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Old 10-07-2014, 06:12 AM
swim suit eddie swim suit eddie is offline
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Smile Halloween costume at men's swim club

Our swim club celebrated Halloween at the pool, we were all dressed in nautical attire, like King Neptune and various other water themed costumes. I was there with a very close friend of mine. both of us were members of the club. I was wearing pink colored speedo briefs with lipstick and makeup. My friend wore a light colored blue woman's one piece water polo swim suit with a blonde wig. He looked great in that swim suit. He was in really good shape, being in his late 20's. After the party, most of the guys changed out of their costumes, showered and left the club. I got my pink speedo off, then went to shower, when my young friend was still in His water polo swim suit. He had taken off the wig and makeup and wanted to wear it under his street clothes, since, he did'nt go in the pool, enjoying the soft snug feeling of the ladies swim suit. I was just in a bath towel. I said he had to take off the swim suit and take his shower now. He giggled like a school boy, saying he wasn't taking it off and not going into the shower. We were the only ones left in the locker room area. I said in jester,I'll strip it off and get you into the shower. He answered " I,m not taking this swim suit off, so you'll have to get it off. As We were like bothers and grew up together, him being a few years younger,being very childish at times, I said I will get him naked and into the showers. Then I brought out a pair of baggy boxer shorts telling him that he will wear the boxers as underwear after his shower. I must admit, He looked so sexy in that ladies swim suit, fitting so well, even the other guys in the club said he looked good wearing it. We then stood looking at one another out side the shower, when He gave me a big hug and became very sexually aroused. His full erection was well out lined,with the water polo suit, fitting very snug in his lowers. I slowly turned him around, as he pouted and giggled in a child like manner. I was now getting turned on. He squirming a lot as I slowly started opening the long back zipper. He was enjoying having me peel off the snug ladies swim suit. This was some thing unusual for me, but I was having fun doing it. The crackling sound of zipper coming down, His playful squirming and boyish pleading not to to take it off, had us both very aroused. We did n't intend to have any sexual action together, but he seemed to be reenacting his childhood days and wearing that swim suit had him quite turned on. I managed to get the back zipper opened, trying to hold him still as he faced the tiled shower wall. We hugged one another again. I turned him around again, facing me, slowly tugging it off his shoulders, then trying to free His arms as He would cover his well out lined erection. He made a few more boyish pleas for Me not to take it off. With arms and shoulders bare, I began firmly pulling and tugging the clinging one piece swim suit off his upper torso. He would cross His legs like a woman as I worked the tight blue suit down to his waist. His upper body was very firm as I uncovered more and more of him. He really looked hot, with the dangling unzipped upper half and His excited penis and behind still snug in blue. I reminded him that that Halloween was over and once I get this ladies water polo swim suit off, Into the shower, He goes. Now the hard part, He still didn't want to give it up, He loved the feel of the tight material pressing in crotch. His kept his legs still crossed and tried stopping the swim suit from slipping below his waist, but to no avail,I had it down to his crotch and began unsnugging His full erection as He still resisted, yet enjoying the feel of My warm hands working the last bit of tight nylon off his lower privates That swim suit was really snug on him, especially between his legs. He was getting such a sensation as the leg bands slowly slipped away from his groin and pulled free of his balls. He let one last yelp as I finally peeled it down to his ankles. Now He was ready for His shower. We showered, then changed into boxer shorts for underwear. We both had a lot of fun,wondering what a woman feels, wearing and getting one of those water polo swim suits on and off. He certainly enjoyed wearing it and the other guys in the club would have liked wearing a woman's one piece water polo swim suit, my self included. It was fun for both of us getting it off him, that's what he wanted me to do. It was a good way to end a swim club Halloween custom party.
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Old 10-18-2016, 02:21 AM
swim suit eddie swim suit eddie is offline
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Red face Another special Halloween costumed happening.

