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Old 02-08-2022, 02:13 PM
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Default Thongs and Thonging: My latest thoughts on this

Thongs and Thonging: My latest thoughts on this

It has been some time since I have last written anything on the subject of thongs and thonging, including thong swim briefs but particularly dealing with thong underwear designed to be worn by males. Females adopted the design many years ago and the design to this day remains very popular with females. However, that fact has led some males to think that thongs as worn by males is something that would appeal only to gay guys—or in particular to a subset of gay guys who are comfortable being labeled as “fems”. Getting some guys to even want to try wearing pair of thong underwear has been a psychological issue for a lot of guys, for fear of inadvertently being seen wearing one might send an inadvertent message to other guys or even girlfriends with respect to what is implied about a guy’s sexuality if that is the guy’s underwear choice.

On a clothing shopping trip, in 1988 I think it was (goodness, that is almost 35 years ago), I ran into some boxed pairs of male thong underwear under the Hom brand name. Hom is a brand that at that point in time I think was mainly sold in Europe, which made the find even more interesting. I immediately knew I had to have a pair—well actually 3 pair! Even back then I was always on the prowl for clothing items that might make me somehow feel horny.

I got them home and started carefully examining what I had purchased. The back of the thong consisted of a thin elastic cord, maybe 3/16th inches in diameter, and this connected to the front pouch which was made of a stretchy elastic material. An elastic waistband (size SM, 28-30) and that was it! Wow! Even just opening the package I was feeling horny and starting to precum into my white cotton briefs. Getting into these little thongs was immense fun. The only way that could happen was to cinch up the rear cord in my crack between my glutes and then tug and pull on the pouch until my penis and balls were somehow snuggly wrapped in the stretchy cloth. I was oozing precum into the pouch at the same time and feeling horny as all get out. What fun! I was instantly hooked on the design. Totally hooked.

For the first time in my life I now realized that my anal area between my glutes was a sexually active erogenous zone, as the thong cord “hit” me in all the right places. The pouch, pushing my frontal sexually active areas front and forward added to the fun. As I walked, the cord kept brushing and tugging in the entire space between my glutes. My prostate soon realized what I was doing and got in on the fun as well. Of course, all of this can quickly make a guy hard just getting in or even just thinking about getting into a thong, and at some point you may realize that the situation is getting totally intolerable and you really need to ejaculate into the pouch… Heck, these are pleasures for more than just gay guys, but something EVERY guy can readily enjoy!

Eventually I calmed down a bit. The first thing I decided to do was try wearing one of these to bed, with the idea of seeing whether I could sustain precum production throughout the night even when I am asleep (The answer is “Yes”). Then I started wearing a thong as underwear around the house in order to get my mind and body “used” to the various newly-found, sexually-active sensations. Stage 3 is heading off to work wearing only a thong as underwear under a favorite pair of skinny jeans. And I was soon able to do that as well—never mind that I would come home from work with a pouch with big quarter dollar-sized stains of precum—the precum never leaked onto my jeans and I never inadvertently gone into an unintended full-ejaculation mode. Nor have I ever been caught in a situation where anyone else saw me in my favorite underwear.

AND I went on more shopping trips. I found a particular Jockey design (sadly no longer made) that was even more erotic than the Hom ones were. I bought a whole bunch of these. And over the years I have gradually accumulated a bunch of thongs of various shapes and sizes to run experiments of various sorts. Here is some of what these experiments have taught me.

The second design is less mean, but also less erotic fun. Generally, these thongs are largely made of cotton with a larger, less stretchy cloth pouch and the back is a wider strip of cotton fabric that is designed to lay on top of your crack not between your glutes. These are a design for a “beginner”. The basic structure is still there but this is a design more built for daily wear underwear than for having the kind of erotic fun I described above. Sadly, Jockey quit building the first design in favor of the second, daily-wear design. For awhile, there were no readily-available versions of the first design. But 2x(ist) also used to have a great “Y-back” version that hit all the right pressure points in the first design. Then they quit making that. But now it seems to be back in the design 1 version,

Right now my 2x(ist) Y-backs are my “go to” design as thong sleepwear. I crawl into it and I am “climbing the walls so to speak in an instant, desperately trying to get some sleep as I enjoy the tugs and pulls in all the right places. EVERY guy should try sleeping in a 2x(ist) Y-back thong.

Today I am wearing a more modest “design 2” thong around the house and would have no issue with pulling on a pair of my favorite skinny jeans and head out and about. I know I have a thong on and can feel its presence in various ways and in various spots, but the thong isn’t driving me bonkers as would be the case if I were wearing the 2x(ist) thong. I am going to be on my rowing machine and stationary bike in a bit, and over the thong I am wearing a pair of super snug TESLA running tights. The combination is really quite nice and I know I will enjoy my exercise routine today in all sorts of neat ways. All for now!

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Old 02-08-2022, 05:46 PM
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Default Footnote to the previous post

So I got to looking at the 2x(ist) offerings on their Web site. Turns out they have less expensive all-cotton versions and fairly expensive ($26 ea) SLIQ versions that are purportedly skimpier and made of a cotton/spandex blend that I am so fond of.

From there I got to looking on Amazon to see if there were any colors/fabrics not on the 2x(ist) site and what the prices were. On the 2x(ist) site it looks as if they are aiming this thong for purchase by the gay pride crowd between the “pride” print version and the bright purple color.

On Amazon I found this one on in a more somber navy blue for $18 not $26 in SM (oddly, MED is more expensive) and with free shipping. So I ordered that. In reading the reviews the comment is that these seem to require a size up. If anything a SM for me is one size down.


But for me with my super-intense fondness for super-snug thongs I do not think this will be a problem. ROFL.

