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Old 04-27-2022, 02:02 PM
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Red face 2 speedo hunks enjoying in the pool....

"That whale is huge", he said to me with a smile, as I was standing next to a chair, blowing air to my inflatable orca near the hotels' pool.

I turned my head to check who was talking to me and I saw a twenty year old guy with a powerful body, blonde hair and a tight pink speedo.

"Shame I didn't bring a pump for my pooltoy", he added, "as I will not be able to blow mine up for this amazing day in the pool".

I saw he was carrying a medium box of an Intex product, it was the beautiful rainbow unicorn with the yellow bottom that I like so much. Something twitched in me, as without thinking I told him

"If you want, I can blow that thing for you", trying to not sound too enthusiastic about the chance to blow that beautiful toy in a public space.

"Oh, would you, that would be really cool! I see you can do it as that orca is big and strong like yourself", as he winked at me.

That took me off balance, as I was there, covered in sun tan oil, holding a huge inflatable whale, almost finishing to inflate the big tail and wearing only tight skimpy blue speedos with small orcas printed all over it... how could I control?

Was that hunk flirting with me? The vinyl scent of my whale, the tightness of the swimsuit around me, his heavenly body, and the possibility of inflating a unicorn in the middle of the pool was overwhelming.

"I...I... let me finish with the whale and steed is next", were the only words I could mutter.

To show off -and cool off- a little bit, I inhaled and exhaled as huge my lungs would allow to fill that big fat tail of my whale to avoid getting stiff from the situation. I closed the nozzle and plugged it in so it couldn't pop out.

"Here, take good care of my whale as I do your pool toy", I said as I reached the handle of my orca to his right hand, as he extended the left with the box of the toy.

I saw him going away to the pool, filling that little pink speedo with his worked out bottom as I kept wondering how I would avoid overfilling my speedo, as I was getting now plumper from between my lega.

Fresh from the store, the cardboard box of the unicorn was really well sealed, as I tried pulling one of the tabs away, I saw Mr. Pinky throwing the orca in the water and trying the temperature of the pool with his right foot. As the orca drifted from him, he jumped into the water and tried to get on top by jumping on the tail, and sliding his swimsuit-covered tool with the squeaky vinyl of the toy.

As I snapped out the box, I pulled the perfectly cube shaped folded vinyl from it. The smell was wonderful as I began unfolding the toy, looking for the nozzles, placing the patch and the instructions back in the box, as I saw several attempts of Mr. Pinky trying to get on top of my orca, by riding his tail, his head, and even his belly, to end in a splash.

With a strong voice I told him "now I know why you need something more stable", as he kept sliding and splashing around. I could see the entire situation aroused him as his half boner became more noticeable because of the sheer wet pink lycra of his speedo.

Finally I found the center nozzle, pulled it and began to blow on the little chamber as other parts of the deflated toy became unfolded: the head, with a beautiful rainbow mane, two rainbow colored wings and a beautiful, colorful tail. I could see Pinky looking at me using my huge lungs to blow up his pool toy.

Then, it was time for the main body. I told him: "give me 5 minutes and you will be enjoying your floaty pony", as he was just hanging from the whale, frustrated by not being able to ride it.

I began power breathing into the pooltoy and I used the main body to cover my lycra covered bulge, now becoming out of control because of the beautiful smell of the new vinyl pooltoy, and now that I was feeling it was being blown up, it was a crazy time. As I huffed and puffed I felt the head growing between my powerful legs and the huge colorful wings spread side to side. I was rubbing my bulge to the white vinyl of the seat as I hugged the growing pool toy in my arms.

At a glance, I was looking at Mr. Pinky enjoying my whale in the cool pool. He managed to flip it over and lay his upper body on the belly of my orca, while his hips were resting on top of the tail, I could see the hint of him rubbing his lycra-covered chub into the big plump pool toy.

I needed to take control of the situation as my boner was about to pop out of my speedos, and as I was finishing to inflate the huge unicorn, I jumped in the pool, still hugging it, with the valve in my mouth, in order to conceal my huge speedo boner underwater while I finished blowing up the beautiful toy.

