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sebbie 05-20-2019 01:27 PM

Thoughts on just being a guy
Male orgasms are terrific fun. As most guys only gradually learn, an orgasm is much more than just that final moment of intense herky jerky pleasure when muscles in the groin area begin to involuntarily contract over and over in a rhythmic motion although I have to admit that this is one of the greatest moments of pleasure in life for any guy. Guys quickly get “hooked” on the sensations. I think I was hooked myself at about age 12. Of course, like any other guy my age I was more than a little scared at first, and not quite sure what was happening to me and my body was OK and normal, whether I was doing something to myself that I shouldn’t be doing.

There were all sorts of unanswered questions. I instantly loved the sensations I was experiencing, As an adult I have long been studying the intricate details of what goes on both leading up to and then during an orgasm, and what I have learned says that orgasms get a hold of the most profound pleasure centers of the brain, the same pleasure centers and via very similar chemical mechanisms that are involved in drug addictions, or for that matter addictions of any sort.

A lot of this is basic biology involving the continuation of the species etc. Nature has this goofy way of finding schemes that ensure that species will continue, and human sex is not really that different from what goes on elsewhere with all forms of life. The mechanisms that work for each form of life differ of course, perhaps drastically, but of necessity life ordinarily finds a way. What we deal with as humans and as males is simply what we got stuck with as another form of life.

Ahhh if it were only all that simple. But there are all sorts of messy parts, parts that do not seem to fit in the way that seems obvious. To be sure, if the goal of human sex is to continue the species, why isn’t male sex always focused just on how to find a suitable sexual partner, presuming the female necessary for the species to continue to propagate? After all, we males are only half the puzzle, and some would argue that indeed we are the least important of the two halves.

But then, why are we set up this way. My first orgasm certainly did not happen in the presence of another human being, male or female. This all happened while I was simply messing around happily discovering something I could do to and with my own body that felt really really good. Of course the big question that eluded me was whether the other guys my age were undergoing something very similar and ending up basically where I was ending up. This was a variation on the questions that I believe most young guys attempt to deal with. Am I normal? Am I somehow hurting myself if I do this again? Are all the other guys my age asking similar questions?

So, as a young adolescent I was largely ignorant about a lot of things kids the same age nowadays are fully aware of. Heck, all of the stuff you supposedly need to know about human sexuality can be found either on the Internet or even on cable TV. Or can it?

Having said that I do not regard my experiences growing up in the early days as being somehow inferior to the situation kids face right now. For me, this uncertainty was also an age of discovery and learning, and that meant running some experiments using my own body. Now these were experiments I could run myself, in private. assuming I had a degree of time to myself.

As a young person, I manage to get a neat little 150-power microscope one Christmas. I had great fun with that. I learned I could simply take some grass or hay and leave it in a small pan of water for a few days. Then, use an eye dropper to place some of this swampy water on a glass slide and under the 150- power microscope and, lo and behold, I could see all sorts of living creatures swimming around in the water. Big amoeba, but lots of smaller things too, going in every direction. These creatures each had names, and I could look them up in my old encyclopedias What fun!

Then, at some point I fully realized that my ejaculate after an orgasm contained sperm. It was only natural for me to start wondering what would happen if I stuck a small sample of my own semen under the same microscope. Were sperm big enough so that I could see them too? The tricky part, of course, was in order to run this experiment I would need to be at a time and place where I could masturbate without fear of interruption, ejaculate, and then get the semen sample on the microscope slide quickly for examination under only the 150-power magnification.

Turns out, the opportunity presented itself with some quiet, uninterrupted time. I got the slide, and indeed, not only could I see the sperm and their rapidly-moving tails, but they were swimming relentlessly in every direction. What a great moment for scientific discovery!

But let me warn you. I do not want to plant ideas in your head. I do not want to encourage anyone to engage in self-abuse, which is a necessary step in order to run this experiment. Sex is all about being there so that human beings can engage in reproduction, not running silly experiments in science.

Or is it?…

sebbie 05-20-2019 03:32 PM

just like this, pretty much...

sebbie 06-21-2019 11:46 AM

Part II
Part II

So I suppose that the sequence of events I went through as a young male was not that much different from what other males growing up go through, but just like every other guy my age there is lots of stuff going on in both my brain and my body, and every guy probably goes through stages where he feels that he has somehow got something going on inside that is unique or not the same thing other guys are experiencing. So too, with me.

At that early age most guys are only vaguely aware that sex has something to do with developing a relationship and finding a partner for having sex (or intercourse). Obviously there is lots of information out there on the subject that guys only gradually and often surreptitiously become aware of, but the problem is that the information that is out there often seems disorganized and disjointed. For example, do guys basically have sex with a female partner first and then work at developing a relationship of some sort? If guys used coming-of-age movies as core sources of information about how two people get to the point where they are having intercourse, one could easily conclude that partner sex precedes getting into a loving relationship. Does the real world operate in that mode as well? Good question, especially for a 12 or 13-year old. That leads guys back to the “normal” thoughts they have about how their parents met, fell in love and had sex. Obviously the fact that the guy is here in itself is proof that SOMETHING must have gone on that was quite “physical” as difficult as that is sometimes for young guys to believe.

Then there is all the other stuff going on. Pre-puberty, most guys are at least aware of the fact that they are carrying around stuff hanging beneath the groin that seems very touch-sensitive, but this only really becomes attention-grabbing once puberty starts to set in. Suddenly there is that distinct tensing situation in which the penis seems to feel “tight” (filling with blood, of course) and some crazy-seeming links between that sensation and how a guy copes with the situation in his brain. Suddenly it occurs to the guy that his own brain is really not that far separated from his groin. This is surely interesting, but also disconcerting at least at first. Complicated stuff. Really complicated.

Worse, guys are quickly “conditioned” to the idea that sexual feelings and sexual relationships are so intertwined that no guy dare admit to having sexual feelings that are NOT brought on by being with a sexual partner.

Yet, as any guy realizes, reality is anything but that. Young males have sexual thoughts and feelings regularly in the absence of a partner. Old males do too, but at least they are normally better able to cope with the situation. Still, for a young guy, terror would be getting an erection in the presence of other males, say in a gym locker room. Holy terror would be for this erection to get so strong that the guy goes into a full-scale ejaculation mode with other guys present. Getting into a situation like this is a nightmarish thought for most young guys.

Still, guys soon realize that the sensations associated with getting erect and then ejaculating are terrific fun at some core level, but it’s just that you generally don’t want to get stuck in a situation where this happens with your male buds present because that could get dicey. So generally, guys try to avoid getting themselves caught up in situations in which this has a probability of happening.

Interestingly enough, snug-fitting clothing of various sorts can act as a “triggering” mechanism, and often time clothing worn in a gym or sports situation. There are any number of items that can be a potential problem in this regard. And guys tend to steer clear of situations where they think they will be “forced” to wear something that could act as an erection triggering mechanism.

That, in a nutshell is why masturbation involving specific items of snug-fitting clothing is very much a solo activity for most guys. I could easily develop a list of specific items probably most guys would love to jerk off in, but never mind that guys are really wary about revealing what is going on to any of their male friends or female friends for that matter. After all, sexual feelings and sexual relationships with another person are hopelessly intertwined, (or are they?).

Still, guys bouncing out of puberty are likely growing rapidly which means they are quickly growing out of clothing that only recently was sized correctly. Everything you wore last summer is now just a little too snug. Underwear, jeans, swimwear, etc etc. But by this time it’s a rare guy who hasn’t discovered that the stuff that is now too snug often sets up for some interesting sensations in the groin area, so guys often dig into the back of a dresser drawer to wear some of these older items from another time. Wait, what the guy thought would be uncomfortable now feels, well, in a strange way, interesting, and that basic sensation of tenseness is starting to take over in my head. That is not a bad feeling at all. Indeed it feels neat. I wonder if other guys know about this.

To be continued…

sebbie 06-21-2019 11:47 AM

Part III
Part III

Once puberty arrives, I suspect that most guys almost immediately first get enamored with what happens to their bodies when they are on the verge of ejaculation. In particular, the sensations that they feel as the male body is at the very verge of ejaculation, and then the wonderfully repetitive pulses that take place as semen is ejaculated. It takes some time to appreciate that these wonderful sensations are being experienced at least as much in the brain as they are in the genitalia and that the two parts of the body are in fact completely linked together.

Still, this is all complicated not simple stuff to understand. Surely every male wants to become an expert in the subject of penis sensitivity and exactly how it is linked to how hard a guy is. One of the super interesting things about the male body is how even a slightly-hard penis suddenly becomes much more touch sensitive and pleasant to rub or stroke. Then there is the issue of the sensitivity of the various parts of the penis, the top of the shaft versus the underside, the glans versus the base of the shaft etc. Don’t get me wrong: as the penis engorges with blood the whole thing becomes sensitive and responsive to anything that touches or even brushes against it. It is just that as all of this is going on some parts seem, well, more interesting than others. The glans area of even a partially-hard penis can be extremely touch-sensitive and guys quickly learn that if they for some reason need to get off quickly that is where to focus.

Lives of young males quickly get complicated. Every guy needs to go through something of a learning experience that enables a guy to better understand all of this, and learning takes time, and usually a degree of privacy. A lot of guys are embarrassed to admit this and like to act as if that on the day of their first ejaculation somehow they already knew everything that they needed to know. This, of course, is not the case, and the whole subject becomes a lifelong learning experience.

Then all of this gets messed together with the experience of forming a sexual bond with another person. Many guys seem to think that somehow they can go directly into a sexual relationship of some sort with another person without fully having run the solo experiments necessary to better understand how their own body responds sexually. This becomes a foolish thing to do. There is a learning process that needs to go on here, and often times this learning is better accomplished without dealing with the additional complexities of dealing with a relationship with another person—perhaps another person coming from a very different perspective.

Generally, most guys seem to think that all their peer males are able to navigate all of this without a hitch and in general have greater knowledge of the subject, but in general this is not true at all. The shy, nerdy introvert may have an advantage over the outgoing guy who appears to be “popular” with the girls in this regard. No two guys are the same in this respect and they should not assume that they are somehow seeing this all in the same fashion. The guy who has spent time experimenting by himself in private may have some real advantages over the guy who somehow believes that engaging in such experiments are both nerdy and childish not to mention embarrassing to admit to. Like I say, this is complicated stuff.

So, initially guys frequently get very fond of how they feel as full-blown ejaculation takes place. Only later, perhaps much later, do guys learn that the events that take place from the very start (as the guy describes himself as just starting to feel horny) begin to take on more significance. This is part of the male sexuality learning process that I believe is extremely important for every guy.

Another way of looking at this is that it suggests that guys should experiment with their own bodies more often not less and justify this on the basis that each experience adds to the knowledge base as to what is really interesting and fun to experience. OK so this is a call to engage in more male self-abuse (masturbation) not less and that guys should be given the opportunity for private time suitable for running experiments. At this point I could suggest some specific techniques here but I will hold off on that for now. For now I will only say that there is stuff you can do in private that feels really good and is basically perfectly safe to do without getting yourself or anyone else in an unwanted predicament. Further, not every guy has a partner for sex: many do not, and it is not correct to assume that these guys are unhappy and frustrated with life in general. Indeed, these guys have figured SOMETHING out that sustains them sexually. In the absence of a sexual partner, you can accomplish the same thing as well.

To be continued...

sebbie 06-21-2019 06:39 PM

Part IV
Part IV

A few questions to ponder. For me, going through puberty was this confusing mix of holy terror and sheer fun. I never have determined if I was different from the other guys my age, or whether this crazy mixture of terror and sheer joy is pretty much the norm. I keep thinking about the same “stupid” questions.

For example, what does any guy recall about the situation surrounding your first genuine real orgasm? Were you alone or was someone else there with you when it happened? In a lot of respects, being alone eliminates a lot of issues or problems relating to how another person or persons might react to your situation, although you cannot always expect for this to go smoothly.

What do you recall with respect to any instances you had in which an obvious erection and perhaps even a full-scale ejaculation occurred at an inopportune or inappropriate, time or place? Growing up this sometimes happened to me just riding along in a car or school bus, and then I had to figure out a way to get out of the vehicle I was riding in without anyone noticing what had happened to me. Invariably, I thought the orgasm was really fun, but the tricky part was what happened afterwards.

What were the circumstances in which you first discovered that you were producing precum? How did this situation happen? Did you at first think you were on the verge of ejaculating? Why or why not?

What were your early experiences in wearing clothing that fit a little snug. When I was growing up, perhaps 95 percent of the guys wore white cotton briefs (tighty whiteys). I always thought I was the lone exception as my mom bought me cotton boxer briefs which were made like real briefs but with slightly longer legs. Once I started making my own underwear purchases I immediately went to the standard briefs and have never looked back.

Of course, from the 1980s on, more and more guys started to routinely wear loose-fitting cotton boxer shorts usually in a color other than white instead of briefs. I’ve never quite determined whether or not this was in part related to the concern that guys had about getting an inadvertent erection in the presence of other guys and the fact that a snugger-fitting cotton brief would reveal more about the state of a guy’s penis than a loose-fitting pair of boxer shorts would.

My “problem” was that I quickly developed a fondness for wearing white cotton brief, in part because I liked how my penis felt inside a snug-fitting brief. Maybe this was in part because I was denied this experience early in life of wearing snug-fitting briefs. And if an inadvertent erection happened this was no big deal. I was becoming something of an expert at hiding the condition I was in.

I don’t recall ever not being interested in wearing snug-fitting clothing of all sorts, brief underwear, skinny jeans, compression gear, and yes, swim briefs. I kept admiring the other guys who were able to do likewise.

Of course, the last question has to be to recall your first encounters with a snug-fitting swim brief.

To be continued…

sebbie 07-05-2019 06:18 PM

Part V
Part V

A lot of guys seem to be very embarrassed even by the mere thought of having some fun down there by yourself, even though at some level a lot of them realize that this is a most “natural” thing to do. If masturbation were somehow the wrong thing for a guy to engage in, the obvious question is why most guys if given an appropriate opportunity would engage in it on a regular basis. At some stage in life I suppose guys encounter all sorts of things that they think would be fun but for whatever reason are told or decide not to do. Solo sex is just another item on the list, or is it?

Still, aside from the privacy and not wanting others to know what you are doing, masturbation has far fewer issues than, say, partner sex, the latter immediately creates a lot of problems and issues, some of them potentially major, and potentially far more complicated than merely being discovered by someone else that you are engaging in solo sex, that someone being a parent, sibling, or perhaps a peer friend of either sex. However, guys spend a lot of time and energy in an effort to make certain that any solo efforts remain private, lest word get out and issues occur because of that.

Then there is the issue of what happens if a guy discovers that he likes to use an inanimate object in conjunction with the solo sex play. What kind of an inanimate object? Some are easier to-hide and explain away than others. A battery-powered vibrator might be easier to explain away than a simple cotton brief, for example. A colorful swim brief in a stretchy fabric might be more difficult to explain than a cotton brief normally worn as underwear. And so on.

Guys generally enjoy but are embarrassed about the whole subject and to the extent that a particular item helps a guy get off, it is best if the item is easily obtained and can be readily explained by what appears to be a simple plausible explanation, or can be readily hidden away. A guy who likes to wear a jock strap for this purpose has an easier time of it if he engage in a sport where a claim can be needed that the strap is “needed” for the sport than would be the case for a guy who wants to do this but is not involved in any sport that would call for one.

And, to be sure, a lot of this stuff that guys get interested in with respect to this are at some level related to sport whether the sport be swimming, football, wrestling or others. A lot of non-athletes deeply admire peers who are in part because they get to wear these and have a logical rationale. For example, what guy who has never worn a strap or a swim brief not secretly wondered how his body would feel if he could do so? And that thought only makes the longing stronger.

To be continued...

sebbie 07-07-2019 12:58 PM

Part VI
Part VI

One of the strangest and yet most fascinating aspects of human sexuality is how the physical and the psychological parts somehow get glued together in strange and yet at times wonderful, almost magical, ways. The two aspects at times are almost impossible to unravel and every guy starts to realize that this gets even more difficult to unravel as to what exactly is causing what at each moment in time.

