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Old 07-18-2022, 01:11 PM
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Default That was certainly fun!

That was certainly fun!

Today I have a puzzle for you. Think back over your lifetime. I want you to think about various situations you have been in where you were alone (not with a sexual partner) but somehow had gotten yourself into a highly-aroused (horny) state. The question is “What were you doing, and why were you so aroused?” What was your absolute “best” experience?

I realize, of course, that in their teens, the vast majority of guys are bombarded with, for want of a better term, the “urge” to masturbate. Sometimes these instances happen for good reason, such as seeing something the male mind deems is “sexy” but sometimes this urge seems to occur for no apparent reason at all, except that the whole thought somehow “feels good“, and suddenly the guy’s mind starts to focus on his penis and the sheer enjoyment of getting an erection. Things start to happen and what felt good only moments ago feels really good right now. And so on. And so on. Right up until the moment that things go into “auto-pilot’ mode and ejaculation is inevitable.

Young guys generally do not have a good understanding of exactly when the autopilot turns on, meaning that the guy no longer has control of his ejaculation, except, of course, there is always a point where this happens. Indeed, younger guys generally do not appreciate that the need to sustain oneself not reaching the point of no return until the right time is in fact a most important part of being a male learning how to cope with being a guy, and that learning how to do so is important.

Most sex manuals aimed at helping couples tend to focus on the whole idea that timing is everything, and the ideal love partners if successful are going to have an orgasm, if not at the exact same time, at as close to the same time as possible. The usual complaint is that orgasm for the female partner occurs “late” if at all, and that the guy therefor suffers from a “disease” called premature ejaculation, which by definition is going into autopilot orgasm mode before his partner is even close.

I confess, when I was 13 I was happy (actually, very happy) to get to occasionally have enough privacy so I could beat off, but I was also worried that I would be inadvertently “discovered” doing that, so the objective was to move everything forward as fast as possible so to minimize the risk of that happening. At that point in time, I was focused solely on how much fun those huge muscular contractions during ejaculations were and I had the ability to ejaculate more than once in a single day, so ejaculating right now was not much of a setback. Still, I feel sorry for the poor guys who somehow managed to go directly from their teen selves to an adult-style partner relationship. There is so much to learn!

For me at least, my beat-off sessions were frequently intertwined with some sort of garment that I either had, or thought I would someday want to own, once I was out on my own. Not surprisingly, I guess, a focus for me was owning a swim brief. To this day, I do not fully understand why this happened, but as a teen, I somehow drew the conclusion that a skimpy swim brief was perhaps the ideal garment for jerking off in when in private and the tighter the fit the better. Never mind that I was not a swimmer and had no obvious reason to own a swim brief. The only thing I could imagine is that any guy who owned one of these had to be using it to jerk off in—perhaps even on a daily basis. I had no idea whether any of my male peers had the same hang up or thought like I did and there was no way to find out.

What I did learn from all of this is that a partner relationship is not a requirement for a guy to have fun with his own body, and that trying to navigate a partner-focused sexual relationship might be easier if the guy has had some experience learning how to cope with snug-fitting clothing during solo masturbation, and in particular, learning some of the nuances of “edging” with the aid of a snug-fitting garment such as a swim brief. The “danger” of course, is that the guy gets so enamored with edging and other fun aspects of solo sex that he sees no need to move into a partner relationship.

A snug-fitting swim brief is by no means the only clothing item that does this, at least not for me. My teen years were also taken up struggling to deal with snug-fitting jeans that fit really tight in the crotch and butt, and I had a couple embarrassing “accidents” if you can call them that. Other items too. The jock strap I never got to wear as part of being in a team sport that required guys to wear one, and, of course, more recently, all the various compression gear, jammer-style compression shorts. Wrestling singlets and running tights, not to mention thongs of various sorts. The online Internet retailers have a huge array of “stuff” directed at guys who want items that they can use for personal “self-abuse” and can be ordered in privacy.