As I finished, and closed the toys' nozzle, I saw Pinky coming at me, very excited to see his huge pool toy all filled up as he bounced in my whale.

"Thank you!!! you are the man!!! Love my unicorn", he shrieked as he slid off my orca and waded towards his steed. As he got closer, discreetly, he touched my raging boner with his right hand and rubbed it a bit, as I kept the toy from moving as he was climbing.

"Follow me!", he asked as he laid face down on top of the huge unicorn, with his arms around the neck and his legs around the tail, keeping that wagging on his hips to rub his huge boner on the toy.

I was running out of control as I slided in the water to get my orca and watched his beautiful pink speedo butt bounce on the unicorn as my own boner was almost out to pop out of my swimsuit. Using my arms as oars, I followed Pinky and his Uni to another part of the pool, hidden from sight by lush vegetation.

I could see Pinky, still laying in his new pool toy, pulling down his swimsuit to free his boner and give it direct contact with the inflatables' skin as he started rubbing and moaning into it. I did just the same with my swimsuit and the whale. Couple minutes later we were releasing ourselves on the huge, plump, inflatable pool toys.

It was a wonderful day under the spring sun, the smell of the suntan oil, the squeaking of our inflatable pool toys, the feeling of floating in beautiful blue water, and enjoying the company of someone who appreciates inflatable vinyl, we surely filled our tight lycra swimsuits with warm, thick goo.*

Since then, we have been great friends.

To be continued... ?
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Old 04-27-2022, 02:03 PM
Ukiwa Ukiwa is offline
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Cool Part 2

After our adventures enjoying our inflatable unicorn and orca both in the pool and on top of the bed, Pinky, whose name is Jessie and myself were looking for a new inflatable toy to share.

We went downtown in the morning to do some shopping, at one swimsuit shop I bought a fantastic neon orange speedo which is very tight and sexy, fitting to all my body curves and displaying proudly by bulge and my bubble butt. Jessie saw some nice speedos but he was happy with his hot pink speedo.

We found a beautiful store full of inflatable pool toys, and we were not only ecstatic of the variety, but found ourselves having boners under our shorts by just looking at so much inflated vinyl in all colors and shapes. Of course we spent more than a hundred dollars on several toys, as we still had some vacation days and still had time to share them.

After we got back to the hotel, we went straight to the room. Jessie changed himself to his pink speedo and I put on my new orange speedo. He selected a couple of hot pink swim wings, took them out of their envelope, placed them on his arms and blew them up nice and tight.

"Look", he said, "now I'm a complete poolboy, lets hit the pool!, bring a big float for both of us!", as he was displaying his hard, muscled body on those tight speedos and displaying his inflated arm bands, I had to control myself not to get a huge hard on yet... I just enjoyed the show.

From the pile of boxes and bags of inflatables we had in the room, I selected one large box, with a huge inflatable flamingo island. It would be a challenge to blow up with our lungs, but it would be nice to have a float we could share.

"There", I told him, "here's our pool toy for the day! You will need to help me out but it will be fun!".

We went down to the pool, wearing our speedos, flip flops, carrying towels, our suntan oil and the huge flamingo box. I was very excited to share this pooltoy with Jessie, and I had to control myself on the elevator as I was close to him and his tight speedo, his sweet booty and the smell of his sun tanning oil on his skin.

Once we got on the pool level, we took two lounge chairs, and quickly I took the huge pool toy from the box. Jessie ordered a couple Mai Tais while I was unfolding the huge pink toy looking for the nozzles. As this was a large inflatable, it has two huge raft-style nozzles that can be screwed, so blowing it up would be way easier.

"Here", I said to Jessie, "have the smaller chamber, I will do the bigger one", as we sat down close to each other and began inflating the toy.

We were looking around and there was nobody on the pool while we worked our lungs blowing up the flamingo, and it began to take form, very slowly, as Jessie was pumping the center chamber and I saw how the head, the tail and the wings began to unfold slowly as the main chamber was getting more and more air.

