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Old 11-16-2014, 11:19 PM
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This story is turning out so well combining swimming with music. The characters are so well developed that you begin to feel that you know so much about them even though you've really just met them. This is the first time that I've come across a negative character in Len in all of the stories that you've posted and you've drawn him very well. I'm very interested in seeing how he turns out as the story progresses. Again, the dialogue is so realistic for the age of the folks in the story. I guess winter is beginning to set in because you're writing more frequently. Keep going.

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Old 11-17-2014, 12:12 AM
solarguy solarguy is offline
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This is another great story from you STS! I've been patiently waiting for you to be inspired to write another one! Thanks!!
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Old 11-17-2014, 11:50 PM
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Default intermission

I am traveling for several days selling the virtues of Maine potatoes. I'll be back posting the next chapters soon.....

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Old 11-17-2014, 11:57 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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stick a potato in your Speedo and you will have a good-looking package!
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Old 11-18-2014, 10:44 PM
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Maybe I would use an Idaho potato for that, but a Maine pototo deserves to be enjoyed as a gourmet food.
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Old 11-21-2014, 01:56 AM
SwimTeamSpeedo SwimTeamSpeedo is offline
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Default Part 5

“That’s odd,” Chris thought as he got back to his room. “I swear I hung that up in the closet,” as he looked at the blue swimsuit draped over the back of the desk chair. Alex’s attention to detail was clearly not well developed. Chris picked up the suit, which was still damp from the washing Alex had given it. Chris was even more perplexed, he was sure the suit was dry when he left in the morning. “Oh well,” he thought. “Must have moved it or something.”

Chris was alone in the room, Alex had not come back yet from practice. Patrick and he had gone to the music store on campus to get some reeds for his oboe. Chris was glad to be alone. He quickly slipped out of his board shorts and exchanged them for the team suit Sheri had given him. It was a custom made swimsuit with the Agon Swim A logo on the right side. Chris liked Agon suits, they had a more narrow and sleek fit, sitting lower on his legs and across his front. The sides were probably two inches at most. The suit was a true race cut, nice and tight. Chris smiled as he admired himself in the mirror on the door. He walked to the far side of the room, tossed his shirt off and threw it on his bed. Now bare-chested, his smooth and muscular chest and abs on display and he in just the swimsuit, Chris turned to check himself out in the mirror from a distance. The suit looked as sweet as it fit. He admired how his bulge looked, sculptured and masculine. Chris secretly liked showing off in tight and daring swimsuits, a view he shared with nobody, well almost nobody. He had confided with Ryan back home on swim team once, after Ryan admitted that he really liked wearing team swimsuits.

Voices outside the door quickly grew loud and the door opened. Patrick and Alex came in, caught off guard by the near naked Chris standing in front of them. “Hey,” Alex said in a somewhat startled fashion. Chris wasn’t doing anything like what Alex had been doing earlier, it was just that the two were not ready for such a display of the male body.

“Hey guys,” Chris replied matter of fact. He did not miss a beat, in fact he felt not awkward at all. As a swimmer he was frequently in just a small swimsuit. No big deal, at least to him. A big deal for the two guys before him, taking in all he had to show.

“You going swimming again?” Alex asked.

“No, Sheri gave me this swimsuit at lunch, just trying it on. It’s from the swim team here.” Chris replied. “Pretty cool,” he added.

“Wow,” Patrick replied. “That is a really nice swimsuit, she must really like you.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Chris replied. “Any way, just wanted to see how it looked. She wants me to wear it for her tomorrow.”

“I’d say it looks dashing,” Alex replied.

“Dashing?” Patrick said, partly teasing. “I have never heard the word dashing.”

“Dude, it is like handsome,” Alex replied.

“Oh, the man is dashing,” Patrick teased back, saying it with a bit of accent, mocking Alex.