Now all I have to do is just wait for my order to arrive and then give everyone here my detailed review. Makes me horny just thinking about it LOL. Read the Amazon reviews. The guys are saying much the same thing I said in my post above about wearing thongs, and are wearing them under snug running tights the same as me. They are not quite as explicit as I am with respect to exactly what they are saying but the implications are as crystal clear as a drop of precum.

On a separate but related topic, I am just through my morning exercise program with my rowing machine and stationary bike wearing a thong under a really snug-fitting pair of running tights. The combination does some really interesting things given that the narrow bike seat tends to put still more upward pressure on the perineum area with each turn of the pedals, and this is way more fun when wearing a thong. It is so much fun that the bike ride goes quickly.

You might think I am badgering you to engage yourself in male “self abuse” when what I am really interested in doing is simply getting you into an exercise routine that you enjoy. In this semi-aroused “horny” state, just brushing a fingertip or two against the tip of my penis through the tights and thong as I ride sends waves of intense pleasure through my entire body. Why not? Maintaining an exercise program should and can be fun in all sorts of ways.

And a new 2x(ist) in on its way to me in the mail. It’s great just being a guy!
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Old 02-09-2022, 01:14 PM
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Default Thonging, Edging and Penis Pumping

Thonging, Edging and Penis Pumping

I read with a great deal of interest the reviews on the SLIQ 2x(ist) thong I just ordered and found a lot of interesting stuff. First, tho the writers tend to right for a PG audience, it is clear (LOL) to me that part of the reason a lot of guys are into wearing thongs is the same as for me—the fit and feel makes them feel horny! In addition many guys have discovered that a thong is a great undergarment for exercise and gym wear, but particularly when worn under running tights!

A lot of the tights I buy have a section in the groin area that has tiny ventilation perforations—given this it would seem that some sort of undergarment might be in order for the following reason. If you are going to e horny while doing your exercise routine—if you wore only the perforated tights with no undergarment, there could be a problem. Being horny means oozing drops of precum. This could be an issue if the precum oozes through the perforated cloth in the groin area. BUT the thong pouch is an excellent precum catcher, preventing this from happening. Of course a guy might not get horny if he is NOT wearing a thong, but staying horny while exercising is part of what makes exercise fun and enjoyable over the long haul. I love exercising this way so much. The extended time I spend precumming is a highlight of my day.

Now Peloton would have you believe that a ride on an exercise bike is enjoyable simply because you can watch the butts of other bike riders on a TV screen. Compared to simply wearing a thong and running tights while bike riding I say that is no fun at all. What is fun is dripping precum as I exercise as in staying in a horny state for an hour on end.

So I crawl onto my rowing machine and my stationary bike. I also have a standard TV set to watch while I am exercising and it is always interesting to see moment-by-moment if I am paying more attention to the TV show or the sensations that are happening to me in my groin while wearing my exercise gear. In the case of the rowing machine I have typically been spending an hour or more a day for 30 or 35 years, plus weightlifting on my weightlifting machine. I would have never been able to sustain this were there not some big rewards and for me keeping up my exercise routine is a lot about what I choose to wear while exercising—and feeling horny while I exercise is really really important to what I do every day. I think the appeal of a lot of sports for guys is connected to the gear they wear—the straps, the tight-fitting football pants etc. No one says this openly but that is what is actually going on.

As I think about this, what I am doing is active edging—that is using the exercise routine as an excuse to maintain a degree of sexual arousal as I exercise. Getting to the point where I would need to go into a full-blown orgasm would shut everything down and at my age I would take a day or two to get back to where I was horniness-wise minimum. So the trick is to sustain the horniness without going into the muscular contractions of a full-blown orgasm, and I can go that way for nearly as long as I want.

The porn sites have lots of videos of guys masturbating where the claim that the viewer is seeing them in a situation where they have not ejaculated in up to two weeks. The longer a guy delays the inevitable the stronger the urge to ejaculate becomes, but this is especially true for younger guys whose refractory period is much shorter than what I now have. But still it is fun to see how guys respond to the pressure brought about by trying to continue to edge and delay orgasm as the time since the last orgasm increases.

Me? I’m through with my exercise but still wearing my thong and tights and continuing to edge, as I am doing as I write this.

What next? Why a penis pump sometimes called a VED device of course! As day drifts into night, I get more and more interested in going from a merely horny state into being in a penis pump. Now I confess that as a young man I would want help in getting and sustaining a hard erection this way , but unfortunately stuff happens. Still, what I learned is that penis pumps are fun things to mess with not only for guys my age but for guys of ANY age.

Again, the porn web sites are helpful in understanding all of this. Every guy knows what a circle jerk is, where a group of male buds get together, get naked and masturbate in a group setting. A few guys may even get up the nerve to masturbate each other. Lots of guys regard this as a form of male gay sex, but it occurs commonly enough for others to believe it is simply a “phase” that males who lack a female partner for sex do to get off and relieve some of the physical and psychological urge to ejaculate.

A video that USED to be on one of the porn sites had a half-dozen males first unboxing a big order of VED pumps ordered probably off of Amazon each pump a bit different and a different brand. Then each guy lubes himself up and crawls into the pump with the other guys (all doing the same thing to themselves) looking on at the same time. A few squeezes of the manual pump, each guy that age gets bigger inside his pump quickly. Of course, part of the fun is you get to see all the other guys in a similar pump-induced predicament each with his penis big, hard and filled with blood induced by the pump vacuum. A few guys work up to pumping one of the other guy’s pumps. I would call this a VED Circle jerk.