We saw some people looking at our huge toy as we were working out, blowing and blowing more air into it, until the local lifeguard came by and checked out the situation.

"Hey you guys.. that's a big inflatable you got there", he told us, a magnificent 40-something athletic, tanned beef cake, with red shorts and a tight t-shirt with the lifeguard logos on it, "Please, you can use that thing in the pool as long as you don't bother other guests". We agreed and proceeded to keep inflating our pooltoy.

"And.... do you know how to swim, young one", he asked, as he pointed to Jessie's swim wings.

"Uh... yes sir! I'm a college swimmer", he replied, "but I like wearing these on the pool as a fashion accessory", he added.

The lifeguard laughed a bit and went his way as we were admiring his backside, and kept inflating our flamingo more and more, resting a bit to enjoy the cold Mai Tais that moisted our mouths and throats after blowing so much air into the pool toy.

After several minutes, at last, our big inflatable flamingo was ready to enjoy. Over 2 meters in diameter, he was big enough to carry both of us at the same time. I told Jessie to take him to that little private pool cove, surrounded by vegetation, so we could enjoy our huge, plump flamingo on our own.

We placed the inflatable flamingo in the cold water, and we boarded him as the vinyl squeaked under us. It was a dream, to have a nice float to share with this beautiful male, and enjoy the sun, the blue pool, and this amazing time. We took our flamingo to the private cove which was empty and laid on our backs, enjoying the sun while floating on our huge pink toy.

Watching ourselves in hot tight lycra speedos getting a suntan gave us huge boners, but we were enjoying the sun, the smell of fresh inflated vinyl and coconut oil from the sun tan oil.

After some minutes, Jessie slid off to the water and grabbed the flamingo from its tail. Then, he grabbed my ankles and pulled me to the center of the raft. He then, while standing in shallow water, took the front of his speedo down and let his huge boner unroll. He laid it on the tail of the flamingo and he placed his body between my legs.

Then, he proceeded to explore the lycra around my boner, smelling the swimsuit and tickling with his tongue my now huge erection. Looking at this cute hunk wearing inflatable armbands reaching for my tight swimsuit was one of the hottest experiences ever.

I was surprised as I never thought he would go this wild even as the lush vegetation around us protected us from view... as he pulled down my speedo and let my boner out. He immediately began to suck my hard dick as I was enjoying being floating on top of the toy, as he thrusted hard into the flamingo. With his hands, he grabbed my lycra-covered ass and began massaging it as I kept squirming and enjoying his mouth, I felt his thrusting into the huge pool toy as his strong body kept pushing and pushing the air into the flamingo as I was getting licked, sucked and tickled by his lips and tongue, building up a huge orgasm.

As I was reaching climax, with my huge boner out of the swimsuit and into his mouth, with my lycra covered butt being rubbed by his hands, and feeling his powerful thrusts into the inflatable toy, he reached for the main valve, and unscrewed it, forcing the air of the huge flamingo to rush out... as I saw him shooting a powerful stream of cum into the tail of the deflating toy I exploded like a volcano on his mouth as he unscrewed the valve of the center of the flamingo. As the toy sank, all the cum on the toy slid off to the water and I was getting wet, ejecting a huge stream of cum again into Jessie's mouth.

Jessie began to float into the water using his armbands while I was trapped on the deflated toy, placing my now limp dick into my swimsuit.

As we took the huge deflated flamingo out of the water, and walked back to the lounges, we saw the lifeguard checking us out...

(Will continue...)
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Old 04-27-2022, 06:04 PM
Ukiwa Ukiwa is offline
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Default Here comes part III

"My name is Roy", said the hunky pool lifeguard when Jessie and I were sitting on the lounges, enjoying another round of Mai Tais.

"Hello Roy, I'm Tom, and this is Jessie", I replied, signaling Roy the empty lounge where he could sit and join the conversation. He sat down and the structure of the lounge creaked under the almost 250 pounds of hunk.

"I see you had a problem with your flamingo raft at the cove" he said.

"Well, yes we kinda deflated it since it's a bit bulky to move up and down the room", Jessie answered.

