a good thing that I had several days of de-sensitization with the black speedos or I would not have the courage to wear them in public. I reached out to grab my linen shorts but Marcus stopped me. “I’m worried I would chicken out at the beach and just wear my shorts into the water. So I was thinking of just wearing the speedos to the beach… What do you think?”

I winced. The beach was at least 200 metres away and that’s two blocks away from the resort. Passerbys would definitely notice my crotch in my speedos. “Alright…” Marcus happily pulled off his shorts and left them in my room. We met Darius and Tommy at the lobby and gave them a huge laugh. It must have certainly been a sight to see Juan and Marcus in matching orange speedos. After giving Marcus several high-fives, they immediately began to draw attention towards my tight speedos. Darius was just pointing and laughing while Tommy was commenting on how I had probably stuffed a sock under there. But all this ribbing was in good fun and I just took it like a good sport.

It was our final day at the beach, so we decided to play a beach soccer game with a wager. It was Marcus and I against Darius and Tommy. If our two friends lost, we would pick out a pair of speedos and they would wear them out whenever our group went to the beach. But if Marcus and I lost, we would have to wear these matching speedos every time we went to the beach. Despite our speedo speed advantage in the water, we ended in a tie… which meant that while Darius and Tommy would become speedo converts too, I still had to continue wearing these tight orange speedos. Darius and Tommy were complaining about the wager and the tie but Marcus grinned broadly and was enjoying the shenanigans. Somehow, I believe Marcus tied the game on purpose…

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A year later, we were back at Cancun. Marcus and I have been waiting for Darius and Tommy to come out of the changing room. Marcus had on his orange speedos but looked way better than a year before. It was obvious that he had been working on his tan. I was dressed in the matching orange speedos with white swirls, all-too-conscious about the tightness of the speedo. I haven’t worn them since our last trip, and I had bulked up over the year.

"So how did you find wearing speedos to be like? I see you have been tanning in them?" I ventured a conversation with Marcus.

"Well… to be completely honest. I have been wanting to try them on since a few years back. I just needed some encouragement."

"So last year… it was all planned?" Somehow, I expected this…

Marcus looked at me with a glint of mischief in his eyes. “Hurry up!” beckoned Marcus. Darius and Tommy had been in the changing room for ages, changing into the speedos that we got them. Darius emerged first in a pair of white speedos with red panels on the side. He was really confident of himself and started to flex his muscles in a bid to show-off. Marcus had suggested a pair of white-based speedos to complement Darius’s dark and toned body. Tommy then came out of the changing room, blushing in a deep shade of red. His hands were blocking the front of his burgundy red speedos, which ironically matched his embarrassed face.

In a soft voice, Tommy asked, “I can’t get it to go down…” Examining the problem, the three of us burst into laughter. So much for joking about my tight speedos last year! “It’s nothing some cold ocean water can’t fix!” With that, we raced each other into the ocean and enjoyed the sandy beaches of Cancun once again. But this time, as a gang of speedo converts!
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