I like to do the same thing myself even though for me there is no audience. Ater a day of thongs, exercise and snug running tights, and still feeling really horny, there is nothing better than lubing myself up with gel soap and slipping into a penis pump. I like the manual versions the best as I can gradually increase the vacuum watching my penis swell and lengthen just a bit at a time. Another squeeze of the pump bulb and the vacuum increases a bit more. Can I tolerate another squeeze? Yes, that is good! I slip a silicone penis ring off the pump sheath and onto the base of my penis. The ring feels really good too. A couple more squeezes and I am ready to remove the pump and start manually stroking the fat long erection the pump helped me create. It feels a bit different from an erection created entirely with the hands and fingers, but these subtle differences are part of why this is so much fun. AND I am still edging! I have not shut off the fun by going into the repeating muscular contractions of a full orgasm. I suspect that younger guys may have more difficulty on this part, but to each his own. The night is still young and I am still horny as all get out. What next? Why getting a night’s sleep while staying in this remarkable state all night long of course! As in last night.

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Old 02-10-2022, 02:13 PM
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Default Spending the night in a 2x(ist) SLIQ Y-back thong (part 1)

Spending the night in a 2x(ist) SLIQ Y-back thong (part 1)

The 2x(ist) thong I ordered showed up in my mail box only 2 days after I ordered it (there is an interesting story as to why I got it so quickly that I will share with you later). As I indicated in my previous post I have been having a particularly fun time the last few days just working through my daily exercise routine while wearing a thong, and then following that up in the evening with some great applications of my vacuum penis pump, all the while edging as in staying horny and hard but just below the point where the muscular contractions of an orgasm are inevitable. I have “trained” myself to be able to do this for long periods of time and it is truly great erotic fun.

First, some definitions. I have been using the term “mean” or maybe “not so mean” to describe the attributes of an underwear thong. But a mean thong is not a bad thong but a really good thong for recreational wear but maybe not for daily underwear. I have a very large thong collection and I have worn practically every kind of design. The term “mean” is simply a short cut way to compare two different thongs with respect to how likely just wearing a specific thong will make you instantly feel aroused (or horny). I could do this on a 5-point scale with the meanest thongs getting 5 stars and the least-mean ones getting one star.

Another aspect of this is that guys who buy thong underwear do it for a variety of reasons, and some guys (believe it or not) are just thinking of wearing a thong as daily underwear without getting into the horniness stuff at all. These guys probably are in search of a less mean thong since getting aroused during the day may have issues—maybe they need a thong that would rate only one or two stars on the meanness scale—as in something no more arousing than, say a pair of briefs. (Well, not quite but you know what I am getting at).

Me, being retired, but very fond of being horny and edging is always looking for the meanest possible thong, one that would get 4 or even 5 stars on the star scale. And, like I say over the years, I have accumulated a huge collection of thongs at all sorts of meanness levels. In recent years it has become more difficult to find the really mean ones, but 2x(ist) thongs have always been 4 or 5 star thongs in this regard and a long-time favorite of mine for that very reason. I know psychologically that just being in a 2x(ist) thong will likely make me quite horny. I have samples of the product made 20 years ago and 10 years ago and over the years I have found these to be hugely enjoyable on the meanness scale (Will just getting into this send me into a way horny edging mode?).

So the issue is, how does the current 2x(ist) design compare with their earlier efforts? As I said, in recent years, I guess to appeal to the guys who are considering just wearing a thong as daily underwear without the other stuff that goes on with the guys who buy and get into thongs mainly for what I term “recreational” wear. So I am buying this thong partly to review where 2x(ist) thongs are currently for recreational not daily wear use compared to the thongs they made 10 and 20 years ago.

So, for me, yesterday was one of those days where I was aroused and horny practically continuously all day long and on into the night. My mind was laser-focused on arousal and edging. One of the great fun parts of being a retired single guy is that I have the freedom to do just that. I am a great fan of edging. And the mix of what I am doing to, by, and with myself has reached a new level of sheer enjoyment. I also greatly enjoy the VED pump with this really neat hard-on that is great fun to massage to just below the level where the muscular contractions start. Just as I think I can stand it no longer massaging myself the hard-on with gel soap, I jump into a freshly drawn warm tub of water to cool down a bit and reduce the urge to purge ever so slightly. But I get out of the tub still feeling way horny.

Meanwhile, I have this new 2x(ist) thong still in its packaging, and I vow that I am not going to try it on immediately, but instead crawl into it AFTER the warm tub bath still horny and then spend the night in it. Long ago I have learned that the way one needs to judge the quality of a thong on the mean scale is to try sleeping in it, and what better situation than to try crawling into it at bedtime after my full day of edging, VED pumping and other assorted male “self-abuse”. Being single, living alone really makes this all possible.

I am truly fascinated by the work of the men’s thong underwear designers. I have long believed that most of the designers are gay males who really understand the nuances of exactly what parts of the male body become erotic when touched or even brushed against. This is the part where the real talents and knowledge of the gay male underwear designer comes in.

Practically any gay guy can tell you that the male body has three major erogenous zones, but straight males tend to be focused on only one of them. Further, designing a “mean” thong aimed for recreational wear involves coming up with a design that “kicks” all three of these erogenous zones, not just one of them.

The three zones are 1 the area in and around the anus, 2 the perineum area which is an erogenous bundle of nerves just behind the scrotum and lying wedged neatly between the scrotum and the anus, and 3 the penis and balls that together are viewed as just a single, interconnected erogenous zone. Straight guys tend to be focused on the penis and balls and tend to see them as largely separate erogenous zones not interconnected.

So in deciding to market thong underwear for males, the manufacturer is faced with a fascinating choice. Do I come up with a design that might appeal to a straight male for daily wear that might opt for the design as an option to wearing ‘boring” briefs? There MIGHT be a market here. To be overcome is the notion that the design is perfectly fine daily underwear who guys who are not into recreational underwear at all.

