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Old 12-18-2019, 05:38 AM
swim suit eddie swim suit eddie is offline
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Red face Thoughts just being a guy

WOW! Sebbie's long stories were great. It reminded me when I was several years younger, during the cold winter weather, wearing Speedo style briefs under a long sleeve leotard and opaque tights under warm polyester dark blue colored winter overalls. They really felt nice, warm and rather snug. I did have an erection under all those layers too. I had to go to see a medical specialist to check out my lower torso for a possible cancer mole I never noticed it nor felt any pain. I was rather nervous going there ,but felt better in the end. I met a lovely nurse while at the specialist's clinic. She was with me through the whole process and noticed my outlined erection under all those snug and secure layers of winter attire. While in the examination room with all the fancy medical equipment, she said I would have to completely undress for the doctor's examination. I was quite bashful, so she said she'll undress me and not to feel embarrassed about having a hard on. It was beautiful being in the examination with her only. Slow and gently she unfastened the shoulder straps, bib opened all the buttons and unzipped those rather snug winter overalls. It was certainly arousing me more, still snug in the unbuttoned and unzipped winter overalls with the leotard and tights underneath. She gave me a reassuring smile and telling me not to be so afraid, as many of these exams turn out to be false alarms. After the winter overalls were unbuttoned and unzipped with the bib and shoulder straps dangling down, she slow opened and removed my warm flannel shirt. It was so exciting with her slowly undressing me. It was difficult for me to realize, she'll soon have me totally naked. I would look into her eyes, as she was stripping me naked with pleasure, I had such an erection,still well encased in my winter overalls and leotards underneath. She then gently removed my winter boots and socks, while giving me another look over, when the specialist doctor entered the exam room, seeing me still in my unzipped winter overalls with leotard and tights. She went over my medical report, then left the exam room telling the nurse " let her know when he's all undressed and ready." the nurse would tell me to hold still, so she can finish undressing me. Now she was now happily firmly pulling and tugging my snug winter overalls down and off, as I did blush somewhat with her seeing my excited penis snug and secure in the leotard and tights. She told me that her undressing me was to calm me down, before seeing the doctor for the examination. It was a beautiful feeling, as she firmly worked them off me, then shaking the snug warm overalls off my leotard clad legs. I did feel like a little boy loosing his warm and snug security blanket, as she got my snug winter overalls off me. She would then say" we're not finished yet" as I covered my outlined hard on, tightly encased in leotard and tights, looking like a male ballet dancer. She stepped back a few minutes watching me squirm and try hiding my well outlined male genitals saying "let's finish getting you ready for the doctor." After a lot of wiggling and pouting she had those warm and close fitting leotard, tights and ballet briefs off me and it was all showing, especially my hard penis, fully exposed and standing at attention. It was so beautiful and very arousing the way she slowly and gently stripped off all my warm snug winter attire including the leotards, I,m now totally naked when the doctor returned and did the tests on me and much to my surprise, it was good news. I had no cancer and the biopsy was a false alarm. The pretty nurse smiled and said' I told you, it would be a false alarm, as I stood in shock fully erect and completely naked with my unzipped and unbuttoned warm snug winter overalls, leotard and tights in a pile by the examination table. It was a fearful visit to the specialist, yet turning out to be quite a reassuring time with the pretty nurse, especially loosing all my warm snug winter attire to her.
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Old 12-19-2019, 01:21 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default Part LXIV


So, let me assume that my readers are interested in finding garments that will be used in self-pleasuring and perhaps in conjunction with having sex with a partner. The basic questions relate not only to the specific type of garment (ie swim brief, strap, compression gear, singlet, snug-fitting jeans) but also what the sizing should be for such use.

A general rule to follow is to let your body “tell” you what it thinks is “right” for the purpose. Specifically, if the mere THOUGHT of buying and then wearing the specific garment gets you oozing precum, then it will probably also be something you will enjoy wearing in self-pleasuring. A guy’s body ordinarily does an excellent job of sorting this all out.

Having said that, I thought it would be perhaps useful for me to tell you some specifics of what seems to have worked for me over many years of hands-on experiments.

Swim briefs are a good starting point. I know a lot of guys tend to focus on the width of the sides, suggesting that the narrower the better. But I believe there is a more important measurement and that relates to the vertical length of the brief, which in turn determines if the brief will fit high enough to cover the Y at the top of your butt-crack.