In 1975, the American Psychological Association decided that sexual attraction to a person of the same sex was no longer a disease, but simply part of the “completely normal” range of human sexuality, and thus that gay guys did not suffer from any sort of mental illness, curable or not.

I find interesting, however, that you can still find a lot of books on psychology that claim, first, that any sort of inanimate object used as part of getting off is a called a fetish, and that, since the items on my list--swim briefs, straps, thongs etc--are inanimate, the guy who uses these items to get off somehow is mentally deficient and suffers from a fetish. In short, if this guy was OK mentally, he would instead be pursuing relationship sex (With a male or female partner) and not jerking off with the aid of his newly-acquired Speedo or jock strap!

Hey wait a second! Solo sex is part of the normal range of human sexual behavior too, and if I like to stain my new Speedo that way, who out there should be critical? Besides, working with these items could improve a guy’s edging skills and that skill just might come in handy later on in a relationship. The only problem we have is that some so-called “experts” have decided that any sort of sexual arousal that happens involving an inanimate object is somehow abnormal if not a mental defect of some sort!

I have read that the space that a lot of guys occupy getting turned on by wearing items on my list from swim briefs to running tights is strictly a “male thing” and that there is nothing comparable at all in female sexuality. I am still trying to sort that one out but I am not convinced that is entirely true. Do the female garments that many heterosexual men find arousing do “nothing” for the female whatsoever?

Good question!
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Old 07-19-2022, 10:17 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default A Tribute to “Old School” Jock Straps!

A Tribute to “Old School” Jock Straps!

I feel badly that the old school jock-straps like the guys wore when I was growing up have become so difficult to find any more. There are still a few on-lime suppliers but prices seem to have skyrocketed from the days when I could pick up an old school strap for $2 or $3 from an entire wall of them at Walmart and the kind that came with a neat little jock cup for maybe $6 or $8.

Still, I purchased a lot of both kinds when I saw the deals and cannot say that my supply is running short. Today ended up being the time to have some fun with them. One of the great unanswered questions life has thrown me is how popular it is for wrestlers to wear a strap—either with or without a cup--under a snug-fitting singlet. It always seemed to me that wrestling would be one of those sports where it might be a good idea to have some protection down there, at minimum at least a strap without a cup. Having not been a wrestler I have no way of doing a survey on the subject, but if there are guys who wrestled in high school or college, maybe you would be willing to report what you know on the subject.

Somehow, today I got hung up on the idea of being in a strap—not any old strap but a neat Riddell branded one with RIDDELL printed in bold letters on a 3-inch wide charcoal gray elastic waist band, and a sewn pouch capable of holding cups of various shapes and sizes. I have a big collection of cups too, and, let’s just say that I am partial to the smaller, snugger-fitting cups.

From the possible wrestling singlets I own, I picked a bright sapphire blue one with white trim branded “Elite” that I purchased not too long ago, and passed over my three asics singlets and my red Russell Singlet that has a neat design but is tough to get on and off. Wearing only the strap and cup under the singlet I thought looked way neat, and I spent the afternoon doing a web search on “singlets” at my favorite site where guys demonstrate what they like to do when they are wearing a singlet.

Penises love to be in confined spaces and a cup and strap is an ideal place. I discovered that my new “Magic Wand” vibrator does some excellent things when pressed on the singlet and against the cup in the pouch. The entire cup vibrates. My penis liked that, a lot. That stunt is way fun, and if you attempt something similar you should be climbing the walls in a hurry.

Eventually I got out of this combination without quite getting to orgasm mode (you know me!) and I pulled down the singlet and checked out the inside of the pouch to see whether or not my penis had enjoyed the situation it was in. Very healthy, I would say,,, the lower quarter of the pouch was nearly covered with viscous precum. Clearly (no pun intended) the combination of the Magic Wand, the Riddell strap, the pouch, the cup and the singlet was worthwhile.