All of this of course is linked to how a guy is feeling in his brain moment-by-moment and is at the core of developing a sexual relationship with another person. This is part of a normal relationship setting that we get to observe over and over in the movies and, for that matter, the collection of stuff that every guy (and woman) encounters and accumulates during a lifetime.

But guys sometimes, perhaps frequently, encounter situations in which the sexual wiring is energized both in the brain and in the groin without anything going on in the sexual partner- relationship department. Guys generally discover that this can happen at puberty or perhaps even before, and most guys when they discover this are embarrassed to even admit that such things can and frequently do happen. Surely, given all the information surrounding sexual feelings in a relationship going on, this can’t be normal and this can’t also be happening to a guy’s peers as well, or can it?

Then there is that complicated subject of sex and love. Guys quickly learn that the two are not necessarily the same, and one might happen without the other. Generally, women are wired differently and most see a sexual relationship as an outcome of love. The idea that a lot of guys seem to have that sexual expression can come first and that sex is worthwhile from a sheer pleasure perspective even if love is not quite there seems to make many women uneasy. And, of course, the whole idea that a guy would ever want to jerk off by himself for the sheer fun of experiencing it leaves a lot of women in a really uneasy situation.

So, what does all of this have to do with a guy jerking off by himself while wearing a lowly swim brief or, for that matter, while wearing any other clothing item that helps a guy get off. A lot of guys are quite fearful of getting anywhere near any item of clothing, however mundane, that might help cause an erection to occur. Yet there are entire Web vendor sites that sell nothing other than items of clothing that have no purpose other than to get a guy horny and in a jerk-off mode. It’s the kind of dual psychology going on here that has always fascinated me as well as how guys somehow cope with that.

I’ve watched movies, a good example being the Terrance Howard flick called “Pride” in which an inner city swim team has its first real encounter with the idea of wearing a swim brief and then how the swimmers react to the entire idea of having their groins encased in a snug-fitting brief. The mixture of the curious (will this feel down “good” down there?) intermingled with the sheer terror of the possible response being getting a noticeable erection (or horror of horrors, an ejaculation) in the presence of one’s male peers coupled with the natural curiosity about how other guys my age will or will not be able to cope when faced with the same situation.

Nearly every guy by the time he has reached young adulthood, has developed a list of clothing items that help make him feel horny. A relatively small number of females even realize that all of this exists. What goes on this list? Well, that depends. These lists tend to be very personal with a lot of the items related to athletics or sport of some sort. But there are some basic things on the list as well. Jockey is generally regarded as the inventor of brief-style underwear for males, and as I understand the story this really took off in the 1930s where objectively guys quickly adopted the newfound style because it gave them much more freedom of movement whereas in reality a lot of guys probably went for the idea because they thought it would keep them in a steady state of “semi-arousal”.

In modern times, guys seem to have gone back and forth between loose-fitting styles likely to cause minimal “issues” in this regard and snug-fitting styles that almost seem designed to put both physical and psychological “pressure” on a guy’s sexual “buttons”. Plus there is the possibility of compression-like jammer styled underwear that is going to comer more skin, but be equally snug plus often being really slick. And by this time in his life what guy DOESN’T” know that the underside of his penis loves to be rubbing against snug-fitting, smooth, stretchy fabric, whether brief or long-legged.

Do we have to wear a swim brief in order to swim on the school team?

Do we have to wear a wrestling singlet in order to wrestle at a school event?

What about those jock straps? Will I be required to wear one? And how will my “stuff” feel squished into a cup?

There is something physical going on here, but also something psychological going on that is interesting to try and cope with. Very interesting to be sure.

To be continued…

sebbie 07-10-2019 12:54 PM

Part VII
Part VII

In this part, I am going to discuss some ideas that most guys are very reluctant to admit to or openly discuss with anyone—and that list includes parents, siblings, male friends, female friends or literally anyone. What I am about to say applies not only in the post-puberty teen years but also may represent closely-guarded “secrets” that continue to apply to guys in relationships, married or not, and even throughout a guy’s adulthood. What could be so important to a guy that it is necessary to keep as such a closely-guarded secret, anyway?

Well, the answer to that question of course is anything that has to do with solo sex, more commonly known as masturbation. I have thought about this a lot and also about how this applies to those in a sexual relationship with another person or not. As many of my readers know, another aspect of this involves situations where two males, are, say roommates in a college dormitory, and exactly what happens there.

As a young guy growing up, a guy quickly learns that anything involving jerking off needs to be done privately and without attracting the attention of anyone else who might be in a position to learn something even inadvertently about what a guy is doing. Of course, a guy also quickly learns that pulling this off without leaving any post-ejaculatory traces to be uncovered is all but impossible to do. At minimum, there are those starchy yellowish stains that show up on whatever a guy wears to bed at night, on the sheets, or worse. Whoever does the laundry, say your older sister or even mom, is going to see something that suggests that the guy must have gotten off.

Then there is the problem of nocturnal emissions, or so called wet dreams, which end up probably leaving a trail of crusty stains in the morning. Is it better to act as if these stains occurred while the guy was completely asleep and not awake and helping the process along a little? In short, can some “remnants” of ejaculating be more easily rationalized or explained away? And who really cares if the event was a true nocturnal emission while asleep or something the guy may have encouraged in some manner. This is no small problem for a teen male, who probably is confronting all of this on a daily (or nightly) basis and each “event” may require a new approach for dealing with the post-ejaculatory consequences.

Then guys also quickly learn that if night time jerking off is fun, doing the same during the day can easily be more fun. But then there are additional problems relating to privacy and being discovered as well as covering your tracks. Male shower masturbation is the choice for a lot of guys because (1) a shower is usually private and (2) the post-ejaculatory “evidence” gets washed down the shower drain.

Still, this is not a perfect solution either, and most guys come up with alternative methods as well.

To be continued…

sebbie 07-10-2019 01:29 PM


Interestingly, this is where the items of snug-fitting clothing enter the story. But first, let me make a couple points with respect to basic male anatomy.

First, the penis is highly sensitive to anything that touches it, except that one also needs to realize that the sensitivity of a guy’s penis becomes much stronger and psychologically more interesting if there is an erection going on. Obviously guys function normally with a flaccid penis under whatever clothing they are wearing, and they somehow “tolerate” the sensation of whatever cloth is touching, rubbing or brushing against their penises in their normal daily activities without constantly going into erection mode.

The sensitivity of a guy’s penis is not the same over its entire surface. There are warmer spots and cooler spots in this regard. Touching, rubbing or stroking the top side of a guy’s penis in general will elicit less of an involuntary erection response that the exact same thing happening on the penis underside. There is a biological reason why this occurs which I won’t go into here except to say that if a guy wants to quickly get an erection he needs to focus his efforts on the underside of the penis. The glans or tip that is also largely on the underside is a real ejaculatory “hot spot”, so hot in fact is attention is directed toward that small area many guys can and do ejaculate even before.

For guys, in normal daily activity wearing ordinary clothing the flaccid penis will be pointed downward with any clothing item such as underwear only touching the top side of the penis. This allows a guy to go about his normal day without being concerned about the possibility of accidentally getting an erection just from what he is wearing down there.

The whole idea of wearing loose-fitting cotton boxer shorts is linked to the idea of not wanting to have to deal or cope with an unwanted erection occurring in an inappropriate time or place.

As the fit of the underwear becomes snugger, the possibilities for placing oneself in a position other than down are enhanced. It depends on what a guy would like to have happen and whether or not whatever happens occurs in what can be called a “safe” area or not. A snugger-fitting pair of cotton briefs, or even a longer-legged pair of what are called boxer briefs, allows a guy to put himself into another position, still flaccid, but pointing forward not down. Interestingly, unlike the down position, this gives a guy access to the underside of his penis. A lot of guys discover that with that access, it doesn’t take more than a few strokes to begin to get hard. This is the way many guys must begin to learn the nuances what it takes to have a great masturbation session. After all, the cotton briefs will do a nice job of collecting the ejaculate and can be easily tossed into the weekly wash without raising comment from others whoever they might be.

Of course, as a guy gets harder the penis can move from the forward position to the up position with the underside of the penis rubbing against the cloth of the brief. But it is at about this point that a guy learns that the type of cloth used in the undergarment matters in terms of how all of this feels down there and that a smooth stretchy fabric introduces some sensations not obtainable from, say a coarser-textured pair of cotton briefs. But wearing something in a smooth slick fabric will also signal to male peers (say in the locker room of a gym) that you are aware of all of this, and probably, well… The issue of course is that other males probably know why you are doing what you are doing and are, at minimum, at least amused by what they think might be happening.

That hasn’t stopped the underwear manufacturers from coming up with lots of designs aimed at attracting buyers who want to engage in this type of behavior alone or with a partner. Options are everywhere. Further as guys enter adulthood, chances are they have accumulated a bunch on items they find useful in pleasuring themselves. Younger guys keep some of this stuff hidden in the back of a dresser drawer. College roommates face additional issues in this regard, especially roommates who somehow think they need to convince each other that they never masturbate.

The list of items guys like to jack off in include not only pieces snug-fitting underwear of various sorts and swimming briefs but also other items such as athletic supporters, wrestling singlets, compression gear etc. Each guy has a separate list of things he likes and each guy thinks at some level there must be something “wrong’ with him for pursuing this stuff.

Still, what guy would NOT like to secretly have a snug fitting swim brief in his dresser drawer just simply to jerk off in periodically? What possible “harm” can there be to that?

To be continued…

dm106 07-12-2019 01:54 AM

You seem to ignore, Sebbie, that some guys as teens had "jerk off" buddies. They may or may not have jerked each other off, and they may or may not have gone beyond that.

sebbie 07-12-2019 12:02 PM

I realize that but my point for now is that there are all sorts of stuff that happens, and it is not surprising that a lot of guys are more comfortable keeping everything they do in this respect as private as possible.

Some guys who openly engage in mutual masturbation with one or more other males end up eventually entering long-term gay relationships, but for many, perhaps most males, this is just a temporary phase that leads into adulthood and a heterosexual relationship with a female partner.

sebbie 07-21-2019 01:10 PM

Part IX
Part IX

Every guy struggles with a version of the same problem. The circumstances are most obvious past puberty but before a guy has reached adulthood, when opportunities for experimenting with “real” sex with a sexual partner are very limited if they exist at all. The dilemma basically revolves around the fact that once a guy reaches puberty, episodes of feeling horny and having an orge to ejaculate occur on a very frequent basis, perhaps even as frequently as every day, yet opportunities to do so in privacy are much rarer.

This sets up a dilemma of sorts, a dilemma every guy must somehow resolve. The dilemma is further complicated by the belief a lot of guys have that their situation is somehow unique and that peers are not trying to solve the same problem in some reasonable and acceptable way.

The movies have long used this dilemma as the basis for a host of different coming-of-age movies that have storylines involving horny young males where the storyline is eventually resolved with the guys, even the shy, nerdy ones, seeking sex with and eventually having sex with young ladies, and that somehow everything turns out fine at the end of the movie because of this resolution of finally getting to have sex with a female partner.

Very few movies have ever even attempted to reveal what guys actually do to and for themselves in order to cope with their adolescent urges. Male sexuality often does not work at all how it is depicted in the movies—there is a lot more interesting stuff going on that the typical story line where a boy wants to have sex with a female who initially tells him no but eventually gives in as the movie draws to a conclusion---but to reveal how this all actually works for males day-to-day would be considered too “racy” to ever show on the big screen. Besides, what movie director would ever want to burst the myth that has always surrounded how sex works for adolescent and young-adult males and has sold a lot of movie tickets over the years.

So, guys are individually on their own in this regard and what they see in movies is often a long ways from what they are observing from other sources. Worse, male peers are stuck with the same dilemma in that what they can observe does not actually coincide at all with what they are doing day by day, normally to and by themselves.

What the guys are doing, of course is masturbating, probably as frequently as every day, and the real dilemma is finding a time and place with enough privacy in order to not draw attention to oneself from anyone. After all, masturbation is surely an inferior form of sexual release according to peer males, the movies (that usually do not mention the option at all) and to females their age. Females at an early age are taught that the female is the center of sexual pleasure for a guy, and they simply ignore the possibility that things in this department might be more complicated than that.

So all of this comes down to exactly how a guy can find ways to masturbate if for whatever reason he doesn’t want to or is not yet ready to engage in sex with a partner. Perhaps a snug-fitting garment such as a swim brief would be useful and helpful in this respect. But what if such an idea works too well and I like what I am doing with and too myself too much? What if I end up finding ways to do this that I like so much that I do not want to abandon them if and when I find a real sexual partner? In this respect I have often thought that gay guys face a much less daunting dilemma than straight guys do, but more of that later.

To be continued…

sebbie 07-21-2019 01:10 PM

Part IX
Part IX

Every guy struggles with a version of the same problem. The circumstances are most obvious past puberty but before a guy has reached adulthood, when opportunities for experimenting with “real” sex with a sexual partner are very limited if they exist at all. The dilemma basically revolves around the fact that once a guy reaches puberty, episodes of feeling horny and having an orge to ejaculate occur on a very frequent basis, perhaps even as frequently as every day, yet opportunities to do so in privacy are much rarer.

This sets up a dilemma of sorts, a dilemma every guy must somehow resolve. The dilemma is further complicated by the belief a lot of guys have that their situation is somehow unique and that peers are not trying to solve the same problem in some reasonable and acceptable way.

The movies have long used this dilemma as the basis for a host of different coming-of-age movies that have storylines involving horny young males where the storyline is eventually resolved with the guys, even the shy, nerdy ones, seeking sex with and eventually having sex with young ladies, and that somehow everything turns out fine at the end of the movie because of this resolution of finally getting to have sex with a female partner.

Very few movies have ever even attempted to reveal what guys actually do to and for themselves in order to cope with their adolescent urges. Male sexuality often does not work at all how it is depicted in the movies—there is a lot more interesting stuff going on that the typical story line where a boy wants to have sex with a female who initially tells him no but eventually gives in as the movie draws to a conclusion---but to reveal how this all actually works for males day-to-day would be considered too “racy” to ever show on the big screen. Besides, what movie director would ever want to burst the myth that has always surrounded how sex works for adolescent and young-adult males and has sold a lot of movie tickets over the years.

So, guys are individually on their own in this regard and what they see in movies is often a long ways from what they are observing from other sources. Worse, male peers are stuck with the same dilemma in that what they can observe does not actually coincide at all with what they are doing day by day, normally to and by themselves.

What the guys are doing, of course is masturbating, probably as frequently as every day, and the real dilemma is finding a time and place with enough privacy in order to not draw attention to oneself from anyone. After all, masturbation is surely an inferior form of sexual release according to peer males, the movies (that usually do not mention the option at all) and to females their age. Females at an early age are taught that the female is the center of sexual pleasure for a guy, and they simply ignore the possibility that things in this department might be more complicated than that.

So all of this comes down to exactly how a guy can find ways to masturbate if for whatever reason he doesn’t want to or is not yet ready to engage in sex with a partner. Perhaps a snug-fitting garment such as a swim brief would be useful and helpful in this respect. But what if such an idea works too well and I like what I am doing with and too myself too much? What if I end up finding ways to do this that I like so much that I do not want to abandon them if and when I find a real sexual partner? In this respect I have often thought that gay guys face a much less daunting dilemma than straight guys do, but more of that later.

To be continued…

sebbie 07-22-2019 02:35 PM

Part X
Part X

So guys enter puberty thinking that the way to deal with the urge to ejaculate is to find that allows a guy to get this all over with in private but as quickly as possible. Indeed, a guy is a better male if he can go from feeling only slightly horny to a full-scale hard-on followed by a strong ejaculation in a record-setting time, a couple minutes or even less from start to finish. Part of this is tied to the old problem of fear—fear of discovery, mainly, and being accidentally discovered by anyone else could bring on a host of difficult issues to try and deal with. And then there is always the problem that traces of what has happened may be readily apparent, and that becomes another problem of concern and potential embarrassment.

