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Old 06-13-2017, 01:46 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default It’s hard..

It’s hard to describe in only words what is going on in the minds and bodies of the four college freshmen, Bill, Joe, Dylan and Josh, but things have certainly changed since high-school days. Throughout high school (and before) guys develop elaborate techniques for concealing but still engaging in self-pleasuring. Part of this involves developing methods for ensuring that they can bring themselves to orgasm in a hurry in an effort to limit opportunities for detection. Further, even admitting any interest in self-pleasuring is something off limits, for fear of being teased, bullied, or accused of being gay.

Somehow, however, all these carefully-developed “rules" are rapidly disappearing. For guys the age of the four college students, this is, well, to put it mildly, an interesting development to be sure.

Here is what is new and different. The four guys thought they had learned all there was to know about self pleasuring based on “experiments” run before they got to college. The “big payoff” was orgasm, and the goal was to get to that point as quickly as possible in an attempt to avoid detection. Further, guys would go to great lengths to try and avoid any situation that might lead to something embarrassing happening in a non-private situation.

This quickly gets complicated for guys. Guys rapidly learn that the only socially accepted place to have an erection is in privacy with a female partner, but of course, that is not quite how male bodies work. Guys quickly discover that there can be many instances where erections just seem to happen spontaneously, for no apparent reason whatsoever. And then there are situations guys encounter whereby something specific occurs not with a partner that can do the same thing.

For many teenage males who want to participate in swimming as a sport, this may be merely the thought of being clad in a skimpy team-required swimming brief. Some guys go into full-scale panic on this one, as in what happens if I get an erection inside the brief and all the people watching me swim at the pool sees that. Or worse, How would I ever deal with a full-blown orgasm in such a situation like this? Holy terror for sure.

And snug-fitting jammers are little better in this respect. A properly-fitting jammer too reveals a lot about the shape of the male anatomy at any moment, and an erection or orgasm would be every bit as obvious.

Then there are the jock straps, cups, compression gear and wrestling singlets. All scary in their own way.

But still, nearly every guy loves to pleasure himself. By age 19, self-pleasuring has become almost an addiction of sorts, if a “safe” and “harmless” one. Few if any guys have not discovered this by age 19.

So what is new for our college students now? Well, the whole idea that guys might actually seek out specific garments that they know will lead to arousal and erection, indeed the very items that would have been terrifying in their high school days for the reasons I have outlined above. When Bill, Joe and Dylan made that Amazon® order many chapters ago, they all knew exactly what they were seeking to do, even if they did not make any overt statements. The whole idea was to find the specific items that they thought each of their bodies would be most “sensitive’ to wearing.

For guys to even get together and do this as a group of three represents a significant change. As high school students, none of them would have had the courage to do this as a group, even though they all understood as individuals what they were doing and why they were doing it. To admit this openly would have undoubtedly subjected themselves to the potential of being teased, bullied, called gay, or worse.

Penises are interesting organs. Guys touch their penises every day, and wear clothing that touches their penises every day, and nothing in the arousal or erection department happens. So why does arousal and erection happen under certain circumstances? What is it about the situation at hand that makes this happen under some circumstances but not others? What is is about specific items of clothing that seem to affect some males more than others in this regard?

Those are not easy questions to answer, not at all. The fit of the clothing? Snug and tight works “better” (or worse, depending on your perspective at the moment) than loose and floppy? (That would explain the fascination many guys have with wearing the smallest and slickest swim brief they can find!) The feel of the material (slick and stretchy works best)? The psychological experience of putting one’s penis into what is clearly a confined space? A space that is obviously not big enough to contain a full-blown erection. That would explain why some guys “fear” jock cups, but then suddenly decide that it is really fun to be contained inside of one. The mere possibility that a guy could be in a situation wearing one or more of these items is a potential turn-on for many guys.

The other complicating factor here ts that the four college students are wearing items such as these in the presence of each other, while maintaining the appearance that they are just going to the gym to engage in gym workouts of various sorts. Yet, none of our four college guys are brain-dead. Even if they do not know for certain that their friends are stuck in the same psychosexual box, surely each of them suspects that. And this is the part that gets really dicey and complicated. It’s fun to try these ideas on your own and see how your body responds to the situation at hand. But this fun is surely magnified if you are with other guys who you know are doing the same things to each of their own bodies. Is this something of a gay response? That is a fascinating question too, and one that I will not attempt to answer right now.

For our four guys, we are deep into precum time. Enjoy the oozing!

