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Default Adventures with Ball Splitters

Adventures with Ball Splitters

So, last night as I went to bed I was feeling quite horny. I don’t quite know why except that I have been edging for several days without any muscular orgasmic release, and the pressure keeps building in a nuanced but always interesting way. Of course, it didn’t help matters that for the last two days I have been messing with my little estim device with the silicone rings for my glans and my penis base, plus the electro butt plug. The combination of the two in concert get me quite horny and make me drip precum in a hurry.

Then I don’t relieve myself with an orgasm but instead put on my penis pump for some more fun. I see how big I can grow in the vacuum environment and watching my desperate engorged penis turn a rich red color as it struggles in the low-pressure environment is always a way fun thing to do. As you can imagine I’m feeling quite good both physically and psychologically.

Of course, I still don’t relieve myself with the repetitive contractions of an orgasm. Instead I soap my penis and balls up with a shower gel, and maintain and improve upon my vacuum-induced erection while making sure I don’t go into the uncontrolled muscular contraction phase. I hop into a drawn warm tub of water and play with myself some more, again keeping just below the involuntary muscular contraction phase. Delicious agony. I’m climbing the walls, so to speak.

Finally I hop out of the tub, dry off and pick out my sleepwear. I got to thinking that I have not worn a favorite old Jockey thong with a really snug pouch and a really tight fitting back in a long time. I dig that out and the fit and feel was every bit as good as I remembered from a dozen years ago or more. I decided to wear a wonderful pair of swimming jammers over the thong, and the tight slick feel of the cloth on my thighs just added to the fun I was having all by myself.

Anyhow, still way horny, I drifted off to sleep, only to awaken at 3 AM with my mind suddenly focused on a little piece of swimwear I had purchased from Koala swimwear a long time ago. Somehow my mind was telling me that while I thoroughly enjoyed the thong, what I now really wanted to do to myself was to get my balls into a ball splitter. And the Koala “suit” (if you could even call it that), was very good at accomplishing just that. The suit has a semi-transparent nylon “cylinder” for my penis, with three elastic bands designed to position the guy upward. Getting into the suit it is a good ide to have at least a partial erection to make that part position itself correctly. Then below there are three elastic bands, two of which go on either side of the balls but the middle one is the splitter.

The splitter band of course is connected to the elastic band that makes up the rear of the thong. As the guy builds an erection inside the nylon cylinder, that puts tension on the thong back which cuts deeper between the glutes as the erection builds. But in particular, that tension also tightens the middle elastic band that is the splitter strap and cinches up the bands on each side of the balls. Way interesting.

I just happen to have some old photos of the suit and me in the suit that I am going to try posting here. I have been looking for a current version on Koala but they do not seem to now sell anything close to this design, I did find a pair of thong underwear on ebay that does somewhat the same thing, however.

Meanwhile, after wearing this ball splitting swimsuit for 4 hours I still haven’t had an orgasm and tonight I will simply pick up with where I left off last night. This is goofy fun! Who says single guys living alone as “sexually inactive” or unhappy!

The first photo shows the suit: the second me IN the suit with the ball splitter clearly obvious.

Here is the link to the ebay ball splitter thong. way less complicated than the Koala version but the same idea of the thong back tugging on the middle splitter band
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