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Default On purchasing compression gear

In buying compression gear of any brand, I believe that it is important to undersize relative to your normal waist size. First off, the whole idea behind compression gear is to compress—that is to put tension on the various muscles underneath—so a skin-tight fit is essential. If you normally wear MED in other kinds of shorts, the SM should fit perfectly fine. Once in, I like the undersized compression tees too, except that the undersized shirt can be more difficult to get into and remove, particularly in hot sweaty weather.

More importantly, the compression shorts if undersized should almost instantly make you feel good down there. Being in a constant state of light arousal is most interesting, but particularly so if you plan to be working out in some way. Getting a fit and feel that your body “likes” is part of the reason to exercise.

I know a lot of guys pull on their compression shorts right over their nude body, but I have always preferred wearing something underneath. My go-to workout combination usually includes an undersized pair of classic tighty whiteys, in part because my workout in the rowing machine requires me to be seated and some extra bottom padding is always good. The seat on my stationary bike is even more demanding in this regard.

But sometimes, depending on my “mood” you might find me using a little pair of thong underwear as my only undergarment. I really enjoy wearing straps too, cupped or not, but a strap is not helpful for padding in a seated exercise position.

If you are going to pursue a daily exercise routine it is important to find gear that makes you feel good as you exercise, because feeling good about yourself and how your body behaves is becomes part of sustaining the exercise activity over the long term. Finding compression gear that fits and feels like a second skin is part of all of this—an integral part of what you are doing and why you are doing it. Maybe guys in part like swimming because they want to have an excuse to put on and wear a swim brief on a daily basis!

Then, if you get really bored you can combine wearing your skin-tight compression shorts with a magic wand )see my other post on that) and suddenly enjoy a whole series of new and interesting sensations. It’s fun to be a guy!
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