What is a guy to do, anyway? Most guys probably deal with this problem (and it is a problem) by “training” themselves to go through the processes as quickly as they can, the faster everything happens the fewer risks are involved. They delude themselves into thinking that getting off in a record-setting time is somehow the most masculine way to be!

This is all fascinating in part because adult sexuality and particularly sex with a partner is really all about unlearning being super speedy about all of this. In the adult world, the slower the better, not the faster the better. So once a guy reaches young adulthood, what matters is learning how to sustain arousal and an erection for as long a period of time as possible not set some new world record time-wise. What guy in this world would want to be in a date with a girl and be at the point where she is ready for real intercourse and the guy is so hot and bothered that he ejaculates into his underwear long before he could engage in actual intercourse (entry). Talk about embarrassing!

This problem often haunts couples right into marriage. The medical term for all of this is “premature ejaculation” which is highlighted when the woman says that her male partner invariably ejaculates long before she is ready to have an orgasm. Premature ejaculation can often be categorized as a “learned behavior” that is learned in part by growing up with a deep-seated fear that for a host of reasons, a guy needs to move from initial arousal to ejaculation as quickly as possible and somehow in a male-female relationship the female will see the guy as being “more of a guy” if he can get off very quickly. The problem of course is that what seemed to work at age 14 is probably what doesn’t work at all in a serious relationship at age 21.

Indeed, even if you are not engaging in partner sex, learning how to masturbate slowly can be a useful skill to have as even masturbation is a lot more fun if you are not trying to set any time records. I realize that a lot of guys spend a lot of time worrying about what it means to get horny inside a snug-fitting garment such as a jock strap or a swim brief, and a lot of guys deep down worry that some items might end up inadvertently make them feel horny, and how they will cope if they somehow find themselves in a situation like this.

Yet, at the same time, the right (not wrong) snug-fitting garment (you tell me what specifically you like that “does” this for you), can be a useful aid in learning how to get your mind and body to get off, but at a leisurely pace, and in particular, if you are setting about what you thought were skills that you learned at age 14 about how to go from initial arousal to ejaculation in record setting time, the very skill you do NOT want to have in a sexual relationship with a partner.

A lot of complicated stuff comes up here. The sex therapists might regard any guy who likes to get off inside a snug-fitting garment of any sort as having some sort of a clothing fetish for that garment and something of an abnormality of sorts that needs to be “beaten back” through some sort of counseling labeled as sexual therapy. I would argue that doing this is quite normal to have happen for most if not nearly all guys. But then these same sex therapists traditionally have placed male-female intercourse on a pedestal as being superior to any other way of getting off, and prior to the 1970s even deemed gay partner sex as an abnormality that should be treated as a health issue if not a disease of some sort.

One of the neat things about being a gay male in a relationship is that your partner will have grown up facing much the same set of issues with respect to dealing with arousal, orgasms. If you are lucky your male partner will have dealt with an array of what I call snug-fitting garment issues as well and the two of you can run some experiments together. In a sexual relationship with a female partner the male is constantly dealing with a completely different and at least a complicated sexual universe which is at the core of how females experience sex versus males. Worse, the poor guy is constantly dealing with what the female learned from her mother about how male sexuality works, and a lot of this stuff is not right at all or correct in only a very limited way.

To be continued…

sebbie 07-28-2019 02:28 PM

Part XI
Part XI

Every guy quickly learns that it is great fun just to feel horny. Clearly, orgasm and ejaculation represent a great release with profound pleasure, pleasure that can be and often is overwhelming, but I have always thought that the sequence of events that may or may not conclude with orgasm, though a more subtle form of male pleasure, have their own unique place in a guy’s world.

And, of course, orgasms have their own complicated issues to deal with that can be mostly avoided when you are just feeling horny. For starters, it is possible to train your mind and body so that you can merely feel horny for hours on end without rising to another level, so to speak. As any young man knows, there are a lot of ancillary issues associated with ejaculating that require some practical thought and planning. For starters, are you ejaculating with a sexual partner or alone? If with a partner the problem quickly becomes as much a relationship issue as it is of simply enjoying your own body. And sexual relationships have ways to get very complicated very quickly. I do not need to list the issues and concerns here.

If you are doing this by yourself, what exactly are the circumstances you face? What planning has gone into finding a way such that any others are not privy to what you are doing and then perhaps create a situation for you that is embarrassing? A central part of growing up seems to be that being discovered having a solo orgasm leads to teasing and bullying related to the idea that you therefore must be gay. And some guys, perhaps in an effort to cover up their own insecurities in the sexual orientation to relentlessly tease and bully, if not the more familiar “you were doing this because you are too unattractive a person to be able to find a female to do this with!”

Here is the problem. If you want to ejaculate by yourself, you probably are in a situation where you think you need to get aroused and to the ejaculation part quickly for a bunch of different reasons. If you keep doing this regularly, your body and mind quickly gets conditioned so that you can come in a hurry. The problem with this is first, that in doing this at 90-miles an hour, you miss out on nearly all of the neat stuff that leads up to getting to the point where you can then no longer resist the urge to ejaculate. Further, if and when you do get into a relationship with a real sexual partner, you have done an excellent job of making certain that you are an expert at “premature ejaculation” as in getting off long before your partner does.

Any coming-of-age movie almost invariably involves horny teen males who are observing what they believe desirable sexual partners but from afar. Then, toward the end of the movie one of the nerdy guys manages to go on a date with an attractive female. Horny and aroused, the guy thinks that now he is finally going to get to see what real penis-vagina sex is like, only to discover that he is so aroused that he ejaculates into his underwear while still completely in his jeans. The encounter ends and the guy has blown off without ever getting his penis near the girls vagina, let alone into it.

At this point the girl doesn’t quite know what to say or do, but secretly she is more than a little amused by the sequence of events that took place. Every girl likes to think she is the one who can make a guy hard instantly. Perhaps she was willing to engage in penis-vagina sex with the guy but was to a certain degree was relieved that this all did not take place at this particular place and time. The guy has gotten an important lesson in the need to develop better ejaculatory control as being critical in any relationship close enough involve sets of bodily parts fitting together.

Which brings me back to the original theme of this story that says being horny is great fun, and instead of focusing on getting to the ejaculation part as quickly as possible, guys should focus their efforts on training their bodies to keep the embers of sexual arousal burning without going into a full ejaculatory phase for as long as possible, say an entire afternoon.

To be continued…

sebbie 07-28-2019 02:34 PM

Part XII
Part XII

What does all of this have to do with options for men’s clothing? Interestingly, quite a lot! For example, take a look at the wide range options in male underwear, all of which come in contact with the male penis. There are situations and places where a guy is so distracted by the other things he is doing that feeling horny is not something that can be accommodated very easy. But there are other situations, maybe a leisurely Saturday afternoon without work or school to intrude, where a guy would like to be in and can maintain a semi-aroused state without distraction.

Look at the wide range of men’s underwear in the store. Some of it fits really loose, some of it fits snug and tight, some, like maybe a Spandex®-laced thong, fits really snug and tight. A guy might buy loose fitting cotton boxers for wear in situations where being sexually aroused would simply be a distraction, or perhaps as an undergarment to be worn in a gym locker room where the guy does not wasn’t to call undue attention to himself and that he even has male body parts.

But, the same guy’s wardrobe might also include snugger, tighter undergarments, garments that are more likely to press the male arousal buttons. These are regularly worn in situations where a guy would welcome feeling a little horny, because of the fit and feel of wearing something that fits snugly around all those super-neat nerve endings in a guy’s penis.

Then of course there are the items that a guy thinks fit so neat that they would almost instantly send him into an arousal/erection/orgasm frenzy, particularly if the guy has never owned one of those before. A related issue is finding the ideal underwear for a guy to wear if he is going on a date with a female which might end in penis-vagina sex and how the particular female might “react” to seeing him wearing each of these options. A most interesting puzzle! A particular style of underwear makes ME feel horny but will it have a similar effect on HER when for the first time she sees me wearing it? What a dilemma!

The thought has occurred to me that underwear manufacturers somehow understand at least some of what I have just told you. There may be some guys who always wear loose-fitting cotton boxers, and some guys who always wear skimpy bikini briefs, plus lots of guys in between the two options for which full-cut briefs or boxer briefs become the underwear of choice. One could easily get the impression that underwear sections of stores are attempting to cater to all these different customers.

But then there might be a significant share of customers who keep wardrobes with underwear options in a variety of cuts and styles, knowing fully that some of these are better suited for wear when a guy wants to feel horny and feeling horny will not be a distraction versus what the guy might wear when his mind is preoccupied with other non-sexual focused stuff he might be doing that day. Personally I tend to solve this puzzle every morning on a daily basis.

I find it interesting that the reading I have done on this subject suggests that most sexual therapists and psychiatrists (usually female it appears) seem to think that any guy who gets aroused simply when he wears underwear of a particular cut, design or style must somehow have a fetish to that particular clothing style, and further, this is somehow an abnormal sexual condition that needs to be treated with psychiatric therapy. But then it is not that many years ago that the entire group of medical-trained psychiatrists seem to think that being gay was abnormal and a “disease” of sorts that could be treated with the right therapy as well.

Having lost that battle over the claim that gay guys were somehow sick in-the-head in the 70s, the therapists quickly moved on to the idea that any guy who got aroused while simply wearing snug-fitting underwear was now clearly sick and needed help. This is all pretty funny if you stop and think about it, all going back to mothers teaching daughters that the only thing that can arouse a guy is the right female and that the daughter can use that information to her advantage as leverage in getting a guy to do nearly everything the female wants. The sex experts merely adopted the same idea the mothers were teaching their daughters. The idea that normal, decent guys can and often do get aroused in the absence of a female partner simply does not compute in this female fantasy world of make believe..

Meanwhile you have all these underwear manufacturers who realize that there is a large market for underwear designs that guys secretly think will make them feel quite good “down there,” and this market has exploded in recent years, particularly with the ability to purchase items in private on line. Guys no longer need to have the embarrassment of buying something snug, tight and slick by making a purchase with a (usually female) sales clerk.

Then there are the jeans. The current trends in men’s where everything is low rise, and with a form-fitting cut, happened once before in my lifetime in the years 1962-1968. Back then I was in high school and then in college, and I thought there was nothing so much fun to wear as a pair of very narrow-cut sand-colored denim jeans over a pair of snug-fitting tighty whitey briefs. That combination made me feel really good, merely thinking about wearing it sometimes soon sent me into an uncontrollable orgasmic frenzy which unfortunately I somehow knew I had to keep secret.

All of this also predates all the snugger-fitting bikini brief underwear and men’s thongs that showed up in the decade or two to follow. Oddly enough it has only been in recent years—the past 10 years maybe, that the really snug-fitting men’s jeans became popular again. I find the resent trend most interesting in that previous to that jeans had gotten really wide legged and sloppy fitting and I presume normally covered the bodies of guys wearing very loose fitting cotton boxers.

The stylish skinny jeans now simply do not work well with loose-fitting boxers and a style of underwear needs to be snug-fitting and usually a brief of some sort not a boxer brief with longer legs. Plus the now Spandex®-laced denim gives a tighter fit than was available in the 1960s, almost like a second skin of compression gear made of what looks like denim.

At this point I could go into a discussion of compression gear and swimwear for guys but I am going to hold off on that for now. I am going to end this discussion by saying that guys wearing the latest skinny-jeans styles are probably covering underwear that fits quite snug and tight while at the same time dealing with the some of the feelings of being constantly horny and a bit aroused just by wearing what they are wearing. I have difficulty given the designs seeing how guys can avoid that. But keep in mind the current trend is a strong reaction to the loose-fitting clothing almost designed to assure that the guy would not feel horny unless he was with a partner who wanted sex with him.

And the so-called sex experts understand almost nothing of what I have just told you about what goes on with guys. For guys just discovering all of this, don’t be embarrassed by what you have just learned. The best thing to do is just roll with it and also recognize the other guys your age around you are trying to cope with the same or very similar set of issues with respect to their own bodies and the associated feelings and sensations.

For guys, it is all as normal as sunshine, and most of the sex educators and therapists who claim to be experts are in fact clueless on a host of things they think they understand.

To be continued…

sebbie 07-29-2019 05:19 PM


So, once a guy reaches puberty, he very soon learns that his penis is very fond of being in a place that is snug, slick and smooth. Dealing with this discovery quickly ends up being the complicated part of life from day-to-day.

A guy gradually pieces together the idea that this all might have something to do with being an adult and having sex with another person, most commonly a female about the same age, but dealing with this finding quickly gets complicated. Still a guy also quickly discovers that feeling horny on a regular basis and discovering the nuances of those interesting nerve endings in the groin area is not something that is going to somehow disappear or simply ignored as if it was not there.

As a guy gets older, this all just keeps getting more and more complicated. It is normal for guys to think that all of their male friends (well, maybe most of them) have somehow come up with a simple way to deal with all of this (typically having frequent sex with a willing female) The most popular guys on campus tend to brag about the sexual conquests they have had which invariably means having sex with some of the most attractive and popular girls on campus.

Of course, a lot more bragging goes on than what is likely happening in reality which in turn makes sorting out the truth from the hype difficult. The truth is that most guys are getting off most of the time in a solo-sex situation even though no guy would ever think about bragging about his own prowess in that regard. Still, the puzzle facing every guy in this respect must somehow be resolved…those horny sensations are really interesting and enjoyable and every guy knows that, so something has to give.

What happens, of course, is that guys gradually figure out schemes for getting off on a regular basis that are quite private and not easily spotted by anyone else. Mastering these techniques is no small task, and every guy is going to deal with this part of who he is in his own way. The notion of using the right item of clothing as a useful aid to accomplish the objective at hand may become an important part of all this.

What type of clothing? Why anything that would appear to fit snug, slick and smooth certainly would appear to be a potentially useful starting point. I have already mentioned the fact that if you wander through the men’s underwear section of any department store many of the items seem almost made to be purchased and used as jerk-off aid. To the extent that a guy can make a purchase under the guise that he just wants some new underwear when the real purpose is to purchase an item that will end up being useful for jerking off that is all the better, and this would certainly not attract the attention that a sex toy made to be a jerk-off assist would. A guy might own a vibrator for massaging tired muscles but never would he bring that same vibrator anywhere near the underside of his own penis! Yah sure!

Then there is the array of clothing items designed for being engaged in some sport—swimwear for sure but also all sorts of compression gear, running tights, wrestling and bicycling singlets, football pants and, of course, jock straps. A lot of this stuff seems all but made to order for assistance in masturbation. And who would be critical of any guy who enjoyed himself in this way? This is all sweet, harmless fun, with none of the issues and problems related to aving partner sex.

One concern some sex therapists seem to have is not that guys won’t find good jerk-off methods that are quite enjoyable, but that the methods employed end up be so enjoyable that the guy will decide that a life that includes sex with a partner is simply unnecessary. The mere thought that this situation could happen drives some sex therapists bananas, therapists who believe that the only truly enjoyable sex is sex with a partner, the activity that is somehow put on a pedestal and every other method of reaching a point of ejaculation is inferior, childish or otherwise somehow “wrong”.

Plus, let’s assume that a guy develops some solo sex techniques and methods that he really enjoys. What happens if he decides then to form a relationship with a partner? Dare he even think about showing his partner what he has been up to before the two of them met?

I have often thought that puzzle might be easier for two gay guys to resolve than for two heterosexual partners. Apparently, many females tend to associate male masturbation with somehow being gay, and have no idea of how important a source of erotic pleasure masturbation is for guys.

Sometimes the really interesting and important stuff is anything but how it might initially appear.

To be continued…

sebbie 07-31-2019 12:54 PM

Part XIV
Part XIV

James is invited to a pool party at a house of one of his male friends and classmates, and some female students from school will be there as well. James thinks that the total number will be around 20 people, about evenly divided male and female.

The party will start around 5 pm with swimming, and then an outdoor barbeque on a gas grill that will provide good eating stuff into the evening. This is a very common type of event for guys James’ age, and a chance to get to better know some of the people he interacts with at school on a more-or-less daily basis.