But the OTHER option is to have my gay designer come up with a really mean design and focus my sales on guys who see thong underwear mainly as recreational wear—but particularly the gay market although more generally people who see all of this like this writer does. I wear a thong not because it is a better design for daily wear but rather because the mere act of getting into the right thong makes me instantly feel really horny. The guy might not fully appreciate why this is so, but remember the thee gay male erogenous zones I listed above.

To make a thong design that appeals to males merely looking for something for daily wear as an alternative to, say a standard boring cotton brief, the design needs to largely ignore the first two erogenous zones. So, the thong back is fairly wide and usually designed to cover the crack from on top to bottom rather than cut between the glutes. The thong back is also relatively long which means that the point where the back is sewn to the pouch is loose and rides below the perineum rather than pressing snuggly against it. Did I mention that another “feature” of a daily wear thong is a fairly big and loose fitting pouch with plenty of room to contain the guy’s balls and penis and some “room to grow” without putting undue “tension” on the wider back which could cause issues in daily wear. This is a “tame” thong rating 1 or 2 stars on my scale of meanness. But this design is of little interest to guys who are making purchases not because they intend to wear thongs as daily wear almost as they would a cotton brief, it largely ignores the so called recreational wear market that involves specifically stimulation of the other two erogenous zones so critical in recreational thong wear. And in recent years many of the manufacturers seem to be focused on making only “comfortable” thong designs and focus on the daily wear not recreational wear market.

(To be continued) 
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Default Spending the night in a 2x(ist) SLIQ Y-back thong (part 2)

Spending the night in a 2x(ist) SLIQ Y-back thong (part 2)

Twenty and even thirty years ago I started really having fun exploring all of this. The Jockey thongs available then merited 5 stars on the mean scale for a superb cord back that could only reside deep between my glutes, a tremendous area where the cord met the pouch that gave my perineum a steady truly enjoyable jolt, and a super stretchy but really tight pouch that forced me the play with myself just to get into the damn thing without having both balls (or worse, only one ball) pop free. In a sheer horniness or arousal scale this was an easy 5 stars. Everything that needed to be touched got hit in a most wonderful way. I was totally hooked!

Thongs always present something of a challenge to get everything in place. A guy does not want to be wearing a thong for daily wear with one or both balls hanging out, and getting both your penis and balls into the pouch may require some hand work, which is fondling, as in just getting everything in with both your penis and balls pushing up and forward. This fondling makes you start to get hard. And with a snug pouch, any expansion is going to put more pressure on the cord that is residing against your anal area as well as put upward pressure on the stitches that connect cord to pouch and some serious upward pressure on the perineum. Depending on your outlook, this can be treated either as a problem or as horny erotic fun. The more you grow the more the tension and the fun. I think a lot of guys who might otherwise want to wear a thong as daily wear worry about this to the point it scares them off. But this is at the heart of the thong as erotic recreational wear part of the equation.

2x(ist) has for 30 years or more made thongs that were clearly aimed not at the daily wear often straight guy market but at the recreational wear department. The Y-back design with the narrow cord and snug pouch is part of the design. My first 2x(ist) thong I purchased many years ago featured a Y-back design and a really snug pouch hit all my recreational wear erogenous buttons, so to speak, and I have spent many nights sleeping in it, and waking up at 3 AM to discover that I was somehow, for some odd reason, was feeling really really horny. In fact I was wearing this old thong just a week ago. Still a great fit and feel.

So, my idea yesterday was to not get into the new SLIQ thing until I was ready for bed and then spend the night in it and see how I rate the experience. And I did exactly that. Now the Y-back is interesting as the first third of the back and the upper half of the Y cuts across the glutes on both sides. But then the lower part of the Y is a single cord that suddenly cuts deep between the glutes and attaches to the pouch at the perineum.

For recreational thong wear I always want to make sure that the cord is a bit tight, and the SM size I ordered basically ensures that the cord will be snug. And the SM size ensures that the pouch will fit around my penis and balls snug. Getting myself into all of this requires a bit of “work” on my part but trust me, the work is not unpleasant. The sizing is perfect. The waist band is snug and not too snug. And the lower part of the Y cord has a lot of tension on it, tension that will only increase if I grow a little during the night.

So, I got everything in place and concluded that I was in a good place but nothing that was going to keep me awake, and I quickly fell asleep. I was exhausted from all the edging (I was tired from a long day where I was basically aroused all day long). Then I awakened at 4 AM and I noticed that I was feeling really horny again. Somehow in these situations my hands and fingers seem to find a way to my penis and balls. My penis is trying to push forward and upward and my balls are in the pouch but right beside my penis not beneath it. And my balls suddenly seem to be super-sensitive as well. This is crazy fun to experience. Maybe my initial idea that this was a fun recreational thong but not as much fun as the older designs was not quite accurate. I am suddenly liking this, a lot!

So the cord that makes up the lower half of the Y is wider than it was in my older 2x(ist) thongs. Will this still cut between my glutes on its way to the pouch and perineum area. Next I discover that I can spread my glutes wide and see exactly where the cord has migrated. Not to worry! The cord (lower half of the Y) is deeply embedded between my glutes and putting tension and pressure directly on my anus. That is, well, interesting. But remember the thong size is SM and the cord somehow needs to make its way to being attached to the bottom of the pouch. The shortest route is the path that embeds the cord most deeply between my glutes and I can feel that now. The cord puts a constant slight pressure on my anus and then as it meets the pouch the short, snug cord puts more upward tension on my perineum. Further, by simply fondling my penis and balls in the confines of the pouch my penis grows a bit and tries to press forward come more. This not only puts more tension on the cord and on my anus, but causes the seam that is hitting my perineum to press upward some more. The combination of these three actions is what great recreational thong wearing is really all about.