Chris smirked as he grabbed his board shorts and started to change back into them. The guys watched, more like gawked, as Chris got changed in front of them. He was every bit as hot in the swimsuit as Patrick had pictured earlier. Patrick said nothing to Alex, and Alex said nothing back about the interest each secretly had in Chris. For now, their orientation remained a mystery.


“Hey good looking,” Sheri said as Chris walked into the pool the next morning. He was wearing the swim team suit she had given him. Just as she knew it would, it fit him like a very tight glove, tighter even the tightest of Speedo suits on most guys, letting her enjoy the sensual view of his male attributes. “Damn he has a cute package,” she thought to herself. For the last three days, all she could think about was what he must look like without the swimsuit. Sheri really liked guys, but Chris was an absolute turn on for her. The passion was shared. “I like your swimsuit,” she smiled.

“Thanks, it fits great. I really appreciate it,” Chris replied. Something about Sheri made Chris get instantly turned on every time he saw or thought about her, and once again he started to swell inside the suit. The erect state came on fast and furious, even greater than yesterday. Chris had never had feelings like this for a girl. To be sure, he had been attracted to girls, but he almost never got a boner over just the sight of a cute girl, and certainly never in his swimsuits, where he had no way to conceal it. Well, almost never. He had had it happen a few times. For some reason, however, with Sheri it was different. While he would usually feel awkward if he erupted a raging bulge, he really didn’t mind it as much with Sheri. In some odd way, he liked that his attraction to her showed, and she sure seemed to enjoy it. He just didn’t want to lose control, and he was really feeling desires that could take him right to that point.

“You look just like you belong on the swim team,” Sheri answered back. “One more reason why you should come to college here.”

“Maybe,” Chris replied. “I need to get swimming,” he added as he jumped in the water. Truth be told, he just needed the cold water. He slid his hand down and adjusted himself inside the suit, flipping his position up, the tucking of his erection needed some relief. Luckily, the water quickly eased his situation, but his anatomy was still tingling with desire. A feeling he had rarely felt before.


“We finish today at 2, I was thinking maybe we could do something fun, if you are free,” Chris asked Sheri after his swim. He eyes were on his swimsuit clad crotch. Not missing a thing, she noted that this time he was pointing up, his manhood perfectly outlined before her eyes, right down to the smoothness of his uncut foreskin. She had never seen a guy who was not circumcised, but he clearly did not have the usual band at the end of himself.

“Oh, um, yeah,” she replied, realizing she was mesmerized by his mid section. “What time?” she asked.

“Stop looking at my swimsuit,” Chris teased with a smile. “Two o clock.”

Blushing she replied. “Sorry, um, can’t help it. Yeah two is great. How about we find a private place to lay out in the sun.” she suggested. “Maybe a beach or something. I got a car.”

“Perfect,” Chris replied. “You pick. I can meet you here.”

“Okay, see you then,” she answered. She reached out and grabbed his arm, pulling him toward her. His swimsuit clad body coming closer and closer. “This is for a good practice today,” she added and she planted a kiss on his face. They broke apart and then Chris took her into his arm, still damp from the pool and they kissed deeply for several seconds. It was a hot, passionate kiss, full of youthful lust. The kind that makes a girl tingle and guy fill with sexual urge. The kiss was magical as was evident by the way his anatomy was smashing against the tightly tied waistband of extremely packed swimsuit. His bulge was huge and the urges between his legs intense. Her sensations were not as outwardly visible, but she was feeling them nonetheless.

“I better get changed,” Chris whispered, stepping back. He was hard as a rock and getting more stimulated by the second. Realizing he was about to lose all control, he quickly exited. It was another mad dash to the locker room. This time, he barely got inside and did not get the suit untied quite fast enough. “Damn,” he said as he felt his body take control. “Why does she do this to me,” he wondered aloud, finally slipping off the swimsuit. The warm shower felt good rinsing over him as he waited for his body to calm down.


