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Default More fun in a swim brief

More fun in a swim brief

One of the reasons male sexuality is so much fun has not only to do with the fact that there are many places on a guy’s body that can be touched/stroked/pressed to produce enjoyable sexual sensations, but that these sensations can and will vary moment by moment. Sex is a total mind and body experience and what might not seem to be that interesting or enjoyable at one moment in time can be totally different and completely mind-blowing only moments later. There are surprises of many sorts happening all the time during arousal and the really fun part is never quite knowing what is going to make you scream with pleasure from one moment to the next.

The male groin is loaded with nerve endings that are a real treat to stimulate. Of course, a lot of these are on the penis itself, but there are various other hot spots that should not be assumed to be non-sensitive as well. Finding out exactly what is more than worth experiencing is the centerpiece of male sexuality.

At this point, my readers are probably wondering that all of this has to do with wearing a simple swim brief, maybe one that is more of a standard issue traditional design that appears to be not that skimpy or revealing. For guys used to wearing boxer style or other loose-fitting underwear and maybe loose-fitting board shorts when near or in the water a swim brief is quite a lot different. I suppose that guys who normally wear traditional cotton brief-style underwear would be less alarmed than others about the whole idea of wearing a swim brief, but a swim brief is definitely not a pair of cotton underwear briefs. The swim brief is designed to fit like a layer of skin, which means that even an ordinary one is going to press against all sorts of places that could be, well, err, sensitive.
I think a lot of guys are apprehensive about wearing a swim brief because they are uncertain as to how their body might respond in all these areas being touched or pressed against and that everything could quickly get out of control. Guys who grew up wearing swim briefs before puberty probably experience less anxiety in this regard than guys who were only able to wear a swim brief after they were past puberty. The fear is really about not knowing having not done this before, and where not knowing could lead. Still, most guys are at least curious about what it would be like to be wearing a swim brief if they have never done that before, but are apprehensive about trying one on for the first time when others are around. This leads me to the suggestion that if at all possible it is best to run early experiments in private.

In the previous page, I went into detail regarding the subject of options a guy has in positioning his penis in the brief and also that some positions are more likely to induce a degree of arousal than others. Being aroused but not far along enough to make ejaculation inevitable is called edging. Of course, in most of the possible swim brief penis positions (the possible exception being “down”) it is going to be fairly easy for others to see your arousal condition by simply observing the bump under the cloth. This scares a lot of guys. But, guys who are aroused also generally ooze precum in viscous drops on the tip of the penis, even in only the beginning stages of starting to build an erection. This is quite normal, except to say that if you have positioned your penis with the head pointed up or to the left or right, chances are some of this damp precum will soon show up as a damp spot right where the tip of the guy’s penis is located inside the pouch of the brief.

This drop or two of precum showing as a damp spot on the brief is way interesting, but for a lot of guys it is the source of not only apprehension and even fear in that just a small wet spot announces that I am really aroused inside my swim brief. Unfortunately a lot of male sexuality is just like this with equal components of sheer fun intermingled with mind-boggling fear of being discovered in an obviously aroused state.

On a guy’s penis, arguably the underside of the glans just a half inch or so behind the penis tip is the most sexually active part of the male anatomy, and stimulation of this area by any means can quickly lead to ejaculation with even a not-that-erect penis. The basic issue with putting the penis in the up position is that it is all but impossible to do this without stimulating this super hot spot even if you did not intend to do so, and a constant but gentle pressure to the glans this way will soon morph into something way more interesting, as in “I need to ejaculate, and right now”. This is the fear and fun stuff I have been talking about. If the ejaculation occurs in private, this becomes mostly fun with little if any fear. In a semi-public (ie locker room) or public setting (at a public pool) ejaculation from “inadvertently” stimulating the underside of your penis tip is probably about 99 percent fear. Better to experience this when you are alone than in the company of others.

Still, I highly recommend that all guys need to try the ideas I have suggested. How your mind and body copes with the situations I have laid out in detail will also be helpful information in partner sex.
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