In this regard, I think those Asian guys who like to wear the briefs that do not cover the Y have this figured out better than we Americans do. The other part of the fun is that if you are in a brief that does not quite want to cover the Y, you will find yourself probably repeatedly tugging away at the rear waistband, which, when you keep at it, can be a very enjoyable move.

Position your penis “up” in the brief with the underside of it pressing against the slick material, and you should be in for a really enjoyable time, especially if the brief is a little too short to fully cover your Y without some constant “adjustment”.

Thong swimwear and underwear has its own special way of getting “to” a guy. Part of the fun is just getting into the garment and getting your (hopefully hardening) penis along with your balls into the little pouch. You will have to “handle” your organ more than you normally would when getting into a standard underwear or swim brief.

The real key to successful “thonging is to put upward pressure on your perineum just behind your scrotum which indirectly also stimulates the prostate from below, and then the feel of a cord cutting between your buttocks. The combination of the two can get quite erotic quite quickly, but thongs vary in how much of each you get. I’ve experimented with many different thongs and found a few that I really “like” in this regard. You will probably end up buying a number of different ones as well, and running some comparison tests. These tests themselves can be both physically and psychologically interesting. I would love to test new thong models for an underwear or swimwear company, but the criteria I would base my judgment on might be different from what the manufacturer had in mind.

Athletic supporters can be a lot of fun to wear, cupped or not. Many of you realize I am very fond of the old-school straps with the three-inch-wide waistbands and the rough-textured elastic pouches. Any guy who has never had the opportunity to be in a strap and then get off in one should try doing so.

This is a male “rite of passage”. I suspect nearly every male who was “forced” to wear a strap in order to participate in a sport has done this, and you don’t want to be left out. Entire on-line stores now are devoted to selling straps in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You don’t really believe that customers are only guys required to wear a strap for a sport, now do you? Tell me another funny story!

I’ve already discussed cup shapes and sizes at length. The really fun cups are the old-style ones that seem barely big enough to hold a flaccid penis is going to drive a guy bananas worrying about what will happen if he starts to grow a bit. There is physical pressure but also psychological pressure as your penis will somehow realize the close proximity to the walls of the penis. Intercourse with a female involves much the same combination of physical and psychological stimuli, but there at least the surrounding walls are not hard-and-immovable plastic. Getting into a slightly undersized cup psychologically and physically can get interesting in a hurry. And you may learn something about how your body works and what really matters in penis-vagina sex. All for the better!

All of you also know that I am a big fan of compression gear shorts, tights and tops. Via experiments with compression gear, I learned that there are lots of body parts that are erotic that are not located in my groin. A guy’s thighs are a psychosexual hot spot, for example, and, in the compression tights, even the calf muscles. I like to undersize compression gear at least 1 size, and maybe two. What is the point in wearing it if it doesn’t “compress” Combine the gear with your latest swim brief or thong underneath, or maybe even a pair of undersized tighty whiteys.

Wrestling singlets are fun because in order to get the straps in place you have to tug upward in how the singlet fits in the groin area. Apparently a lot of teen wrestlers fear a hard-on just getting into the garment, and then what do you do if you get the uncontrollable urge to ejaculate wearing this one piece garment that takes time to get on and off? The body-suit swimmers face the same little problem. But if you are simply wearing your singlet in private or with a close male friend who is also “suffering” from the same “concerns” then this is not really a problem.

Finally, the guy’s jeans manufacturers keep putting more and more stretchy fibers in jeans allowing for a snugger and snugger, “painted on’ look, and for some years now guys have been buying jeans with a super skinny fit. First, with the elasticized fabric, the best versions now fit almost as snug as a running tight from the thigh through the calf muscles. This gives a great look. Plus you may discover seeing your legs from top to bottom in them in itself is erotic. Second, with the elastic in the fabric, this means that you can buy jeans with a waist one or two inches smaller than you could button when the denim had no stretch, making the look even snugger. A guy who comfortably wears a 32-inch waist in non stretchy denim can downsize to 31 or maybe even 30 inches, making the fit all around still tighter. You might get aroused just thinking about doing this, which is great. And learning how to control your urges while wearing undersized skinny jeans is also just part of the fun.

Enjoy yourselves guys, and I hope you find these tips for doing so to be helpful in your quest to have fun.