To be continued….
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Old 06-14-2017, 07:42 PM
swim suit eddie swim suit eddie is offline
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Red face Shy about getting hard wearing a speedo or singlet under clothes to the doctors.

I have a college age friend who like going to the gym an swimming at our men's health club. One day as he arrived at the gym with me, he had a call from his doctor to please come the office for updating important medical information and records. He decided to go to see the doctor and asked me to go with him. I agreed, as he was thinking this was just an important update for his insurance. He was still wearing his favorite snug blue singlet under jeans with French lycra briefs. After a short time in the waiting room he was called in by the nurse, when told he would have to take a full medical examination. Soon the doctor(female) entered the exam room and apologized for the last minute call up. Before the doctor left, she said he will have to completely undressed, when he said to me his outfit was getting him hard underneath, now feeling a lot of anxiety, he was feeling somewhat embarrassed being naked with a woman doctor, but glad I was there with him. The nurse now returned with a large gown for him and said she would help him out of his snug sports attire. While I sat in the seat in the exam room and him sitting on the exam table, the nurse partially closed the large privacy curtain and I could now see what would happen with him. He took off his jeans and shirt, then handed them to me. He was in only the tight blue singlet that revealed all his assets including his full erection . The nurse gave him a big smile, telling him not to be embarrassed having an erection, as she readied the various medical equipment for his unscheduled physical exam. The nurse told him he had to completely undressed, as he blushed. He asked me to help him get ready. The nurse left the room as I lowered the shoulder straps on his clinging singlet, slowly peeling it down and seeing how hard he was underneath. He would act like a little boy squirming, trying to cover his well outlined hard on and began enjoying having stripped it off. I kept my composer and liked getting his firm college age body naked in such a different situation. I was getting hard too and glad I was still in my tight Speedo. Once I got his upper torso bare, I hoped the nurse would come back to take his blood pressure and weight, but she didn't, so I said he should finish stripping it off, but he still wanted me take it off, so I began unsnuging both the still clinging singlet and tight French briefs underneath. He was certainly very excited feeling the two layers of lycra slowly slip free from his hard penis. I was having some fun with him too, while turning him around a few times, then bending him over with his now freed up erection bouncing and pointing upward. Fortunately he didn't ejaculate, but had a lot of pre cum in his singlet. It was a bit time consuming, yet very enjoyable for both of us, as his all of his lower assets were freed and exposed. He was finally naked with me freeing his ankles and feet from both the tangled singlet and French briefs. Soon the nurse returned to the exam room while he was putting the gown on and I left the exam area with his singlet and undies. The doctor then entered the examination room finishing finishing his physical exam. it was somewhat a time consuming examination for him and later said he wished he had gone to the Health club instead and so did I, but was glad to have been there getting him out of his snug blue singlet and briefs. I was happy helping him get through his medical plight
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Old 06-15-2017, 01:01 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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:-) swimsuit Eddie you need to pull your chapters together into a separate series of posts so people can read them in sequence. This is easy to do. Just a series of copies and pastes.
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Old 06-16-2017, 10:19 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default The basics...

It’s strange as to how the male anatomy works, but also very interesting. Bill, Joe, Dylan and Josh are learning things about themselves that they have never explored before. Sexual arousal works in strange and wonderful ways, but especially sexual arousal in which another person is not specifically involved.

I suppose that some guys might argue that what I am talking about here is unimportant relative to the “real thing” of sex involving a partner. Yet, even here there is much to be discovered and savored. Sexual arousal is a lot of fun even in instances where a sexual partner is not involved. The many Internet videos showing guys engaging in solo sex attest to that. An interesting question is what is really going on inside the heads of guys who not only engage in solo sex, but who also are willing to put the experience up on an Internet video for all to see. But notice that in most of these videos, the face is discretely hidden. This probably goes back to the old idea that guys who admit to engaging in masturbation are at least to a degree embarrassed by that fact, as in masturbation is not to be confused with real, partner sex.

Any guy who admits to enjoying solo sex risks a very real possibility of being teased and bullied, or worse. An admission like this is even more dangerous if a young woman finds out. Young women are generally taught by their moms that the female is the sole source of pleasure for men, and that is the end of the subject. If a guy is caught engaging in solo sex then somehow the female is inadequate in playing her role.

But young males at a very early age develop masturbation habits that are frequently all but impossible to simply discard even in a relationship. Any guy in a relationship ends up dealing with these old habits in his own way, some more successfully than others.