Next I decided to have some fun with a classic “Duke” strap without a cup—these were of the design Walmart sold loads of in years past for maybe $3. Again, the wide elastic waistband, the rubbery pouch made out of that stuff that was only used to make pouches for classic straps, and, invariably I would buy these, well, undersized. In athletic supporters, cup or not, I have always enjoyed a snug fit.

The interesting thing about these undersized pouches is that you can point yourself “up” and easily stay that way. I put a pair of burgundy “Starter” brand compression shorts over the strap. If any of you are queasy about having precum make its way through to form stains right at the point where the tip of your upward pointing penis is pressing against your compression shorts, you may want to point yourself in a different direction. OTOH, if you are just lazily enjoying a sunny summer afternoon, nothing quite like just watching the precum stains form in tiny droplets, while you appreciate the wonders of being in a strap, kick back, and simply enjoy being a guy Just as I am doing as I write this story this afternoon.

Happy oozing!
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Old 07-26-2022, 07:35 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default Perfecting the Art and Science of Solo Masturbation

Perfecting the Art and Science of Solo Masturbation

Every guy learns at an early age that his penis loves to be in a confined space. Not a space with immovable walls mind you, but in a space that feels smooth and slick, pressing against some delicious nerve endings. Guys learn about all of this in a variety of ways and daily life may involve a daily dose of new discoveries that feel, well, psychologically and physically both interesting and enjoyable. Somehow the more a guy focuses on the sensations, the better the sensations feel.

Guys also quickly learn that simply stroking a penis from base to glans can feel good, and the guy quickly feels aroused—that hard-to-define sensation that comes when a guy for whatever reason, suddenly thinks of himself as feeling “horny”. This frequently happens before the guy develops any significant erection. The old theory says feeling aroused precedes getting any sort of penis growth or hardness, and the process of getting a full erection entails getting both large and hard. This, in turn, leads to an orgasm in which semen is ejaculated. All of this is quite enjoyable but each part in different and unique ways.

One might think that learning how to successfully and enjoyably masturbate, that is, engaging in self- pleasuring by yourself, is merely a prelude to bigger and better things to come involving “real sex with a partner”, but guys who are into partner sexual relationships do not necessarily give up on masturbation when the situation of being alone presents itself. If a nominally heterosexual guy who is in a sexual relationship with a female masturbates alone at times, female partners sometimes get very angry if the accidentally discover their male lover masturbating alone and perhaps enjoying himself by himself sexually without her present and participating. A gay male when faced with a similar situation involving the accidental discovery of a male partner masturbating alone, would more likely not be upset but merely want to join in on the fun via mutual masturbation.

For younger single guys not in any partner relationship of either sex, the biggest fear is the possible discovery of what the guy is doing by a parent, sibling or peer classmate. How embarrassing! This leads guys to use a variety of methods to cover what they are doing such as masturbating quickly to orgasm behind a closed bathroom door, masturbating under the covers at nighttime, and finding other situations (i.e. home alone with everyone else out of the house for a time) where the guy can get off in privacy. Then the article of clothing that the guy was wearing when ejaculation occurred is put in a safe hidden spot, say in the back of a dresser drawer in the guy’s room. Eventually, however, that item will need to be surreptitiously thrown into the weekly wash.

Masturbation by simply stroking the penis from base to glans in a repetitive motion with the aid only of a tissue to contain the semen is OK but definitely not the most fun way to do it. The skin-to-skin contact may feel good, but this approach works much better using a lubricant of some sort such as the water-based sexual lubricant KY Gel or some knockoff of that product. However, a lot of guys may not have the opportunity to purchase such an item in part because the obvious question is “What are you going to use THAT for?” A simple gel shower soap works about as well if not better as a lubricant for solo sex, and a guy can apply that prior to going into the shower under the guise that he is merely getting soaped up as a prelude to getting into the shower, when in reality he is having an excellent pre-shower masturbation session. No wonder bar soaps have gone out of favor. Anything that happens ejaculation wise is simply washed down the shower drain along with the soap.