To be continued…
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Old 12-20-2019, 12:44 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default Part LXV

Part LXV

One of the things I find so interesting from my vantage point as a male is the number of guys who seem to be having a great deal of difficulty in dealing with how to have a sexual relationship with a partner. I am fully aware of the fact that nearly all guys deep in their psychosexual being of who they are as a guy, are very fond of getting aroused and then ejaculating.

Having said that, every guy ends up following his own path with respect to how he deals or copes with all of this. There is something of a widespread belief that having penis-vagina sex with a female is the only truly acceptable way for a guy to cope with his urges, though in recent years this belief seems to have lessened at least a bit in favor of the idea that sex with a partner is an acceptable way for a guy to get off even though the partner might also be a male such that “gay sex” is one part of being normal even though that is not what most guys do.

Left out of this equation is the idea that guys without sexual partners still have the urge to get aroused and ejaculate and these people vary in age from boys all the way to nursing home residents in their 80s and 90s. Being a guy with all the urges and horniness is not an affliction of some sort that a guy should deny, but one of the wonderful aspects of who we are.

Then, one cannot help but observe how many guys get themselves in psychosexual messes that somehow involve a female partner. There are all sorts of examples of famous people who got themselves into deep trouble involving a female sexual partner. Bill Clinton and his rape and sexual harassment charges, Harvey Weinstein thinking it fun to masturbate in front of a female subordinate, Hunter Biden not realizing that sex with a stripper could lead to legal action seeking child support for something that as a consequence “somehow just happened”, Epstein thinking that if a guy is wealthy enough, sex with an under aged female was perfectly fine.

And so on. And so on.

Each of the guys I mentioned managed to take their psychosexual urge to ejaculate into a phase where they ended up with bad consequences, often illegal. Somehow each of them believed that they were wealthy and powerful enough that whatever they did could somehow be kept secret so no one else would know. Of course, it doesn’t work that way. Once a guy lets his penis control his brain it seems that a lot of guys engage in risky behavior because they somehow think they can.

My message to my readers is that there are other ways for a guy to enjoy his body without engaging in any sexual activity with a partner that is going to lead to problems. Aside from the fact that there are still lots of happily married couples who regularly engage in partner sex, there are lots of ways for single guys who lack a sexual partner to have a lot of fun too.

I have only a few worries or concerns. I worry that I am somehow the only guy that this seems to work for. I worry that the specific methods I employ for getting off regularly might be found as completely wanting or inadequate by any male “used” to having “real” sex with a partner. I worry that solo sex will be deemed always inferior by any guy who has ever in his life experienced partner sex.

Let’s first list the positives. No guy engaging in male “self abuse” alone has ever had to deal with the consequences that a Hunter Biden, Clinton, Weinstein or Epstein have had to face. Swim briefs, straps, cups and singlets don’t someday decide to “go public” and destroy your reputation or worse.

But, maybe a lot of this is just not that much fun. Guys always seem to rank orgasms from really great to not that big of a deal. Perhaps I have been overselling some of these ideas and thoughts.

So, every once and awhile I decide to do a self-check on what I am recommending. In the last chapter I talked in detail about thronging and why I thought it was so much fun for a guy’s mind and body. Snug fit. Perineum. Elastic band cutting between my glutes.

Last night I found a little 2x(ist) Y-back thong I hadn’t even realized I had gotten years ago. I decided to wear it to bed under my sleep pants. The first “problem was getting into it. The pouch was “limited in size and even in a semi-flaccid state I was having difficulty getting my penis and balls both inside. But then you talk about pressure on the perineum. And tugging on that Y-back only increased the tension.

I was off in 15 minutes. Great fun. Highly recommended. As solo sex goes this is way up there…

To be continued….
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Old 12-21-2019, 10:47 PM
swim suit eddie swim suit eddie is offline
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Smile Thoughts on just being a guy

