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Default The desert island

The desert island

Most of you know, I am a huge fan of edging. Ultimately, I rate edging a lot higher and more enjoyable than having an orgasm. Some of you might find this strange, or at least a bit odd. Not that I don’t enjoy the repetitive muscular contractions that are orgasmicly over the top in terms of the male human experience, its mainly that the pleasures are intense, but unfortunately very short-lived, lasting thirty seconds if that.

If having an orgasm was the only thing that sexual pleasure included, it would not be that big of a deal at all. I realize that in a lot of partner relationships, the entire focus is on having a powerful but short-lived orgasm, and then everyone goes back to engaging in whatever non-sexual activities they were doing before the orgasm. This may be a good life for some people, but not me.

I am also a big advocate for the idea that guys living alone without a sexual partner should not be denied a wide range of sexual pleasures. Quickly masturbating to an orgasm I suppose is one thing a guy could do. But I would also argue that approaching solo sex in this way, while OK I suppose if that is your thing, denies the solo single guy a host of other experiences that, if he started exploring in depth, would ultimately prove to be a lot more fun than simply masturbating to orgasm on some sort of a schedule. When I was in my teen years, and even in my 20s, I did this too. But as I got older, I discovered that the process of getting there was the really fun part, and the ejaculation pleasures gradually became less and less important in the overall scheme of things and what I was getting from my own body.

Over time, I learned that I really liked feeling horny, and the longer I could extend this period without ejaculating, the more fun what I was doing to and by myself became the longer I could keep myself aroused. This time could now stretch from minutes to hours, and I even learned how to do an all nighter where I crawl into bed feeling horny, drift off to sleep, then suddenly wake up feeling just as aroused if not more so. Now a lot of guys, me included in my younger days, would use this opportunity to have a “fake wet dream” where a guy ejaculated in bed then, if the mess he made is noticed by anyone else, say a sibling or a college roommate, claim that it was nothing he did to his own body, but he merely had a “wet dream while asleep!” Cool if inaccurate explanation as to what the guy really did with and to himself.

So I have long been fond of snug-fitting clothing of various types, swim briefs, skimpy brief underwear etc, and it was not long before I learned that loose-fitting cotton pajamas were simply not that erotic and it was much more fun to sleep in whatever snug-fitting clothing item my body was telling me that it liked. If a guy needs to conceal himself to others, why not slip on a swim brief UNDER a loose fitting pair of boxer shorts or even an old pair of pajama bottoms and have fun with your genitalia all night long. The snugger the fit of the swim brief the better. The mere presence of the brief should help the guy to engage in and maintain his edging, and if he does accidentally go off, the brief will catch a lot of the semen that would have otherwise made a mess on the sheets! So this is practical as well, particularly in, say a college dorm or other setting where there is a male roommate.

But for me nowadays, the ultimate male sleepwear is a really snug fitting underwear thong. I am especially fond of the thongs that have a back consisting of a narrow band or cord, that cinches up snugly between my glutes, pressing firmly against the anal area. Even better if the pouch is barely big enough to hold my balls and flaccid penis thus forcing my penis to point forward not down. The really fun part about being in this “predicament” as a guy is that a guy knows that with his penis and balls is such confined quarters, he is going to “grow” a bit. This uncontrolled growth can only put tension on the cord. This increased tension makes the guy suddenly aware that the thong has a snug cord cutting between his glutes, and the size increase is going to make the cord cinch up tighter, while placing firm upward pressure on the perineum nerve bundle every guy has just behind his balls. All these psychosexual hot spots come together to combine in some terrific edging fun.

You talk about psychosexual edging nirvana, this is really it. At 11 pm you may be able to tolerate the sensations and somehow drift off to sleep, but what is your condition at 3 AM when you wake up and feel horny as all get out and think you desperately need to ejaculate? What are you going to do? Your options are to keep suffering in ecstasy by continuing to edge just below the ejaculation point, or ejaculate and then quickly fall back to sleep picking up on this the next night. Your call! Either one is fine but for me I would want to see if I could keep doing it feeling ultra-aroused without ejaculating at least till morning. If you can get yourself on this thong-induced high and be able to do this for days and days, all the better. Sexual pleasure in large measure is about “coping” with “denial” and learning exactly how to deny yourself that quick ejaculation and release is part of the reason edging is so much fun, “climbing the walls” so to speak, while edging is a not-to-be-missed activity for every guy but an especially activity for single guys without sexual partners.

So, let’s say you were going to be stranded on a desert isle and alone. If you knew you were not going to have sexual contact with another person on the desert isle, what would you have packed along in the little suitcase? Surviving the desert isle is all about edging my way through the situation. For me, a favorite snug-fitting thong would be very important. Of course I would always hope that as well I, would have had the common sense to pack a couple swim briefs, maybe a pair or two of running tights and compression shorts, plus a compression tee as well. For me, being able to edge is critical to maintaining and improving both my psychological and physical health. Too, even if they do not get stranded in the middle of nowhere, lots of guys end up frequently going on long trips, often work related, where they are living alone or away from regular sexual partners. The same suitcase items should prove very helpful!
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