The situation Bill, Joe, Dylan and Josh find themselves in, wearing clothing that in various ways fits snug enough to almost certainly lead to arousal, is slightly different. I suppose a psychologist would argue that each of them to a degree has a sexual fetish for snug-fitting athletic clothing. By calling this interest a fetish allows psychologists to label what the four of them are doing right now as something of a psychosexual abnormality. Not a dangerous abnormality, but becoming of concern particularly if the interest in the clothing limits a guy’s interest and interaction with a potential sexual partner.

The same “experts” who up until they early 1970s labeled being gay as a psychological abnormality, now are content to label any sexual activity that doesn’t involve a partner as somehow abnormal or at minimum, clinging inappropriately to adolescence.

That seems really unfair to guys. Sometimes guys just want to enjoy themselves without getting into the complexities of a partner relationship of any sort. As a consequence, the activities are generally harmless fun, if on occasion a bit embarrassing when discovered.

That is what makes the situation Bill, Joe, Dylan and Josh find themselves in today as they walk to the gym clad in their gear. Nothing is said, but it is quite clear to each of them what the others are doing and why they are doing it. This is a shared experience, an experience they would have never dared participate in only a few years ago.

So it goes.

To be continued…..
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Old 06-19-2017, 01:53 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2011
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Default The Wrestling Singlet

Wrestling singlets similar to the Forest Green asics® one Josh is wearing pose some interesting issues for guys. Think about this for a moment. A wrestling singlet is designed for a specific purpose: That is, to provide a garment for wrestling another guy. Think about the requirements for that sport. The last thing a wrestler would want to wear for wrestling would be something loose-fitting that would provide a place for the opponent to get a firm grip on you in any place. Smooth and slick Lycra® based or similar fabrics fit this requirement well.

But it is not only the fabric, but also the fit. Wrestling singlets have to conform to the body exactly, and again particularly not be oversized in any place, and, of course, be one-piece not two piece, as any break at the waist would give the opponent a piece of cloth to grab onto. A properly-designed wrestling singlet has to fit really tight and snug, with shoulder straps that just barely are long enough to fit over the shoulders, and front chest coverage that fits nearly to the neck in order to not create another place where the opponent could get a grip in a match.

For guys, this poses something of a dilemma, because the properly fitting shoulder straps do not have enough stretch to them to create another possible grip point. If the guy is going to successfully get into the singlet, in order for the shoulder straps to be in a proper position the singlet has to be pulled up into the crotch and groin area to ease getting into the shoulder straps.

No doubt, many guys find all these necessary gyrations just to get into the wrestling garment more than a little “stimulating,” and that poses yet another dilemma for guys. The dilemma of course is “what happens if I get even a semi-erection as I am getting into this. The issue becomes harder to deal with by the fact that once a guy is in a singlet, for better or worse, his male body parts are where they are. The front of the singlet fits high to the chest. Guy’s are used to making “adjustments” to their male equipment once a snug-fitting garment is in place, but given how the singlet fits, there is no path to being able to do this without taking off the entire garment. So the poor guy’s male body parts are stuck in whatever position they happen to be in once the garment is tugged into place and the shoulder straps have been pulled into position.

Of course, this also is linked to what the guy is wearing around his male body parts before the singlet gets tugged into place. An old school jock strap would seem to make some sense here, with or without a cup. Wearing nothing at all underneath could set up a physically dangerous situation if the opponent decides to surreptitiously grab onto a male body part momentarily away from the view of the referee. A strap without a cup may make this a bit less painful, but adequate protection really calls for a protective cup. But that idea of packing yourself into a strap and cup and then pulling the singlet over poses its own issues. Interesting issues to be sure. Pleasant? Unpleasant? A guy won’t know until he tries the combination.

But now, think about Josh and the dilemma he is currently in. Keep in mind he is wearing that Desmiit® thong underwear underneath the singlet that he quickly got into thong that provides minimal room for key male body parts, especially for any expansion. The singlet went on over, and the Desmitt® thong ended up going wherever it wanted to go. Worse, Josh faces the dilemma of having to sustain the situation he is in with the key parts of the thong wherever it ended up once the singlet straps got in place. Here is hoping that his penis and balls somehow still remain inside the thong pouch, a pouch that is pushing his male body parts upward and forward, which must be creating an interesting bulge on the front of the singlet. The rear of the thong is now really cinching up in Josh’s crack as well, with no way to adjust here either. And Josh is now going to attempt to exercise at the gym wearing this stuff?