I liked Sebbie's story, but for me, I like wearing tight swim briefs when swimming. I think sometime there is a time and place for nude swimming, especially on a swim team or swimming at a YMCA pool. Wearing a singlet for me are sexy underwear and it's nice wearing one other than wrestling. A jock strap is a necessary item for healthy men when in very active sports. I'm not that active and find a jockstrap under sports wear feels somewhat uncomfortable. You don't have to be gay to feel this way, but a lot of straight guys do like wearing Speedos when swimming or a snug singlet as underwear than just for wrestling.
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Old 12-22-2019, 11:52 AM
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I had to smile when I read your statement "A jock strap is a necessary item for healthy men when in very active sports." in your last post swim suit eddie.
You don't seem to realise that the jockstrap as an item of mens athletic wear has never been adopted outside North America. In Australia where I live male athletes and footballers just wear everyday underwear. Up until a few years ago that was briefs now those things they call trunks.
I first discovered jock straps from the film "revenge of the nerds" when the nerds mixed hot sauce on the footballers jock straps. I was about 14 when I first saw that film and I already liked wearing small and snug briefs. In the film you don't see anyone wearing one so I wasn't sure even how it was worn but It was small and strappy and I wanted to know more.
Unfortunately this was before the internet and Australian sports stores did not sell them at all. They were simply unobtainable and all my interest was directed towards swim briefs which were very dominant swimwear in the late eighties. To this day department stores in Australia have never sold them or men worn them so they can't be that necessary.

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Old 12-22-2019, 12:10 PM
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I liked your observation swim suit eddie that there are straight men who like snug clothing.
I am convinced that part of the popularity of road cycling as an activity for fit men is the skin tight outfits and shaved legs that are part of the culture.
At the end of a ride, about 9AM, groups of male riders go to coffee shops and relax for a while in their bike gear.
No where else do guys socialise in active wear like that.
I'm sure its part of the appeal for lots of guys as its such fun to do.
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Old 12-22-2019, 01:46 PM
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Default Part LXVI


In this holiday season of gift giving, I oftentimes think about opening presents and getting things that were unexpected. Too, being a horny lad, I guess that somewhere deep in my mind was the idea that I could get a present that would somehow make me “feel good” down there. But that was not going to be the royal blue swim brief I really wanted, however.

One year I did get something I thought was “special" in this regard, however. It was one of the then newly available nylon underwear briefs for guys---silky smooth and golden in color not white. Oddly enough this came from an aunt and uncle not my parents. I was, in a word, delighted.

Still, there was other stuff on my “list” of fond “desires” that I was never able to obtain until I got older, and more or less out on my own.

From the perspective of economists, is an interesting process. The giver tries the best he (or she) can to find something that the recipient would “enjoy”. In the case of buying clothing for a horny male recipient or gift receiver, the term “enjoy” could take on a very special and unique meaning.

Economists talk about dead-weight loss in gift giving. No item purchased by another is going to quite provide as much satisfaction (utility) as if the gift had been picked out by the recipient. (Hence the increasing popularity of cash as a gift). This loss in satisfaction economists call dead-weight loss, which measures the extent to which the recipient thinks the gift is in some way unsatisfactory relative to what the recipient would have chosen for himself. We would all feel better during the holidays if we each only got the gifts we really wanted, but that is impossible given that another person is picking the item.

Experiments have been conducted with young people as subjects passing out different candy items at random in a classroom setting. Skittles, Milky Way bars, Nerds, Reese’s peanut butter cups etc. Then each student is asked to assign a number from 1-10 on how much they like the item they received. In one experiment involving 10 students the average score was about a 5, for a total score of 50 out of 100 possible points (10 students x 10 point maximum score). So the dead-weight loss in this example is 100-50 = 50.

Then, the students were allowed to trade items. For those who got some candy item they really did not like the incentive to trade for something they did like was greater, whereas for those who gave what they got initially a score of 10 would have zero incentive to trade with someone else. After trading, the items were rescored and the total was now 85. So everyone ended up being better off by trading by 35 points even though still not to 100 or a 50 point gain. Allowing people to trade gifts with each other after opening seems to allow everyone to go home at least as happy as they were if not significantly happier, not by buying more gifts and spending more money, but merely by allowing for the possibility of swapping.

OK, I talk at length about various items each of you might (or maybe not) “enjoy”. And, since that is a possibility, you might appreciate receiving each item as a holiday gift. So, what I want you to do is rank each of these items on a 10-point scale 1-10 based on how much you would appreciate getting it as a gift this year.