Of course, the whole idea when getting invited to someone’s house with a pool is to get to be in the water and swim. The problem comes in figuring out what to wear at such an event. James could just go in a tee shirt and board shorts, which is how the other guys will likely be dressed. The problem with that idea is that after the swimming time is over there will be eating, and the board shorts are going to be soggy wet which is not only uncomfortable, but also looks unsightly. Maybe there is a better strategy.

James comes up with a scheme of wearing board shorts and tee like he thinks the other guys will be wearing along with his flip flops. But he decides to do something interesting. Underneath the board shorts, he puts on a “classic” royal blue Speedo® swim brief. Anyone who has had anything to do with men’s swim briefs knows that this cut and even color is perhaps the most classic and best known of all the Speedo® products. The brief has 3-inch sides, so it is not too brief or too attention-grabbing in that regard, but still, a Speedo® would not be a real Speedo® if it did NOT conform to the mail body slick and snug. James, who has purchased this suit some time ago has tried it on and looked at himself in the mirror, but had not yet gotten up the “nerve” to wear it in public.

The idea James has is to wear the board shorts and tee to the pool edge, and then just before entering the water he plans to discard the still-dry tee and shorts at the side of the pool to be wearing only the royal blue Speedo®. That he does when he gets to the party.

James is relieved that it did not appear that any of the other party goers seemed to pay attention or even particularly notice what he was doing, but he is now in the water wearing only the brief. Or at least, that is what James initially thought, anyway. But the truth is one or two of the guys did see and notice and realized that though covered by the water, James was now only wearing that neat little royal blue brief.

So, within minutes several of the guys were commenting on what James was doing, and a few of the females were aware as well. Females sometimes seem to get almost angry over the idea of guys openly wearing swim briefs, but in this case a few of the guys along with one or two of the females (in collaboration) decide it would be fun to "hide” (I won’t say steal) James’ tee and board shorts, so that when he comes out of the water and heads over by the barbeque grille he is going to be clad only in that tight-fitting royal blue Speedo®.

This is not a mean-spirited deal—James pretty much knows that he will get his still-dry shorts and tee back at the end of the party, but meanwhile he has to deal with the situation he now faces of having to interact with classmates of both sexes still wearing just the swim brief.

What happens next is very very interesting. Secretly the guys are all interested in seeing if they can discern how James’ body is “coping” with this situation and any indirect information they can get by just careful observation as to how the situation might be impacting the “condition” of James’ groin area or not. Few guys like to admit this in part because in doing so (just wearing a swim brief in a place like this) it might be interpreted as low-level “gay” behavior, but most guys in a situation like this would be most “curious” as to how James is holding up under the circumstance of being the only guy wearing a “Speedo® at the party.

The other thing that is interesting is that Speedo®-clad James, ordinarily a bit quiet shy and maybe even nerdy, suddenly has some females coming over to him to introduce themselves and make small talk. Quiet Speedo® clad James appears to be almost instantly the most popular guy at the pool party/barbeque. James doesn’t know quite what to make of all of his new-found popularity with his classmates either, but he is enjoying it for sure. And, oddly enough the females talking to him seem to not be put off at all by what he is wearing. If James had to guess., he would say that more than a couple of the females seem perhaps even a bit aroused by getting to see him cluse up in the snug brief.

So, there is not a lot more to say. James’ classmates give him back his tee and board shorts as the party concludes. James has become better acquainted with some of his peers, both male and female, than would have been the case had he done te same thing all the other guys did, clothes wise. And James has somehow added to his store of knowledge with respect to how females might behave when faced with a situation like this. In short, the females didn’t act at all like James thought they might given what he had read on the subject about females usually hating it if guys wore swim briefs. Most interesting for sure!

But the most interesting question of all is what the other guys at the party are going to do, swimwear wise, when they are invited to another swimming party set up the same way. The behavior of the females at the party rather shoots holes in the theory that a swim brief is something worn only by the gay guy at the party. And aside from the clothing “theft”, what James was trying to do was quite practical given the circumstances at the event

Plus, the other guys could not help but noticing that by being forced to wear a swim brief at the barbeque (post-swim) part of the party, the ordinarily somewhat shy-and-nerdy James had suddenly become more popular with the females. No sane guy is going to ignore this.

What will happen at the next pool party? James MAY have started a trend of sorts. Will more guys show up at the next party wearing swim briefs under their board shorts? Will a few of the guys be “hoping” that their board shorts will get “stolen” as well while they in the pool so they will be “forced” to go to the barbeque part clad only in a snug swim brief as well? Or will guys just show up for the eats clad only in swim briefs just for the fun of seeing how everyone (but especially the females), react to this?

Challenging questions and issues, all of them!

sebbie 08-02-2019 12:00 PM

Part XV
Part XV

Only shortly after a guy goes through puberty and accidentally uncovers the sheer fun of having a real orgasm, does he soon learn that somehow, for some strange reason, that his penis really likes to be in a place that is both snug and really slick and smooth.

This is further complicated by a realization that seems to imply that a penis somehow knows when it inside a place that is snug and feels smooth. It is almost as if the male penis somehow, sometimes, has a “mind” of its own. Of course that cannot be, or can it? Is this part of the human body that we simply do not fully understand, even now?

Even more curious is that once inside the space, the penis seems to be able to compute very quickly the amount of space that is available, and then somehow expand just enough to exactly fill the space that is available, no more and no less. Even it, for the moment the penis is not in direct contact with whatever is around it, it seems to “know” that the limits that are imposed and can take full advantage of the surroundings. Even wilder, once it gets to that point it starts telling the guy’s brain that the place it is just barely touching if at all is, well, interesting. This crazy sensations of being confined but to the exact correct amount is one of the goofiest but I have often thought a most interesting part of male sexuality.

I have frequently thought about what I have just told you in instances where partners are not having partner-sex within the confines of a snug space, and how these rules might or might not apply in a situation hereby a guy only seeks to have fun by jerking off, say, wearing a snug-fitting garment such as a swim brief or athletic supporter (aka jock strap).

Also, shortly after puberty, just after a guy begins to think he is beginning to understand some of how this stuff all works, does a guy start to realize that certain inanimate objects, most notably certain items of snug-fitting clothing, will under certain situations tend to create situations that in some ways mimic part of the sensations a guy has during partner sex. This is an amazing conclusion, in some ways mind-blowing, and a discovery that should not be a cause for embarrassment. Well, at least most of the time.

Think about this for a moment. Two clothing items guys may be very reluctant to wear are swimming briefs and athletic supporters (aka straps). Both of them have the potential of putting a guy’s penis in a very confined space. The outcome of that situation could be quite unpredictable. Nothing strikes terror in a young guy more than being in a situation in which he loses control of his own body and then ends up ejaculating in a semi-public setting, and some guys will do whatever they think they need to do to avoid that possibility. Think about how this might relate to you. Did YOU ever get in a situation where you ejaculated when you were in a semi-public place? The logical fear is that merely putting on a swim brief or strap will lead to a personally out-of-control situation. Some excuse for not wearing the item that might accidentally precipitates this and therefore avoids the real problem will be in order.

Except for one thing. Well maybe two things. Guys are naturally curious as to whether their classmates are experiencing a similar “reaction” and thus having the same problem, so any situation that sets up a setting in which ALL the guys will be required to wear a swim brief or strap sets up an interesting place to do “research” on all of this. And perhaps even “contests” as in dares along the lines of “I think I can wear a smaller and snugger swim brief than you can without embarrassing myself.” Lots of guys like to convert what might have been an embarrassing situation into a male contest of sorts.

I must admit that when I was a young man, I was fascinated with the prospect of wearing either a swim brief or a strap. But I wasn’t a swimmer. Not being a swimmer nor engaged is any sport that required a strap when I was in high school, I was still very curious about how the guys who got to wear these items “felt”. They looked like great fun.

It was not long after I got into college and was somewhat on my own that I decided I needed to find out for myself.

Of course, swimming for competition may require and undersized brief and many sports at that time would have required both a strap and a cup, which added another dimension and made everything in the groin area potentially even more interesting.

In this respect, straps may be even weirder than ordinary swim briefs. The core design of the traditional straps seems somewhat “mean” to the genitalia. And what is this idea of keeping a guy’s butt crack totally uncovered, anyway? Straps seem made to tug and pull in all sorts of interesting places in the groin area of a male. Cups make it all even more complicated and interesting.

Guys get torn between the positive desire to simply kick back and enjoy the fun, coupled with the serious worry that if this all works too well an embarrassing ejaculation could occur within the space of only a minute or two. How do the other guys cope, anyway? Will I get teased and bullied if I end up out of control?

Last night I spent some time browsing the Internet with respect to what other authors were now saying about the merits of male solo sex, and in the process run into any number of sites selling what are called sex toys specifically designed for male masturbation. Some of these have gotten wild, crazy and also quite expensive. As I was reading this I was thinking about guys who simply enjoy jerking off either in a swim brief or strap, and face the problem of hiding their jerk-off “toy” from parents, roommates etc. A basic problem with the masturbation toys is that a guy probably can fake an excuse for owning a swim brief or even a strap, but the male masturbation toys leave no room for fake excuses. In comparison, the stuff I suggest you try doing to and with yourself is very tame.

Also, it appears to me that there is a whole new market for male masturbation sex toys to be employed on the guy by a sexual partner, usually female. We ordinarily think of sex as falling into the two categories solo sex and partner sex. But there is an emerging third category in which the partner, with the aid of a sex toy, attempts to get a guy hard and then ejaculate using the toy on him. I suppose this could turn into mutual masturbation as well, but interestingly this is much safer form of sex than interchanging bodily fluids. Not only that, in the case of a male-female couple, the idea now brings a masturbation technique front and forward as a full-fledged not inferior form of human sexual activity. The female, traditionally unhappy being left out when the guy secretly masturbates, is once again a full partner in the entire process.


To be continued…

sebbie 08-04-2019 01:19 PM

Part XVI
Part XVI

In male-female intercourse, timing is everything. In particular, both participants must a. achieve orgasm and b. this should occur as close to the same time as possible.

For most guys who face a timing problem, it is usually a situation whereby the guy ejaculates too quickly. The medical term for this is premature ejaculation. The frequent consequence of premature ejaculation is that a guy comes so fast that the female does not achieve an orgasm at all. This in turn leads to an assortment of marital problems and issues, culminating in the conclusion that, to put it politely, that the couple is not “sexually compatible”. In short, the good life with a female partner is all about getting the timing right. And, in particular, in the usual case a guy needs to develop his skills at remaining aroused but just under the level where ejaculation takes place. Having developed that skill, the guy might very well be able to make love for an extended period of time. The greatest lovers are able to train themselves to stay aroused but not ejaculate such that the woman can have multiple orgasms in a single lovemaking session, a session that might last 20 or 30 minutes not 2 or 3 minutes. Indeed, that is the goal.

Once past puberty guys quickly become fully aware of how much pure enjoyment is obtained from the male orgasm. The sensations often hit like a lightning bolt and are not to be stopped let alone delayed. The sheer enjoyment of all the events starting with the initial arousal leading via perhaps a long circuitous path that ends with a powerful orgasm is largely ignored. Everything is about the orgasm itself, not the events leading to the orgasm.

So guys usually masturbate directly to orgasm. That lesson was learned quickly. That is what they know how to do. Time is wasting. Orgasms are terrific fun but a guy needs to move quickly and get it over with before, horror of horrors, someone should walk in on him unexpectedly or otherwise figure out what he is doing to and with himself. This is just great training for a guy who will end up ejaculating prematurely as a young adult now in a relationship with a female. What better lesson could there be in teaching yourself how to have an orgasm before she does than seeing how fast you can masturbate to a full orgasm. Sure, keep doing that for months and years and you will have the wrong lovemaking technique down pat.

Sexual arousal is odd in a host of different ways. There are probably as many paths or techniques that guys employ to reach an orgasm as there are guys. This is particularly the case when we are talking about sex by and with yourself. Many of the classic methods purportedly involve porno magazines and videos of one sort or another. I never quite thought that methods employing these two items were quite as popular nor worked quite as well as was generally believed.

Be aware that sometimes guys get themselves in a medical situation where a semen sample is required. What this means that the guy needs to figure out a way of getting himself worked up enough to have an orgasm, but in the complete privacy of a bathroom stall. If the movies are accurate, giving a guy a porno magazine in such a setting is quite common. I have no idea as to whether this scheme somehow works for most guys or not.

I know I am not wired that way. I suspect a lot of other guys might not be either. For me, its all about the touch, the sensation of having something bearing down snuggly and smoothly around my penis. I am very fond of the sensations the underside of my penis is able to generate even when I am only partially hard. I suspect there are other guys who are wired much the same. The porno mags and videos for the most part are bleah… To each his own, I guess.

But, I also know the greatest enjoyment from sex—alone or with a partner—comes from an developing skills that specifically allow a guy to build ever so slowly. I learned these skills, largely on my own, gradually over a lifetime, and infrequently discovering little sexual pleasure hot spots for guys that I was not previously aware of. That I am not quite wired in the same way I think some of my male friends are wired in all of this I see as an advantage not a problem. I have found a path that is both important and useful.

In or out of a relationship a guy can train himself to enjoy himself more in solo sex and be a better lover in partner sex. The lessons cannot all be accomplished in a short period of time. A guy who is used to jerking off quickly is not going to be able to break some undesirable habits given that he is marrying in only a few weeks or even months.

The issue does not get a lot of attention for two reasons

1. How a guy learned to jerk off quickly involves admitting to someone else that he masturbates

2. Even nowadays solo masturbation continues to reign as being politically incorrect and the subject a guy dare not mention to anyone.

I keep asking myself over and over whether two gay guys in a sexual partnership are able to deal with what I have just told you any easier than a heterosexual couple would. On one hand, it should be easier in part because guys generally understand how other guys are sexually wired at least better than how guys understand how females are sexually wired.

To be continued…

sebbie 08-04-2019 02:21 PM


Every once and awhile I like to do some searching and reading on the Internet on topics that interest me, but especially on topics where I am thinking that my own thoughts and ideas perhaps have become out of date. There is no more interesting topic than masturbation. Some of my readers may not know that I had my prostate surgically removed 5 years ago, and I was also interested in seeing how the subject of male masturbation was currently being addressed with respect to its use in prostate surgery recovery.

But first, let me summarize what I learned from the general discussions of masturbation from web sites such as http://healthystrokes.com but many others as well, focusing on males.

Interestingly, the writers on the subject usually are female. This in some ways is encouraging, but in other ways there are biases and things females still tend to get flat-out wrong about males. There is better understanding than in the past, but there are still understanding gaps on the part of females talking about the subject. Having said that, let me summarize and draw some conclusions.

1. For males, straight and gay, the number of orgasms a guy has via masturbation will greatly dwarf the number of orgasms he will have via partner sex in which the penis is inside the partner when the orgasm happens. Based on what I have read, I have been attempting to put a ballpark number on this. The number I come up with is 50. I am thinking of this as an average number across a spectrum of males with a wide range of wages, different sexual orientations, both in and out of relationships. In short, if we were to get an average for all these males, the average would be that the male will have 50 masturbation orgasms for each partner sex orgasm in which the organs are together.

2. My concern with the number 50 is that it may be too low not too high. I’m sure there are plenty of guys out there with much higher numbers. Plus a few who claim that they never have an orgasm without the participation of their partner. Plus some guys who claim they have had sex with 50 or 100 different females and also lie when they say they never masturbate.

3. In short, frequent masturbation is really part of who we are for the vast majority of guys, but the tricky part is figuring out how to get into a workable routine in the face of being in close quarters, say in a college dorm room or in a military situation. If what I am reading is correct, male college students living in dorms or other close quarters generally are a little more open about the issue than we were 50 years ago, but this remains an interesting puzzle college roommates need to resolve in such a living situation.

4. The good news is that females generally now recognize that males masturbate a lot even if they are in a relationship, and there is not the disgust and anger over the whole idea that may have existed 50 years ago. Too, it appears that there is a growing appreciation for the idea that male-female mutual masturbation is a viable and less risky option than “real” sex in any instance where the couple does not want to face the issues associated with real sex, (starting with birth control). A lot can be said for forms of sexual interaction that get only to “third” base. Plus, both partners may learn a lot about what exactly makes the other happy in this setting sans coitus.