"That's not the only deflation you had at the cove, hah?", he answered, "I heard the woosh of air on the cove and had to check what was going on! Looks like you had lots of sexy fun over there".

Jessie and I looked at each other, as we were caught by the life saver. Maybe he was going to have us kicked out of the hotel, or even call the police after our frolics in the pool.

"Well, my shift is going to be over soon, if you need a lifeguard to help you out, let me know", as he gave us a small card with his phone number. After that, he stood up and went his way.

Jessie and I looked at each other on disbelief. Does lifeguard Roy was flirting with us? Would he love to join our fun? Or he was just letting us know who was the boss?. One thing was for sure, both of us had huge boners in our tight speedos.

I stood up, and took the now deflated flamingo with me. "I need to rinse this pooltoy and my speedo", told Jessie, who joined me to get back to the room.

In the room, things were a bit different. The cleaning lady had come thru and tidied up. She even made the bed, and left the inflated unicorn and whale on top of it. Maybe she knew. We jumped on top of the pool toys and rubbed our speedo-covered hard ons until we shooted our huge loads, again. Our orca and unicorn were covered with goo, as the front of our speedos did. It was fun and relaxing after lifeguard Roy gave us a huge scare.

"Shower time!" I shouted, as I took the deflated flamingo with me to the shower stall and Jessie followed. The stall is two by two meters of marble covered walls with a strong plexiglass door. I turned on the shower, and selected warm and nice water, entered carrying the flamingo and Jessie with me, closing the door after him.

Then, I had an idea. I searched for the main body nozzle of the flamingo, and started blowing it up, as Jessie began to rub his hands in my speedo. The more air I was giving the flamingo, the nicer the massage, as he rubbed my pecs, and my speedo covered huge bulge and butt.

As the flamingo grew bigger and bigger, we were losing space into the shower stall, as the huge pooltoy was growing inside, pushing us to one of the walls. "Faster, bigger, tighter" said Jessie as I kept inflating the flamingo with my huge lungs. Feeling surrounded by the pink vinyl as Jessie was rubbing all my spots gave me a huge hard-on.

I closed the nozzle as we were tight against the wall by the inflated flamingo, and then it was time for me to make Jessie enjoy the moment. I began rubbing his pecs, his lycra-covered butt and his hard-on which was huge again even after he came on the flamingo in the pool and on his unicorn on the bed. I loved to see the shape of his long dick struggling to get free from the lycra of his swimsuit. I took him from his hip and threw him on top of the inflated plastic of the flamingo. Then, on a swift move, I pulled down my speedo and took my huge boner from it.

"No, please", Jessie said, "don't penetrate me!" as he felt my huge, free dick as he laid on top of the inflated toy. "I will not" I replied, as I took my huge boner and placed it on his lycra covered ass crack "you will be all right, I will use you as my pool toy", as I began to rub, in and out my dick in his swimsuit. It was a moment of pure pleasure, the falling warm water, that beautiful hunk under me floating on top of a huge vinyl air filled bag as I rubbed his pink speedo.

Not more than two minutes passed by as the nozzle of the flamingo came out, whooshing the air out and softly deflating as I erupted in a huge cum stream on Jessie's pink speedo. Also I felt him cumming in his tight swimsuit, as my right hand was rubbing his boner.

We cleaned up the flamingo, and then our swimsuits, to then have dinner and sleep with our unicorn and orca waiting for the new day...
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Old 04-28-2022, 03:24 PM
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Smile Morning at Roy's

"I'll pick you guys up tomorrow morning" answered Roy after a long WhatsApp chat.

We woke up very happy because it was Roy's, the hotel lifeguard, day off. He invited us to his home for the day. He promised a day of fun at his place.

He arrived 9 am to the motor lobby of the hotel driving an old Jeep, wearing a red sleeveless t-shirt and the tightest pair of black Lycra shorts I have ever seen. "Jump in guys, I'm coming from the gym, let's ride".

Jessie and I jumped in, and we drove off to a beautiful road between the jungle and the ocean. I couldn't keep my eyes from Roy's huge body, checking out his huge thighs encased in thin Lycra joining together to a huge package. We were happily singing songs as we drove along, Jessie couldn't stop smiling all the way to Roy's place.