The items are
1. Royal blue swim brief size 30 (USA)
2. Package of 6 tighty whiteys size SM
3. Skimpy Swimming thong that reveals maybe too much 28-inch waist
4. Pair of thong underwear for men in navy blue (SM)
5. Compression shorts and short sleeved compression tee both MED
6. One-piece wrestling singlet in forest green size MED
7. Old school athletic supporter without a cup size SM
8. Old school athletic supporter with a cup that appears to be a bit too small to be able to hold me
9. Pair of navy blue running tights size SM
10. Pair of extra skinny PacSun® jeans with a 32-inch waist

So we also have 10 different items for you to put a score of 1-10 on each as to how enthusiastic or unenthusiastic you would be on finding this in a package with your name on it. Maybe you are too big to wear a size 30 swim brief. Well, just factor that into the score you give the item. One of the tricky parts of clothing as a gift is the sizing issue. Getting the wrong size is a common issue in gifts of clothing.

I need scores or a response from as many of you as possible. Be sure to rank all items from 1-10 with 10 being the most desired and 1 the least.

If I can get enough responses I can do a dead-weight loss calculation for each respondent. There are 100 maximum points for a guy scoring every item a “10” But you won’t likely do that. Instead you will like some of these items better than others and maybe some not at all (as in a score of 1)

If we get a number of responses we can think about assigning these gifts to respondents at random and then allowing everyone to do some trading in an effort to make everyone better off and no one worse off.

To be continued…
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Old 12-27-2019, 02:33 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default Part LXVII


I would be amiss if I didn’t share with you some of the gifts I received from myself this holiday season. This season, instead of focusing on straps and swim briefs as I have in several years past, I decided to make it a Lycra and compression gear Christmas. Now having a few days to mess around with the stuff I got, that was a very wise idea.

Somehow I have gotten hung up on the Tesla® brand of gear. Snug-fitting, well made and it comes in a variety of colors and styles. Plus, the price always seems reasonable. Too, I have figured out the sizing to the point where I can buy items and expect them to fit right. Snug, well, really snug, just like a second skin. This is the fit that makes me feel more than a little horny all day long. Perfect! I particularly like how my body looks clad in the compression tights.

A lot of guys seem to be scared about buying tights in a snug fit, but for me getting this just right is part of what a guy wants to try and do. With the Tesla running tights and shorts, any guy should be able to downsize one notch from normal size. If you have a 30 or 31- inch waist, you can easily downsize to what they call SM. Length-wise these work if you are 60 inches or shorter.

I got two pair of Tesla tights. They fit, well, perfectly. One pair is just a solid black with no contrasting stitching. Of course, I already have colors such as electric green with black stitching. The black ones are really neat. They look like my body has been sprayed with black paint. For guys who love wearing Lyrca® this is really the place to be. I like to wear an undersized pair of tighty whiteys as a liner. You might prefer something different, maybe a swim brief or even a strap.

The other pair is most interesting color wise. This pair also fits like a second skin. These are black with stitching in aqua blue. The color is called “Tron”. Remember the old Disney Tron movie from the 1980s where the cast members were clad in black tights and tops with aqua blue contrasting stitching? Well, this is it, exactly. In addition to having a running tight, I can play as if I were an actor in TRON. What fun.

There are tops as well. I ended up with three tops, two long-sleeved in solid blue and red, and a short sleeved version in black with contrasting stitching in red. Recently I have going with LG on the tops but SM on the tights. As I get older, I have more and more difficulty getting the tops on and off and particularly the long-sleeved ones and especially the undersized ones, so I have been giving myself a bit extra room on top. This works fine. The look is still great.

I’ve discovered that the combination of the tops and tights makes for a great combination under a sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants. As a retiree this makes for great wear during the day but especially well on cold days when I am working out on my stationary rower and bike and gym machine. One reason I have difficulty pulling myself into the tops is that all this exercise means that I, err, keep building a bigger and bigger chest. I once was a 95 lb weakling—not any more. I weigh about 150 lbs instead but keep my 31 inch waist. Exercise does pay off.

I also bought myself one more pair of super skinny jeans. I like the elasticized product that both PacSun® and Hollister® sell, and if I watch carefully, I can usually get a pair in my size (30 x 30) for a really tight fit. These jeans fit nearly as snug as the running tights do. That of course is part of the fun. The denim is very elastic not quite like a running tight but close—really close.

I’ve been wearing these jeans over tighty whiteys and a snug pair of compression shorts from Tesla®. I guess the full tights could also work but I haven’t tried that yet.

This year, I spent under $100 on all my Christmas gear. I’m having a lot of fun at what I consider to be a bargain price.