Len was still mad at the world, and most particularly at Chris. He made no bones about his hatred, not just dislike, for Chris. “Let me make this clear,” Len told Chris in no uncertain terms. “I am better than you and one day soon, when you least expect it, I am going to kick your a--.” What Len did not realize is that Chris would not be intimidated, in fact the threats just charged Chris up more.

“Len, I have no desire to fight with you. I think you are a very good musician, equally as good as me, I hoped we could get along. Your choice.” Chris replied.

“F--- you,” Len replied.

“Well, that did not go well,” Chris thought to himself. The rest of the guys watched in total shock.

“Maybe you should just stick to swimming and Speedos,” Len continued to egg Chris on. “Yeah, that’s right. I see you at the pool parading around in your skimpy swimsuits. What are you, gay or something?” Len added. Chris was perplexed about how Len saw him, but he did not ask.

“Len, I am not gay, but so what if I was. It would be my business and not yours,” Chris replied. “Now lets just get ready for our trip, okay.”

“Shut up,” Len replied.

“Thank you, Len,” Chris answered, deciding to stop the useless exchange. Len was fuming, right on the cusp of slugging Chris, clearly for no reason.

“Let’s get started. Came the call from the director. “Today we start with Pictures, and we will play all the way through,” the director instructed. “Play like it is a concert,” he added. “Chris, are you ready?”

Len was beat red. He slammed down his trumpet and walked off the stage. The band was stunned, at least most of them. The director was not.

“Let’s begin,” came the command.

The performance was perfect. In fact, it was beyond perfect. “Give yourself applause, today you have become a band!” the director beamed with pride.

Len never returned.
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Old 11-22-2014, 12:42 AM
a speedo minded guy a speedo minded guy is offline
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Default Another wonderful chapter!!

Your writing just keeps getting better and better. Glad you were able to find the ability to write after your last story. Please keep up the great work.
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Old 11-22-2014, 01:07 AM
Dooley67 Dooley67 is offline
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Thumbs up


I'm so intrigued by the character of Len who is written as a despicable person who is very egocentric and has a nasty tongue. I'm intrigued because to my knowledge he is the first character I've come across in your stories who is not a decent person. And you've given him his comeuppance in three words - "Len never returned." You disposed of him in fine form. You've also created the character of Chris to be strong, self assured, confident, talented, and easily smitten by a sexy, confident girl. This has been such an interesting story so far with all the subplots and lots for the reader to think about. I'm really enjoying it - thanks.

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Old 11-22-2014, 01:42 PM
SwimTeamSpeedo SwimTeamSpeedo is offline
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Default Part 6

“If you think he is cute here, you should see him at the pool,” Alice said two Sarah, the flute player next to her as the two admired Chris’s body. The band was on a twenty minute break and the two adorable young ladies ogled over Chris as he chatted with the trumpet guys. The two girls were from just north of Washington, DC. Like Chris, they were between high school and college, both just a few weeks over 18, and very good friends. Alice was taller and brown hair, long that ran down to he middle back. She looked younger than her age. Sarah, was shorted, and a bit on the fuller framed side. Her face was round, wrapped in a short camel blonde page boy type cut. Despite her slightly overweight size, she was a really sweet looking “girl” and had a fun personality. She was the more mischievous and the more sexually charged of the two.

“At the pool, don’t even tell me, does he wear one of those show all skimpy swimsuits?” Sarah replied.

“Oh yes, and it does show everything,” Alice replied. “Yesterday he had on a white one, and it really did show everything.”

“OMG,” Sarah replied.

“Yeah, he is really cute looking at the pool, and by how his swimsuits fit, he’s got a big one,” Alice teased.

“Stop it,” Sarah responded. “How do you see him at the pool.”

“Well, he is there when I go swimming in the morning. He then finishes and he flirts with the lifeguard.”

“Does he know you are there?”

“I don’t think so, if he does he does not say anything. I think he is more interested in the lifeguard.” Alice answered.