So, my conclusion is that this is a really mean thong and fully worthy of a 5-star rating with a bulls eye hit in all three male erogenous zones, and a truly great choice for recreational thong wear. I still haven’t gotten off but am still horny from the accumulated things that happened to me yesterday and during the night. I could not be more pleased. Is it better than the two older designs I have? That could be debatable. But I am looking forward to just another day a abusing myself in these ways—it is all terrific fun.

I was going to mention how I got this thong on Amazon so quickly. I had been over at the 2x(ist) page and the SLIQ designs were either bright purple, heavily patterned or a crazy gay pride rainbow design. I was looking for something more somber, say navy, gray or black, but with the same features and there was a new one in what must be a discontinued color, navy blue, and for only $18 with free shipping even that the price was lower than the $25 for free shipping on Amazon. Turns out the seller that had the thing was a mini store working out of a small residential house. But the really weird par was that the house is in my city and maybe only about a mile from me. The seller dropped it in the mail almost as quickly as I placed the order and it was in my mailbox the next day. Strange coincidence!

All is well in erogenous, edging land… Did I mention you might want to try this?
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Default Wayback Machine

Wayback machine
I got to thinking about when guys first realized that wearing a thong was great fun, psychologically and sexually As everyone knows, the Speedo company in Australia “invented” the Speedo, as in a lightweight swim brief which, for its time had what guys thought was minimal coverage. They were brief style with moderate sides—maybe three inches, but this was in the pre-Spandex fiber days. And a real Speedo was made from durable nylon—but lightweight, like a swim brief made with the material in a parachute.

But there was no stretch fabric to hold a guy in, and especially when the suit was wet, the outline of the penis was likely clearly visible. Guy’s had to learn to deal with the near nudity that the lightweight nylon provided. But soon a Speedo was the thing for any serious Aussie swimmer to wear, and sales exploded.

However, guys soon discovered that, unlike the later stretch briefs, the back of the suit fit loose too— loose enough so that the fabric covering the glutes could be collapsed to form a mere “wedge” of nylon fabric—and the wedge was small enough that what was covering the glutes could be wedged between the glutes, making the glutes bare, and creating the first instance that was to feel on the guy like a thong would later do. This seems maybe a bit “exposed” for the time but soon these hunky swimmers were picking up on the idea that exposing the glutes was a fun—even very masculine thing to do. And soon a lot swimmers were doing this glute-exposure thing with the thong-like garment they made. The girls on the beach went bonkers for the daring exposed glutes look—some guys too :-).

But, of course, the swimmers were starting to really like the feel of the wedge of nylon cloth crawling snuggly between their glutes and putting tension on the anal area. None of the guys said anything but for the swimmers, they were getting their first experiences as to why being in a thong can be so much fun. All of this is tied to the indirect pressure the wedge of the thong places on the anal area—and indirectly on the adjacent prostate. So doing this became the method the hunky swimmers were getting turned on by the indirect prostate massage from the lower position of the wedge. They were gradually learning this and how much fun the right (wrong?) stimulation in that area can really be.

Since the first loose-fitting nylon Speedos we have had many decades of thongs with a lot of them purposely designed to be a genuine “treat” for a guy in this respect. These are available both as swimwear or as underwear or as designs that could serve either purpose. And often the designers are trying to come up with a design that immediately get the wearer (like me) climbing the walls—so to speak. Indeed, the instant arousal is part of the fun and generates sales for the company making these.

Which takes me to my review of the 2x(ist) thong. It is always an interesting puzzle to write these in a manner that clearly communicates to the reader what I think the reader should know but do it in such a way that keeps the review rated PG, not R or X. So here is my effort in that respect. See if you can determine exactly what I am trying to tell you without going into NSFW mode. This review is now up on the Internet. The vendor approved of my text.
Great, Snug-fitting Thong

This is a really neat thong but especially well suited as an undergarment under compression running tights or compression shorts during exercise or other recreational wear. I chose the SM size in part because I really like a snug fit but also because thongs nearly always fit better if they are a bit downsized. The waistband is fine on me. What is really important is how the back fits and this is not easily determined looking at the photos in the Amazon description. With a Y-back the top half of the Y goes across the top of the glutes diagonally both ways, but the lower part of the Y consists of an elastic band that cuts deeply between the glutes and attaches to the bottom of the front pouch. This band is short and fits very securely on this thong. The pouch needs to be just large enough to contain everything but not loose enough so that parts can inadvertently fall out of the pouch and the stretch fabric pouch used here accomplishes this very well. This is an excellent thong, and I also like to wear it as sleepwear. It feels good on my body in several different ways. I highly recommend it but particularly as recreational or sleepwear.
And here is a review by another guy of the same thong. He is attempting the same thing I am attempting. Clear communication to the reader without making the review NSFW.

I've loved wearing underwear briefs and swim briefs since my earliest teen years. They were so much more comfortable for casual wear, sleeping in, and swimming laps. At 14, I tossed out all of my boxers, jammers, board shorts, and stuck with only the tiniest of briefs. I was absolutely in love with them, looking at myself in the mirror wearing them, swimming, beach volleyball, yoga, just everything. They were an inspiration to exercise and eat healthy in order to keep looking great! So when I was 19, I noticed a few underwear brands selling thongs online, and I couldn't get the thought of wearing them out of my head. I immediately bought a few.