5. Increasingly, females are starting to see female masturbation as not a bad but a good thing though my number for females would be smaller than for the men, perhaps 25 not 50. But the guilt associated with female masturbation seems to be gradually evaporating, even as female roommates struggle with some of the same “how do I deal with this” issue the guys have to resolve.

6. Generally speaking, the women writing on male masturbation tend to think that guys nearly always masturbate by simply stroking the bare penis with a bare hand, though admitting that technique is less than perfect and that some guys may use a lubricant such as a hand lotion. I think this idea comes from the thought that a masturbating female might logically do it to herself.

7. In reality, masturbating by stroking a bare penis with one’s bare hand is not a common way for a guy to masturbate despite what the female writers seem to think. Most of the time when a guy masturbates he is wearing something. I suppose the lone major exception is the guy who favors masturbating in the shower. The soap and water then acts as a “lubricant” and the “evidence” washes right down the drain. However, most guys probably masturbate wearing an article of clothing. This strategy is popular for several reasons. First, the guy is not naked and therefore not able to in any way hide that he is wanking should someone such as a roommate show up unexpectedly. Second, the clothing item captures the ejaculated semen so that cleanup simply involves putting the garment into the laundry bag to be washed, and, perhaps most importantly. The cloth can provide the lubricant or smooth feeling sensation missing from bare hand on bare penis. Wearing a smooth-textured slick-feeling garment (Swimsuit anyone?) as bedtime wear makes a whole lot of sense for the guy who likes to masturbate at night, roommate or not. Go to any department store and you will see lots of men’s underwear items made of slick smooth fabric that would make great masturbation nightwear and every guy needs to maintain a stock of these.

8. An interesting puzzle is whether or not college roommates can be open enough with their roommates to be able to be frank about what is really happening and then open enough to share and trade ideas and approaches in this area. Fifty years ago, most certainly “no” but nowadays? That is an interesting puzzle.

To be continued…

sebbie 08-06-2019 01:10 PM


Traditionally, men have been conditioned to believe that intercourse with a female was good. After all, that might lead to new life. But conversely, any other form of sex was wrong or unacceptable. Interestingly this view tossed masturbation together in with gay sexual behaviors of any form, and I guess is a reason why young bully guys sometimes accuse another guy unfortunately caught masturbating as being gay. This is not something a “real” male would ever do never mind that nearly every male is masturbating but hasn’t yet gotten “caught”.

I was interested in finding out what the current medical thinking was with regard to the possible usefulness of male masturbation as a method of treating prostate surgery patients after surgery and whether the medical profession saw any role for male “self-abuse” as a post-surgical treatment of sorts.

Think about this. Any sort of activity in which sexual arousal happens to a certain degree is going to put the human body under stress. We may be conditioned to believe that any sort of stress is a bad thing, but thing about a body builder who uses weight conditioning in an effort to build muscle and make a stronger body than would be the case without being stressed by the weightlifting. Or, think of the issues an orbiting astronaut faces in the absence of gravity. So being stressed is not necessarily a bad thing. It all depends on what the specific stress happens to be.

Under stress, the body responds in certain ways, some automatic, some nearly so. Heart rate and blood pressure rises, for example. But, the stress associated with, say running, is very different from the stress that occurs during arousal, though some of the same events happen.

A lack of stress can lead to physical problems down the road. Think of the astronaut working in a weightless environment. Muscles weaken, including the heart, and so long term working under weightless conditions requires an exercise regimen to keep muscles working and not being subject to atrophy.

I know a lot of stuff from simply having been there. Pre-surgery I was told that one side effect of the surgery was that I might not be able to get an erection at all, or if I did it might be weak but could improve over time. But, I was assured that I could still have orgasms. Actually, I learned how this could happen already next to a jet in my hot tub. That is a weird feeling of going from nothing to ejaculation in less than 30 seconds, almost as if the semen was being sucked from my body by some giant external force.

Think about this: a guy comes home from surgery knowing that at least for a time, he will be unable to have an erection. If he has a female partner he will not be able to engage in intercourse. So, the likely response will be “we can forgat about having “real” sex for a year (or two, or three…)

So what does the guy do post-surgery? Well maybe just crawl off in a corner and decide that he is stuck in a life with no more erections. And after all, is it even meaningful to have an orgasm without an erection?

I do not have a wife or other sexual partner, but I do have a long list of things that I like to do and these have made me a sexually a very happy person. I’ve probably told you about a few of these already and maybe even dropped hints that this particular idea could do neat things for youto try on your own. Even I was not going to sit down with my urologist surgeon and explain all of this. After all he had surgeries to do. But suddenly, if I am going toi be able to reacquire my ability to get an erection, a lot of this stuff I have been suggesting becomes very important.

As a few of you perhaps know already :) :) I am particularly fond of garments that help me to constantly think about my penis and groin area. A snug fitting swim brief, for example, or a strap covered by a pair of compression shorts. And, I am reading that anything that keeps me aroused, if even only a little bit, is useful treatment post surgery. Are the urologists recommending this as a post-surgical prostate surgery “treatment” of sorts? Well sort of. I suppose if I had a real sexual partner, that person could work overtime to keep me horny by touching and playing with various body parts as a treatment, even as I try to do the same thing for my partner. But this is not penis-vagina sex. It is an interesting form mutual masturbation in the absence of the ability to get a strong enough erection for penetration.

MOST of the post-surgical discussions I encountered on the Internet apply to a couple where the guy can no longer get an erection. Most of the stuff on the Internet says that with luck, erections may return after a year or two of healing but they would be weaker and not as hard. I have some actual data on that. Pre-surgery I was at most 6 ½ to 6 ¾ inches hard 5 years after surgery, the best number I can come up with is 5-5 ¼ inches and not as hard. But I do have orgasms, dry but powerful. And I have not lost my interest in masturbation techniques.

So the Internet is awash with post surgical prostate guy with wives--guys who can no longer get hard enough for “real” coitus. What to do? WELL, this is the point for both partners to learn about the wonders of mutual masturbation as opposed to penis in vagina. The wife is going to learn exactly where he likes to be touched and how. Meanwhile, he is going to learn some of the details of where SHE likes to be played with that he never bothered to learn when they were both regularly engaged in partner sex. And some of the guys even write that because of this event, the relationship, now built around mutual masturbation not coitus, has reached a whole new level.

In gay anal intercourse, the prostate gland plays an important role for the pleasure of the guy being penetrated, and if the guy no longer even has a prostate or the ability to get a firm erection, this could be a potential relationship problem. Most of the discussion on the Internet centers on post-surgical issues heterosexual couples face, and there is only passing reference to the possibility that the surgery may mean major changes for gay couples as well.

Any number of articles where masturbation is mentioned as a post-surgical treatment after prostate removal are out there, including several written by faculty at major medical centers. The doctors are all endorsing masturbation as the best first method for regaining one’s sexual health after surgery, but in some cases are also suggesting that frequent masturbation is an essential part of rebuilding a guy’s capability to have a decent erection after surgery, and that this is something that could and should take place.

To be continued…

sebbie 08-09-2019 01:10 PM

Part XIX
Part XIX

One fascinating way to look at arousal extending from an initial arousal all the way through to orgasm is that it is simply a form of stress. Thinking about stress unrelated to sex, human beings cycle back and forth between periods of stress and periods of no-stress. While stress may be thought of as primarily having to do with the mind it is usually accompanied by physical changes to the body which often includes things such as blood pressure, heart rate etc. When it comes to stress the mind and body are clearly quite intertwined.

You might think that stress is always a bad thing and to be avoided no matter what, and that the ideal life is stress-free. But if that were the case, humanity would have not achieved a wide assortment of goals that were achieved under stress and probably would have been impossible without stress. Accomplishments in stressed-out situations occur in a wide variety of activities, astronauts, sports heroes, people who save lives of others, and arguably many people actually perform better not worse when quite stressed out.

The college student about to take a tough exam might actually perform better on the exam because of the stressed out condition. The athlete seeking to score the winning basket might somehow make what appeared to be a near impossible effort work to win the game. High-pressure situations can turn out very well.

With respect to sexual feelings and arousal, it may be helpful to realize that anything that leads to arousal is a (perhaps curious) form of stress. Given that it might be helpful to think about ways in which the mind and body copes with stress in non-sexual situations and perhaps use what we know to better deal with stress in sexual arousal.

Once a guy achieves puberty, a guy’s mind quickly focuses on two different ideas that conflict. Idea 1 is how much sheer fun and pure enjoyment is readily available and accessible in his groin. Idea 2 is a near constant worry that something is going to happen in which the sheer pleasure of sexual arousal will occur in a time or place in which he no longer can maintain control. The stressed-out situation happens not only because his body is undergoing physical changes as arousal takes place, but also because of the near constant fear that the guy is going to perhaps quickly get into a situation whereby he can no longer shut down whatever is happening to him.

Think about a guy in a gym locker room who is not only aroused for some perhaps unclear reason, but everything is quickly getting to a point whereby he no longer can delay having an orgasm. But male peers are wandering about the locker room, and at least a couple of them have noticed the predicament he is in. Even though being hard is really pleasurable, the overwhelming stress here is one of sheer fear, maybe even terror. And even if a guy has never experienced a real-world situation like this, guys constantly worry that this could happen to them. This leads to a huge amount of stress.

Or, think about a swim team that must wear swim briefs for a meet and some of the participants have never done that before. These guys probably worry that their bodies are going to react to this situation in ways that could be quite embarrassing. A partial erection in the locker room pales to the fear of still having an erection when the guy goes out to swim in front of a crowd of people. And, horror of horrors, what if something really terrible should happen, say a full orgasm complete with a pulsating penis clearly visible by the crowd under the skimpy swimwear? This is terrifying stress for guys.

The other stressful situation is in early dating, where a lot of guys perhaps foolishly believe that getting a hard-on when dating a female is a good, more than acceptable or desirable thing to happen. This morphs into the idea that if this doesn’t happen on schedule like clockwork the female with think he is an unattractive date. Again we get back to the notion that guys would like to be able to turn sexual arousal off and on like a water spigot using the mind as the control box, but somehow that is not how it usually works, at least not a lot of the time.

Or consider an older male who has a difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection for a mate. The inability to direct the penis to do what the guy thinks it should itself becomes a stressful situation which makes mate apprehensive and stressed-out.

If a guy masturbates by seeing how quickly and efficiently he can get off without detection, he does not learn the fine skills necessary to cope with these varied and interesting situations. There is no better way of learning how to NOT a degree of control over one’s erection than masturbating this way under time or fear of being discovered pressure.

The problem is that guys all need private time alone to explore their own bodies that does not involve getting off in a hurry to avoid being caught doing “something he shouldn’t be doing.” If a guy has a fear, say a fear of putting on a swim brief because he could end up hard, then he needs to get himself a swim brief, take it home and experiment with his body in private. Better an orgasm happens in private than in the locker room or in front of a crowd at a meet. A guy can “train himself” in such a situation such that wearing a swim brief is less stressful.

Adult males generally face too problems in sexual relations. These are either ejaculating too quickly (premature ejaculation) or too slowly (delayed ejaculation). Both of these can be treatable medical conditions, although I will say that many guys struggling with premature ejaculation with their sexual partners may have inadvertently “taught” themselves how to do this as teenagers when they found ways to masturbate quickly to orgasm without being discovered by others.

Finally, I would encourage every guy to face his “demons”, especially with respect to items of clothing that might lead to an erection or orgasm. If a guy fears that in wearing a swim brief he might get an erection and perhaps even ejaculate, there is no substitute for buying a swim brief and getting into it for the first time in the privacy of a bedroom, and see exactly how the penis actually responds as opposed to how the guy thinks it might respond having never actually worn a swim brief.

The same goes for other clothing items guys think might cause “problems” in this respect: compression gear, athletic supporters of various shapes and sizes, football pants, wrestling singlets etc. Now if you could only figure out a suitable line to feed your younger brother when he asks you “why are you wearing that?”

To be continued…

sebbie 08-10-2019 10:13 PM

Part XX
Part XX

As he is growing up, every guy probably develops something of a “list” of clothing items that make him apprehensive if he got himself in a situation where he was expected to wear one of them. A number of these items tend to be related to athletics of various kinds, though this is not necessarily always true.

Males discover at a very early age that sexual arousal is something that is considered normal if this happens in the presence of a sexual partner, traditionally a female about the same age. But it doesn’t take long for a guy to also learn that sexual arousal sometimes happens without any particular reason at all, and quite frequently not when a person of the opposite sex is present.

Think of the guy who gets aroused simply thinking about putting on a swim brief, as a classic example of a non-sexual arousal “triggering” method. Guys are not supposed to get aroused just by wearing an article of clothing. That can’t be considered normal, or can it?

I suspect that most guys have lists of specific clothing items that they are apprehensive about wearing for fear of getting an accidental hard-on and the potential embarrassing consequences if that should happen when other guys are present.

Swim briefs are just the classic male fear garment. There are others. Athletic supporters with a hard cup or not, compression gear, snug-fitting football uniform pants, wrestling singlets. The list of possible items can quickly get quite long. Not every guy will have the same items on his list, but these illustrate the idea.

Guys have to live with the realization that although it would be nice if the male brain could turn sexual arousal on and off at will, this is normally not the case and this inability is a source of great concern for a lot of guys. Guys all realize that getting aroused is really enjoyable, even in the absence of a sexual partner. In addition, if the guy starts to understand that the garment can stimulate him sexually, it quickly becomes useful when jerking off.

So often the same guy who is apprehensive about getting into a swim brief in a gym locker room may secretly want to do exactly the same thing in a swim brief and enjoy his body that way. Except that is not “normal” or is it? And what explanation does a guy concoct for wanting or having a swim brief for a parent, sibling or even a college roommate? And what in the world does a guy do with his swim brief hangup if he decides to get married, anyway?

Does this guy have a problem that needs to somehow be addressed, or not? My advice on all of this is that every guy needs to come up with the courage to face his demons. Part of facing the demons is specifically NOT to try and avoid the specific items that tend to make you horny. Maybe if you climb into a swim brief every day this will become familiar and therefore normal to you, and you will have less of a tendency to get a hard on. But maybe not. By facing your demons directly, at least you will find out. And why should a guy be unhappy if he discovers he likes to jerk off wearing a swim brief?

The trickier question is what to do with this if you enter a sexual relationship with a partner? Should the partner be told? Should you destroy the items you enjoy so much before the marriage.

I assume that two males in a gay relationship will be able to deal with this more easily than a male-female couple, but I have no direct information on that given the role that these garments might play in gay mutual masturbation. But what I have told you will likely to be all new to most females, whose moms never covered THAT subject for sure.

I still say every guy needs to find a way to confront his personal demons.

To be continued…

sebbie 08-11-2019 02:27 PM

Part XXI
Part XXI

Assume that a guy, say you, gets aroused at the mere thought of, say, wearing a snug-fitting clothing item, for example a swimming brief, and this is something that you not only realize but have been dealing with perhaps ever since you went through puberty. Your little “affliction” gives you a lot of pleasure, and you fondly recall the first time you managed to figure out a way to get yourself your first swimming brief and to try it on at home, for the very first time, in private and in front of a mirror.

Just doing this gets you hard and erect, actually very hard and erect. Merely seeing your own body respond like this is in itself erotic, very erotic. The urge to ejaculate right inside the new swimming brief you have just gotten into is getting tougher and tougher to keep from happening, but the harder you get the more your body seems to be telling you that it is really enjoying the situation you are in.

You soon burst forth with the most powerful orgasm and ejaculation you can ever remember having. Powerful muscular spasms occur over and over in rapid succession, each one more mind-blowing that the last. Your now wine-red penis seems to pulsate with each heartbeat. Somehow the slick little brief is containing the creamy-white cum even as big damp spots soak through several different places on the front of the brief. You honestly believe that this was the most-powerful and longest-lasting orgasm you have ever had.