Above all, I hope you are able to enjoy yourself as well I’m off to my exercise equipment, comfortably clad for what is to come.

To be continued…
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Old 12-28-2019, 04:50 PM
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Default Part LXVIII


Today I got to get serious about wearing a bunch of the items I got for Christmas, combining them with some of the items I have accumulated over the years. I needed to go out and get groceries, so the classic question is always “what to wear?”

The new pair of extreme skinny jeans were calling me. I had tried them on and, well they just fit with a bit of struggle. But this time I prepped better.

First I put on my snug new Tesla® long sleeved top, and slipped on a pair of tighty whiteys. Over the tighty whiteys went a pair of Tesla compression shorts.

After that, the jeans. The jeans fit, well, really snug through my thighs and calves, and the compression shorts felt really neat.

I pulled on my sox and shoes, and after that an old red Lands End “puffer” jacket, and I drove off to get groceries to last me another week.

By the time I was back to the house, I felt pretty good, if you know what I mean.

Still it’s a lazy Saturday with rowing and other exercising to do. I really wanted to stay “elevated” for the rest of the day.

The jeans needed to come off and the compression shorts too, to be replaced by those slinky black running tights I purchased. The red compression top stayed.

But I did something else. I slipped a little hard cup right inside my tighty whiteys. No strap at all. The cold hard cup just presses directly against my groin, held in place by the tighty whiteys.

So, I have all my gear on, well, nearly all. What about one more layer? I have a great little solid black asics® wrestling singlet, that can go right over the running tights and red compression shirt.

Looks great! Feels great too. The hard, cold cup is an interesting contrast with the snug-fitting stretch gear. I like it!! like it! What great fun!

To be continued…
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Old 01-08-2020, 12:39 PM
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Default Part LXIX


I acquired this compression A shirt and the semi-matching compression shorts a long time ago, maybe as early as the late 1980s. Technically, nowadays, a setup like this would be a called wrestling doublet. This was my first "exposure" to compression gear, and they fit me then really snug and tight. At that point in time manufacturers were very much still experimenting with exactly how to make compression gear but they did very well on these. Somehow I was instantly hooked, so to speak. Interestingly, over the years they have held up really well. As shown in this very recent picture, They still fit me and still fit snug, smooth and tight.


On a typical day I spend about an hour on rowing machines of two different designs, another half hour on the bike, but just a few minutes on the weights part. Been doing this nearly every day for well over 30 years. I just recently turned 72.

For a topnotch experience, I suggest strapping yourself in with an old school strap first. I am very fond of being fully strapped in when I am exercising and I like to put the strap on over an undersized pair of tighty whiteys instead of the strap alone in part because of the butt padding I get from them when I am stationary rowing and bike riding in my home gym.

I know a lot of guys have trouble keeping up a steady exercise program. Interestingly, many of the guys who like to wear swim briefs seem to have a more consistent interest in swimming as exercise than the guys who do not.

Maybe part of the secret to maintaining yourself is in finding gear to wear that you enjoy wearing while you are working out. I was just watching the reporting on a big swim meet where several high schools were competing. Everyone was in somber black gear, some in jammers and maybe 30% of the guys (3 of 10 swimmers in one particular race) in a somber but snug black swim brief. Interestingly the guys who came in first and second in the race I saw were two of the three guys in the race wearing the briefs! Part of what is contributing to the increased popularity of swim briefs at the high school levels is that word has gotten out that this is what the fastest swimmers at the meet wear.

For a topnotch experience in a number of different respects, I suggest strapping yourself in with an old school strap first. I am very fond of being fully strapped in when I am exercising and I like to put the strap on over an undersized pair of tighty whiteys instead of the strap alone in part because of the butt padding I get from them when I am stationary rowing and bike riding in my home gym.

Now I fully realize that no two guys are exactly alike, and what I particularly enjoy doing to and with myself might not necessarily work the same way for each of you. I can only suggest based on what has worked for me over a period of over 30 years.

So, what I am suggesting is that each of you seek out the specific gear items that you believe you might enjoy wearing as you work out, and not only will you enjoy yourself more, you might just look for opportunities to wear the gear, meaning that you will keep at it a stronger and more consistent exercise program. The guys wearing the briefs are the most serious swimmers, but a similar idea works for other forms of exercise as well.

To be continued…
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