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Default An experiment

I had my first serious chance to play around with my shiny new duds, and I had some very serious fun in them. First off, the front pouch seems fairly large, but not huge. You COULD put these on going commando, but I think a better strategy is to wear something underneath. The underside of the fabric that touches your skin is not nearly as shiny as the front side.

There are several possibilities, in this group at least, a swim brief comes to mind as does a jock strap as a possibility. But I have become convinced that a nice snug little thong may be the best overall choice. Why? Because the right thong puts a lot of upward pressure in the so-called perineum area just behind the scrotum, and the upward pressure also tends to push the penis and scrotum upward and forward. Why this is interesting is that if you choose a brief or strap that flattens your front, this will tend to make it more difficult to fill the shiny pouch.

I chose a little Unico branded thong, one with a short elastic cord–like rear that tends to cinch up tightly between my glutes when I put it on and get it positioned properly. Over the years I have learned that the more the cord cinches between my glutes, the more upward pressure I get in the perineum area, and the more likely I will be precumming in short order. I’ve always been fascinated by the variation in thong design and how each particular design feels once it is in place. This is not predictable at all, and is part of the fun playing around with different brands, styles and sizes. You never know when you are going to run into one that just sends you off in a new dimension entirely

So, just getting yourself into the right thong can be a very enjoyable experience. But the shiny new pants takes the whole experience to a whole new level. By the time I got into the thong, I as already precumming and had a nice semi-erection going on. When I pulled on the shiny silver pants, it quickly became apparent that I had done everything just right. My increasing semi-erection filled out the pouch nicely, and I was suddenly enjoying myself immensely.

I thought to myself that I may have just discovered the best combination for self-pleasure ever invented. Looking in the mirror, my legs are both shining in these super tight silver pants, which just looking in the mirror is quite erotic. But the really interesting part is that my penis is cradled in this shiny silver pouch, gradually getting firmer and harder. More interestingly, it is easy to caress the underside of my penis inside the pouch, the pouch giving me just the right sensations. How long can I keep doing this without going into a full-scale orgasm? Time will tell!

Anyhow, this is great. All of you know I lost my prostate to surgery, and supposedly now have only “dry” orgasms. But I soon went into a full scale orgasm just playing around, and oddly, it was a “wet” orgasm, the first wet orgasm I have had since the surgery. I checked the ejaculated fluid, and, sure enough, it was precum! In playing around I am discovering new stuff even the surgeons are not aware of! I need to do some more “research” for sure. I can’t wait. This may not be for every guy, but I sure have had a lot of fun! If you have read through this note, you probably already know whether this one is for you or not.

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