A few years after my college Halloween costumed swim party, I was invited to another Halloween costume party with fellow college graduates. My medical appointments and checkup schedules over lapped with many Halloween adult events. I went to an earlier costume party dressed as a superhero of no specific character. I wore a long sleeve silver colored leotard with a long back zipper, white tights and white micro fiber briefs underneath. I also had a yellow cape with yellow booties and a white stretch belt around my waist. It was a great afternoon party, but I had to report to the doctors for my required job annual physical later that afternoon. I had a change of clothes and underwear with me, boxers, baggy jeans and shirt to wear home after my physical. I really enjoyed being dressed up for Halloween and my superhero leotards felt so snug and secure and got many compliments how cute I looked in them. When arriving at the doctor's office,I was greeted by the lovely receptionist, who also complimented my outfit. After finishing the paperwork, I sat a while, waiting to be called in by the nurse, as there no more patients waiting to be called in by the nurse after me. I did have some anxieties and also wondering if I'll have to undress completely then being groped and poked by the doctor, when told by the receptionist I will be examined by a female doctor and she will be very through. The snug warm feeling of those leotard and tights had me somewhat aroused, hoping she might let me keep them on. Soon my name was called by the nurse and It looked like I was the last patient for the day, as she escorted me into the large examination room. I was sitting on the exam table when the lady doctor entered, seeing my decent shaped superhero costumed body. The lady doctor introduced herself, asking a lot of medical questions, while smiling and admiring how sexy I looked in my superhero outfit. As she left the room, the doctor told the nurse to have me all undressed and gowned for my physical exam. The nurse then returned to the exam room telling me that all my superhero costume will have to come off, now smiling like a cat that caught her prey, with me pouting not wanting to fully undress then closing the large privacy curtain surrounding me. She the gently guided me off the exam table, noticing my full erection outlined under the leotards. I was blushing now, when the nurse said, "being those leotard and tights are so snug, I'll help you out of them". Now being sexually excited, I asked if I could keep part of my costume on while being examined, she answered, sorry everything comes off before your physical is started. Now I was seated on the exam table when my yellow booties were taken off, then the yellow cape was untied and removed, now I was helped off the exam table, standing while surrounded by the large privacy curtain, she now unfastened the white stretch belt, quickly separating and dropping to the floor, as I let out a childish yelp. The lovely nurse gave another big smile,at the same time telling me to hold still again, while I would squirm, blush, cross my legs and try covering my outlined erect penis snug and secure under under both leotard, tights and clinging white microfiber briefs. I did react like a little about to loose his favorite soft, tight and warm security blanket. I pleaded again to stay in leotard and tights during my exam, but to no avail, while she slowly began unzipping the silver colored leotard, I could hear the stubborn long back zipper being pulled down my squirming back, as she would say again in a nice voice"hold still now , so get your outfit and whatever your wearing underneath all off." Firmly, she continued pulling the stubborn zipper down, slowly unzipping and opening the back of the clinging leotard. I began feeling a chill on my back and hearing the sound of the long back zipper being opened. "unzzipp", now my leotard was unzipped and opened. The nurse then gave me a gentle swat on my behind well encased in the leotard and tights, when I pleaded again , to no avail, she would turn me around facing her then peeling the clinging silver colored sleeves from both my arms, then stripping it down to my lower waist. I couldn't believe, I was loosing my superhero leotards and will soon be naked for her and the woman doctor. I kept my legs squeezed tightly, as the nurse would pull the still clinging leotard out my crotch,then I let out a boyish like yelp, feeling the soft warm silver nylon slip out of my excited privates, still encased in the white tights and briefs. A few more pulls she had the leotard down my legs and then freeing it from my now kicking feet. The feeling was sensational, with her getting the first layer of my superhero costume off. "step out of it" she said guiding my feet and ankles from the tangled leotard, then answering my pleas for the tights, seeing my erect penis still snug and well outlined in the tights and undies "all off, tights and undies too." She reached under the waist band of the tights to start pulling them down, when the doctor came back into the exam room to see if I was ready yet. I blushed some more with the doctor seeing me now only in white tights and clinging briefs showing my very excited genitals well encased in the tights. The nurse was about to start pulling my tights down next, when I pleaded again to her and doctor to let me stay in my white tights, but to no avail, when the doctor would say "sorry, but everything comes off, so we can give you a full physical exam. The nurse would continue smiling, while slowly peeling the warm clinging tights down, then giving several gentle, getting them unsnugged from my crotch, as I continued playfully resisting them coming off. I felt another tickling sensation when the white tights soon slid free from my male privates, then feeling the the white nylon being peeled down my legs and freed from wiggling ankles and feet. While still in the last piece of my superhero costume, the tight white colored microfiber briefs well wedgied in my rear buns and keeping my very erect penis still snug and secure. The doctor then told her nurse" once those undies off him, you can start the preliminaries for his physical. The lovely nurse gave me another big smile, saying "your'e almost ready, Halloween is over for you, don't be ashamed about being erect with us, as this is a normal happening for a young man when getting his physical and especially wearing such a sexy superhero Halloween costume. Soon, I would be naked, as she peeled the clinging briefs down below my waist, slowly coming down and off like a speedo swimsuit. She would gently stretch the clinging briefs from my erection, slipping free from them, then turning me around while getting my buns and behind unwedgied from the soft tickling undies that felt so beautiful, while still putting up my last playful resistance, squirming and blushing with my now naked body, bouncing fully erect penis and bare behind. It was over and my medical plight began with the nurse weighing my naked body, blood pressure taken and both height and much to my surprise, the length of my fully erect penis was measured, then the doctor took over, gently probing and groping my naked body, then feeling my genitals and finally the feared DRE and finally my physical exam was completed, getting a good bill of health despite my childish resisting not wanting to take off my superhero leotards, so the nurse joyfully stripped them off me and a slow process too, then helping the doctor give me a complete physical exam. I was soon allowed to get dressed again in my boxers and loose street clothes and left the doctor's office, missed wearing my Halloween superhero leotard and tights. It was a long, but a good Halloween day in all.
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