Another way of approaching this instead of using a gel lube is to wear a garment made of a slick, smooth and stretchy spandex-laced fabric, and the snugger the fit around the penis and balls the better the sensation. A small swim brief is perfect for this solo activity. This feels great and some guys get so turned on simply by thinking about where their penises will be that they get a good erection underway even before the pull themselves into the garment. Having this happen can be embarrassing but is lots of fun. The slick, stretchy smooth fabric feels great around and pressing down on the penis and balls and many guys masturbate with the stretchy suit in place and stroking oneself while wearing a swim brief is one of those not-to-be-missed experiences that life has to offer.

Indeed, an array of readily-available swim briefs, spandex-laced stretchy underwear, compression shorts, jammers, running tights and other items can provide some real self-pleasuring fun. Each guy will probably quickly discover one or more personal favorites that are called upon as the need to jerk off arises every day or two. This is all quite normal for guys even though some may be embarrassed about what they are doing to, with and by themselves. The best way to get one’s head around all of this is to realize that practically every guy out there also does it in some way though the details with respect to exactly what each guy does and how may not be fully known. The secretive part of all of this in part what makes this fun to explore.

Finally there are the add-ons. Maybe an electric vibrator that can be used to touch the penis through whatever slick-feeling and snug-fitting garment the guy is wearing. Vibrators stimulate the penis nerve endings in very interesting and enjoyable ways, the only tricky part is that learning how to use the vibrator correctly takes some work. The problem is not that the vibrator fails to stimulate a guy both physically and psychologically but rather that one needs to be careful not to stimulate yourself too much. If you aren’t careful you will be going into an uncontrolled ejaculation even though ypu might still be barely erect and however interesting this initially might seem to be, it is not that much fun. The tricky part about applying a vibrator to the pouch of a swim brief is learning how to get and keep yourself fully stimulated and hard given the vibrations without immediately going into an ejaculation you cannot stop. Learning how to do this takes some practice.

Still, given a degree of privacy and only a few basic items as indicated above, a guy can have great fun masturbating by exploring the ideas I have outlined above.

Happy masturbating!
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Old 07-28-2022, 01:56 PM
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Default On Becoming an Adult Male

On Becoming an Adult Male

Young guys growing into adulthood face some important issues and problems. Puberty comes on strong, in ways that are at once both wonderful and terrifying. Erections seem to occur relentlessly and often for no apparent reason. Guys quickly learn that the sensations from building and sustaining an erection are wonderful, and the “big payoff”, that is, ejaculation, is about as terrific as life gets, but they are terrified that they will lose control of the situation and get an erection or, worse, ejaculate in a situation that might prove not only demeaning but terrifying. By terrifying means ejaculating in the presence of other males their own age.

This all gets intertwined in the whole subject of developing a specific sexual orientation. The general rule is that any guy who masturbates, gets an erection or ejaculates in the presence of anyone other than a female is automatically a faggot. So the guy worries about the whole idea of being discovered masturbating, getting an erection or, horror of horrors, ejaculating. These pursuits MUST be done in total privacy or a guy will be teased or worse for the rest of his days.

Still, the simple act of getting aroused and the events that may follow are really enjoyable--female partner or no--and guys quickly realize that. But guys also quickly learn that their survival depends on pulling this off in secret without being obvious. Doing so is part of the game that is a key element of becoming an adult.

I learned at an early age that snug-fitting clothing of many different types had the potential to quickly get me aroused, bit that was not a topic I dared discuss with my male peers or with anyone else for that matter. Just THINKING of getting into some items that would fit snug and tight had the potential to give me a full erection, and often did. Like now, back when I was growing up, really slim-fitting jeans were quite popular with the guys, and many of my peers seemed to vie in seeing who could wear the jeans to school with the snuggest fit.

