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I have always had great fun finding out what my body is capable of doing, and it seems that the older I get the more I learn. Today I will describe some techniques I employed yesterday in sequence that, taken together blew me away, both psychologically and physically. The best part is that I am going to be able to continue with these techniques all day long today.

As my readers know, I am a big fan of edging as a psychological and physical technique. By edging, I mean the act of bringing myself to the very edge of going into the ultimately involuntary muscular contractions of orgasm but then backing off just before I get there, and then build myself back up again, over and over. A lot of guys on the male porn sites seem to enjoy this as well, and the real trick is to go several days without ejaculating which makes edging all that much tougher. I like to do that too, and challenge myself in an effort to find my limits.

As many of my readers also know, I am also a great advocate of thonging. I love how my penis and balls fit inside a skimpy thong, and the right thong pushes my penis forward and slightly upward, right into a snug-fitting jock strap with an equally snug-fitting hard cup. The combination of my penis pressing firmly against the sides of the cup along with the feel of the thong cord cutting sensuously between my glutes just blows me away a treat not to be missed. And of course I always top this with a really tight pair of compression shorts or running tights, which hold the cupo firmly in place pressing down on all sorts of sensitive body parts. Then I get on my stationary rowing machine and do a 30 minute workout, each stroke being different and more pleasurable then the last. So I was doing this yesterday and enjoying myself immensely.

So my workout is over but I continue to wear these items around the house basically feeling horny. At that point I dig out my little estim machine, that consists of two silicone penis rings and a small butt plug plus a power unit. I pull off the compression shorts, strap, cup and thong and put the estim penis rings around my penis at the base and tip. I turn on the machine set at a low level. The estim machine stimulates the nerve endings that control erection. I am not that big or hard at this point, but I am feeling horny as all get out, psychologically. Never mind, I will be growing with each shock from the estim. I up the level on the estim machine. The exact point is where the shock pattern is are stimulating and just below a discomfort level. The butt plug is designed to stimulate the neighboring prostate and the interesting part is that when I insert the plug the current to the penis rings shuts down. Remove the plug and the rings become active again. Great fun, and highly stimulating too. If I kept doing this for too long I would find myself in a situation whereby the involuntary orgasm contractions would start, and that would shut me down for 24 hours of “recovery” time, maybe longer. So the idea is to shut the machine off and stop before I get to that point, which is what I do.

Next up? A penis pump with a vacuum motor. I know that many times I have said that a manual hand operated pump is best, but yesterday I decided to give my electric version one more try. With the manual pump, you control exactly the amount of vacuum at every moment in time. The electric ones can quickly get away. The other thing I have learned is that any pump works the best if the guy psychologically is feeling really horny going in, and after the thonging and subsequent estim treatments I was certainly there. And sometimes in self-pleasuring or in sex in generally it is fun to be in a situation where the events surrounding you are not under your control, and that sometimes happens with the electronic vacuum pumps. So I put my penis next to the sheath hole and turn on the pump, and watch as the vacuum of the pump pulls me in and starts to pull more blood into my penis. I raise the speed/intensity of the motor on the pump, and I start to get really hard. The guys on the porno sites sometimes ejaculate right into the pump at this point. I have never had that “problem”. The pump is cycled whereby I release the vacuum with my penis falling back somewhat, then restart. I have a penis ring on the pump which I slide on to the base of my penis as I near the end of the session.

I pull off the pump and have a really hard penis that feels not quite the same as one made from manual masturbation but feels wonderful nonetheless with a tight silicone penis ring at the base. Psychologically I am feeling over-the-top horny and enjoying myself immensely as I massage my penis with a gel soap, as I am about to cool down by jumping into a hot bathtub of full water. I am on the edge of orgasm, but not quite. Keeping from going there takes courage and experience. The whole idea is that I am going to take a bath, then crawl in bed and fall asleep still feeling way horny and still not having gone into the repeating muscular contractions of an orgasm.

And that I do, pulling on a favorite Speedo Solar in the popular Sapphire blue color. Reaching down my penis still feels really great and very much likes the fit and feel of the solar Speedo. As the night goes on I keep touching myself down there and what I touch still feels great.

But, my sleep was relatively interrupted. My penis is used to sleeping inside a Speedo and rewards me in all sorts of different ways. This morning I wake up and pull off the Speedo to notice that the inner liner has a bunch of still wet precum stains. In my condition I must have continued precumming all night long. How great is that!

So, today, still having not “relieved” myself with an orgasm, I am going to pick up and do the same thing all over again. This was just too much erotic fun. Finally, I would recommend these techniques—all of them—for every viable guy to try. The estim and vacuum equipment is not expensive—figure under $25 for the estim device on ebay, and the electric pumps run about $35. Finding a snug old school strap and cup is a little more difficult, and finding just the right thong can involve some experiments as well. But the equipment you will need to try all of this is out there for sure. In the process of doing this you will learn a lot about yourself and how your body works down there, and the experiments you run will be way fun.
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