Once they were delivered, I took them out of the packages, and tried them on, one after the other. It was such a thrill! 2xist thongs bring me back, reminding me how they changed my life and helped my fitness goals even more. Everything from the comfortable pouch up front that provides so much support, the waistband which stays on the hips with ease. Since they're made of cotton, they wash easily. Plenty of eye catching colors. And the greatest thing: it's the most wonderful, sensual feeling with the y-back between the glutes!

And here is yet another review from the same guy on the all cotton-version of the 2x(ist) thong This one is almost G-rated

Ten years after first wearing thongs, I still experience that same thrill, especially since I'm still wearing size small/size 30 with ease! Most guys probably are skeptical about taking such an (admittedly) huge step with wearing something unfamiliar, and yeah that's normal. But they are so flattering to slender swimmer bodies, and weightlifter bodies alike. Once you take that step of feeling comfortable with yourself and wear one, for fitness goals, as well as personal appearance, you'll exude a confidence you wouldn't have thought possible! So go for it! And if your S.O. has your back, yet another plus!
Both of us are trying to communicate the same thing. That is, you should be interested in buying this thong because wearing it will make you feel really horny almost instantly, and it is really great to feel that way! But my readers here have probably already figured that part out. Part of the market for the thong is for guys who have decided its great fun to get hard in one of them! But we don’t exactly say that in the reviews—though there are hints here and there.
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Default Strapped and cupped

Strapped and cupped

I have long been a fan of old school athletic supporters—you know, the kind with the neat rubberized pouches and the 2 ½ or even 3-inch elastic waistband with the leg straps that cross my glutes to hold everything in place securely.

And to paraphrase the old Mounds and Almond Joy Ads “Sometimes I feel like a cup and sometimes I don’t” But when I “hunger” to be in a cup, not just a cup of any size or shape. I am not a big fan of the newer “banana cups”. Too much room to flop around inside for sure. I like the old school cups that are quite flat and have only a limited amount of space inside. I particularly like the fit and feel of a cup that puts a constant, steady pressure on my penis. My penis senses the gentle pressure of the cup bearing down on it—and the sensation of the sides of the cup just being present. Not anything really big or profound, mind you—but just “there”. And of course, the pressure might be so subtle that it does not even hardly “bother” me, psychologically. But as soon as I start to think about where the cup is and how my penis is encased in it, the cup starts to “bother” me psychologically.

At first I think to myself this is no big deal at all, surely I can cope with such a subtle but distinct pressure. Then I think about what is happening to me down there some more and I start to squirm a bit. What seemed quite tolerable only a few moments ago is now starting to “get” to me. Somehow my penis “knows” that it in something of a “predicament” and escape is not an option. On one hand, I am really starting to “enjoy the situation I am in…precum is a real indicator that this is a place to be that, while annoying, is also a place I like very much. At least that is what I am sensing—a rather horny mixture of being annoyed but having some interesting fun at the same time. Weird, huh?

I guess, the original “plan” for guys who wore these old school straps and cups is that they would go directly over the nude body. Then the strap pouch would collect any precum drops. Then guys got the idea that they could wear the strap and cup over a snug-fitting pair of tighty whiteys. Not only was the leg straps to chafe the glutes, but the tighty whiteys provided a secondary layer for collecting precum drops and kept the strap ouch cleaner. Still, lots of fun.

Today I tried something different. Why not wear a pair of snug running tights as a first layer, and put the strap and cup over that? That provides a lot of interesting pressure points and these pressure points tend to interact. But I do not want to be wandering around with a white strap and cup over black running tight. The solution is to make a final layer of a pair of really snug fitting Bollinger black compression shorts OVER the cup and tights. The Bollingers make sure that the Strap and cup press firmly and constantly against my groin which, as the day wears on is subtle at first but then starts to “get” too me—nothing dramatic but just a steady light pressure that feels wonderful.

I highly recommend this “layered” approach. It is always good to have a collection of cups and straps—every one is unique and different and each one provides a unique set of sensations. What a great thing to do on a lazy afternoon!
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Default Those fit really tight on you!

Those fit really tight on you, but they look great!

I have been fascinated by all sorts of tight-fitting clothing from bell before I became a teenager. Before puberty, I had only a vague understanding as to why, except that I knew for some not that apparent reason, this is where I wanted to be. Once I reached puberty, things came into focus for me quickly and I began to understand more fully what had been not as clear to me before.

As my readers know, I have spent a lifetime running experiments that make use of every manner of snug-fitting clothing. My favorites lately have been underwear thongs, jock straps, and running tights, which I have been wearing for my daily exercise.

Today I was looking through some of many pairs of extreme skinny fit jeans that I own. Now as American males have long known, the transition from jeans fabric that contains no stretch spandex was once thought of as somehow not right for guys, that a form fit was somehow OK for women who wanted to wear skin tight jeans but somehow not OK for guys. Asian, and to a degree European men had no such hang-ups. The Asian guys in particular liked the super skinny form fitting look long before that look caught on with American guys, where baggy was in. But the European guys tended to follow the Asians as well.

As you know, I have been exercising daily and in the last several winter months favoring really snug running tights as my garment of choice. But as I was digging through my jeans, I found a couple pair of black jeans that looked surprisingly much like my black running tights. One air, from Pac Sun, I purchased relatively recently as in maybe 18 months ago, but I also found a pair I had purchased earlier. Both of these pair for me fit skin tight but seem to have a lot o stretch and both are size 30 x 30”, about 2 waist sizes down from my usual 32 x 30 size for jeans with zero stretch. The earlier pair I had ordered from AliExpress on the internet, a big China-based variation on Amazon advertised as super skinny jeans. Remember that the Asian guys were doing the really snug look long before the Americans. Maybe just maybe these would work as exercise gear as an alternative to running tights.

Now the jeans material is heavier than the running tights material but otherwise the jeans fit about as tight as the running tights, even though the calf and the leg openings.

