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Default Just enjoying yourself

Just enjoying yourself

This has been a long and difficult winter, and parts of the US are still in the middle of a bleak snowstorm with below-freezing temperatures. Only now here are the daytime highs getting above 70 degrees and everything is running later than usual. If a lot of guys are like me, they probably lose interest in enjoying their own body when the weather outdoors is something of a mess. But here, at least, the weather looks very good for today, at least. The odd thing when this happens is that I start to feel quite horny, and what somehow seemed not at all interesting even as recently as a couple of days ago is starting to, well, you know.

Almost invariably my mind starts turning to the issue as to what I am going to be wearing when I am once again (happily, I might add) starting to feel this way again. All of you know I have a lot of interesting things in my wardrobe that I have accumulated for just these kinds of situations, and I suspect there of those of you that have one or two items (LOL) that more or less do the same thing for you. Besides, this is an excellent time to add to your collection should you somehow feel the urge.

Nothing like relying on old standbys in this regard. For me, my classic move is tp get into a classic pair of way undersized white cotton briefs. My fondness for white cotton briefs goes way way back to when I was a pre-teen. I am really fond of the look and feel of them, and the tighter the fit, the better. Swim briefs of course are simply an extension of all of this, and a “daring move” is to wear a classic swim brief as a substitute for a brief designed to be worn as underwear. Nowadays, on line you will find lots of briefs on line that are not clearly underwear or swimwear but something in between. Maybe they are simply too skimpy for beach or pool wear. The whole idea is to find the right brief for the situation, and the right brief is always one that will make you drip some, even without an erection. Think about how your body responded to the situation the first time you ever tried on a swim brief. Did you drip, even a little? How did you feel, both psychologically and physically in this situation? Were you having “fun” or were you too “nervous” to fully realize and appreciate what was going on with your body? As an adult, it is now time to kick back and say to yourself that what you are doing is way interesting and enjoyable, and there is no reason whatsoever to be scared or nervous about anything. You are not going to damage yourself by crawling into a swim brief or a too-tight pair of cotton briefs, and the whole process may instead be seen as quite enjoyable.

Of course, nowadays I like to add more. And no better example than wearing a pair of snug-fitting compression shorts. Over the years, I have accumulated lots of these too, some designed to be worn as swimwear (snug-fitting jammers), some as under gear for sport where the compression is thought to reduce injury, and some just for fun.

It has been 30-35 years since compression shorts caught on with guys as the thing to wear for the athletic types and more recently when jammers more or less took over swim meets. But the appeal of the jammers and compression shorts has its same roots as the swim brief. Now a jammer might not look as cool as a swim brief, at least for some of us here, but that does not mean that the guy is not still enjoying himself in a horny sort of way (drip, drip, drip, if you know what I mean!).

For me, an old pair of black compression shorts went over my tighty whitey compression shorts. Bollinger is the brand name. The weird part is that this pair is over 30 years old and they still fit really way snug and tight. I crawl into these and say to myself that I am way enjoying these and I was really fond of them when they first came out in the 1980s. The fit and feel is great in all sorts of ways. No wonder they quickly took over the locker rooms at schools everywhere years ago—guys were experiencing very similar sensations as they would get from trying on a swim brief, but without the embarrassment!

Oh, and while you are messing around today, do not forget your top, as in snug-fitting compression tee. While I have never been that interested in the upper body as containing a lot of sexual hot spots, a really tight fitting compression tee can add a lot to the overall sensations of wearing compression gear and as a tie-in to your compression shorts.

As I said at the beginning, this is the time of year for guys everywhere to start a new season of enjoying their bodies, and, with the right gear, this is very easy to do.

“How does that fit?”

“OK I guess…”

“Well is it tight enough do you think?”

“It seems to be, but how can I tell for certain?”

“Well, are you starting to drip?”

“Yes, a little I think!”

“That means the fit is affecting you like it should”

“That is good to hear. Now I am really starting to drip. I can really start to feel the dampness at the tip ”

“That is good!”

“That looks really snug and tight on you. But if you want to try an even closer fit, this can always be sized down from a MED to a SM”

“I’m doing OK I think. What I am feeling right now is great.”

“I’m beginning to feel really really good. Its that damp spot right at the tip that is doing it to me, I think.”

“Yah I know it’s funny how that works. Not sure why feeing that damp spot does that to guys, but it does. You are into some tricky but really fun stuff”

“Worse I’ am starting to get a bit hard. Suddenly it feels just really good down there. I am beginning to think that I am going to soon desperately need to ejaculate, and this cannot wait till the day after tomorrow, either.”


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