You are really happy that you were able to finally get yourself your own little swim brief in order to try this, and look forward to using this brief as a method for jerking off again and again. This was an even better experience than you could have ever imagined just thinking about it.

This was so much wild and crazy fun, and already you are completely “hooked”, both psychologically and physically. But at another level you are worried as well. For starters what you are doing to and with yourself is very different from how you see male sexuality portrayed elsewhere. Coming-of-age movies, for example, depict guys having sexual encounters with females their own age. What does this mean, anyway, if I like to do this to and by myself, with absolutely no one else present? Clearly this cannot be something gay since another guy is not present even to watch me play with my own body. It’s just plain ordinary solo sex albeit with the slight wrinkle involving the use of the snug-fitting brief. This whole idea of getting really turned on by just observing one’s own erection inside a swim brief cannot be normal either, or is it. Do the other guys near my age know about this and maybe even do the same thing?

Other knotty questions pop into your mind. If the whole point of sex is to make sure that the human species continues, why in the world were you built to enjoy this purely solo-sex activity so much? Shouldn’t you only get turned on like this in the presence of a sexual partner? What gives, anyway? Can the extraordinarily fun stuff I am doing with my own body in private in front of a mirror possibly be something other guys secretly do to and with themselves as well?

And how am I going to handle it if someone else, anyone else, accidentally discovers what I enjoy doing so much. Surely this needs to all be as carefully-guarded secret as one can ever imagine having to keep. No guy would ever talk about or admit to doing this in a conversation with any other person, that is for certain.

Which brings me finally to this. What if someone invented a marvelous mystery pill, a pill that if only taken one time, would rid you entirely of the problem of getting erections and masturbating in any type of snug-fitting clothing, including a swim brief? After the guy takes the mystery pill, the guy’s mental and physical body reprograms itself to ensure that the guy will only get aroused and he will only be able to obtain a hard-on in the presence of a sexual partner. Therefore all the apprehension about wearing some article of snug-fitting clothing and ending up erect suddenly vanishes entirely. Male sexual arousal for the pill taker now works just as it is depicted in the coming-of-age movies where erections and ejaculations happen only in the presence of a (usually female) partner.

Given that, do guys who have the described “affliction” really want to be rid of it? Would your life be a happier one without it if it meant that you would only get a hard-on in a real-life sexual encounter with another person? The thought question therefore is “Would YOU take the magic mystery pill in order to be as “normal” as you somehow think your male peers are?”

To be continued…

sebbie 08-12-2019 12:57 PM


“Those will likely fit a little snugger than what you have been wearing” says the department store sales clerk. Something very interesting happens in a guy’s brain when he hears those words. For many guys, perhaps most guys, it is almost as if some sort of curious male-arousal “switch” suddenly gets flipped to the “on” position.

Maybe I am saying something here that nearly every guy already knows to be the case. I haven’t even said anything about what the item the guy is thinking about buying actually might be. A pair of narrow-cut jeans? Some underwear? Swimwear? Whatever it is that fits more snuggly than the guy is used to I assume will fit around the groin area, and perhaps put the guy’s penis in new situation that is a bit more “confining” than the guy has been “used” to on a daily basis.

For me at least, those words by the sales clerk would be enough to set off an automatic switch sending me immediately into an involuntary precum-oozing mode. This same involuntary reflex no doubt “hits” other guys in much the same way. It’s weird. On one hand the fact that I cannot control the reflex is more than a little scary but also, well, most interesting. Every guy worries that if he starts to precum he will soon be in a condition whereby the only way “out” of the predicament will be to deal with an increasingly obvious erection. And to deal with that will soon mean that an orgasm will be the only feasible way out. Not one of those “socially-acceptable” orgasms that might occur together with a female partner, but one of those crazy ones that seems to be happening for no apparent reason at a time or in a place that might not be the most private..

It takes some time for guys to fully understand that they can be in full precum mode for substantial amounts of time and still continue to function without getting significantly erect. That is what the term “feeling horny” translated really means. The guy who says he is feeling horny probably indirectly is saying that he can feel the viscous ooze forming at the tip of his penis and making his underwear damp there. Generally this phrase does not mean that a guy is in imminent danger of getting really hard and ejaculating uncontrollably. It takes guys awhile to pick up on these details about how being male both mind and body really works. A lot of this is subtle.

So, guys develop what I sometimes call a love-hate relationship with garments that the sales clerk refers to as “fitting more snuggly than what you have been wearing.” Once a guy gets past puberty he then realizes that feeling horny is a really interesting and enjoyable place to be even in the absence of partner-sex. And he has probably picked up on what I call some personal “triggering mechanisms” that will cause the “horny central” mechanism in the brain to flip the switch to “on” so to speak. This is fascinating stuff from a biological perspective, because this switch is connected directly to the obscure glands called the cowpers gland, and the cowpers is completely separate from the main semen-producing glands. There are two somewhat disconnected mechanisms at work in male sexual response. A lot of guys have no idea about that, or they figure that out only later in life. This information is not something you would likely see in a health education book designed for 6th graders!

So, on one hand the guy wants the clothing item that he thinks will flip his cowpers into ooze-production mode, but is squeamish about the possibility that the same garment could fit sufficiently snug to send him into an “I’m getting hard” mode or even “I really need to ejaculate” mode. Guys like very much being in ooze-production mode, but they are wary about where this all might lead.

Of course, dating behavior for guys with another person is driven by all of this as well. Guys go out on dates and spend money dating in large measure because the entire event is a great opportunity to get the cowpers pumping ooze. Where this goes beyond that is a fascinating question to ponder. A lot of guys are more than happy to spend time, energy and money on a date with a pretty girl even if the night was only a good ooze-producer and does not conclude with an erection and partner orgasm. Indeed, guys frequently attempt to choose mates for dating on the basis of the degree to which that person flips the ooze-production switch!

Or, a lot of guys come home from a date and then masturbate to the point where they quickly get fully erect and then ejaculate alone, while dreaming about doing the same thing with the very person they just dated. Spending an entire evening in ooze-production mode will tend to do this to guys. This is a lot of fun but sometimes drives guys more-or-less bananas as well. There are a lot more ways for a guy to have a sexual response than having “real” partner sex, and probably a lot more dates end up with the guy doing this than end with a copulation event with the partner! Of course, guys would never ever admit that this is how dating works for them. Every hot date is supposed to conclude with the couple doing the real thing! That is the idealized world but not the reality of the world guys live in.

So, what about the snug-fitting garment then? Guys eventually decide to buy these items because they think that the garment will be a way of flipping the switch that turns on the cowpers without having to bother going on a date, and to better understand the nuances of male arousal. Unlike a full-blown erection, it is possible to ooze precum while more or less being engaged in other activities that are not particularly or even at all sexual. A guy on a date at a fancy restaurant with a pretty girl somehow still manages to function at various non-sexual levels while in full-precum mode. Long ago I discovered that my exercise routine seems to move along a lot faster if I am oozing precum at the same time, and that some of the routine, particularly the stationary rowing part, seems to actually help the process along.

Still, there are certain things I would not attempt while in precum mode. Taking a tough exam in a college course is an example. Or, any other activity that is going to require your full-and-concentrated attention.

So, guys are interested in owning garments that they believe might switch on the horny mode because of the specific snug fit and feel in part because this represents an interesting and fun way to run rewarding experiments and spend maybe a pleasant and leisurely afternoon better understanding how their own body works. There is nothing at all wrong with this. Indeed this is an excellent way for a guy to learn some stuff about himself and how his body works and even to prepare himself in the event that a life with a sexual partner happens at some point.

To be continued…

sebbie 08-14-2019 02:24 PM


What I have described with regard to the details of how sexual arousal works for guys is not something that guys only discovered in recent history. This is how it has always worked and the mechanisms that have always been in place. Guys have always been sensitive about wearing snug-fitting clothing, and it is interesting to attempt to trace some of the history of exactly when and how that happened.

This history takes us down the path of the history of men’s underwear along with side trips to other kinds of snug-fitting garments such as swim briefs and athletic supporters. Men’s underwear design is the place to start the analysis, in large measure because this has long been the one item that was going to come in close contact with the male penis.

The development of underwear is closely intertwines with the history of the Jockey® company, best known for inventing the Jockey® brief. Their Web site contains a detailed history of the company from its inception is at the link https://www.Jockey.com/ourcompany/ourhistory

From that site we learn that the Jockey® company dates from the early 1900s and that for some time. From 1902- on the company manufactured what were called Union Suits. These were a cotton undergarment that covered everything from neck to ankle. I have difficulty imagining guys wearing these heavy undergarments on warm summer days, but apparently that is what they did. It was not until 1928 when they started manufacturing knee length garments with sleeveless shirts, initially all one-piece but soon the shorts were made as a separate garment from the sleeveless shirt.

The now-famous Jockey® cotton brief did not arrive until 1935. The site indicates that someone at Jockey® saw a post card picturing a man wearing a brief-style swimsuit on the French Riviera and decided that the brief design might be a logical choice for a men’s underwear brief. The short story is that the Jockey® cotton brief was suddenly a huge hit with men, tired of the bigger-loose-fitting designs that came before.

I have an “R”-rated explanation as to why all of a sudden every guy wanted a pair of “Jockey® shorts and I have my own theory as to what was really going on in the minds of guys suddenly purchasing these briefs. Unlike the earlier, looser designs where certain parts of the male anatomy were easily shielded from view, for the guy wearing the cotton brief the male anatomy was quite obvious even if covered in coarse-textured cloth.

Some guys probably were apprehensive about having critical anatomical features in such plain sight, but most guys realized that the briefs were going to be covered with other clothing anyway so that was no big deal. And the briefs soared in popularity.

Now, what goes on in a guy’s mind and body today is no different from what must have been the case right after Jockey® briefs were introduced. Even back then guys probably still had a “love-hate” relationship with snug-fitting clothing coming in contact with the male genitalia. For some guys at least, it must have occurred to them that a Jockey® brief was more than just daily underwear. Snug-fitting briefs have a way of tripping wires and setting off male arousal triggering mechanisms.

So, was this also the case from the moment the brief arrived at stores in the mid 1930s? It is tough to believe that the things that go on with men were that much different from how they work today. Could it be that one reason for the immediate popularity of the Jockey® brief was that some guys decided that if their wives or girlfriends saw them wearing one including how the male anatomy fit the brief that the wife or girlfriend would get turned on herself?

But another more deeply hidden explanation might also be accurate. Could it have dawned on a few men that a Jockey® brief was the then perfect garment for male masturbation? Clearly the fit of the garment was such that it was going to tug on and rub against places that guys would like to have tugged and rubbed. Was this the real motivation and source of sales that was sending the demand for briefs sky high?

I come back to the old idea that masturbation is a lot of fun but covering one’s tracks can get tricky without some help. But a guy could shoot cum in a cotton Jockey® brief and thus contain himself and then do cleanup by simply tossing the brief into the weekly wash. No one else needed to be the wiser as to what was really going on. Jockey® had accidentally managed to design a near perfect garment for male masturbation. A snug-fitting cotton garment that contained the cum from an orgasm, yet was reusable with a simple cleanup in the weekly wash! Carefully keeping what you just did and your tracks covered and hidden from view is an important part of developing successful masturbation techniques. What a superb idea these cotton briefs!

I grew up in the 1950s and ‘60s. In the 1950s there were only two underwear designs popular with men for summer wear. By far the most popular was the men’s white cotton brief. The only other style that was worn to any degree was a cotton garment that was constructed the same as the brief but had slightly longer legs. Today we call those boxer briefs. And at least in the 1950s, mens underwear was always white cotton, no colors or other smoother-textured materials.

So, in the 1950s nearly all the guys I knew were wearing cotton briefs. They were growing rapidly too, so the briefs often quickly got a little to a lot undersized. I therefore conclude that most of the guys my age learned the finer points of masturbation techniques wearing a cotton brief, perhaps Jockey® but by the brands like Fruit-of-the-Loom® and Hanes® were available as well. The Jockey® brand with the “y” front was the “premium” product.

By the 1960s, men’s cotton briefs in colors were coming available as well as a few briefs made of colored materials such a slick nylon blend. Most guys thought these new trends were a bit “girlish” and stuck with their white cotton briefs, but a few of the guys were wondering how that slick nylon brief material would feel rubbing against the underside of an erect penis, and got up enough nerve to try out the new idea. And guys kept purchasing new underwear in part based on the perception that the new garment could perhaps prove to be a valuable aid in masturbation. This in addition to what the girlfriend might think is neat or sexy should the situation arise.

Candidly, these perceptions drive a lot of underwear sales even today, guys seeking out just the right cut and material to wear while masturbating. At some level the underwear manufacturers all must be aware of this. Of course, no guy would ever want to admit to what I have told you, at least not the masturbation part!

To be continued…

sebbie 08-15-2019 01:00 PM


The idea that the proper warmer-weather underwear for guys should be either a brief or boxer-brief style made of white cotton material was largely the accepted thinking in the 1950s and then into the 1960s. Even ribbed cotton briefs in colors other than white were largely frowned upon, perhaps in part because of the fear that a brief in black or navy could not be washed with the white clothing for fear of dye transfer to the other clothes in the wash. But as the 1960s ran down, colored dyes were improving and the idea of a guy wearing a cotton brief in a color other than white was starting to be possible. Still nothing radical. A light gray cotton brief was certainly possible, and for the more daring, the same brief in black or dark navy blue. Bright blue or red was still out of the question.

It was not until the 1970s that underwear manufacturers started experimenting with selling underwear to men in fabrics other than the usual ribbed cotton material. Women, of course had been wearing nylon briefs (aka panties) for some time, and the fear in the case of men’s underwear was to end up with a product that looked too much like the products being sold to women. Men’s underwear and women’s underwear had to be different.

The other issue was the fly. Traditionally, this was a required item for any underwear sold to men. But, if the new designs were going to be cut skimpier, with a lower rise than a standard brief, then at some point the cut got so low that the guy could just flip himself over the top of the waistband with no need for a fly.

At this point we have all of the components of a men’s bikini-style brief, aside from the idea that the design, cut and material may still appear to be too “girlish” for a guy to wear. What, a smooth, stretchy material, a skimpy cut that fit at the waist well below the belly button, and the complete absence of the fly? Could this ever be sold as an undergarment to a real guy? Initially it was thought that while this design might have some appeal to gay guys it would never work as something a straight guy consider wearing.

I like to think about the demand for men’s underwear to be divided into subgroups or categories. The first and largest subgroup is the underwear styles and cuts an ordinary “normal” guy (read normal as the typical straight guy in the 1970s) might purchase for himself. Typically this underwear was a white-ribbed cotton brief or boxer-brief and these were still very popular for that use well into the 1970s. Generally, a guy in a gym locker room would not attract any undesired attention wearing a white cotton brief.

But as any ordinary guy knows, even in the underwear world there are what can be called special occasions. Every straight dating male fantasizes about a date that will end in intercourse with the female, and guys need to be prepared, underwear-wise, for the occasion should the fantasy come true. If this happens, obviously she will get to see what you are wearing for underwear. You want this to be an occasion she long remembers for her. Somehow just any ordinary everyday white cotton brief doesn’t cut it for such an occasion. Need something with a bit more “punch” to it. You want to be a turn-on for her. The problem is that the underwear cannot be too skimpy or too colorful, or she might think you have a gay or bisexual side that she doesn’t yet know about. So finding the right underwear for just such an occasion can be a real problem. The guy wants to look sexy and desirable but not too much that way, either. Tricky stuff, that underwear purchase for date wear!

Then there is the third demand. Guys irrespective of sexual orientation often make some underwear purchases simply because the material, cut, color and design seem to be ideal for masturbation. What are we talking about here? First, a material that stretches but feels slick and smooth to the skin. Second a cut that is skimpier than a standard cotton brief. Generally this is a brief without a fly that seems made to order for successful and fun penis stroking.