But, what to wear with these? I haven’t talked a lot about tops, but I am fond of the compression gear tops both short and long sleeved. I really like the erotic feel of the long-sleeved top better than the short-sleeved version, but the long-sleeved versions are difficult to get in and out of on a warmer day if a guy is sweating at all. But, this being a cool March day no problem getting myself into the long-sleeved black compression top.

All of this calls for a thong and a strap. Today just a simple cotton thong that fits very nice and snuf between my glutes and holds my penis where I want it to be. Then I foud a “designer” strap I had ordered on Amazon. Check out the BSHETR brand name on Amazon. I like the way the leg straps cross my glutes but I feel “bare” and somehow “missing something” without the thong strap cutting snuggly between my glutes. So the strap over the thong works very well.

Time to pull on the super snug black Asian jeans and get on my rowing machine. Exercising in this setup went very quickly and I felt really snug. I feared that when my timed stationary bike ride happened the jeans would keep me from moving quite as fast as when I wore the running tights, but oddly enough, I completed my four mile run in less time. Perhaps this was due in part from the stimulation I was receiving from the thong and strap, but everything went very well.

This experiment has encouraged me to look at some of my other pairs of skinny jeans as pure athletic apparel as well. Exploring all of this is great fun.
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Default Having fun by yourself

Having fun by yourself

Solo sex is very different from sex with a partner in a host of different ways. In partner sex, the goal is all about having an orgasm at “the end” of the session. In male-female partner sex, generally the couple strives to try and ensure that both of them not only get to an orgasmic point but also that both of them reach an orgasm at not necessarily the exact same time but certainly close together if at all possible.

Of course, this does not always happen with the timing that is considered ideal if at all, and thousands of books have been written on the subject of finding out why and what the partners can do about it. Getting the orgasm timing just right often becomes the primary object of the couple and as a result the couple becomes less focused on the sheer pleasure of sexual arousal, male and female.

In gay sex with a male partner the circumstances change somewhat. The goal becomes now whether or not the male partners can have an orgasm at approximately the same time, but rather that both partners in a sexual encounter are able to have an ejaculatory orgasm within a specific sexual encounter even if the two ejaculations are comparatively widely-spaced time wise. The ejaculation focus may be with one partner initially and once he has ejaculated that partner can turn his attention to what is necessary to do for the other partner to get to ejaculate. But there is no particular premium placed on both male partners ejaculating at nearly the same time as there often is with a male-female sexual encounter.

What about guys who do not have a sexual partner at all? One way of looking at this is that these guys are somehow way unfortunate because sexual pleasure is all about two people not one enjoying their arousal together not alone. Guys (women too) end up in situations very frequently do not have a sexual partner by choice or by circumstance. EVERY guy probably spent his early years with either no sexual partner or with few actual sexual encounters. Yet guys are not sexually disinterested in their early years even if they lack a sexual partner. Getting and being aroused sexually and enjoying the wonderful sensations of arousal is part of growing into adulthood, and is also very much a part of the lives of individuals who do not have a sexual partner in adulthood by choice or by circumstance. For guys who are in this category solo sex (aka masturbation) becomes a critical part of their daily lives.

As a young teen, I may find myself masturbating in the home bathroom so that no one in my family can discover what I am doing in there by myself. But there are limits to how long a guy can be in a bathroom without attracting the attention of other family members. So the guy quickly develops masturbation methods that “get the whole thing over” fairly quickly, as in seeing how fast the guy can go from having an initial hard-on to an orgasm.

But as a young adult I might very well now be out and living alone, in which case as a male I can really begin to start to learn about edging, as in maintaining a state of high arousal but just under what would create the muscular contractions and ejaculate that comes with a full orgasm. That the young adult male lacks a sexual partner for engaging in this is not a bad thing and it might even be a good thing. And learning the nuances of how to maintain a high arousal state without ejaculating can never be a bad thing even in partner sex.

I admit that I often learn new things by visiting sites such as pornhub. Pornhub as directed to males is divided into straight and gay sections. Obviously the straight section involves videos of male-female sexual encounters, and part of the gay male side is videos of two guys having various kinds of sex as male partners. This might represent 60-65 percent of the gay male videos. But the remaining 35 percent on the gay male side consists of guys engaging in various kinds of solo sex activities, from simple masturbation with the hand to other activities that might include things like hand-held vibrators, various electrostimulation devices and vacuum penis pumps.

I am amazed at the role that edging plays in most of these videos—the idea is for the guy to get to a point where sexual arousal is very high but just under the point where the involuntary muscular contractions associated with ejaculation must occur. These guys are doing all the things to themselves that the teen seeking a quick orgasm in the bathroom could not. To make this even more difficult, guys claim in the edging video that they have not ejaculated for several days, so that “riding on the edge of ejaculation” is even more difficult with the guy’s body screaming at him in various ways that it needs to get rid of semen ASAP. This is both great fun but also mental and physical “torture” of sorts. Watching guys “suffer” with such edging can be and is most interesting to see. This is far more interesting in my view that observing a male and female get off together or even a gay male couple engage in a sexual encounter.

Of course there is always the thought that a serial edger might have come up with techniques that have not occurred to me and that I will see something interesting about doing this that I did not already know. But over the years I have developed my own long list of edging methods many of which seem to also work extremely well and I highly recommend to other guys.