Surrounded by palm trees, Roy's place is a little house with a huge pool in the front. As the Jeep's engine was turned off, we were amazed on how silent that place was.

"No neighbors" - Roy said, as he climbed out of his Jeep.

Jessie and I looked at each other and smiled wildly as it was a dream come true. We had speedos and pool toys in our bags to share the fun with Roy.

"Come in, I won't bite!" - Roy said as he approached the main door and opened his house. We were amazed and how big Roy is, and his buttocks looked so amazing in those stretchy Lycra shorts. I had a hard on in my shorts.

Roy's house is a guy's dream one. A huge TV screen in the middle of the living room, in front of a large twin sofa, surrounded by a home theater, a zebra rug in the middle. Medals encased in glass were hanging from the walls, and photos of Roy's former life as a professional swimmer were the main features of the place.

"Sit down guys, I need to get a shower, and then we will have some fun, please feel yourselves at home. In case you need something for the pool, there's a pool shed next to it, there's beer and wine on the fridge, help yourselves".

Jessie and I were ecstatic of this amazing place. "Swimsuits first!" I told him, and I pulled out of my bag two pairs of Arena Blare briefs. One, blue with yellow designs. The other one, black, with white and pink prints. Jessie chose the black one, and we began changing into our swimsuits.

As we heard Roy open the shower, we were changed and ready for the pool. We took out our bags with pool toys and went to check out the pool.

The pool was not too big, 30 feet long by 15 feet wide, but it was on the deep side, at least 6 feet. The water was cool, and the jets were turned on, as the filtering was going on. It was crystal clear and on the bottom you could see shiny iridescent teal tiles.

Jessie looked spectacular in his Arena swimsuit. They are very tight, and you could see each feature of his body, just like an Olympic diver. I looked amazing on the blue Arena's as I felt my erection inflating inside the suit. I hope I don't scare Roy.

"I think I'll check out the pool shed", said Jessie, as he opened the door for it. Moments later, he yelled, "hey, Tom, you have to see this". As I entered the shed, you could see one set of shelves full of well-folded inflatable pool toys of all colors and sizes. At a first glance, you could see beach balls, mattresses and what could be lots of inflatable animals.

As we inspected closely the toys, we heard the front door opening, and Roy coming to us, "hey guys! Looks like you found my stash", he said, as he arrived to the shed.

Encased in a red Speedo, his body looked even bigger. Huge arms and pecs, bulging thighs and calves, and washboard abs encased a huge boner under his tight red swimsuit. It was like a dream come true.

"I've got a collection of pool toys from the lost and found on the hotel, once something is not collected in two weeks, they dispose the things, so I take the inflatables' to this place...I don't know, I like those toys, but never thought of having sexy fun on them".

"What... what's your favorite pool toy", I asked.

"Well, so far I got this giant tiger shark that was left behind on a room", he said, "It was deflated by the cleaning maid and placed on the lost and found, I got it from there after a couple of weeks, nobody claimed it."

He pulled out a huge chunk of gray folded vinyl and began unfolding it. You could see the head was at least 5 feet long to the pectoral flippers. He placed the deflated shark on his shoulder and looked amazing doing it. As the vinyl rubbed his body, you could see that his dick was inflating inside the tight red Lycra of his swimsuit.

I had a huge hard on looking at the red speedo Adonis unfolding the huge toy. I could see Jessie was in ecstasy too. "Guys, choose an inflatable for the pool, don't just stare at me", Roy said, and we were taken out of our daydreaming.

Jessie and me went to check the big inflatable shelf. I chose what appeared to be a huge turtle swim ring. It was like 6 feet wide as I began unfolding it. "Cool", I said, "I love huge swim rings."

Jessie went after a large inflatable duck. "Ooh I like this ducky", said my sexy friend, as he began unfolding the toy.

As we were distracted from Roy, he plugged to the mains a red inflating pump, and it began whooshing air. He unscrewed the nozzle of the huge shark and connected the pump to the toy, and it began inflating fast.