These designs were probably first made to appeal to gay men, but like so much in men’s fashion, ideas that start out being aimed at a gay male market soon become adopted by males of varied sexual orientations. The market for these designs to gay males was obvious from the very start, but what the underwear manufacturers initially failed to recognize is that a lot of guys keep underwear with a particular material or cut simply because a particular design works so well when trying out various masturbation techniques. Nothing quite like a snug-fitting slick-feeling garment to wear when getting off. Guys all know this irrespective of their sexual orientation, but whether they dare buy underwear for specifically that purpose is another question.

Still, during the 1970s more and more companies were finding that the demand for such underwear was taking off even as the demand for traditional white ribbed cotton briefs was slowing. And the briefs were getting skimpier and skimpier with ever slicker material, not only now being devoid of the once mandatory male fly, but morphing from bikini brief into the string bikini. Men’s and women’s briefs were nearly indistinguishable. Some of the men’s brief designs attempt to better accommodate the parts of the male anatomy the female lacked, but even this for a time seemed optional.

The unique development of men’s thong underwear is such an interesting story that it requires a chapter (or as it turns out more than a chapter) of its own.

To be continued…

sebbie 08-16-2019 01:07 PM

Part XXV

Then starting in the 1980s everything changed again. Part of the changes that occurred in underwear fashion had to do with how men’s clothing, particularly jeans, had changed.

Think about the uniforms basketball players wore in the 1960s with very short shorts compared to the sloppy shorts that extended below the knee in the 1980s.

The mid-late 1960s was a period of time in which nearly every young male was wearing skinny, body–conforming jeans, and the snug-fitting cotton briefs almost universally worn during the same time period paired well with the jeans. The jeans fit very snug in the thighs, and there was no room for another layer of cloth extending into that area.

But by the 1980s everything was just the opposite. The popular jeans were very loose-fitting with very wide legs and guys suddenly decided that having genitalia in a confined space was no longer a thing to do. Instead, guys started wearing loose-fitting boxer shorts that extended all the way to the knee. Cotton briefs, for that matter ANY kind of brief was considered totally unacceptable. Students dare not show up in a locker room wearing anything but a very loose-fitting pair of boxers or they would be teased and bullied.

These loose, sloppy designs stayed around a long time—far too long in my view. But what happened revealed a linkage between what guys thought was the right design for jeans and other pants as well as the underwear to pair with them.

A lot of guys seem to think that their specific choice of underwear might reveal something about their sexual orientation to others. This is a particular concern for younger guys who go in for athletics that involves changing in a locker room of some sort. Guys also who go on dates with females worry that if the date concludes with intercourse, the underwear choice may tell the female something about the guy’s sexual orientation that she did not know, especially for guys who have a gay or bisexual side, though if the guy is having intercourse with a female that alone tells the female something about the guy’s sexual orientation without relying on clues from his choice of underwear.

The key advantage of loose-fitting blue plaid boxers (the most popular pattern and color) that extend to the knee is that no guy would ever accuse a peer of being gay based on that choice in underwear.

The key disadvantage of that specific underwear design is that it provides essentially zero support or protection for the genitalia. I certainly would not engage in any sport wearing these as the only undergarment. However, there may be a compromise. Faced with this dilemma I would suggest that the guy who wishes to make it appear that his underwear choice is a loose-fitting pair of plaid boxers, I would purchase a bikini brief in a coordinating solid color such as medium blue, and wear that as a supportive “liner”. Then the boxers and the liner could come off as a single garment in the locker room.

Still, loose-fitting plaid boxers are a poor choice for male underwear given the lack of support and protection for the genitalia. These are still available but for the most part underwear design and what guys wear has moved on. Generally loose-fitting boxer shorts are a poor choice for masturbation activities. Everything important just flops around loose and the coarse weave of the cotton-blend fabric makes them largely useless. I can’t imagine a guy saying “I get turned on when I get into my plaid boxers!” but maybe that is or was the point.

To be continued…

sebbie 08-19-2019 01:31 PM


The idea of men wearing thong underwear in the US probably first came to the US in the very late 1980s but probably a little earlier in Europe. I know that the first pair of thon underwear I ever owned I purchased sometime in 1989. Not surprisingly, I was fascinated with the design and what wearing a thong might fit and feel. They seemed a lot like a strap, but instead of elastic leg straps and a nonexistent back, a thong had no leg straps but a thin band of elastic that was designed to cut between the glutes.

Over time, thongs used different kinds of elastic for this back, which was what held the front pouch in place. The pouch consisted of a 80% cotton-20 % Lycra blend fabric which was quite snug but stretched just enough to contain the (flaccid) male anatomy. The earliest thongs used a round elastic cord designed to cut tight between the glutes, If the pouch was ro remain in place, containing penis and balls, this cord needed to stretch but be quite short. These cords would appear to disappear entirely between the glutes.

These cords at times would seem to all but disappear entirely almost as if they weren’t there at all. But with any movement, the guy would become “aware” of the cord which gave an interesting set of sensations even when just walking. These thongs were fun to wear but not as interesting as to what followed a year or two later when Jockey introduced their first mens Thong.

The first Jockey-branded thongs were really interesting for several different reasons. If I were to award a grand prize for the most interesting underwear I have ever worn, surely that prize would have to go to the early Jockey design. The early models were all made of cloth that was a Cotton-Lycra blend. This cloth had a lot of stretch but it the fabric was not easy to stretch. The back of the thong was not a round elastic cord but instead a flat band of elastic about a quarter inch wide, Again, this had a lot of stretch but it was tough to make longer. Unstretched it was quite short. The elastic back was sewn to the stretch elastic pouch, but this created a built up spot of sewn thread where the band was attached to the pouch.

Unstretched, the pouch was not very big, but stretched out it was just big enough to contain a guy’s flaccid penis and balls, with some doing. Interestingly the sewing that connected the elastic band to the pouch created a hard little lump of cloth precisely at the perineum.

I still have a few of these thongs that amazingly are in pretty good shape so I decided to get into one of them in order to be able to describe all the details.

So the first trick is figuring out how to get my anatomy entirely into the pouch without leaving anything important outside. This takes some practice and is part of the fun. A guy would have to be brain dead if he didn’t get at least somewhat erect just getting the pouch in place with the male anatomy inside.

Once I got everything that needs to be inside the pouch inside, then this is the time to position that neat elastic back band between my glutes. This keeps the pouch in place, and the more I cinch up the elastic between my glutes the more I like the sensations.

But I suddenly notice that my perineum area just behind my scrotum is starting to feel pretty good too. I can feel that lump of thread pressing against my perineum and the sensations I am getting are nothing short of excellent.

With everything going on I start to expand some more, and that has the effect of putting more tension on the elastic between my glutes as well as snugging everything up at the perineum. This thong still feels really really good. Somehow the combination of tensions seem to create a wonderful place for me that I really want to be.

How long can a guy stand this without ejaculating into the pouch? Well, your experience may vary from my own but if I were in search of a unique masturbation experience this one would be at the very top of my list.

To be continued…

sebbie 08-21-2019 04:01 PM


In the early-mid 1990s, Jockey sold a lot of these thongs under that brand through the major full-price department stores such as those that were part of the Federated Department Store group which then included more brands than Macys. Each one came in a little box. Fabrics varied from a really strong almost elastic-like material, a stretchy cotton-elastic blend with a bit less “kick” to an all-cotton version for the less daring. So part of the purchase decision was by choosing a different fabric, the wearer could get either more or less “kick” from the thong that was chosen. The all cotton version was easier to get into and out of although the band that made up the back still was a strong elastic.

Perhaps accidentally (but surely they must have known something) Jockey quickly realized some why these thongs were selling so well really amounted to what might be considered a great “toy” for self-pleasuring. I do not know exactly how this must work for other guys, but often my choice in underwear on any given day depends on what I am going to be doing that day. If there is something that is going to demand concentration and my full attention, I do not want sexual sensations in the groin area to distract me from the non-sexual task at hand. So on those days the choice might be a looser-fitting pair of briefs.

But on other days, not a lot is going on and I wouldn’t mind at all if during the day I were distracted by sensations from my groin area-no full erections or ejaculations of course. Under such circumstances, oozing a little precum is fine, but not enough to leave a spot on the front of my jeans. And wearing the thong, this dripping can go on for hours on end. The snug-fitting thong keeps me horny and dripping ooze all day long.

For a male college student, a Jockey thong would probably not be the right choice on a day when a tough exam was scheduled in a course. That is a loose-fitting underwear day for sure. But on other days, classes are simply a series of boring lectures being given by equally boring instructors, and a guy would be happy to be distracted a bit by sensation coming from the groin area. With the right thong (some would say “wrong thong”) a guy can ooze precum in tiny viscous droplets over the entire day, with the thong containing the translucent drops of precum and no one else being the wiser about what the guy is doing.

This is a really fun way to spend a day in part that when classes are over having done this throughout the day, her will be ready to have a stunningly powerful ejaculation after all this lengthy thong-induced precumming. Hopefully he will have made it back to an empty dorm room. Just another version of the whole idea that the longer you can learn to remain in arousal-precum mode, the more powerful and enjoyable the concluding full ejaculation will be.

So, there were days I had a lot of stuff to do at work—loose brief days—but also other, slower days—Jockey thong days. Having done this to myself I would arrive home from work ready to take full advantage of what had happened during the day, and how much I now wanted to get off now that work was over for the day. These ejaculations typically ended up being mind-blowing. Sadly, Jockey quit making these thongs in the late 1990s. They sold some updated designs but these designs never fit at all like the original nor were as pleasant to wear.

To be continued…

sebbie 08-23-2019 12:17 PM


For a period of time in the 1990s, thong underwear was readily available in a host of different brands and designs. The big department stores may have sold a half dozen different premium brands made by companies such as Calvin Klein® and 2x(ist)®. There were all sorts of ideas with respect to how big or small these should be. The Calvin Klein version seemed to simply cut off the back from a cotton brief and replace the back with an elastic cord running from waisteband to pouch. The 2x(ist) version had what they called a T-back set up to only fit right if the band cut deeply between the glutes. I guess if I were to hand out a consolation prize in thong design it would have to go to 2x(ist) not Jockey. It appears that there is a current version of the 2x(ist) T-back thong still being made—these were completely off the market for awhile.

In the 1990s, even the big discount stores sold thongs for men. Target had a version. So did Kmart under their then “house brand” Joe Boxer® label. Jockey had their “Life” brand sold only at Wal Mart that included not only cotton briefs but also skimpier briefs in a choice of cotton or slicker stretch-Lycra® blends. For a time they were selling both fabrics in either colorful no fly bikini briefs, string bikinis (with the “string” usually being the elastic waistband or as a full thong).

These discount store brands typically featured a somewhat wider back perhaps one-half to three quarter -3/4 inches wide and made to stay on top of the guy’s rear and not cut between the glutes. Perhaps the designs where the thong back cut deeply between the glutes were a bit much for a lot of guys, and these designs were designed to appeal to a potentially larger group of wearers who were somehow not as interested in the erotic aspects of thong wear. After all, wearing a thong that is tugging and pulling in various places is something of an “acquired taste” for many guys. Straight guys in relationships also faced the problem of trying to guess what the female partner would think of him wearing a thong. Women always have their own ideas as to what a guy’s underwear should or should not look like. Nearly every guy grows up in a situation whereby mom decided what the boy should wear, and the idea of a guy even expressing a preference in this regard is normally something that happens long after puberty happens with some guys being young adults living away from home with mom no longer doing the laundry before they really get the opportunity to make their own choices.

Then there is the problem of how a thong work in a situation such as a gym locker room where other guys my age might be able to casually observe what I am wearing and whether or not what I am wearing is fitting and proper. This is what I call the “loose plaid boxers” phenomenon. A guy’s choice in undergarments is determined not by what he wants to wear but rather by what he thinks the other guys his age would want him to wear and whatever it is better not be too colorful or racy!

The other problem for straight guys after they get over the issue of wearing something mom might not approve is the problem of whether what I choose will meet the approval of my female partner. And this could be wildly unpredictable as to what is OK or not given that females to the extent they may know anything at all on this subject they probably learned from mom. Guys want to look sexy but at the same time dare not be too adventurous in this respect lest the female not understand and then loses it. The whole idea that a snug-fitting pair of underwear can be used as something a sex toy in masturbation s probably an idea that a lot of females will be unable to readily understand and accept as anything close to normal guy behavior.

I presume gay guys and gay male partners are more accepting and adventurous in this regard and that’s why a lot of a lot of the racier underwear styles seem to be focused on the gay male market. Two males should understand how each other is wired in this respect than a male and female couple.

The racier underwear styles in recent years seem to have increasingly moved out of the bricks-and mortar stores with the big selections now on the Internet. If a guy wants a pair of racy underwear, he can buy it in private and not have to deal with the sales clerk problem. Many uys worry about buying racy underwear when the sales clerk is female. What will she tjink of me doing this? What if the clerk is an older female the age of your mother? What will “my mother think? What if the sales clerk is a guy? If the item is too racy will the male clerk conclude I am gay? Is the male clerk doing the transaction gay himself and is that how he meets other gay guys? These complicated issues can all be avoided by buying on line.

The other thing that interests me is that the 1990s was a period of time when there was lots of options in skimpy underwear, briefs and thongs even as the jeans guys were wearing were always cut really loose and sloppy. Why were guys buying all this skimpy underwear that would make a lot more sense if the jeans that were being worn were skinny and body-conforming? Were guys buying the skimpy underwear to use as a liner to give some male support under the socially acceptable for any occasion plaid cotton boxers? Did guys find a way to remove the boxers and skimpy underwear together so that other guys would not even be aware of the existence of the skimpy underwear? These are some interesting questions.

I checked. It’s possible to still order “Joe Boxer” brand men’s thongs on the Kmart Website!

To be continued….

sebbie 08-25-2019 11:47 AM


Then, starting in the first decade of the 21st century, everything changed again. Suddenly those sloppy-looking loose fitting jeans and tops that disguised a poor physique was out as a look, and the new look was both slim and athletic, showing off the toned calves, thighs and triangular chests and putting a premium on getting and staying in shape. This gave lazy guys a reason to get out and exercise while losing some weight at the same time. Suddenly, the idealized body was the swimmer’s physique.

With these changes, male underwear designs changed as well. With the new emphasis on having a toned body with clothing that revealed the effort, underwear had to shange as well. The sloppy plaid boxer shorts that were fine with equally sloppy oversized jeans simply did not work with the new athletic-emphasizing clothing styles.

About this same time the idea of guys wearing compression gear, both bottoms and tops, took off. This trend us intertwined with the founding and rapid grown of the Underarmour® company, founded in 1996 but whose products really took off at the start of the 21st century. NBA players were displaying tight compression shorts nearly to the knee and dangling below what were still sloppy basketball uniforms.

If wearing compression short was OK for the highest paid NBA player surely this was something the ordinary guys would want to wear too. And sales took off. I also find it difficult to believe that the whole idea of having what seemed to be a reasonable excuse for wearing gear that fit really tight was probably a turn-on for a lot of guys. With the combination of being worn by the top athletes, some claims that such gear improved athletic performance, and the turn-on of really snug fitting gear sales went through the roof.

It did not take long for underwear manufacturers to decide that perhaps there was a place for a garment that was marketed as underwear but had the cut, look and feel of compression gear to find a market. But there were some differences. Generally from a practical perspective such a garment needed a traditional fly, lest the guy otherwise run into difficulty at the urinal. But bright colors other than white were in. Guys are going to be seen in places like the gym locker room wearing these.

What a replacement for those drab boxer shorts! Something that fits this snug and tight and is accepted in the locker room as being perfectly normal gear that may in fact enhance athletic performance. This is a great place to be!

During a lot of this time as well, jammers were the accepted swimwear at both the high school and college swimmers. I suspect many underwear manufacturers were looking at how the swimwear manufacturers were designing jammers in order to design the new underwear. One big difference of course is that jammers do not normally have a fly, but it is common for most underwear containing this much material to have a fly. A lot of the gear marketed as compression shorts can be and is worn without an additional layer, so the compression shorts usually lack a fly. And the material used in compression shorts usually compresses more than a similarly styled pair of underwear would. However there is lots of variation on all of this.