“Is the lifeguard cute? She is a she right? I mean I hope he is not gay. All the really cute guys are gay.” Sarah rambled on with her questions.

“Well, she is not as cute as us. And if how big his bulge gets when he talks to her says anything, I don’t think he’s gay.” Alice replied. “I mean you can tell he likes her. Really likes her.”

“I’d die to just have one night with him,” Sarah replied. “One hot and steamy night.”

“Yup, I’d sure make that bulge huge!” Alice replied. The two girls laughed.

“That’s my secret goal, to get Chris in bed by the end of the trip.” Sarah proclaimed. Alice blushed.


Chris raced to his room after practice, which ended fifteen minutes later than planned. He had texted Sheri as soon as they finished. He flew through the door, ripping off his shorts as he entered the room. He flipped open his luggage and pulled out his collection of swimsuits he had packed from the trip. He had twelve swimsuits in the bag, all of them his favorites, had picked from his collection of almost fifty swimsuits back home. He pulled out his absolute favorite, and English Bulldog Turbo suit. He slipped it on and quickly tied the strings. He threw back on his cargo shorts, grabbed a clean shirt, and threw on a splash of his Polo cologne for good measure. His hair looked jostled, which was his trademark look. He stopped by the shower room and quickly brushed his teeth, avoiding dribbling tooth paste on his clean shirt. In about three minutes he was heading back out the main door.

It was the second to last day before they departed to Amsterdam. Not much time to seal a relationship, but Chris intended to give it his best shot. He ran across the campus toward the pool.

“Hey, Chris, where are you going?” Patrick yelled out, Patrick and Alex were heading back to the dorm.

“Got a date with Sheri,” Chris replied back. Patrick looked at Alex.

“Have fun,” Alex yelled back. Chris was long past them.

“Sorry I am late,” a slightly out of breath Chris said to Sheri.

“Not your fault, just glad you could still make it,” Sheri said as she embraced him and the two kissed. “I got you a towel, knew you’d forget that, most guys do,” she continued.

“Oh crap, yeah. I am so stupid.” Chris replied.

“No, just a guy,” she added with a tease. “Mind on other things. I like the cologne”

“Thanks,” Chris replied, blushing.

Sheri’s car turned out to be a handed down, used Ford F150 pick up truck. It was about ten years old, but in great shape. An odd contrast to her being a cute and very feminine girl. The back had a bumper sticker that read “Silly boys, trucks are for girls.” Chris laughed when he saw it. “Cool truck,” Chris said. It was a deep burgundy color, a few scuffs, but nothing major. The bed had a black bed liner and dual door trunk fixture right behind the cab. While not an extended cab, it did have two jump seats in the cab. A fake loon hung from the mirror.

“How about you drive,” Sheri said as she tossed Chris the keys. She could read that he loved trucks, which he was making obvious. Like any good Maine guy, two things turned him on, cute girls and hot trucks. The two of them together was nirvana.

“You sure,” he replied.

“Yeah, that was I can tease you more,” she answered. He smirked at her with his boyish grin. He looked so cute and innocent. She wondered if he had ever had sex before. Not that she wanted to do that on this date, but she just wondered. “Hey, you did wear a Speedo, right?” she asked.

“A guy never tells.” he teased back. “You’ll just have to wait and see.” They both jumped in the truck and headed off campus, Chris unintentionally breaking the band rules about leaving without permission.


“Look at all the swimsuits,” Alex said to Patrick as they sat in the dorm room contemplating what to do with the free afternoon. They had planned to hang with Chris, but he was obviously out of the plans now. The usually organized Chris was in such a rush that he had left his swimsuit collection sprawled out over the top of his opened suitcase. His shirt was tossed on the floor, and his boxer briefs swapped for the Turbo swimsuit were laying on his desk chair. Alex tossed the shirt from the floor over the boxer briefs. “Must have been in a hurry.”

“There must be a dozen of them,” Patrick replied, referring back to the swimsuits. “I only brought a few pair of board shorts.”