Today I am back in the thong, strap and jeans that I wore yesterday and wrote about in the previous post. The combination still feels great. Last night I started with my little estim device, and then continued with my vacuum penis pump. Obviously the jeans, strap and thong had to come off, but by nightfall I was still feeling really horny. Then I had fun massaging my hard penis coming out of the vacuum pump using shower gel as lube, but just under the point where I would have gone into the involuntary muscular contractions of an orgasm. Then I dove into a warm tub of water, still feeling way horny. I dried off and pulled on another thong which I slept in, and this morning I was still feeling way aroused which means that mentally I was in good shape to write what you have just read. Soon I will be on my rowing machine and stationary bike while still fixated on the whole subject of how wonderful it is to be able to edge and go along for days like this without having an orgasm!
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Default Positioning Yourself in a Swim Brief

Positioning Yourself in a Swim Brief

A lot of what I read suggests that the smallest and the skimpiest swim briefs are the most fun to wear. But, the truth is that a guy can have a lot of great sensations wearing just an ordinary, traditional swim brief. I am talking, of course, about a brief of the classic Speedo ® design. You know, a brief with sides that measure maybe 2 1/2 or even 3 inches, and from a poly-Lycra blend fabric that fits snug but also stretches a lot. This would not be considered anything out of the ordinary when worn at a beach or pool—the classic swimmers garb that is once again becoming increasingly popular with the real swimmers in the high school and college competitions.

Nowadays, the stretch fabrics are great in that they stretch a lot but still give a skin tight fit. Of course, even with a brief this big, I still suggest undersizing the waist by an inch or two from what a guy normally wears in non-stretch fabrics for the “classic” swimmer-bod look..

The trickiest part about a swim brief is, well, bluntly put, how do I arrange myself down there? Or, more bluntly, exactly how do I place my penis in such a snug-fitting garment? Indeed, there are several possibilities. Guys are keenly aware that depending on how exactly that is done is going to determine both how the guy looks and feels in his brief. The options are basically five. That is, down, forward, up, to the left or to the right. Each of these options not only looks different, but feels different as well as in some options feel more erotic than others, and there are reasons for this. Let me discuss each of these options.

With the DOWN position, the guy is thinking that this is the most conservative position for two reasons. First, assuming he stays relatively flaccid, any unanticipated “growth” will usually not be that noticeable. Further, in a full down position it will appear that he has no bulge or penis down there. This is good from the perspective of being out around other people. The problem, of course is that the down position leaves little if any room to grow should some growth inadvertently take place, and even a slight erection in the down position can be quite uncomfortable. The top or lower end of the upper side of the penis is in contact with the fabric, and this is the part of the penis that has the fewest erotic nerve endings so in this position the guy is not that likely to grow. In that respect, the down position is the “safest”.

In the FORWARD position, the guy positions his penis so it is pointing outward with the glans area (tip) in direct contact with the fabric of the pouch. In this position a guy is going to appear to have a bulge even if he is flaccid. And the contact between the tip and the fabric is not going to “help” in this regard. To be sure this is fun—maybe great fun, except that it is going to be quite obvious to others as to how big the guy is, and worse, even a minor hard-on creates a bigger bulge still. So, I do not recommend the forward position unless the guy is in a situation where this happening is what he wants. The forward position may be a bit too much particularly if a guy took my advice and undersized the brief a bit. The new fabrics are stretchy enough to accommodate most guys in the forward position, but I would still take care with this one if you are going to be in a situation where others are nearby such as at a public pool.

A third option is to point your penis to the LEFT. The effect is to create what appears to be just a tube (your penis) as a 5 inch long round thing heading off to the left. From a distance, this may be hardly noticeable. Generally the part of the penis in contact with the fabric is all along the top and maybe the side of the penis, but not the ultra-sensitive underside.

The fourth option to the RIGHT is the same except your penis is pointing in the opposite direction. Most interestingly, I have found that the sensations a guy gets pointed left are not identical to the sensations pointing right. One of the two directions generally feels more erotic than the other, and a lot of guys who favor a side position left or right have definite preferences for one versus the other. Kind of like being left or right handed. Me, in this regard, I am a definite lefty. The guys who find the down position uncomfortable often adopt a left or right position instead. These positions still feel great and being left or right is probably the option that most guys end up doing.

Finally, there is the truly erotic UP position. This is the position to try if you are really fixated on experiencing first hand why wearing a swim brief can be such great erotic fun. And it makes the choice of a brief that has 2 ½ or 3 inch sides that fits higher to the waist a good idea. Pointed up with as brief with only 1 inch sides and a low-ut waist, pointed up, your glans area can easily come out over the top of the brief. But with the brief with the wider sides you will have more space to grow without coming out over the top. This position is way neat and fun for two reasons. First, the underside of the penis has the hottest erotic nerve endings—and in this position the underside of the penis is pressing firmly against the fabric of the brief all along the underside. Even more interestingly, the erotic hot spot on the underside of the glans just below the tip of the penis is also pressing firmly against the pouch fabric. This sensation might cause you to scream “I like this! I LIKE this!” Probably best you try this position at home in front of a mirror to see exactly how your mind and body tolerates the situation you have put yourself in.

If you are relative newcomer to wearing a swim brief I would suggest “breaking in” any new swim brief by trying all the five positions in the order I listed and see exactly how your mind and body “responds” to each of them. The neat thing is that you can run your experiments using a simple swim brief that provides significant coverage. Finding how your body “reacts” to each position is essential if you intend to wear the brief in a public setting such as at a public pool. You do not want to get into a situation where you inadvertently ejaculate in a public setting, so you need to understand both the situations where that will not happen versus possibly happen. And a first-time brief wearer who initially chooses the “up” position is setting himself up for a possibly very embarrassing situation. You can only imagine what would occur if a guy suddenly cannot keep from ejaculating positioned upward. Yet, if you try this in private and ejaculation occurs this can be great not-to-be-missed erotic pleasure. All the best in running your experiments with a new swim brief.
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