This begin a trend in men’s underwear styles that all used slick, stretchy fabric. For some time Jockey sold bikini briefs and even thongs under the “Life” brand in Walmart with your choice of either a slick stretchy fabric or what they called a stretch cotton. Cotton tends to absorb a lot of moisture but dries very slowly leading perhaps to skin problems. The compression-gear like fabrics tend to not absorb a lot of moisture but the moisture they absorb tends to dry out quickly. These fabrics tend to wick moisture away from a sweaty athlete.

To be continued…

sebbie 08-27-2019 12:48 PM

Part XXX
Part XXX

Modern men’s fashion has continues to have some erotic elements to it. Given all that has been going on in men’s clothing design, it is not surprising that underwear is a lot more complicated than it was in the old “briefs or boxers” days?

I have been starting to believe that there are actually four not three different and unique “demands” for men’s underwear. I have added a new number 2.

1. What a guy might wear for normal everyday wear with much even thinking about it. This is the old-school ribbed cotton briefs or boxer-briefs versus the loose fitting blue plaid boxer shorts. There is little if anything that would make a guy feel horny wearing these. The ideal underwear is inexpensive and easily tossed in the washing machine each week. Think of your standard discount store items as made by companies such as Hanes or Fruit-of-the-loom priced a 6 for maybe $10. There is no point in showing off with bright colors or unique design as no one other than the guy wearing it is ever going to see it, expect perhaps your men’s dorm roommate and he probably wears something similar.

2. What a guy might choose to wear knowing that he is going to be in a gym locker room where other guys are changing in and out of street clothes too. Here is where the underwear that is styled to look like compression shorts might work and the guys wearing the traditional boxers and briefs might see you as being more of an athlete for choosing something that could look very close to a pair of compression shorts, maybe close enough to be mistaken for compression gear.

3. What a straight guy might wear on a date with a female with the hope and desire that things get hot enough so that she will actually get to see what he is wearing (and perhaps even a lot more).

4. Underwear designs and cuts that exist largely because they are very erotic and will be purchased as a “helpful” masturbation “aid”. The Internet retailers are filled with this kind of stuff, a lot of it out of Asian factories. This is not the kind of stuff you would necessarily find on display at a bricks-and mortar local Target or Wal mart, tho the on-line offerings for the same store may include examples. Part of the problem in stocking local retailers is that the really interesting stuff could prove embarrassing to buy, but the beauty of on-line retailing is that purchases can be made without having to deal with a store clerk.

I suspect that in the gay male world some combination of 4 and 5 get more or less combined, but gay males will probably also need underwear in categories 1 and 2.

So, how does the male, say in his late teens, perhaps at least somewhat interested in each of these categories, wander through these options to make wise choices? Well, for starters every guy needs to have some normal underwear, white cotton briefs or boxer briefs and maybe a couple pair of loose-fitting plaid boxers. This is not a big expense item from the big discount stores. The compression gear thing is so big that every guy needs to own a pair or two of compression shorts or tops. Check out “Tesla compression shorts” on Amazon. These can usually be had on Amazon for under $10. Then take a look at what Walmart carries as well.

To be continued…

sebbie 08-30-2019 12:17 PM


Most guys in their late teens are operating on a limited budget. A lot men’s underwear has gotten quite expensive and retails for $10 up to maybe $30 a pair. For a guy who likes to change into clean underwear daily this means any pair of underwear is going to probably be in the washer at least weekly, and most fabrics do not hold up well with frequent washing.

So if a guy is wearing $30 underwear for daily wear this could quickly get very expensive. Fortunately retailers still sell packages of daily wear underwear made of ribbed cotton in traditional brief or boxer brief style. A typical package nowadays contains 6 ribbed cotton briefs and at the discount stores such as Walmart costs $10-12 which brings the per-brief cost down to $2, maybe less. This becomes the practical daily wear solution even if the fabric is not the greatest for masturbation or sex.

But, these $2 briefs are not exactly what a guy would want to be wearing for a hot date. For that he needs a couple pair of date underwear, perhaps more depending on the relationship. I got to researching what a guy might buy seeking underwear suitable for a hot date. I ended up looking at the offerings from Hollister® on line which caters to teens. Their underwear offerings are interesting. A single pair costs $13 but they have 3-for deals for $30, which brings the unit cost down to $10—still expensive in comparison to the Hanes ribbed cotton white boxer briefs at Walmart, but probably doable. Certainly cheaper than a lot of the high-end “fashion brands”

Hollister offers just 4 basic styles plus a loose-fitting boxer. All of the basic styles (but not the boxer) feature a rather obvious male pouch

The basic styles appear to all be suitable for wearing under the skinny jeans they sell. The style include a traditional brief plus three other styles all cut snug like a brief but with longer snug-fitting legs. The shortest legged version is called the shorter-length trunk has legs that basically come down just to just below the bottom of the pouch, about a 1-inch length. A swimmer might call this a “sunga” style.

The classic trunk is the same except for a longer, 3-inch leg, What they call a longer-length trunk appears to have a leg about 6 inches long but the same otherwise. Each of these are available in a variety of colors and patterns. This is more than plain white but the colors are all subdued, black, gray, dark blue and dark red. Nothing too bright or “feminine”.

Same with the patterns. Solid colors, narrow stripes, tiny prints featuring the Hollister sea gull (flying bird) logo. Nothing too attention grabbing or even “gay” looking. But the Hollister brand name is usually prominently displayed on the wide elastic waistband. The material used in the underwear is always 95 percent fine (polished) cotton blended with 5% Elastane (Spandex®/Lycra®). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spandex Even the loose-fitting boxer with wider legs has 5% Elastane, and oddly is a mix of cotton and polyester otherwise.

Hollister caters specifically to teenagers, but teen fashion can turn on a dime. The clothing chain has faced issues as more and teenagers started to think that they had outgrown the brand, and that the Hollister brand was for the “middle school kids” not the teens who were realistically thinking about engaging in an adult type of relationship.

So, perhaps it is not the wisest idea to have the Hollister brand name predominantly displayed on your waistband. The female you are attempting to have sex with may quickly conclude that if you are wearing Hollister you are too immature to have real sex with her. So I see that some of the trunks are available with a wide elastic waistband with only the seagull logo and not “Hollister” in large letters. Putting brand names on elastic waistbands is not a new idea. Recall the Back to the Future scene where Michael J. Fox got called “Calvin Klein.” The idea must have started with some of the big fashion names, but really took off when the compression-gear manufacturers started doing that as well. Now it is all but impossible to find compression shorts from obscure or well known brands that do NOT have a waistband with a prominent brand on it.

To be continued…

sebbie 09-03-2019 06:58 PM


I have been studying changes over time in the materials used in underwear over time, and how all of this is linked to my four different demands for men’s underwear that I laid out. I grew up in a period of time in which men’s underwear and women’s underwear were very different. Men’s underwear was made of ribbed cotton. Generally, white was the only available color in part because dyed cotton could easily change the color of everything else in the same wash. the summer styles were either a brief or what was called a boxer brief with longer legs. Colored underwear was considered effeminate and not something a real guy would wear, apart from the fact that dies used to color cotton were not “color fast”

Women’s underwear more complicated. For women, the underwear covering the groin was more typically called a panty than a brief. Men wore briefs but women wore panties not the other way around. Panties were typically made of cloth other than cotton. Men sweated but women did not. Nylon was the commonly used fabric, usually in a pastel color. Unless blended with Lycra/Spandex, nylon was smooth but had no stretch. The typical all-nylon panty used elastic for the waistband and around each leg opening but fit loosely otherwise.

A lot of women probably learned basic self-pleasuring by fondling key erotic female body parts over the smooth-textured nylon panty. This felt, well, good! So buying nylon panties by women was part of female self-pleasuring. The companies that sold panties for women almost never overlapped with the companies that sold ribbed cotton briefs to men. That was the way it was back then.

Men had no such option—well almost no such option. Back then college guys liked to go on what were called panty raids of female dorms and sorority houses, sneaking in under cover of darkness and raiding (stealing) panties for the co-ed’s dresser drawer. What amounted to theft was all in fun, more or less.

What the college men (boys) actually did with the panties they stole is an even more interesting topic. I guess a lot of guys seemed to find it to be erotic fun to actually wear the panties obtained via theft. For a lot of guys, this would have been the first contact their penises would have had with slick smooth nylon. This felt really neat to the underside of the male penis. More than just an abnormal fetish, the idea that the panty had contained the erotic female body parts only added to the fun. Crazy stuff for sure, stuff a horny college student longing for intercourse with a female might pursue.

One sometimes thinks that using items of clothing as a masturbation aid is a relatively recent development, but that is not the case. What followed involved the development of male underwear that was made of smooth fabrics other than ribbed cotton and in designs that, objectively, looked close to what was already being sold to women. Men quickly figured out that stretchy smooth fabrics felt a lot better rubbed against a semi-hard penis than traditional cotton materials, but they did now want to let other guys know what they were doing.

In the meantime, companies mostly marketing to females discovered that women sweat too, and that cotton fabrics could be sold to women, but particularly if made in feminine colors and blended with Elastane. A number of the biggest companies—Jockey®, Hanes®, Fruit-of-the-Loom® that had formerly almost exclusively catered to men expanded into lines designed to be sold to women. This idea probably had its origins in various women’s movement events as in if we are equal to men in all respects then we should be able to purchase underwear from the same manufacturers as men do.

Enough on underwear. Time to move on to swim briefs.

To be continued…

sebbie 09-06-2019 01:52 PM


It is interesting to compare the history of the Jockey® brand men’s underwear brief with that of the Speedo® men’s swim brief. Jockey claims to have been first with developing the idea for brief-style underwear for men. Speedo claims to invented brief-style swimwear for men. If this is all accurate, then which was invented first?

The Internet sites I have visited—manufacturer and Wikipedia claim that Jockey sold its first pair of brief-style underwear in 1935, but Speedo claims to have introduced the men’s swim brief in 1928, seven years earlier. So if these sites are accurate, Speedos actually appeared earlier than Jockey shorts.

The history of Speedo gets very complicated. What you know about Speedo originating in Australia is true, but things get complicated in that the company changed ownership multiple times over the years often appearing as a subsidiary of larger apparel companies, White Stag, Warnaco etc. Nowadays it is a subsidiary of a British firm that makes an assortment of athlete-focused gear called the Pentland Group.

Another complicating issue is that Speedo licensed the brand to other companies in various parts of the world such as Japan and South America. The sleek and skimpy Japanese Speedo looks different from a US Speedo in large measure because it is manufactured catering to Japanese male bodies and fashion sense not for the US market.

But the Speedo brand name has always been associated with designing really fast suits catering to the internationally-competitive swimmer. The brand has almost always been in the leading edge of this, but that history gets really complicated too, given that the company has been involved in the development of the full body suits and the varying FINA rules as to whether a particular suit was allowed or not to set international records.

Unlike what you may think, the original 1928 Speedo was a design that was supposed to take seconds off a swimmer’s time. The early thinking was that skin not cloth was always faster in the water and therefore minimal coverage suits would nearly always have the advantage. Bigger and loose-fitting suits would tend to contain water, slowing the swimmer down in competitions. Never mind that the minimal coverage suit tended to make the guy’s genitalia quite obvious even if covered with cloth. The ability of the suit to produce minimal drag was what really mattered.

The idea that cloth could be faster than skin is a comparatively new idea, which led to the Fastskin and LZR Racer suits—the suits that created all sorts of controversies involving international speed records with many of the designs being determined illegal by FINA rules. The Wikipedia article traces a lot of the controversies and how they have played out in recent years. Apparently record holders wearing suits deemed legal when the record was set were not forced to give up their records if the suit was declared illegal after the record was set. But this sometimes makes intertemporal comparisons of times difficult as in was the record set wearing what is now treated as an illegal suit?

To be continued…

sebbie 09-07-2019 03:57 PM

Time out!
Time out! (Part XXXIII.A)

There is no point in identifying gear that has the potential to make you feel horny and happy without occasionally taking a break and laying out some ideas you might try using some of the gear that has been discussed in this long essay. I thought it might be useful to devote a chapter, maybe more, to describing in detail some of the ideas that I have successfully used over the years that I recommend. Now no two guys are exactly alike, and surely not with respect to turn-ons, but still, a lot of what I am messing around with is related to core male anatomy that all the guys have.

Having said that, sexual sensations can and frequently are very individualized, and thankfully no two guys are exactly the same. So exactly what I like to do to myself might not work as well for you, or it might work even better for you.

I have also found that my discussion of all of this is more detailed if I am wearing the gear as I write, which is exactly what I am doing today. The three gear items today are an underwear thong, a traditional old-school strap (this time without a cup) and a pair of compression shorts—those that could also be worn as an undergarment.

Getting into the correctly-sized thong can be interesting process because if the size is correct the pouch should be just large enough to hold your balls and flaccid penis. A lot of guys (me included) end up precumming a little just getting everything in its place where it should be. Do not become alarmed if you do, that is quite normal.

You will also find that you can snug up the pouch and its contents by making certain that the thong back cuts deeply between the glutes and does not simply ride on top of the butt crack. But in doing this the thong at the bottom of the pouch should be pressing on the so-called perineum area just behind your scrotum, a spot that some of you may not have fully appreciated was sexually active. A guy’s prostate lies internally just above that spot, and part of the sensations you experience with pressure there are coming indirectly from the prostate.

Once you have everything where you think it should be inside the thong, it is time to top the thong with your strap. The thong will want to push your equipment up and forward, while the strap will seem to want to push everything downward. The strap pouch also has a very different texture from the thong, kinda gritty rubbery. Generally I have found that positioning your penis in the “up” not down position works the best. That means that the underside of your penis will be pressing against the fabric of the layered pouches at the same time that the leg straps of the jock are trying to pull everything backward.

At this point, you would almost have to be brain-dead to not have your penis at least a bit engorged with blood. This is not a “normal” situation for your body to be in: your body knows that and will likely respond in its own way, “coping” as best it can.

One of the really interesting parts about having even the start of a hard-on is that the sensitivity of your penis changes rapidly even if you are well below full-scale ejaculation level. But, there is one more layer to go, that of the smooth snug-fitting compression shorts. The snugger the fit the better, right over the top of the pouches containing the now somewhat-engorged penis. Once you are into those, even the slightest finger-tap on the underside of your penis from outside the compression gear should send some fascinating erotic sensations coursing through your entire body.

One option is to simply kick back and enjoy the sensation as your penis gradually increases in size. But my option usually instead is to get on my stationary rowing machine or bike and kick back and enjoy myself as I exercise. The exercise routine breaks my focus so that I can go for long periods of time just enjoying myself while I work out, and my daily exercise routine just seems to go a lot faster.

It is always an interesting experiment for me to see exactly how long I can last and exactly what I dare do without immediately going into a full-scale orgasm, which I admit is fun, but kinda brings the sequence of events to a halt.

I would rather keep going for as long as I can in a semi-aroused state. At some point I will go into orgasm mode, but that can wait for now. Experiments that test how much of this sort of stimulation you can cope with without ejaculating are always interesting as well. Another experiment you can run is seeing how much precum your body is capable of producing, all neatly captured for study from inside the thong pouch.

I’m feeling a little horny right now.

To be continued…

dm106 09-08-2019 12:31 PM

Seeing how long you can hold it back before ejaculation is good edging training anyway.

swim suit eddie 09-08-2019 06:26 PM

Thoughts on just being a guy
Don't try finding out which brand came out first, just enjoy wearing Speedo brand swimwear that fit very nicely. I think the nylon or polyester material fits and feels better than the baggy cotton jockey shorts. I do remember when I was a teenager wearing the older thick nylon swim briefs with cotton lining, yet fit well and felt nice. They were hard to get off after swimming and really tickled, feeling the tight wet thick outside nylon coming off with the clinging inside wet cotton lining slowly slipping off my very young erection, especially when being helped out of it before showering. The newer and latest style Speedos, TYR, or ADIAS brand swim briefs feel much lighter, made with a comfortable fitting lycra nylon or polyester and nylon inside linings. They certainly do fit and feel a lot nicer than the earlier and older swimsuits, regardless of a guy's age and especially if he's in decent shape.

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