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Old 10-16-2020, 06:12 AM
bestrsgoldfast bestrsgoldfast is offline
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Default Who don't even play Madden anyways

Usually if this is posted on gambling subs every year that the articles get a few thousand likes, mostly from Madden 21 coins individuals who don't even play Madden anyways. Even the ones that do if they're swayed not to purchase madden are a few thousand. Redditors make not even a fraction of Maddens sales, the people who buy it every year are not on reddit.Just purchase the game used. That way they don't make it off.I wish they'd more variety..like I am a certified hip hop mind and adore what it means for our civilization and individuals but god damn do I get tired of hearing the identical shit.

I miss the alternate rock/pop / heavy metal showcased in the Madden games.It's designed to appeal to a particular group of people. On Madden 19 I had like every tune turned off anyhow Pusha T and Jay stone. I got sick of this at some point and just turned off all songs. Now they for the most part just have fresh style rap songs. Some stone thrown in could be cool, or even some older songs like 2k does. I'm pretty certain KRS 1 is on 2k20.I'd like to listen to some soft rock or something. Not just generally,

I just mean in general culture..you hear rap such as 24/7. My favorites audio tracks were from NFS Underground and NFL Street series. They had a great mix of rock and rap.I'm so happy he is getting vulnerability. Everyone I have played with his music with has loved it.Madden 2002 obtained the GOAT soundtrack. Only three tunes but it's Black Star and Pharaoh Monch.Yo im happy tokyo is getting a little more exposure dude doesnt overlook, been following him for a year now and I dont believe hes made a tune I didnt love.

One of the things I enjoyed about the older Madden soundtrack was the diversity in songs.Yungblud is trash there is no need for him in Madden bruh.Always appreciate how cheap Mut 21 coins throws some bones to the indie folk every year.Wow that's brief, just 18 songs.

How are they gonna have a match soundtrack with only enjoy an hour worth of music onto it, these tunes gonna all get rancid within like a week of playing the sport.Damn blackbear really blowing this year. Can't believe his path is really on a Madden trailer tbh.
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