What a dilemma! Interesting? Sure! Painful? Possibly! Fun? Well, that remains to be seen. I keep thinking it would certainly be fun to be in Josh’s “shoes” right now given the “issues” he now faces. No wait: in Josh’s SINGLET right now. The pump has certainly been “primed” for Josh, and Josh knows that too! Josh is precumming, and a quarter-sized damp spot has already formed on the front of the singlet. Maybe no one will notice, Josh thinks.

To be continued….
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Old 06-21-2017, 02:09 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default How much tension can a guy tolerate, and for how long?

Bill and Joe have, at least to a degree, become “expert” at making the most from each of their bodies with the assistance of various items of snug-fitting clothing. At least, they are farther along a learning curve on how exactly to do this, and what works or doesn’t work for them than Dylan and Josh are.

The basic idea Bill and Joe are employing is an interesting one, and one that probably doesn’t even occur to take advantage of by most guys their age. Every guy spends considerable time and energy learning the nuances of how to self-pleasure (masturbate) using a variety of techniques. But, for an assortment of reasons, guys mainly learn how to masturbate with the whole idea of getting off as quickly as possible. In this brave world, quicker is better. And quicker means not getting to savor all those wonderful moments that occur “along the journey” that leads to orgasm so to speak.

The sad part about all of this is that once guys get to the point where they are having sex with a partner, they bring what they think are skills in knowing how to get off in a hurry right into the relationship. Pick up almost any book or sex manual that attempts to help couples have a better sexual relationship, and there will be a large quantity of material related to the male problem called “premature ejaculation” and how males can learn specific techniques for remaining aroused but delaying orgasm as long as possible. Sex therapists have made entire careers around this particular sexual problem.

The basic psychosexual problem is that once a guy gets aroused, he somehow believes that he must then proceed to orgasm, and worse, that the quicker he is able to do that, somehow, the “more of a male” he is. This is silly, of course, and the “Slow Hand” song ‘subtly deals with all of this as a male sexual problem. The whole idea being to slow down and enjoy the moments along the journey as opposed to getting to the destination as quickly as possible.

The situation Bill, Joe, Dylan and Josh currently are in has some parallels to all of this. The complicating part about all of this is that they are four guys, not two heterosexual couples. Still, they are dealing with the same sensations and urges that affect relationships between couples. The four of them at this point certainly know that because of what each of them are wearing that the others must be at least somewhat aroused. Does that knowledge contribute to making the entire situation at hand more erotic for each of them, and perhaps even somewhat “gay?” That is a very interesting question. Does nearly every guy get aroused by knowing that he is with one (or more) other guys who is in the same situation, or is that only part of what would make a guy a gay male?

So, what are Bill and Joe doing to themselves that is putting both of them into a state of at least mild arousal? Both are wearing straps with cups under their compression gear. Not big, floppy straps with oversized cups, but small, snug-fitting straps with cups small enough to only fit well if they are completely flaccid. These are the very kinds of gym wear that used to terrify them when they were, say 14 years old.

Back then, many of the guys used to cope with the situation they were facing by not putting the strap and cup over their completely nude body, but instead first put on a snug-fitting pair of FOTL briefs and then put the strap and cup on over. The FOTL brief, especially if undersized (the pair you grew out of two years ago still in the back of your dresser drawer). The cotton briefs helps to keep the penis from migrating into the pouch and cup of the strap and in particularly getting semi aroused with the penis brushing firmly against the walls of the cup. A useful approach if you are 14 years old.

But Bill and Joe are no longer 14 but 19 years old, and are interested in trying some stuff they would not have dared try some years earlier. In this respect, male thong underwear worn under a cup and strap can make for a lot more interesting sensations than the old FOTL idea in that the thong fit requires the penis (and balls to be positioned inside the pouch. The thong generally puts a lot of tension on a guy’s perineum area as well, and this can feel quite erotic on its own. The thong will tend to push a guy’s male body parts upward and forward. If worn under a strap and cup, the thong will tend to push the penis right into the cup with three sides of the penis quickly pressing against the hard walls of the cup. Just thinking about what is happening here can be quite erotic and fun, a combination of physical sensations and psychological pressures all working at the same time.

The strap itself provides a snug fit, and will make almost no movement to accommodate an erection. But then, by putting the compression shorts over, they help hold everything in place such that the room to grow is minimal. So, the thongs feel good in that they are pressing up on the guy just behind his balls. The penis is being pushed upward and forward so that it is coming in contact directly with the walls of the cup. The guy is gradually getting harder but the room to grow is quite limited. He reaches down and strokes the exterior walls of the cup with the palm of his hand, and maybe surreptitiously attempts to move the cup away from his body for a moment in an attempt to get some “relief” from the situation. Maybe just a moment or two of some extra penis space.