“Yeah, me too.” Alex replied. He reached down and pulled up several of the swimsuits from the luggage.

“Dude, what are you doing, you shouldn’t be going through his luggage.”

“I’m not, shut up. They were on top. He left them there.” Alex replied. “I am just looking.” Alex held up a Turbo Team USA swim brief. “Dude, that’s one small swimsuit, can you imagine wearing that?”

“Maybe,” Patrick replied. “I mean I am not sure I’d have the courage, but it does look like it would be fun.” Patrick added, shocking himself as the words came out of his mouth. “I mean, don’t you think swimmers look cool when you see at the Olympics?”

Alex tossed the swimsuit to Patrick. “Seriously, man, hold that thing. There is not much to it. I can’t believe my roommate wears stuff that small in public.”

“Dude, he’s clearly a swimmer. Look at his body. If I looked like him I’d wear this swimsuit.” Patrick replied. “I mean I bet he looks awesome.”

Alex was laying all the rest of the suits out on the bed. Attentive to detail, he made sure they were all laid flat, displaying the front side of each. He then took them and grouped them by brands. “Give me that one,” he ordered Patrick, who was holding the suit up in front of his mid section imagining how he’d look in it. Alex laid the Team USA Turbo out next to the rest of the Turbo suits. “I wonder what he had on now,” Alex said out loud.

“Don’t forget this one,” Patrick tossed the college team swimsuit to Alex. It was still wet, having just been pulled from Chris’s swim bag and hung up to dry on the door knob. Alex laid it next to the one other suit that had the A logo on it. It was a team suit from Chris’s high school team.

“Which one is your favorite?” Alex asked Patrick. The two guys stood back and admired the collection. All laid out, there were actually thirteen suits. With the one Chris was wearing, he had fourteen in all. It was an eclectic collection of colors and prints, especially the Turbo’s with their bold prints.
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Old 11-22-2014, 01:42 PM
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Default 6 continued

Rather than go to the ocean beach, Sheri opted to take the two of them to a smaller lake at a nearby state park. The beach there was less crowded and she liked lakes better, anyway. She was sure they would have more privacy. As they pulled in there was only two other cars in the lot. Families really didn’t come here because there were no facilities. Instead it as a favorite of triathletes and open water swimmers, who used the shallow lake to train. The other two cars were just that, two open water swimmers who were swimming the perimeter of the small lake, about a two mile loop. The water was still cool, probably mid sixties, but by mid summer it would get toasty warm.

“This good?” Sheri asked. They were both feeling awkward, now that they were out of their element of the pool. Chris actually wished he had brought shorts, he felt like being in just his Turbo swimsuit was over the top.

“Yeah, this is perfect,” Chris replied.

Sheri stripped off her shorts at the truck and pulled her top off. Quickly, Chris’s feeling of being too naked vanished, replaced by fears of other problems. Sheri stood before him in the skimpiest swimsuit he had ever seen on a girl. The bottom was not much more than a band of red that ran between her legs and her top was a similar “less is more” look of red bands that just covered the most critical parts of her chest. The swimsuit had to be barely legal, Chris thought to himself. She looked stunning, erotic and stimulating all at the same time. Chris’s parts tingled.

“You like?” Sheri asked as she modeled the swimsuit.

“Um, yeah, I love it,” Chris replied.

“I usually never wear this except in private, but….” she never finished the sentence. Her point was made. She was being totally honest. She had debated wearing it all day, even putting it one and off three times. In her bag she had a back up suit, just in case. Like Chris, she was worried she was over the top.

Chris pulled off his cargo shorts right in front of her to reveal the bulldog print of his Turbo swimsuit. He stood before her, his crotch bulging with stimulation. “I love this swimsuit,” he said.

“Me too,” Sheri replied. “And he red in yours matched the red in mine.”

