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Default Blondie in Sauna

Today I couldnt believe it.
Sat all quiet in the Sauna after a swim getting all hot and sweaty in my Black Speedos in walks this Curvy Tanned Blonde Girl in a Black Bikini Bra and Tight Lycra Black Shorts, I felt my cock literally steaming as she walked in.
It knew I wasnt going to be able to take my eyes off her so I broke the ice and started talking to her, she had these Big Botoxed Lips and was a Dizzy Blonde couldnt stop giggling which was making me rock hard, sadly she mentioned she had a boyfriend but the thought i was wearing briefs and she was wearing shorts was turning me on even more usually its the other way round with girl and guy.
She kept fiddling with her cleavage(and think she caught me glaring a couple of times) as she kept messing with her hair and it was going over her shoulders, felt a pumping feeling in my briefs and tried to fight it but as shes telling me a story and laughing i can just feel pumping, squirting and squelching as the contents inside my speedos were all sticky.
After about 20 mins she left and wished me a nice day just felt like getting my head and rubbing it between her cleavage and stroking her hot tanned legs I was just thinking I would bum you so hard.
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