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Old 10-03-2013, 01:07 AM
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Default experience project

A piece from a guy on this website and who obviously has no idea of tackles undertaken in a water polo match ! http://www.experienceproject.com/sto...peedos/3420509
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Old 06-11-2016, 04:24 AM
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Smile a summer afternoon wearing layered spandex swimwear.

i remember one year, I was invited to spend an afternoon with my uncle at his beautiful home with a large backyard porch area for tanning or just enjoying the warm summer afternoon sun. He said I could wear my favorite swimwear for sunning. I did, wearing a beautiful pair of light blue and white stretch short, shorts that zipped up in back. Underneath a cotton lycra pair of royal bikini briefs underneath. He told me to bring a change of clothes also, boxers and white tee shirt with my tan colored baggy trousers. I wore my favorite swimwear with the tight short shorts under the trousers. They felt so good, very snug and soft. When I arrived he had me take off the baggy trousers and let me stay in my stretch short shorts with the bikini briefs underneath. After a few hours on the porch in the sun with him, only in a towel like wrap around toga, we went in doors and sat together in the big living room, when he said I will need to change and shower now, as we were going out that evening for dinner. I did blush a lot when he gave some really nice warm hugs, noticing me now fully erect under my two layers of swimwear. He said he is going to help me out of them, as I wiggled and blushed My uncle liked how the stretch short shorts fit so well on me, but they have to come off now. His hands did feel so nice, rubbing my lowers well encased the snug fitting lycra and bikini briefs under them. I didn't think he would take them off, but as I stood in the center of the big living room, he pulled off the white tee shirt, then feeling my upper and lower body all over. It felt so nice,as he found short shorts long back zipper, that ran down right to my crotch. A few more big hugs by him, when said to hold still, as I wiggled my hips, crossing my legs' pleading to keep them on a little longer, but to no avail, as I felt his hand trying to open the back button at waist of the shorts, then "pop" the button was opened. I whimpered a little more, knowing that he will the snug short shorts and clinging cotton lycra bikini briefs off me soon. This will be the first time, him seeing me totally naked with a full hard on. I could feel him somewhat aroused under his wrap around toga. He now had a hold of the zipper and began slowly pulling it down along my well outlined behind. I did hug him very closely, hearing the crackling sound"unzzzipp", feeling the clinging short shorts loosen up at my waist, as he got them unzipped.The feeling was so nice and he was really enjoying my childish resisting getting them unzipped. Soon he had them fully unzpped and opened all the way down into my lower behind. The beautiful blue cotton lycra briefs were now showing. After a lot of pulling and tugging on the unzipped shorts he managed getting them unsnugged from my lowers, despite my squirming and childish pouting. The feeling was beautiful, as he worked the clinging short shorts down and off my kicking feet. now I was just in the blue bikini briefs, still keeping my full erection snug and secure in cotton lycra. He then put peeled off short shorts aside. He then told me" we're not finished yet." Again I pleaded for him not to take the bikini briefs off,"please let me take my shower in them", to no avail, "I want you naked now, no matter how it takes, I want you naked in the shower." His hands and fingers were already reaching under the tight blue waistband, uncovering the long white draw strings,soon untying them. He let me wiggle and squirm while the blue clinging bikini briefs were still on me. Now he turned on the showers, coming back naked as can be and fully erect. "Okay lets get them off now" I did protest like a little boy when soon had his hands on the tight blue waist band, pulling and tugging the tight bikini briefs off my squirming hips, I could feel the soft tight blue cotton lycra starting to slowly slip below my waist, despite my playful resisting. The feeling of clinging bikini briefs starting to come off with his every pull tickled so much, as he got them lower and lower to my half covered behind and erect penis well encased in them. I pleaded again, but of no use, when he said "These tight briefs are almost off, so let me get them unsnugged and your firm behind, erect penis free and young body bare for your shower." a few more good firm pulls and I felt the clinging cotton lycra slip out of my privates, with the clinging leg bands slipping out of my crotch, exposing all of my bare behind and bouncing fully erect penis. Soon he had the the blue bikini briefs rolled down to my ankles, then freed my kicking feet from them. Now I was totally naked with a full erection standing in the living room, when he slowly escorted me to the bathroom shower, both of us naked and we showered together. I enjoyed wearing my snug swimwear, but it was worth, having it all taken off, being a sensational and enjoyable afternoon for me and my uncle.
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