You may think that the real problem guys have is getting into a situation where they are forced to put on a swim brief for the first time in the presence of other males, or maybe a budding athlete encountering their first “forced” jock strap wear and how to cope with the nearly inevitable erection that might follow, but there are other situations as well. Some guys seem to think that the only garment that really presents a problem in this regard is a swim brief, and the goofy idea is that the problem is eliminated by simply wearing a jammer instead. But the guy still has the problem of where to position a semi-erect penis within the jammer, a penis that may be at least as obvious in a jammer as it would be in a swim brief, and just because the suit covers a guy to the mid thighs is not going to alleviate the “problem.” In short, the fact that a guy has a penis is not going to somehow be less apparent in the jammer. The whole idea in Jammer design is for the garment to fit tight like a second skin.

So the guys my age are nearly all wearing jeans that fit snug in the calf, snug in the thighs, low rise at the waist, and fitting like a second denim skin over the glutes. Any real pair of jeans has a key rear seam that runs upward at the center of the rear along the guy’s butt crack. The tighter the pair of jeans the snugger the fit, but that also means a smaller size with a lower rise. So the idea is to pull the jeans upward in front, but that means that the all-important rear vertical butt seam has to go in between the glutes, even as the glutes are covered even more snuggly with the denim. With the right anatomy, this seam cinches up between the glutes, almost like a thong back. This fit, almost mandatory for guys in the 1960s, looks great, and guys would inevitably try and “outdo” each other in “looking their best” in this regard.

Me, I was this scrawny dude weighing only 105 pounds on my newly acquired 5’10” height. My calves were not very big, nor my thighs, And my butt was small too. Still, I wanted to wear the look my other guys were wearing. To pull this off I needed to go shopping for a pair of jeans that would still fit tight on my obviously scrawny body. Not so easy. The pair of jeans I really wanted my mom thought fit too tight ( I did not!), but we compromised on a second pair that fit a bit looser.

Then I went off to a multi-day event with a bunch of other guys my age were attending as well, guys who were mostly going to be clad in the super-snug jeans I had so much admired, never having actually worn my new jeans for any length of time. Now was the opportunity. Except, of course, I got quickly turned on by even the thought of being inside a snug-fitting garment. So I put on the jeans intending on wearing them all day (I had not done anything close to that before), and almost immediately got a decent-sized erection, which I thought would dissipate if I only quit focusing on what I was doing. But, for the moment I had to put the erection in a place where it might not be that noticeable—as in pointed downward into the left leg of the jeans. That would be a “safe” spot, I thought to myself.

Was I ever wrong! I started walking with the other guys. I was actually quite hard inside the new jeans. With each step I made my penis ended up moving right along with the step, but the base of my penis was stuck in one place. Instead of my erection dissipating as we walked, I kept getting harder and harder and my urge to ejaculate kept getting stronger and stronger. It wasn’t long I had more inadvertent stimulation than any young guy could ever handle physically or mentally. I suddenly stopped walking and a full-scale ejaculation quickly happened, soon accompanied by some large wet spots from the semen bursting through the cloth of the tight-fitting jeans. YOU talk about terrific erotic fun mixed with holy terror, this was it!

The interesting part of this story is that despite all of this, to their credit none of the guys ever asked me why I stopped walking for a moment or about where those wet splotches on my jeans suddenly appeared, nor teased me about the sequence of events. Maybe the other guys had undergone situations of their own like mine.

Snug fitting jeans have gone in and out of fashion with young males over the years and we have just passed through a point in time where they have been extremely fashionable once again. But there have also been periods in the not distant past the popular jeans were the ones that fit loose enough to cover an erection of practically any size. And in these periods I have often thought that the popularity of baggy jeans was linked to the idea that the guys wanted to make certain that they did not get into the predicament I faced that warm sunny day long ago. The popularity of the snug fit seems also linked to the degree of enthusiasm guys have in getting toned and fit, with the whole idea of using the jeans as an excuse to show off a body with toned and fit calves, thighs and glutes. And also, maybe the conditioning of other parts of the male anatomy as well! Jeans seem to go through cycles of loose versus tight fit, not unlike cycles between swim briefs and board shorts! Board shorts that fit loose enough to hide even a fully-erect penis, or maybe not!