"Ooh I better take this thing out of the shed", he said, as the shark's body began inflating, and we could see the shark was like 15 or 18 feet long... the inflator was doing an amazing job as the front flippers and the tail began to take shape, and in less than 3 minutes, the huge inflatable giant tiger shark was tightly inflated.

"There's my toy, guys, here, help yourselves and blow your toys up", as he grabbed the shark and went to the pool.

I couldn't manage the sight, and I was rubbing the front of my swimsuit. As it became tighter because of my bulging erection, the back of my swimsuit rode up my ass crack. It was heaven on earth.

I took the inflator and looked for a nozzle on the turtle. It was a big one, and I could fill it very fast and tight. The turtle looks amazing as it has a mesh in the middle of the ring, and I was surprised to see how tight the drink holder looked.

Then, it was time for Jessie's ducky. It whooshed right into plumpness as the inflator did an excellent job on it. We were ready for the pool.

We could see that Roy was stretching poolside, and the huge inflatable shark was floating happily in the middle of the pool.

"Hey, Roy, we are ready to jump in!", I told him as we approached him.

"Ohhh nice pool toys, and look at you boys!", he replied as his speedo looked tighter. We all three had a huge hard on in our swimsuits. "I'd like first to have sexy fun with the toys", he said, "it's just a matter of rubbing into them?" he asked.

I wanted to give that huge shark a deep, long fuck, but wanted Roy to appreciate the inflatables. "See, Roy, how nice this love hole looks on this huge inflatable turtle", I said, as I was pointing to the drink holder. "Maybe you can begin here".

As I reached out the turtle to Roy, Jessie patted me in the shoulder. "Let's ride the shark together", he said, as Roy was figuring out what to do next.

Roy placed the huge turtle swim ring in the water, and then he laid on top. Jessie and I wanted to see the show, pulled the shark in and mounted it. Jessie in the front and me in the back, of the giant gray vinyl beast. It was squeaking, and you could hear the whooshing of air from the fins and the body and back as we mounted him comfortably.

We saw Roy enjoying floating on the turtle, as using his right hand he pulled down the front of the waistband of his toy, releasing his huge dick and balls. I began rubbing my erect dick, still encased in Lycra to Jessie's butt as he also released his huge boner from his swimsuit. We were bouncing on top of the shark like if we were on one of those banana boats as we saw Roy spit his right hand and then applying his saliva as lube to his huge dick as he penetrated the turtle pool toy's drink holder.

It was too much for me as Jessie began to rub his erection to the shark's back, and as he did, he kept rubbing his butt to my dick. I took my boner out of my tight swimsuit and slid my dick between Jessie's Lycra covered ass crack and the tight plastic of the shark.

Roy moaned and groaned hard as he was thrusting hard into the turtle pool toy, his back, butt and thigh muscles contracting hard as he was tightly embracing the inflatable with his powerful arms. The turtle pool toy was struggling to float with the huge hunk on top, and it was being penetrated by his huge dick.

Because of Roy's powerful thrusts into the inflatable toy, the pool got waves on the surface, which moved the shark. Jessie was enjoying riding my dick, and I was harpooning the back of the shark with my glans.

Suddenly, a huge roar came from Roy. He had a huge explosion of semen inside the turtle as his arms hugged tighter the turtle swim ring, like if he was going to explode it with his strength.

Jessie and I were enjoying the shark so much, as the waves that Roy made gave an extra bonce to our shark riding. Roy stretched his right arm and grabbed the huge nozzle of our shark, pulling it and a whoosh of air could be heard under us. Jessie was reaching a huge orgasm and I, as I felt the shark began to deflate, came in an explosion of semen under Jessie's butt, meanwhile Roy was appreciating our ecstasy.

The shark kept deflating with Jessie and me on top, and blobs of cum left and right slid off from the shark to the water. Roy turned over his body, and we could see he filled out the drink holder of his man juice.

It was a great morning at Roy's.
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Old 05-28-2022, 10:15 AM
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now you have me on the edge :,
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Great stories.......
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