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Old 07-28-2023, 03:56 PM
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Default scottish auntie

Being on the holiday on one of the Scottish islands recently, wearing new swim briefs and spending time speaking to a mature lady in large swimming costume, with her bright nails, which made me feel quite erotic, got the creative writing juices going, along with other juices! So this story is derived from thoughts I had.

When I was in my early 20s I went to spend some time with a friend of the family, close enough to be called ‘auntie’, who lived in a coastal village on the west coast of Scotland. A lady in her early 60’s, she was a painter and very outward going, wearing bright tweeds and tartan outfits, made by a close friend in the same village. She was quite religious, being a member of the local church, involved in organising a variety of events over the year.

When I went to visit, it was towards the end of summer and she had just returned from a holiday in the south of France. This was the early 80s when swimwear in the region was taking a very skimpy form, with tiny thongs for women and very skimpy bikinis for men.
I had taken my speedo swim brief, hoping to spend some time sea swimming but not sure how she would react as my briefs were quite revealing, showing a healthy bulge up front. But, I would just have that conversation if she brought it up; ‘it’s the fashion, etc auntie’.

She welcomed me as she usually did, huge hug pressing her matronly bust against me and slobbering her bright red lipsticked lips on my face.
“my goodness, you’ve lost weight and so toned!” she exclaimed.
“i’ve been playing a lot of sport”, I replied, adding. “I’ve brought my swim briefs an I’m hoping to do a bit of sea swimming while I’m here”“oh most definitely”, she replied, “actually it’s a lovely evening, why don’t you go down for a wee dook just now. Just leave your bags and get out your swimmers and go for a quick dip before supper”
“ok”, I agreed and she showed me to my room then left. I found my swim briefs and slipped them on but before I could cover up, she returned. She stared at my swim brief, now showing quite a bulge, “oh you can’t wear them!”, she cried, “just one moment” and she disappeared.
My thoughts were all over the place, ‘what if I’ve offended her?, what did she mean I can’t wear these?
She returned quickly and handed me a small package.’I knew you were coming to stay so I took the liberty of buying a couple pairs of the swimming costumes the boys are wearing in France for you to wear”
I opened the package and took out to tiny swim bikinis, no more than 1cm in width at the sides and a front pouch with centre seam; one white and one pale blue. My mind was racing, ‘wow! there are tiny, and especially coming from a lady so heavily involved in the church; just didn’t seam to compute as correct.
“aren’t they so cute; so tiny!”, her eyes were fixed on the bikinis, with a huge smile. “go on try them on!”, she exclaimed.”i’ll leave the room; just come through to the sitting room and do a little fashion show for me”. She disappeared.
I slipped ff my normal speed and wriggled into the white bikini. My cock was barely covered by the skimpy suit and caused an obscene bulge against the thin spandex fabric, with the shaft and head outline clearly showing. with this excitement , i started to get hard. “ are you coming?” she shouted. I thought, ‘I will be soon” and concentrated hard to stop my cock from erecting any more.

When I went through she was sat in a large, winged armchair, her hands placed on the chair arms, with hands over the edge, showing her long talon like bright red nails. I had a thing about women with long nails and how erotic they were, especially with me wearing only tiny briefs and the chance they could brush the nails against my bulge. wow! I tried hard to push these thoughts from my mind.
“oooh, my goodness, that little costume doesn’t leave much to the imagination”, she giggled as she stared at my bulge. “come closer” she beckoned with one of her index fingers, the red nail curled over at the tip and sharp.

I stood in front of her, her eyes glued to my briefs. “she placed her hands on the thin waist band and pushed her fingers between it and my skin, tugging the bikini slightly to one side as if the front seam was off centre slightly. The she brushed her nails across my body and accidentally-on -purpose across my bulge, which cause my cock to override my control over it and it just hardened and pushed outwards hitting the elastic on one side of the front bulge. This didn’t go unnoticed, “oooh, my good ness”, she giggled with eyes wide opened.
My mind was all over the place not believing what was happening, beyond any erotic dreams I could ever have had.
“ we better let him out then,” and she placed a couple of her finger and nails beneath the elastic, pulled aside the pouch and released my cock like a piston, shooting out of the side, the head very much engorged and purple, big blue veins were prominent.
“mmmmm, that’s a fine specimen of cock meat”, she purred. My mind was totally fried by now as she uttered those words. She ran a finger nail gently up the shaft and around the head, tickling the underside of the glans.
“ well we can’t let you go to the beach in this state; what would some of the other church ladies say!” as she pulled my bikini down causing my cock to get stuck in the waist band momentarily before springing loose, pointing upwards, very hard and proud.
She reached around onto a small table beside the chair for a small tube of cream which she proceeded to soften in her hands and proceed to rub the cream up and down my shaft, around the head and gently raked my throbbing cock with her red nails. The other hand cupped my balls and tickled them with her talons. She continued pumping my cock for a very short time before I could feel the torrent of cum rising upwards and bursting out in several jets onto her cleavage, with me gasping and moaning. “now, you needed that. lets clean him up, pop him back in this cute little swimming costume and you get off for a dip while i make supper”

As if nothing had happened she wiped my cock head and her cleavage with some tissues and got up. “ The sun is still out so should be warm enough. Put on a jumper and some shorts to go but you can come back in the little brief only with your jumper on if you want”

To be continued….
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