“What little red there is,” Chris thought with regard to both. “I am going to check out the lake,” he proclaimed. He grabbed their bags and headed toward the beach, the two attractive young bodies walking side by side were quite a pleasurable sight.


“I like the Brasil one” Patrick said as he reached and picked it up. “The colors are cool.” Patrick held the suit up in front of both of them.

“I don’t know, I kind of like this one best,” Alex answered, picking out a Speedo Vortex print of orange and black. “I like the bright orange color against the black.” He held the bold colored print in his hands.

“How do guys fit everything in these?” Patrick asked. “I mean there is not much room. Have you ever seen Chris in his swimsuit?”

“Yeah, he just smashes it all in there and it seems to work. Trust me, if he can fit his stuff in we all can.” Alex replied. “Try yours on,” Alex encouraged Patrick.

“No way, dude. I am not going to put on some other guys stuff without him knowing it. You can, but not me.” Patrick was emphatic in his reply. “Plus, didn’t you already wear that blue one?” Patrick added, pointing to the suit laying on the bed.

“Yeah, you should try it. Who is going to know. Just put it one and then take it back off.” Alex encouraged him. Alex had every intention of trying out the Speedo suit. He wanted to see Patrick in one, too. “Look, Chris is on a date, he will never know.”

“I don’t know, man,” Patrick replied. He was softening his stance. He was very curious. He put the Brasil suit down and started fondling some of the others. “These are pretty small, you know that?” he asked. “Plus, I am like a 34 waist. These are way smaller. Damn, Chris is really small, he looks so big.”

“It is all the muscles.” Alex replied. You should see him naked. He is jacked!” Alex replied. As he talked he was slipping off his clothes. Patrick watched as Alex got naked. Alex slipped the suit over his feet, pulling it up his legs. When he got to his waist, he tucked his parts inside and adjusted them, The bulge was like a mound tucked just outside from between his legs, his anatomy positioned down. He tied the strings.

“Wow, you look hot in that suit,” Patrick replied. “Holy cow, dude you should get a suit like that.” Patrick admired Alex’s body in just the tiny suit. Patrick was quickly getting turned on, his own parts growing inside his jeans. “You are really turning me on,” he blurted out. It was the first open confession of his attraction and orientation.

Alex did not flinch at the outward statement of affection. He was also growing excited, which was becoming quite obvious in the orange and black print Speedo. Alex laid down on the bed, his legs spread open slightly. He rubbed his hand down and across the swimsuit. Patrick sat next to him. One ting started leading to another.


The sun was warm, a nice contrast to the cold water. Sheri and Chris finally walked out of the lake. They sat side by side on the blanket Sheri had laid out on the beach. Chris had his legs bet at the knees and rested his arms on the tops of his knees. Sheri say crossed legged next to him, facing him. They watched as one of the distance swimmers also emerged from the water, clad tightly in a wet suit. He was a tall and lean swimmer, older, probably in his late thirties, they guessed. He nodded to them as emerged. He stood in the shallows of the lake and pealed himself out of the tight Quintana Roo suit. It was quite a process, as he slide the suit down to his waist and then fought the grip it had on his legs. Once free, he rinsed the suit in the water and headed to his car. He was as muscular as Chris, and was wearing a red and blue Tyr swimsuit. He was the last of the distance swimmers to finish. As his car rumbled off, the two laid back on the blanket, enjoying that they had the whole beach and the lake to themselves.

Chris closed his eyes, Sheri’s hand rested on his upper leg. He nestled his hand against her side. It was not long before she began to explore his leg, upward with her hand. He returned the touch, rubbing his hand across her abdomen. “You drive me wild,” she whispered.

“Not as much as you do to me,” he replied. Both of them were rapidly filling with desire. Chris was displaying his desire clearly inside the bulldog swimsuit. He had never had this much urge to “do it” with a girl before. She was the same. The two virgins continued to push their own boundaries. It was just the beginning of a wonderful afternoon of new frontiers.

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