As a young teen one day I was struggling to get myself contained within my little red plaid swimsuit with the nylon brief support liner. Mom observed that I was having some problems in changing into the suit, and, on observing first-hand what the real problem was, she said to me “You know, if you want that to go down in size all you need to do is to stop thinking about it so much!” A keen observation, but not so easy to do, mom, not so easy to do!

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Old 08-06-2022, 12:00 PM
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Default A tight fit, for sure

A tight fit, for sure

For me, it has always been something of a contest in order to determine if I enjoy wearing a snug-fitting swim brief or a snug-fitting pair of compression shorts. What I particularly enjoy doing seems to vary somewhat from day to day, and what I find to be the most fun on one day may not necessarily be what I choose on another day. The fact that I am not consistent in this regard is interesting but also a bit surprising. I guess variety is important in life, and whenever something gets too predictable, so to speak, it starts to become boring.

Regardless of what I am wearing, I really like to undersize. I like to think about the story I wrote years ago about the two college roommates who thought they could have some fun by each placing an on-line order for the other—and each order consisted of three swim briefs, all Euro briefs from swimoutlet.com but in three different sizes, 32”, 30” and 28”. Trying on new briefs is always interesting and horny fun, but the idea here is to try on all three briefs from largest to smallest. Part of the arousal mechanism is not only what is happening to you currently, but your anticipation of what is likely to happen next. Just getting into the new 32” euro brief feels good, of course. Who would NOT want to be in a situation where you get to be in a snug new brief.

But there is also the ANTICIPATION of the next step—that is getting into a swim brief you know will fit snugger and tighter. Just thinking about what is going to happen is enough to make a guy harder. And, of course, getting harder is NOT going to make getting into the still snugger 30“ brief any easier. Where am I going to put my growing penis in a brief that will fit and feel even tighter? Wow for fun just thinking about it!

And, of course, the 28” brief in the Euro style is way over the top. If the guy is able to TOLERATE the 30- inch brief without ejaculating all over the place he has mastered some restraint. But the 28” brief is going to pose an even greater challenge, getting into it now both way hard and way horny. Almost impossible for the stage the guy is in, penis-wise. The guy has been oozing ever since he thought about the three-brief challenge, and whether or not he can survive the final challenge of the 28-inch brief without ejaculating semen is the final test.

As my readers know, I very much like sleeping in swim briefs, and every night I try and challenge myself by choosing something different. I believe it is good for overall male health, sexually and otherwise, to go through multiple arousal cycles during the night, the same thing I enjoyed doing so much when I was only 12 or 13 years old. To the extent that a snug-fitting swim brief can aid in this, I am all for it.

So, last night I dug out my blue Swimoutlet Sporti-branded Euro swim brief, size 28. This size has a way low rise and when I am fully in it shows a bit of upper butt crack much like am Aqux-branded brief. The brief has a front liner, interestingly in black not white. I really like the black liners because any precum I leave during the night is readily visible. The presence of precum stains on the black liner tells me whether or not I am going through the sleep arousal cycles that I want to try and make happen.

I got into the brief and went right to sleep, feeling “good” down there. Feeling somewhat horny I have discovered is like a natural sleeping pill. I woke up early this morning and checked the black liner for precum stains, Sure enough, there were some nice ones in different places on the liner. I had achieved my goal.

I continue to feel horny this morning as I think about all of this and write about how well this worked for me last night. Somehow wearing a swim brief—a snug-fitting one—is very helpful in erasing all the problems of the day, and precumming all night long is very pleasant as well.
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