This quickly backfires, however because once the cup snaps back into position, the penis has taken advantage of the situation by becoming just a bit bigger. Think snugger and tighter fit in a situation that was already quite snug and tight.

Bill has to know that what Joe is struggling with all of this. Joe has to know what Bill is struggling with. And the whole idea is that clad in this gear the four of them are headed off to the gym to exercise. Maybe the gym will take their minds off of what they are wearing. Maybe not.

And what of Dylan’s situation? Dylan is not wearing a thong under his cup and strap, but rather he put on that little Desmiit® swim brief with the strap and cup as well. Dylan’s mind and body are in a dilemma too, but it is a little different from the ones Bill and Joe are in.

The three of them attempt to make the situation more bearable by trying to adjust the position of their cups, but this only seems to make matters worse, not better.

To be continued…
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Old 06-23-2017, 02:09 PM
sebbie sebbie is offline
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Default It’s off to the gym for the four of them

Bill, Joe, Dylan and Josh are off to the gym, a city block or so away from the dorm where they are living. Each guy is a little different in how each copes with the situation at hand which is creating sexual tension, and as a consequence, the techniques each guy employs to cope will not all be the same.

Two of the guys, Bill and Joe, are wearing snug-fitting thongs under their straps and cups. These thongs tend to hold the penis firmly in place and pressed against the inside of the strap pouch and cup. This is fine so long as the guy can avoid getting into an erection mode while all of this is going on, but that is not the easiest thing to avoid under the circumstance. Somehow, the penis seems to “know” that there are walls of the plastic up nearby, and it seeks to “respond” accordingly.

Just walking to the gym under such a circumstance can cause issues, because as the guy walks, the strap ouch and cup will want to slide back and forth with each step the guy takes. This can quickly get, well, interesting, particularly if the guy attempts to provide a moment of relief by attempting to move the cup into a slightly different position, a technique that almost never works as intended.

Dylan is wearing a swim brief under his jock and cup. That may seem at first to be a “saner” choice than what Bill and Joe are wearing. The problem for Dylan is that the slick smooth feel of the swim brief cinched snuggly near his penis presents its own set of issues given that the cup will still be sliding rhythmically back and forth as Dylan walks along the street. A little different from what Bill and Joe are experiencing, but no less interesting, for sure.

Then there is Josh, the “newcomer” to all of this, wearing just the thong and Dylan’s borrowed Forest Green wrestling singlet. Josh’s basic problem is that he is still wary of how his body will respond to wearing the thong. He can feel that pressure of the thong on his perineum, an area of his body that he never before quite realized was sexually active as it appears to be. What seemed at first to be almost painful is quickly morphing into something quite enjoyable. This is a body-AND-brain kind of thing. The body responds to all of this by precumming, but with the thong holding Josh’s penis forward and up, the tip is pressed against the singlet. Any precum Josh oozes is going to quickly make itself known on the front of the singlet, right where the penis tip is. This is already happening, and Josh is hoping the other guys won’t notice. The precum the other guys are oozing is, at least for now, safely “contained” within their respective jock cups. Josh now realizes that perhaps one reason why athletes still wear cups is to hide such discharges in public settings. Swimmers who get this way wearing little briefs tend to hop into the water quickly in an effort to hide the evidence, so to speak.

Somehow the four of them manage to all make it to the gym, precumming notwithstanding, and they start to check out the exercise equipment available. The college rowing team uses this gym for indoor practice, and there are several first class stationary rowing machines there in a long row, just down from the series of stationary bikes and treadmills. There is also a smaller indoor pool, not a pool really designed for a competitive swimmer, but a smaller, short lap and water exercise one. Of the four, Dylan, by removing his compression gear along with his strap and cup, the only one dressed to take a swim. Dylan is drawn to this option.

Bill and Joe, meanwhile, are drawn to the stationary bikes, secretly thinking that they would like to see how their cups and thongs would do under the relentless pressure of the cyclical movement of the cycle, not to mention the issue of how the back of the thong copes with the pressure from the bike seat at the same time. Bill and Joe in their compression gear actually look the part of a cyclist in training, and Josh in the singlet looks the part of a rower in training. So, all is well for now at least.

To be continued…
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